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Welcome to the Education for a Lifetime!

(C) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC Email:
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"Disease [is] not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient's body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body."


So, you have been diagnosed with an incurable affliction? Well, you've come to the right website to understand what's happening to you and to learn what you can do about it.


You say you have suffered from Fibromyalgia almost constantly for the past 10 years? You, too, have also come to the right website.


Or, maybe you have been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for five years. Again, there are real answers here for you -- you only have to understand and implement a plan to restore your self-healing abilities.


Perhaps you have had a chronic yeast infection for the past eight years and no one has been able to free you of this scourge? What if you suffer from Ulcerative colitis or severe Crohn's disease? Yes, some real answers and solutions are here for you too.


This website will offer folks like you a great deal of insight -- information that none of you have likely ever seen before. This website will teach you how to turn your self-healing ability back on.


Myself, and the many other doctors who are joining in this effort, have been listening to patients for many years, hearing details about their advanced chronic health issues. These patients have not been educated about the means for enabling their bodies to overcome their very own health problems. This reality is within their grasp, and within their means.


We have the same answers for each and every case; that is, we may not know how to completely cure your illness, but we know that your body's self-healing abilities know how to cure you. Therefore, each of us you are now meeting on this website have dedicated a lifetime mastering how to restore our patient's self-healing ability. Once a person understands how to proceed and then makes the proper effort to do so, improved health even in the most overwhelming situations is readily achievable.


However, before we begin let's make it perfectly clear what this website is all about and what it is not about. We are not claiming "we" have the cure for your disease. Rather, we are claiming something much better for you and your children. We are teaching that you are endowed with a self-healing mechanism that may cure you of any natural disease. And by natural disease, we mean those kinds of diseases that arise commonly throughout our civilized world. We do not include severe poisonings or extreme traumas and the like. For example, if there are folks out there who have severely scarred tissues and organs from radiation, this makes for an extreme condition likely beyond the realm of your innate regenerative capacity to heal yourself.


So, everyone's situation is going to be different when it comes to their remaining ability to regenerate themselves. 

So, what is this teaching all about and how come modern medicine hasn't yet brought this information forward?


To answer this, we must first understand some facts about science. The bottom line to scientific discovery is twofold. The first part is to find an established standard relating to our area of investigation. The second is to conduct investigations using that standard to guide a complete set of experiments. In this way, scientific truths are determined step by step until sufficient evidence is established that we may use to formulate - for example - a reliable system of healing. As science proceeds to conduct repeated investigations with any new promising therapy, the guiding light is the original point of reference. If the repeated investigations collectively confirm each other, eureka - we have a new tool to treat a specific disease.


However, what would happen if we used an "established" standard as our all important point of reference to investigate a possible cure for cancer -- but it turns out that this reference standard was actually obsolete or otherwise defective from the get-go? Well, a variety of cause and effect miscalculations would unfold and the big picture would be terribly misconstrued. This cause and effect chain would lead to scientific discoveries for sure, but in the end such discoveries would then be used to essentially bark up the wrong tree. That translates into a lot of time, energy and money going nowhere fast. And this is indeed exactly what has happened in the case of not only cancer research, but for all chronic degenerative diseases as well.[1], [2], [3], [4]


We are all impacted by knowing someone with cancer -- a top killer in the civilized world each and every year. In effect, the U.S. Senate first declared an all out war against cancer as early as 1947, and then politics did so again under the Nixon administration in 1971.(A), (B), [2] In fact, the irrefutable statistics reveal cancer rates and cancer deaths for advanced cancers have only gotten worse over the many decades, not better. The statistical spin used to show improving rates of survival for advanced cancer is skewed by "lead time bias" and other elegant methods of spinning statistics.(C), [2] We have only to consider the cold hard truth that, despite the fact that we annually pour tens of billions of dollars into research searching for a cancer cure, this scourge is still public enemy number two.


Is it actually possible that we are using incomplete or obsolete standards as reference points for researching possible cancer cures? You can bet we are, because now there is solid evidence that this has indeed been the case for decades.[1], [2]  And if we don't stop this mistake and reset the reference points, this absurd chase and race for the cure will never amount to anything more than it already has - an expensive and painful circus. 


The same problem exists in research for other diseases such as Heart disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, in the other fatal connective tissue disorders, and the immune disorders such as HIV and severe CFIDS or Fibromyalgia. Just consider for a moment the overall and dramatic decline in American health during the past 60 years. In 1950, the American female life expectancy at birth ranked 5th in the world. By 1999, both male and female life expectancy had declined to 24th in the world. And as of October 2010, we now rank 49th in the world![3]


Adding to this decline, the mortality rate for American babies now is placed at 41st in the world![4] Just as alarming, out of the top 33 most industrialized nations measured by the OECD, American youth rank 27th in student math literacy and 22nd in student science literacy![5] A human brain must have an abundance of nutrient rich raw food factors to both develop and function optimally, or it simply fails just like any other organ.[6], [7], (M)


In my book first published in 1996, The Regeneration Effect: A Professional Treatise On Self Healing, I first reported on this phenomena of race decline hitting Americans where it truly counts (see page 26). Specifically, one key indicator is the fertility rate. The more fertile a species is, the more it can propagate and proliferate. The less fertile, the more prone it becomes to extinction. I quote, "On March 18, 1996, Time Magazine reported the alarming drop in the average sperm count of American males, which is now approaching a 50 percent loss compared to levels just a few short decades ago...During the 1930's, Price and Pottenger predicted this loss. They credited their dire prediction to the ruinous policies of the entire commercial food industry..."[8]


Obviously something is at work here that defies the best that allopathic medicine can offer. Whether we remain under a system of conventional medicine controlled under the private sector or by the public sector, it will make no difference to this sad state of affairs. If conventional medicine were actually working as everyone believes, such statistics as above would all be getting better, not dramatically worse! Therefore, we must now turn to integrative and regenerative approaches that identify true causations to health and disease, or face permanent cultural decline.

What we are really experiencing is what Hippocrates, Weston A. Price, Francis M. Pottenger Jr., William A. Albrecht and Sir Robert McCarrison predicted must necessarily happen to all human beings if true causation to disease is not understood. Our human race regeneration or degeneration can only be properly understood in the correct context of its true causation, which only fully unfolds over multiple generations.[9]


Specifically, improper nutrition due to lack of vital nutrients in our soils coupled to a lack of select raw food factors in the diet results in failure to thrive, failure to maintain immune resistance, and finally comprehensive degeneration of the human constitution. Conversely, proper nutrition due to abundance of vital nutrients in our soils coupled to an abundance of select raw food factors in the diet results in a thriving culture, optimal immune resistance, and finally ideal expression of the human constitution.[10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15]


In fact, when scientists, doctors, and patients finally put their arms around the context of true health causation, almost all diseases will be understood and then correctly addressed.[1]


Did you know for example, that throughout history, pockets of select populations generation after generation have not only been essentially disease-free from chronic degenerative illnesses, but their expression of typical well-being rivals that of our top Olympians? And this was true for these folks well after they were 60 years of age, even well after they were 80 years of age and older.[10], [16], [17], [14], [18][19], [20] Who are these folks? And what can they teach us?


The causal factors that endowed our ancestors with unrivaled strength, wit, fitness and health are related to their generational lifestyle practices, usually under harsher conditions than our lives now present. Three generations of uninterrupted living within an optimum healthy lifestyle and environment can restore optimal health and near perfect constitutions.[10], [12] And this time line appears to be shorted with advanced approaches that restore and regenerate a person's constitution. What is a constitution you say? Funny you should ask.


Each of us has a constitution, which is the sum total of our mind and body. Our constitution comes from two sources. The first part derives from our genes. The other part comes from traits we acquire as we experience the ups and downs of life, including difficult environmental challenges.[9], [10], [11], [12], [21]


Contrary to what we formerly believed to be true, we pass both of these traits (inherited and acquired) down to our kids.[10], [12], [22]


When we have managed the ups and downs of life with the experiential wisdom of our longest lived and healthiest ancestors (a specific kind of wisdom known to our forefathers that we have only to adopt as our own), not only will our constitution thrive, but our children's will too. Whenever we abandon this time-proven wisdom, we will suffer. And so will our children.


You will now be introduced to the pioneers who made our most important, current and established medical science reference points obsolete. Before we get into the historical unfolding of how many most vital medical and core scientific reference points were identified and who discovered them, one best example deserves first mentioning - Gilbert N. Ling, PhD. Ling has proven that cell physiology operates under a living state of reactions which are entirely different than what has been taught right up to the present day.[1], [23] And since Ling's discovery impacts all of medicine, that's one hard pill to swallow for physicians today -- we have to go back and learn what to us will be an entirely new field of science that governs medicine!


Generally speaking, the span of Dr. Ling's work stretches from non-living matter (the science of physics) into the world of living mater (the science of biology). His work extends even into the biophysics of cell, and sub-cell physiology. Fortunately for us, Dr. Ling did not hold rigidly to the consensus of scientific opinion of his day regarding cell biology and cell physiology. Rather, he saw as early as 1948 that the consensus of scientific opinion concerning the mechanics of cell physiology simply did not and could not "add up." It was in his view, false doctrine. And what specifically was this false doctrine you may ask? It was nothing less than the Rosetta Stone to all modern cell biology - the so called sodium-potassium pump. Dr. Ling suspected that many cells within higher life forms had no sodium/potassium pump. Yet, the sodium/potassium pump theory has driven all of the drug development over the past 60 years. The incorrect reference standard likely explains why there is such high rates of side effects from drugs, including death. For example, it has been carefully documented that nearly 400,000 lives are lost each year due to lethal drug side reactions, with over 3 million annual injuries. [24], [25]


In order to prove his suspicions were correct, he took on two gargantuan challenges. The first was to prove the existing theory of how cells work was fundamentally wrong. The second was to prove a brand new radical theory was correct. And in my opinion, Dr. Ling went about this in one of the greatest examples of eclectic methodology of all time. Essentially, he deciphered the greatest tapestry of life itself to finally properly explain cellular biology in the modern era. He called his newly discovered system of life his A-I Hypothesis.[1] His work is simply mandatory reading for all physicians wishing to understand how to restore cell mechanics, that is, how to make their patients well and fully recovered from serious illnesses. This demands that our entire system of medicine, whether conventional or holistic in method, must reset itself.


For one thing, Dr. Ling's work clearly directs us into the light of correct views and proper standards of reference. It is now up to us to perfect the proper clinical methodology, and fortunately much of it has already been accomplished.


More specifically, from 1948 right up to the present time, Ling used elegant studies, strict and sophisticated mathematical proofs, common sense, a keen sense of life, and superior instrumentation (MRI), to prove no sodium/potassium pump is involved in a majority of cells. At the cell level, Dr. Ling calls his approach the Association-Induction Hypothesis or the A-I Hypothesis. I call it the A-I Mechanism, since it has been tested and proven now for over 40 years, withstanding all scientific challenges to its fundamental truths. It has clearly withstood the test of time.[1] 


In a nutshell, this science explicitly explains how our mind and bodies regenerate or degenerate, and how medicine can now be better perfected with such scientific understanding. In this light, we the above are bringing forward two alliances to teach these methods under an all-natural and eclectic format to all via: the International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM).


Under the auspices of the International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM), physicians, licensed health care professionals and lay students will be given the opportunity to study evidenced-based integrative regenerative medicine (IRM). Both the theory, the practice (how-to) and the analysis to IRM will be taught around the U.S. This new science is broad in understanding as well as application. For example, under the constitutional, integrative and regenerative method, past errors or false conclusions rendered by researchers will be vetted out to better clarify studies as they related (or failed to relate) to the physical & colloidal chemistry of cells, tissues, organs, animals and human beings.


Furthermore, by retrospectively going back to a select body of brilliant clinical pioneers, long forgotten or overlooked, or thought to have been without merit (even regarded by the mainstream as having been discredited), we can take Ling's brilliant work and achieve what many today think impossible - establish methodologies to reverse chronic disease states. It is our view that this approach of taking from the best of the past, and adding to the best of the present, is the only way cures for chronic degenerative diseases can be (and have been) attained.


With this base and body of evidence, the context of what health is - especially as it relates to constitutional aspects of health and disease - can be properly ascertained. From there, reproducible regenerative treatments (applied regeneration) can be derived and put into practice for all. (See "Education" tab above for further details.)


As clearly illustrated by Dr. Ling, we need to take an integrative and regenerative approach to decipher the real rules of life. Anything less risks that we may miss the forest through the leaves. That is, one or more leaves could be diseased on the branch while the rest remain healthy, but this would tell us nothing of the forest as a whole. The same is true with cancer.


We may find cancer in one location, but what can this tell us about the milieu of cancer which may reside across vast areas, or the predisposition to generate new cancer cells across other tissues or organs? All too often cancer patients are pronounced cancer-free, only to see their scourge resurface months or years later. This is a shameful and all too frequent occurrence within oncological practice today. Once the single identified tumor is found and surgically removed, the patient is simply pronounced cancer free and sent home to continue on as if their diet, lifestyle, metabolic state, immune system, genetic predispositions and most importantly their 'constitution' were simply secondary concerns. Indeed, each individual's constitution is of primary concern, because it determines so much of all other factors involved.[26]


So in the clinical setting, we have taken this to the next step regarding constitutional, integrative and regenerative analysis and methodology. The Four Pillars best explains the source of the healthy or degenerative state of the cell, tissues and organs. By then correcting for the best expression of the Four Pillars in any given patient, a Regeneration Effect can be obtained. This puts the self-healing system of the patient onto the high ground and into the "high gain" state. In other words, The Regeneration Effect is always best treatment for any kind of degeneration, since it alone is the ultimate expression of any patient's self-healing powers.


In the early stages of elucidating The Regeneration Effect, long before all of its components had been identified, Max Gerson was curing the so called incurable diseases. A coworker of Dr. Ling, Freeman M. Cope, PhD, undertook an investigation into Gerson's Diet Therapy, and found through MRI studies that his daily detoxification & regenerative nourishment approach did  indeed "regenerate" human cells and tissues.[27]


In other words, Gerson accomplished unscheduled healing at the cell level, which was confirmed for the first time with MRI analysis at the laboratories of Ling. This regeneration effect involved the: (a) water within cells, (b) the mineral content within cells, and (c) their dynamic, pulsating association to the proteins within cells. With this discovery of exactly what the basic components to regeneration are at the cell and sub-cell level, Gerson's original work could then be brought forward and further perfected. The task then as it is now, is how to perfect this routinely at the clinical level.


Gerson mentioned over and over again the importance of many factors that I have found intrinsic to The Regeneration Effect,[28] long before I became a student of Dr. Ling. Now with Dr. Ling's work, these important factors from Gerson clearly may be seen as absolutely essential factors. From there it was easy to see how these core principles of Gerson permeated across the entire spectrum of natural and holistic healing. For example, the highly controversial oncologist Tullio Simoncini documented hundreds of advanced cancer cases responding to direct tumor infusion with 5% baking soda. After having seen a video presentation in 2006 of the immediate tumor dissolution (tumor lysis) of a large hepatocarcinoma achieved by spraying the tumor repeatedly with 8.2% baking soda concentrate, Dr. Apsley undertook a 2 year study of the peer-reviewed literature to determine just how baking soda was able to accomplish such a startling result.


What Dr. Apsley learned was the key or "central" reason why baking soda induced such rapid tumor lysis was also the central principle to The Gerson Method, and the investigations of Ling, et al., specifically concerning a tumor's internal milieu. Linking the dots as to how and why baking soda plays such a central role within metabolic protocols for cancer is covered in detail in The Regeneration Effect: Curing verses Controlling Advanced Cancer due out later this year.




Dr. Virginia Osborne is among the top educators in Naturopathic Medicine today. Her astute, practical and integrative approaches within Naturopathy are impressive.[29]


Dr. Dana Flavin is among the greatest herbal pharmacologists of our era, and she thinks and breathes IRMTM, always putting into correct context the truths of natural healing across the widest spans of knowledge. She too has a gift of eclectic thought and processing.[30]


Dr. Merle Morgan is a physician of renown in Oriental Medicine. Dr. Morgan understands integrative approaches to regenerative medicine through the eyes of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Her background offers ICRMTM unique contributions in both the instruction and development of regenerative methods obtained through Meridian Therapy.


Dr. Mark Starr is a physician specializing in rehabilitation and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. His research discovered a new form of low thyroid condition - Hypothyroidism Type 2. In his book, Dr. Starr documents the generational (constitutional) changes that have ushered in this widespread crises. Additionally, Dr. Starr as a rehabilitation specialist has made extensive use of protocols involving bioenergetics. His two specialties add years of experience to our efforts at promoting two key pillars required for inducing regeneration and optimizing self-healing.[33]


Dr. Steve Hines has an extensive background utilizing novel I.V. protocols to reverse cellular degeneration especially in some of the most challenging clinical presentations imaginable.[34] Additionally, he has always had one of the finest minds around for searching the world to identify emerging, cutting-edge diagnostics. For example, he was a key contributor to innovate a highly precise method for detecting Lyme disease. Unsuspected Lyme disease often confounds many clinicians when standard testing comes back negative. With his new test, folks suffering from an array of formally unexplainable symptoms that present as chronic fatigue across most body parts can now often discover the reason why.[35] Furthermore, he has been a leading investigator into thermography within the Naturopathic clinical setting. It is often decisive to perform both pre- and post thermography results to identify poor responders to regenerative protocols.


Sharry Edwards is one of the most gifted experts in the field of BioEnergetics today. Here work focuses on elements of pure sound that induce proper resonance into tissues which have lost their vitality. Her work is peer-reviewed. Her studies have led her to both highly accurate methods to analyze the missing tones as well as to perfect biofeedback devices to rehabilitate the deficient tissues with optimal frequencies. What I am most fascinated with as a clinician, is how her biofeedback methodology may bring about permanent fixity into the tissues, so long as the person is living an otherwise healthy life. What I am most fascinated about as a researcher, is how her brilliant work is chipping away at deciphering what eluded Albert Einstein most, the Unified Field Theory (how the Universe holds together and constructs itself.


These integrative and regenerative thinkers above (and many others to soon follow) are the founding and senior instructors at ICRMTM. To give the best perspective possible on eclectic pieces of the puzzle concerning the cures for chronic diseases, we must first cover the giants in this field who have gone before us. Together, this will form the basis to the teachings of the ICRMTM.


Then it will become very clear for the reader how the IRMTM method will lead us naturally to applications of true regeneration for patients suffering from advanced chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, A.I.D.S., Alzheimer's disease and many other degenerative maladies of our modern era.


The information below offers a select historical synopsis, across many disciplines and professions, of the integrative and regenerative mind frame. Over millennia, these geniuses identified lasting standards and references establishing how humans best thrive, prosper and live long on planet Earth. Their collective work has over the years guided many revelations in my mind about how regeneration is reliably reproduced in the clinical setting.


First - their collective insights analyzing the human constitution from all angles clearly identified the true, essential and exclusive reference standards inseparable from optimal health.


Second - having identified the essential reference standards, clarity arises as to how to establish multi-pronged protocols to reproducibly secure regenerative healing in the clinical setting. By regenerative healing, I mean the reversal and cure of chronic degenerative diseases or the so-called incurable diseases.


With this in mind, let's start at the beginning...


Historical Perspectives on Medicine in America


Just as it did throughout the world for two centuries, the bonafide medical disciplines originally taught and practiced in America emphasized first and foremost the Hippocratic Method. The Hippocratic Method was exclusively focused on the human constitution and internal milieu (form and function), making the system both an Art & Science. Greek artisans all strove to excel in the study of the human form, and Greek physicians all strove to excel in the study of the human constitution from the inside out. Hippocrates was the first to consider the internal fluids in which our tissues are bathed, which he termed the four humors.


Contrary to what many have been led to believe, Hippocrates was a Spiritual icon of his day. His altruistic commitment was both austere and unwavering. His ethical and moral foundational principles are ageless, and apply more today than ever before. He taught that those wishing to pursue medicine must embrace the higher ground guide posts:


1) Life is fleeting and impermanent.


2) One's experience is prone to false views.


3) Sound judgment, common sense and wisdom (reality-based experiential insight devoid of conjecture) is difficult to gain.


4) Physicians must not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.


5) Physicians must provide leadership to the patient, the patient's family and to society as a whole by way of their own conduct and mastery of the Art & Science of medicine, regardless of the consequences of adhering to such a noble stance.


6) Medicine is of all arts the most noble; but of the many, only a few physicians master the mysteries of the science.


7) Whoever is to acquire a competent knowledge of medicine must possess the aptitude, resources and perseverance to master it.


8) Instruction in medicine parallels the journey, step by step, by which Mother Earth brings forth its cornucopia. The Laws of Nature relating to the soil, the seeds of future nourishment, the proper methods of cultivation and harvest are the reality-based metaphor which defines and designs the medical curriculum. The teacher only approaches students possessing the proper soil to plant the proper seeds.


9) Having brought all these requirements to the study of medicine, and having acquired a true mastery of it, the physician goes forth with humility, self-sacrifice and self-reflection, with self-reliance and contentedness, with complete confidence and competence, and with common sense laced in wisdom separated from false views (opinion). The pursuit of medicine is nothing less than the conquering of ignorance.


10) Those things which are sacred are to be imparted only to sacred persons. Moral conduct is violated if such knowledge is passed unto those spiritually inept or immature. The pupil wishing to practice medicine must gain spiritual skill and maturity, which makes the soil of their mind fertile and suitable to be taught the mysteries of the science.


As the Hippocratic Method evolved in the coming years after Hippocrates passed, students were first trained in the classics in order to become - first and foremost - spiritually mature. This set the stage for them to later become proficient in both the Art & Science of natural healing. At its zenith, this training method utilized:


A. This method led to a common sense, that is, an "agreement in common" with sense door understanding of things, and most importantly, the essence of the patient's dis-ease, its nature, its composition, its relationship to other things, etc.... This method attempted to liberate the student's tendency to false interpretations of the patient's condition, especially to avoid a rush to judgment. This method sought to overcome the nature and roots of ignorance manifesting in the patient, a special way of looking at a patient's condition perhaps best exemplified by Aristotle's own teacher Plato in his Cave Allegory)<37>


B. Botanical medicine (empirical and intellectual understanding of agronomy and phytopharmacology) and diet therapeutics (empirical and intellectual understanding of - Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine Be Thy Food)


C. Spiritual practices and mind/body purification (via beneficial results - establishing an attitude of gratitude in the patient by the manner in which the selfless healingservice was offered and accomplished, as well as by supporting the patient's faith, understanding, energy, determination and effort to cease destructive habits, and to pray and fast as appropriate)


D. Methodology, which focused on the four humors (the bridge or milieu between external and internal reactions to disease or injury), and finally…


E. To undergo an apprenticeship with an experienced and respected physician in the field (learning the way of properly earning one's living as a doctor while simultaneously gleaning many lessons in humility via the supervised close-up encounters of the life and death process in those who suffer).


F. Philosophy (i.e., To Know Thyself - alongside moral and bioethical studies to perfect the selfless service to attend to another's suffering; and most importantly - To Do No Harm)


G. History (human culture's social & political proclivities, mistakes, successes, and the nature of suffering, that is, its origins, its impact on the human mind and body, its cessation)


H. Literature (expressions of creative thinking or so called "right brain" brilliance, especially that which focused on tragedies and triumph in human sufferings)


I. Empiricism (methods of direct, experiential understanding and insight which routs out all fallacious views (false thinking and conclusions) - all stemming from a "faculty of mind" (not a sense door) which directly experiences health and disease (dis-ease) by way of the bodily sensations arising from past or current events)


J. Aristotelian methodology (an approach which determines the "essence of things" by way of systematic intellectual analysis of the objects of the sense doors. That being what is seen, what is heard, what is smelled, what can be tasted and touched, plus the mind's sense of objects.


K. Collectively these form our consciousness, our awareness of reality.


L. To illustrate how Aristotle approached the mind's sense of objects, that is to impart the proper consciousness in his students, we turn to his analytical method. He gave us the means to systematic interpretation of external objects and events. He instructed students to develop:


(i) Keen perception that was reproducible, 


(ii) Recognition systems which were logical, and  


(iii) To identify patterns of mind/body reactions and behavior to phenomena, with 


(iv) The purpose of determining universal insights into the true and total nature of the patient's condition.


Only after successfully completing such a course of study (which took an average of 10 years) could a physician or "doktor" arrive at the stage where they were qualified to perform their primary mission - that is - to teach others how to successfully prevent and end their suffering.


The Hippocratic Oath was all-important and served as the immutable rules of practice. The universal principles of moral conduct were ingrained into this sacred vow, that being to only do good to others, to do no harm to others, and to selflessly serve to the utmost according to one's resources. More specifically, the taking of life was forbidden, proper speech and conduct was mandatory, alongside the pursuit of proper understanding coupled to the renunciation of materialism. Earning a proper livelihood based on successful results was of course key to supporting such practitioners, which meant results at the bedside were decisive.<38>


Successful results were based upon the personal experience of the patient, not the scientific method alone. Did benefits result immediately and did more benefits accrue over time? Did the patient gain wholesome abilities they did not have before? Did their suffering lessen permanently? Were they enriched by the healing to the extent that they would inform others of the manner in which they recovered? Would they recommend this to others suffering from similar conditions? Did the community over time experience repeated beneficial results? Was the method of healing clear and understandable to the patients? Could society then repeatedly utilize such methods for continued success, thereby rendering the services of the healer less and less required?


Recovered patients expressed their gratitude by covering all costs, both in time and in materials provided, to make it more than possible for the good healer to help others. The more the healer earned, the more patients could be served, leading to more success cases recommending the good healers services. The more materially successful practitioners were in this manner able to open up schools of natural healing, and to pay forward to their students in a manner that properly repaid the debt they instructor still owed to having been so well properly trained in their past.


Strict adherence to this sacred oath has over time dwindled in favor of personal fame and fortune, political correctness no matter how unwise, and expediency irrespective of moral consequences.


During the formation of America, Benjamin Rush, one of our founding fathers and considered the Father of American Medicine, was aware of issues involving organized medicine and its tendency to undergo incremental transformations from little power to great power, and as they do so, their abandonment of altruism for graft and corruption. His more memorable quotes are: "Controversy is only dreaded by the advocates of error... Our authors and scholars are generally men of business, and make their literary pursuits subservient to their interests... The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion (true, pristine sacred teachings). Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty... "<39>


Dr. Rush wished to add special provisions into the U.S. Constitution which would irrevocably protect medical freedom and qualified practitioners of the healing arts from the coercive nature of political special interests or other self-serving interests. He stated: "The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic. ... Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers."<40>


This prophetic insight did not take long to become a tragedy here in the United States of America.<41> The tragedy unfolded because of two reasons. The first was due to individuals practicing as healers who lacked the aptitude, spiritual maturity and training to do so. The second was the goal of idolizing the god almighty dollar over God Almighty. Those left in the middle were the highly qualified, but who practiced one or more diverse forms of natural healing (homeopathic, traditional or eclectic healing), or synthetic drug based medicine (allopathy).


Up until ~1920, eclectic medicine was the dominant medical system in America. At its zenith, the proper and disciplined practice of eclectic medicine featured four cornerstones (or what I call the four pillars) to obtain cures for acute diseases as well as reverse ingrained (chronic) illnesses: (1) detoxification, (2) oxygenation exercises, (3) proper nourishment, plus (4) prayer and proper rest (select bioenergetics).<42> The theme "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" was highly respected and employed. Diet therapeutics which made liberal use of raw food factors was a mainstay of the approach. Toward the end of its dominance, even electrotherapy (developed by Tesla & D'Arsonval) entered into the therapeutic theater, a feature of the fourth pillar.<43>



This integrated, four pillared approach was highly cost effective and safe. There were little to no adverse effects from eclectic treatment when proper hygiene was strictly practiced. No immunosuppressive therapies were used. Nosocomial (hospital or clinic-based) infections were non-existent. Only non-immune suppressing therapeutics were employed. The approach became so popular that it naturally became the subject of much ridicule by vested interests. These profiteers desired a medical system more profitable than revenues derived from an all-natural eclectic approach. They realized that patented medicines and expensive medical procedures could give them those profits, and thus began a well funded campaign to eradicate all medical schools that were determined to remain traditional.<44>, <45>, <46>


For the more highly trained American eclectic physician, homeopathy (circa 1848) was used to lead and support the four pillar approach, especially the first and last pillars. The eclectic physician utilizing homeopathy took measures to insure the patient had access to abundant fresh air and invigorating nourishment pertaining to the middle two pillars.


Homeopathy is a specialty system of eclectic medicine which emphasizes "like" cures "like" via inoculating dilutions of substances commonly toxic in concentrated amounts.<47> Today the rationale for homeopathy is evidence-based, despite the long held beliefs that state to the contrary.<48> Both its origins and its more recent evolution surpasses its stricter classical methods.<49> This system is completely without side effects and may often serve as an antidote to iatrogenic (physician induced) illness.<50>


It was at that point (circa 1930) that a "specialty discipline" not eclectic in nature, called allopathy, overwhelmed all other approaches to the healing arts in this country. It took the better part of 50 years for the natural healing arts in this country to regain a foothold. Initially founded in 1847 as an organization in the U.S., Allopathy means the practice of rendering a condition incompatible with life.


Allopathy depends upon reductionism (reducing a biological subject or system into its respective parts) to determine the whole of it or the full essence of it. Since the sum parts so reduced never add up to the whole, this pursuit is prone to replicating blind spots as it proceeds. Other complementary methods of analysis are necessary to perfect knowledge of the whole.


Painstaking retrospective analysis indicates that most lasting gains made in the practice of allopathic medicine derive not from its use of prescription drugs or surgery, but rather by proper hygienic practices, better nourishment and access to potable water and fresh air. On the other hand, its revenue strategy focuses on utilization of high-cost patented medicines commonly replete with long lists of side reactions, coupled to astronomically expensive medical procedures. Both bring about not only higher costs in health care, but lawsuits from the iatrogenesis (i.e., doctor induced injury). And both are presently leading to pandemics of bankruptcies (soon at the state and federal levels) as the only available option to cope with its high costs.<51> Indeed, the number one reason why folks file for bankruptcy is due to financial ruin incurred from medical expenses.<52>


Allopathy's popularity to maximize profits over preserving and restoring our heritage of optimal health arose in tandem with two other associated factors: (A) modern pernicious agricultural practices which rob our soils of their most vital factors, and (B) a lack of understanding the true underlying principles of cell physiology.<53>, <54> And likewise at the heart of these latter two ruled the desire of vested interests to place profits, fame and power over our humanity. It is no wonder that vested interests often have tandem interests in Big Pharma as well as Agribusiness, which they protect from all competition by entrenchment in crony capitalism or worse.


The Hippocratic dictum "Above all else, do no harm" was reduced to a lesser role within the practice of the allopathic method. This subjugation has led to sensational rates of iatrogenesis. Indeed America's health status is in free-fall relative to dozens and dozens of foreign health care systems. Currently, up to 75% of our young men cannot pass the physical and mental entry requirements to join our Armed Services.<55> Back at the dawn of WWII, this number was less than half this figure, a still unacceptable level of degeneration in our young.<56> It is no wonder that traditional medicine is still, by far, the most utilized system of medicine on the planet, with homeopathic medicine coming in a close second, while allopathic medicine comes in a far-distant third.


The allopathic domination in the U.S. has clearly been a major pitfall to the advancement of the healing arts as envisioned by Hippocrates and is best illustrated by (1) the alarming rise in chronic degenerative disease, (2) iatrogenic events, (3)antibiotic resistant super germs and (4) a misleading increase in life expectancy (but not in longevity), (5) typically accompanied by many decades of ill health requiring constant medication and/or surgical procedures to stave off death, and (6) financial ruin.<57>


The Orientation of Eclectic Medicine


The great philosopher of science, Thomas Kuhn reminds us of the importance to make best use of science by avoiding the pitfall of selectivism. The eclectic method or mind frame avoids selectivism at all costs. Kuhn emphasized that there are so many variables that affect any specialized group of physicians or scientists, that they become highly prone to selective truths. These truths are selected according to "groupthink" criteria, rather than to enable access to the entire body of scientific truths available. Thus, blind spots arise over time. With the continued accumulation of blind spots, this is how opinion, dogma and ideology sooner than later forms a unique scientific paradigm, destined to be shattered or rendered obsolete as the process repeats itself for better or worse.


Expanding on this theme, Kuhn might argue that it becomes impossible for any homogeneous, segregated group (allopaths, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractic, etc...) to remain unbiased, and will inevitably achieve a closed minded view of other healing paradigms. Each will form "their culture unique" consensus regarding best science and best methods to treat their patients. In the end, what this insulated, self-serving consensus actually constructs with scientific truths may indeed have merit. But such insulated merit leaves unaddressed the wholistic context of an ailing human being (i.e., the human being's body, mind and spirit; or most importantly fronm an eclectic point of view, the patient's constitution).


To avoid this, a doctor must go outside of the box, so to speak, and not allow one specialty to censure vital truths gleaned by another healing paradigm, no matter how opposing they may appear to be. The more opposing views the better, as they may always be properly reconciled. If not properly reconciled, then only scientific dogma and special interests will rule, hindering advancement.


The advancement of science absolutely depends upon the proper assimilation of new, valid scientific discoveries and insights. No one group should ever handicap this process, whether by intention and design, or by innocent happenstance, or sheer ignorance. Doing so imperils humanity as a whole and facilitates such a paradigm to lean more and more tyrannical.




      In order to enter into an eclectic mind frame, allow yourself to assimilate all of the following as if arising from a timeless flow of unifying steps and advances all healers would learn if they had remained alive for over 500 years. To futher kean your perceptions and categorize in a logical manner what you will recognize, simply appraise Leonardo da Vinci's l'homme de Vitruve (Vitruvian Man: 1485-1490 A.D.).


      In the timelessness of pure genius, da Vinci devines an optimally healthy body and constitution. He reveals to us our inner nature as a perfect reflection into the nature of the Universe itself. The Universe unspirals in perfect ratios of length, size and distance, just as does the constructs of his Vitruvian Man. His work reminds us that we were designed to unfold and dwell in perfect harmony with these patterns ever present in the Universe, as are our family, our cultural animal spirits (herd instinct), and our Mother Earth.


As the Encyclopedia Britannica online writes, "Leonardo envisaged the great picture chart of the human body he had produced through his anatomical drawings and Vitruvian Man as a cosmografia del minor mondo (cosmography of the microcosm). He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe."[37]


Having this understanding fresh in your mind, enter now into the eclectic study of the real human being for the first time.


First consider this: over that last century, dozens of isolated and essentially disease-free longliving humans were independently studied by hihgly qualifed and adept medical researchers across the world.[10], [11]. [16] Meticulous documentations indicated these longliving, exuberantly healthy cultures had several things in common. First, they ate a diet rich in raw food factors. Raw food factors are now known to have regenerative properties for human beings.[10], [11], [38], [28], [39] Second, they all practiced forms of detoxification on a regular basis. Third, they knew the value of optimal fresh air and exercise. And fourth, they had a special relationship with each other, the world around them, and their sense of purpose and place here on this earth. In other words, they had a spiritual maturity stemming from their purity of mind (doing good for oneself and others, doing no harm to oneself or other people, tied to a compelling desire to serve others for the greater good of their tribe.[10], [16], [17]


Second, and perhaps most importantly for the researchers out there: these cultures were highly prone to losing their healthy constitutions as soon as modern civilization crept into the picture. (For the meaning of the term constitution, see our Mission Statement sub-tab left above.) Across the globe, most of these cultures had been contaminated with modern foods and practices of civilization prior to follow-on investigations. Hence, follow-up studies could not entirely substantiate the original findings of the meticulous and highly trained initial researchers.[10]


Third, independent in vitro cell and tissue culture studies re-confirmed one or more of these key longevity factors.[40], [41], [42], [43]


Fourth, in vivo animal studies were undertaken, both with thousands of feline (cat), murine (mouse & rat) and avian (pigeon) test subjects. Under controlled conditions, the studies proved that precise dietary factors would not only extend the good health and life span of animals, but also dramatically affect and improve their social behaviors as well.[12], [17], [38] This work substantiated the concept that longliving people benefitted from an optimal diet deriving from a delicate regional food chain rich in regenerative factors. By regenerative factors we mean (A) factors that successfully induce unscheduled repair as well as (B) factors that induce "above ordinary" or extraordinary health and longevity.


Fifth, extensive and exhaustive studies carried out here in the U.S. confirmed that unique qualities of the farmland soil is required to endow regional food chains with regenerative factors that create longliving and thriving human cultures.[13], [44]


Sixth, several key long-term animal and human studies repeatedly revealed that (A) there is an optimal expression of the physique and form (i.e., constitution) to animals including human beings. These studies then were (B) applied in reverse to reveal and detail how the optimal constitution degrades. Finally, these degraded constitutional states were (C) again placed into restorative protocols to reveal that constitutional degeneration is reversible. Only the (D) time frame for achieving optimal results was a limiting factor.[10], [12]


Seventh, thousands of human cases involving terminal conditions were studied and treated rigorously by Gerson and others mindful of the above emerging science. The results? Even in situations that many thought were hopeless, if the patients held fast to their program and did all the required tasks prescribed, significant numbers of patients made complete, sustained recoveries, or what is commonly referred to as cures.[28], [45]


Eighth - Researchers and clinicians who innovated considerable advances with the above seven, including regenerative bioenergetic techniques that I had the privilege of working with include: the late John R. Christopher, MH, ND (1909 - 1983); Victoras Kulvinskas, MS; Ted Kaptchuk, OMD; George J. Goodheart, Jr., DC; Williams P. Cottrille, DO; Robert Bruce Pacetti, DDS; and Jon Sunderlage, DC, DiplAc.


Dr. Christopher, an easy man to love and greatly admire, stands out in my mind as a top expert in the field of systemic detoxification as it relates to the six body systems, namely: lymph, kidneys, skin, lungs, liver/gallbladder and bowels. His methods are unequaled even with today's advances in this specialty field of medicinal detoxification.[46] When coupled to the cellular (anatomical) and sub-cellular (gel physiology) detoxication techniques developed by Dana Flavin and myself, most chronic illnesses are oftentimes stopped dead in their tracks. Once patients prove they can respond sufficiently to such advanced detoxification methods, regenerative techniques can be employed to reverse the chronic degeneration. This initial phase of systemic, cell and sub-cell detoxication typically takes from one to three months, during which time tumors often shrink or disappear altogether.[47]


This time period also gives the patient adequate time to rebuild colloidal regenerative reserves in their immune system so essential to the next major step (the fourth pillar) in the permanent disease reversal process. Finally, adding in regenerative bioenergetic techniques as developed by Sunderlage and others, chronic disease processes are often both physiologically as well as anatomically reversed over the following six months. Those that are able to follow and adhere to such regenerative protocols often attain optimal levels of health, regardless of original condition, over a 24 month time frame. However, results will vary from individual to individual, according to resources, commitment and expert guidance along the way.


And now we come to perhaps the three most unsung heroes of this past century relating to optimal restoration of cellular health: (1) Gilbert Ling, a cell physiologist who has shown conclusively that broad-spectrum colloidal minerals (i.e., ions free to associate with other colloids such as proteins and enzymes), structured water (or polarized multilayers of water sandwiched between these mineral-protein associations) and native living proteins are THE keys to optimal health expression at the cellular level; (2) the late George J.


Goodheart, Jr., DC, (1918-2008) the discoverer of the scientifically established reproducible manual muscle testing (MMT) technique intrinsic to Applied Kinesiology;[48] and (3) the late William Powel Cottrille, DO (who perfected the first full system - for the eclectic/integrative and regenerative clinical setting - of constitutional medicine here in the U.S. - see last section below).


Having spent four years under the mentorship of Dr. Cottrille, I had a jump start when I went on to chiropractic college in Marietta, Georgia.(D) I was motivated to find more information about the constitutional medical concepts Cottrille had been teaching me.


Fortunately, I quickly found it, first in the weekend classes offered by Daniel H. Duffy, Sr., DC (an avid disciple of George Goodheart), and then toward the very end of my years at chiropractic college, with John V. Bandy, DC, also an avid proponent of Goodheart's Applied Kinesiology (AK).


Goodheart brought forth core principles of osteopathy and chiropractic into a united system. His triad of health - Structure, Chemical and Mental - is the eclectic methodology underlying Applied Kinesiology (A.K.). Although osteopathy and chiropractic existed long before A.K., Goodheart discovered two major aspects to physiology not previously known. The first was the startling and precise relationships between muscles and viscera (organs), and the second was how to appraise in real time their healthy or unhealthy status. This enabled for the first time instant biofeedback to help determine the correct therapy required to re-establish their respective healthy functions. Furthermore, as the correct therapy was implemented, impact assessment and tracking of the patient's progress became routine. If the therapy was no longer working, or if other measures were required, Goodheart's method enabled the doctor to detect this instantly.


Specifically, Goodheart perfected the now scientifically established method of manual muscle testing (MMT), a critical part of the diagnostic art form to A.K. He also perfected Temporal-Squamous (T.S.) Line Assessment to quickly locate the highest priority lesions related to the patient's difficulties.


Because I wanted to integrate AK into the system of constitutional medicine, when I graduated, I went to work as an associate with Dr. Bandy. Dr. Bandy was a bit of a math genius and maverick to boot (he was a professional sky-diver prior to attending chiropractic school in Texas). So, I received the perfect jump start (pun intended) in my career that was to launch me into a series of encounters with many great mavericks in medicine leading up to what I finally present here. At that time, Dr. Bandy was fascinated with "Body Typing," one core principle of constitutional analysis. He knew before I joined him I had amassed quite a library on this specialty area and could offer insights on how to expand such studies into the clinical setting. We had fun over the next year writing our first book on the subject and integrating the AK approach into constitutional medicine without misdirecting the efforts of AK.


AK offers a holistic (holographic) approach to healthcare that bears a strong relationship to eclectic / integrative and regenerative comprehensive methodology. For example, MMT enables real-time appraisal of the human constitution (Chemical, Mental and Structural assessment). This gives the clinician immediate biofeedback to know how to restore the body's constitutional integrity quickly and effectively. Most importantly, MMT enables an immediate appraisal of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) system, and then provides the physician with instant biofeedback to balance ANS discord. Few other appraisal systems can accomplish this feat so quickly and accurately.


As we will see, Max Gerson, MD, was the first to point out the great role that ANS played in advanced cancer. But it would be William Donald Kelley, DDS, who would be the first to perfect methods for identifying and treating an out of balance ANS. Via manual muscle testing, this ANS discord can often times be quickly identified and corrected. Hence, ANS re-harmonizing is central to regenerating the human constitution and such techniques are central to our educational endeavors.


Soon after I began practicing as a chiropractic physician, I entered medical college which specialized in integrative/eclectic training in natural medicine. Upon completion of my degree, it was time to finally transform my practice style into full-fledged constitutional medicine. Interestingly, I had been studying Melvin E. Page's work on advanced concepts in balancing the ANS through blood and anatomical measurement analysis. Page, originally a dentist like Kelley, had cured many terminal illnesses with his approach to balancing and restoring ANS functions. In the mid-1980's, with the help of Robert B. Pacetti, DDS, who had served for eleven years as the Director of the Page Foundation in Florida, and Charles E. Wiley, MD, a specialist in environmental medicine, my clinic was transformed into providing patients integrative/eclectic medical services primarily focused on their constitutional inadequacies. This interdisciplinary medical practice documented true causations to vast numbers of patients suffering from the most difficult and complex conditions. It soon became clear how identifying and then treating patients' causal factors first (i.e., their constitutional inadequacies) provided us the "high ground" for all our follow-on medical interventions. In other words, our results were dramatically improved, less medical intervention was required to achieve successful clinical outcomes, and long term benefits became more easily achieved.



Finally, in the early 1990's, I was blessed with training for a year with an innovator in oriental-regenerative medicine, Jon Sunderlage, DC, DiplAc. Dr. Sunderlage's specialty was electric acupuncture, magnetic therapy and polarity in medicine, core techniques which underlie BioEnergetic Medicine. He enabled us, his students, to see how electrical currents and unseen waves in and around the human body could be harnessed and amplified to regenerate the most difficult cases. I am grateful he took me on as a student, and we, too, had much fun integrating bioenergetics as an important pillar for constitutional and regenerative medicine.


"Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy."

      - Albert Einstein


In review of all of the above, we can break down and then reassemble the above factors of regeneration into four parts or into Four Pillars:


1. Daily Detoxification within all cells and tissues;


2. Maximum Oxygenation (MaxO2) of all cells and tissues;


3. Regenerative NourishmentTM with Colloidal Regeneration Factors (cRFsTM) to all cells and tissues;


4. PsychoneurosomaticTM/select BioEnergetic treatments emphasizing select revitalizing psychogenic (mind over matter) practices, and regenerative energies (i.e., BioAcoustics).


As you read below keep in mind that there are Four Pillars to The Regeneration Effect, and all four must understood together, but in sequence, to give the clinician he full ability to initiate actual, reproducible, tractable regeneration in their patients.



With the above reference points and some clinical prowess, we can finally move forward to teaching everyone about how their innate self-healing system can bring about complete recoveries to their lives and mental well-being.[23], [49], [39]


Provided below are multiple but brief summaries of the work of various researchers who determined the real, optimal reference standards for human health to thrive and remain disease-free. This is intended for the Home Page for those folks wishing to educate themselves as thoroughly as possible. This will be, in effect, your first online course in regenerative medicine. So, although a bit long for a typical Home Page, it serves a specific purpose; that is, to give you the proper frame of reference for understanding why human civilization suffers from chronic degenerative diseases. And with that in mind, it will be clear to you why the Four Pillars (see tab to the upper left) are the key to reversing this situation for all of your future family generations to come. The only limiting factor is how serious you, yourself, will be at implementing it first.


That's the key for your future family generations. If you don't make the proper effort with proper understanding, you can forget about helping your family down the road. It all starts with you!Keep in mind as you read below that how well our genes do or don't express properly is strongly related to the raw essential nutrients (colloidal Regeneration Factors or cRFsTM for short). If we do not provide our genes with what they were intended to have every day from this mother earth of ours, there will be consequences. And just as essentially, it also involves our mental conditioning either working for us or against us. An undisciplined mind will sooner or later induce illness (psychogenic illness). A disciplined mind (proper mental fortitude) that keeps the right attitude about life, does no harm to others, and serves others for their greater good will grow rich in health, friends and family. Working together "en mass" we can get out of this entire predicament.


Our Healthiest Forefathers


In 776 B.C. the Olympics was first conceived and then established by the ancient Greeks. Of all the amazing feats displayed in their historical artwork, one stands out above all others. It is their pictorial and written accounts of the long jump competition. And for good reason. Of all the events in the Games, this competition was the most revered over any other feat of strength, endurance and over all physical skill.


The champion long jumper of these ancient games (480 B.C.) was Phayllos of Kroton. His longest jump at the Games was reportedly fifty-five feet in a single jump![50], [51] In these ancient Games, long jumpers included hand-held stones (called Halteres) used as weights. Apparently their technique during the jump was to swing the Halteres while launching off the ground, and then holding onto them during the jump. These weights averaged between 1 to 4.5 kilos each.[52]


Now, keep this in mind. The current world record for the modern day long jump which remains unsurpassed since 1991 is 8.95 m (29.4 ft). Yet, legend holds that much longer jumps were the norm at many of these competitions. Debate today rages that the Halteres, when used properly, actually helped to propel these athletes to attain distances longer than our current day athletes are able to achieve. Hmmm, I sure would like to see today's athletes attempt such distances of 55 feet with these bulky Halteres! 


Four and a half centuries after the first Olympics, Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) set his army off to conquer the known world. And he did. At the end of his conquest in India, some of his generals who had taken wives along the way knew they would likely never return home to Greece or retire to civilian life so they could simply raise a family in peace. 


This because of the relentless blind ambition of Alexander, who would simply burn all his bridges as he conquered the known world. Fed up after many years of this kind of relentless dictatorship, a significant group of them decided to make a well planned effort to go AWOL. They knew from the start that they had to flee to the most remote place possible, so that they and their families could never be found. They all knew what the price would be if Alexander ever found them. So, according to Hunzakut legend, they fled into the most remote and high Himalayan Mountains located in extreme NW Pakistan of today, which is now called Hunzaland. From this point forward, their genes were to play out to optimize human performance. This gene pool would become an "autochthonous" example of how the human race's genes express optimal longevity and health if only given the proper set of circumstances (see - Weston A. Price, DDS - section below).


Today it has been established with modern DNA analysis that the Hunza (Burusho) people are indeed the descendants of the ancient Greeks via the conquests of Alexander the Great.[53]


As the Hunzakut legends indicate, they eventually located what they thought would be a most remote and highly defensible resettlement should Alexander ever find them. There, they decided to make it their new home, to make their last stand if necessary, living out a life of self-determined freedom at any and all costs. They settled in a high mountain valley at an altitude of over 7,500 feet, surrounded by a cloak of mountains on all sides with only the narrowest of passage ways to gain access -- the perfect defensive situation for mounting a counter attack if it should ever be necessary. This otherwise uninterrupted ring of mountains extended upwards into the 25,000 foot level, with basically just one low altitude entrance to their flank (lower Pakistan of today), and one low altitude exit to their front (the most western border of present day China). 


Their warriors learned how to use the narrow, extraordinarily steep mountain paths to perfect their strength and endurance even more. They taught and led their children to do the same. The low oxygen content of the air made these Greeks adapt or die. Together with the incredibly steep mountain paths coupled to the thin oxygen levels, would require this Greek gene pool cardiovascular giants and likely superior to any other known humans in the world, save perhaps the Abkhasians 3,000 miles away living in the high foothills of the Caucasus mountain range. The Hunzakut lung, heart and muscular capacity simply became monstrous in terms of how we civilized folks live our lives in bodies so puny in comparison. Their immune systems kept up, or else they died young. They extracted out of the land every ounce of nutrition, sought every conceivable terrace possible to grow their food, and to grow it in a way that perfected the crop's nutrient values to the extreme. 


This band of warrior Greeks would have possessed all the known Greek agrarian technologies, craftsmanship, tool making skills and knowledge of their day. And this great cultural advantage would have established advanced farming methods that included well-engineered irrigation systems and soil fertility techniques. They united all the physical elements to all of the biology in their environment as they tamed the land and made it theirs. Their cell physiology thrived, or died trying to do so. Natural selection dictated both the fall and rise of their lineage, and they won the ultimate victory possible over the next 2,200 years, that is, the ultimate perfection of the human constitution. 


Simultaneously on the home front, the ancient Greeks were perfecting another Shangri-La on the Island of Ikaria. Today another lineage of Greeks enjoy the highest number of robust and healthy nonagenarians (90+ year olds) per capita in the known world.[54], [55] Bear this in mind as we go back now to the highest altitudes of NW Pakistan, jumping from 323 B.C. to the early part of the last century (circa 1900), nearly 2,220 years later.


Overview of the physique & constitution of the pristine traditional adhering Hunzakuts or pta-Hunzakuts) - by Sir Robert McCarrison (1878-1960), British Surgeon who spent over thirty years living among the pta-Hunzakuts (save for the war years), studying their lifestyle, soil fertility, health, dietary and their respective impacts upon the pta-Hunzakut constitution.


Toward the end of his career, Major-General Sir Robert McCarrison served as the King of England's physician. He became knighted for the dauntless and impeccable scientific work he conducted while in service to his great nation at the turn of the last century. By 1930, McCarrison had elucidated the exact set of factors and conditions that blessed the pta-Hunzakuts and endowed them with a near perfect human constitution. Early in his career, he proved via thousands of murine (rat) studies that the superior dietary of the pta-Hunzakut laid at the source of their profound longevity and vigor. He also recognized the dietary came from the incredible richness of the Hunzaland terraced farmlands.


Later, George T. Wrench (The Wheel of Health) was to comprehensively review the qualities to the Hunzaland soil and link this knowledge base with the most renowned researchers in soil science of his day, such as William Albrecht (also see below), Sir John Orr (On Minerals in Pastures), Sir Albert Howard (The Waste Products of Agriculture), and Professor FH King (Farmers of Forty Centuries). This body of work then subsequently established the optimal reference standards for soil fertility, an absolute requirement for deriving optimal cRFsTM.


However, even before McCarrison arrived on the extreme NW of India to conduct his studies, Biddulph (cited by Wrench) documented that civilization was already encroaching upon the traditional practices of its traditionally adhering people. That began in earnest sometime between 1880 and 1911. This infiltration arrived in at least two forms:


(A) By the British's road project utilizing superior road construction techniques (they wished to open commercial trade from southern India into China), and by... 


(B) Gradual infiltration of modern food technologies which compromised the delicate ptaHunzakut traditional food chain.


Thus, with the (1) new additions of non-Hunzas now freely able to immigrate into the region, plus (2) the slower infiltration of British dietary practices upon the unsuspecting primary traditional adhering Hunzakuts (or pta-Hunzakuts), there arose an ever incrementally growing sub-population of both in Hunzaland. And as their descendants ensued, both these (a) "imposter" and (b) non-primary traditional adhering people in Hunzaland continued to call themselves Hunzas. For the purposes of our discussion, we will call this dual constituent sub-population "non-pta-Hunzakuts."


One of the telltale sign of these non-pta-Hunzakuts would have been their inferior constitutions. IN OTHER WORDS, for those trained in constitutional analysis, the subject's constitution never lies!


Those that immigrated into Hunzaland would obviously possess constitutions greatly inferior to the pta-Hunzakuts from the start. McCarrison had documented that. But those Hunzakuts who allowed themselves and their children to slowly abandon their honored time tested traditional dietary in stages, part by part, piece by piece, bit by bit, and bite by bite, would lose their constitutions more slowly. It might take years or even a generation or two for this abandonment of their strict traditional dietary to fully degrade a family's constitutional lineage. Hence, as studies proceeded over the decades, compromised data would incrementally accrue with each passing generation, which would be seen as more and more contrary to original findings.


Likewise, McCarrison warned of this phenomenon of "cumulative data corruption" for future reference, but it would fall on deaf ears. So, all during this degradation process, newly arriving scientific team investigators would be none the wiser to this insidious phenomenon. In other words, they would confuse pta-Hunzakuts with non-pta-Hunzakuts. The reason? Ignorance, pure and simple. It was a blind spot in their methodology they never even thought of. More specifically, they knew next to nothing about proper Constitutional Analysis of human beings. When scientists confuse similar things as identical things, this is the result - a corrupted scientific method setting up perpetual serial false conclusions. Like one bad domino in the chain of research, one falls, and they all follow suit, falsely tossing out the true reality-based reference standards.


In distinction from this error of confusion, almost from the very start of their investigations of optimal primary states (OPS), both McCarrison and later Weston A. Price (see next section below) conducted extensive independent animal experiments to validate the pta-peoples they studied. They undertook these studies in accordance with foods collected and prepared exactly as used by pta-peoples living under OPS. These experiments were controlled, that is, one group received the optimal foods prepared according to pta-peoples'standards, the other group the same foods, but grown and prepared as was common in civilization. Results were startling. 


The first set of animals flourished and exhibited wonderful health (meaning little to no disease), vigor and full-bodied physiques. The other groups fed foods of the same composition, only grown and prepared as in modern civilization, clearly were: (1) smaller, (2) fatter, (3) weaker looking and (4) remained susceptible to diseases commonly known for the selected animal group. Metric measurements confirmed the stunted nature of these non-optimal animal constitutions.


Beyond this use of actual metrics, only Price began documenting human race degeneration via photographic records. He demonstrated repeatedly the effects of incremental degradation on the dental arches and jaw lines of members of pta-peoples who had adopted the ways of civilization. McCarrison would use his famous lectures to convey his clinical observations in the field of how much superior the pta-Hunzakuts were to other tribes and people. But without an actual methodology on how future investigators should follow-up these observations made by both men, this vital aspect to properly track OPS went no further.


Unfortunately, not any of the future follow-on investigators traveling to OPS or investigating pta-peoples had detailed records of exactly what the internal body compositions (weight, height, fat, water and lean protein mass ratios) were of these folks. Nor did they collect anatomical metric ratios of their trunks, extremities and weight either. The original investigators such as McCarrison and Price were never trained in formal Constitutional Analysis techniques, which over this same time frame had simultaneously emerged in earnest in Italy. This would have been so crucial to Hunzakut history had it been incorporated by either McCarrison or Price that I cannot over state its importance.


I am referring to the renowned work of Achille De Giovanni beginning in 1882, who at that time established the first school of clinical anthropology specializing in the science of human anthropometrics (biotypology). Subsequently, at both the University at Bologna under Viola, and the University of Genoa under Pende, there arose`InstitutoBiotipologico,' which became world-renowned by 1930. Pende explained in a single sentence the importance of human anthropometrics as a core standard reference for any and all medical investigations by his famous quote, "L'anatomia e la fisiologia spartono gli organi;la clinica li riunisce." (Anatomy and physiology separate the organs,the clinic reunites them.)[56] Had Giovanni, Viola or Pende been present along the side of Biddulph or McCarrison, they would have made precise calculations and measurements document such constitutional degradation encroaching insidiously upon Hunzaland.


In the absence of such anthropometric data, this encroachment would necessarily confuse the many follow-on researchers who began to question the longevity and vigor of the peoples living in Hunzaland, notably John Clark (1909- 1994). Clark was a geologist and Hunzaland researcher who remained oblivious to this fact over the 20 months he spent living among its people. Clark published a well cited book in 1957 entitled, Hunza - Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas.[57] This is but one of the plethora of examples of publications gone awry on the subject. What would have likely instantly raised the suspicions of McCarrison was the fact that Clark manned a drug dispensary for the peoples then inhabiting Hunzaland. Clark makes a big point about his daily work in which he dispensed thousands of drugs to help the suffering. 


Of course what Clark was actually seeing, but not recognizing it, was the most distal affects of the constitutional degradation process first hand. In the absence of proper constitutional analysis data that in theory could have been initiated in 1882 forward, how could Clark have realized these were members of the ever growing sub-population of Hunzaland, and not the pta-Hunzakuts?


pta-Hunzakuts rarely, if ever, required modern medicine of any kind, as comprehensively documented by McCarrison. So we must place into correct context what the following statement truly means:


Clark's 20 months living among the peoples of Hunzaland in the later stages of Hunzaland's insidious degradation process (1950-1951) verses McCarrison's 30 years embedded among predominantly ptaHunzakuts still in the early to early-intermediate stages of the encroachment process (~1901-1931).


Both observed the health status of the folks, but it was the context of these observations that mattered most. Although Clark apparently received training approximating that of an army medic, McCarrison was among the best trained and experienced physicians in the world to appraise the health status of the peoples living Hunzaland. Thus, Clark provides us with the perfect example of how similar things (non-pta-Hunzakuts) are mistaken for identical things (pta-Hunzakuts). McCarrison knew full well if he was treating an immigrant living in Hunzaland, verses a ptaHunzakut. As McCarrison was well aware, if the pta-Hunzakut fell ill, they would simply use traditional herbal medicines. Or, if the condition was more resistant to treatment, they intuitively added in some fasting or light eating and simply let their immune systems take all the time they needed to resolve the sickness. Exceptions would include broken bones or other traumas, which McCarrison was an expert at setting.


And Clark would not be in the minority regarding his confusion. What most all follow-on researchers did not understand, but we know because of the epic work and investigations made by Price, would be that after 1930, unless constitutional sceening were employed using anthropometric analysis, anyone researching any isolated primary peoples of exceptional health and longevity would likely fall sooner than later into this same trap. Some examples of these otherwise exceptional researchers would be: Drs. Alexander Leaf, RB Mazess, NG Bennet, ZA Medvedev, EB Palmore, and others. In sequence, they unwittingly would enter into a chain of falling dominos, quoting their out of context field research reports which only could reflect the end-stages of a culture's degradation process that started decades prior.


At the same time, there were situations that avoided confusing similar imposters with the real thing. This was due to original researchers being fortunate enough to get to the real data before civilization's encroachment began, or under special circumstance, very rare, in where a culture resisted this encroachment due to their rigid adherence to the pristine traditional minded ways. The independent researchers such as Drs. McCarrison and Price fit well the first example. And Professors Vihjalmur Stefansson, Sula Benet and Georgi Pitskhelauri were among the more fortunate to largely or completely conduct their studies that excluded these ever arising non-pta sub-populations. We briefly cover this below, but the more detailed documentation on this will be covered in my future Regeneration Effect series.


Let's start with a first example of what our genes are capable of expressing from the first culture discovered. The words of McCarrison help us understand the real, perfected pta-Hunzakut constitution:


"My own experience provides an example of a race, unsurpassed in perfection of physique and in freedom from disease in general, whose sole food consists to this day of grains, vegetables, and fruits, with a certain amount of milk and butter, and meat only on feast days. I refer to the people of the State of Hunza, situated in the extreme northernmost point of India. So limited is the land available for cultivation that they can keep little livestock other than goats, which browse on the hills, while the food supply is so restricted that the people, as a rule, do not keep dogs. They have, in addition to grains -- wheat, barley, and maize -- an abundant crop of apricots. These they dry in the sun and use very largely in their food. Amongst these people thespan of life is extraordinarily long; and such service as I was able to render them during some seven years spent in their midst (McCarrison's first embedding) was confined chiefly to the treatment of accidental lesions, the removal of senile cataract, plastic operations for granular eyelids, or the treatment of maladies wholly unconnected with food supply. Appendicitis, so common in Europe, was unknown. When the severe nature of the winter in that part of the Himalayas is considered, and the fact that their housing accommodation and conservancy arrangements are of the most primitive, it becomes obvious that the enforced restriction to the unsophisticated foodstuffs of nature is compatible with long life, continued vigour, and perfect physique."[14]


The health expressions of these pta-Hunzakut constitutions could in theory be divided into three demarcations or categories:


(A). Those which experienced essentially disease-free living up till the age of 90;

(B). Those who experienced minor or gradual declines in disease-free living past the age of 90 (the long-living); and...

(C). Those who lived to be over 120 years of age and generally only experienced a rapid decline in disease-free living when entering into their last few months or year of life (i.e., the extreme long-living).



However, due to nonexistent written record keeping, and the lack of skill set of the earliest Hunzaland investigators, true age verification documenting the extreme longliving of the pta-Hunzakuts was lost to the world. What was irrefutably established was their essentially disease-free living coinciding with their universally acknowledged long life. Note: It is universally recognized that any population enjoying largely disease-free living will naturally live longer than those who do not. Folks who do not contract the chronic degenerative diseases will simply tend to live longer than those who do.


Also, it is universally acknowledged by linguists that there are but three ways of keeping records within any culture. The first is verbal. The second is written on paper-like recordings. The third is when historical records are written (etched) in stone or drawn on stone, such as within the Pyramids of Egypt. What is most interesting about this is, by all agreement, linguists feel the "verbal" method is the most accurate way an autochthonous culture passes down its history, since the words used can also convey tone and emphasis on the words, giving better context to what the real meaning is. Writing accounts cannot. Yet, there has been repeated citings of studies by anthropologists that older folks like to start lying about their age (typically after 70 years of age) that obfuscates this principle known to linguists. I maintain certain, select pta-cultures have built-in ethical mechanisms that would prevent this. Such mechanisms need only to be screened for to identify. Such an example would be the Florida Seminole Indians (up until the mid-1900's), and the pta-Abkhasians (up to at least the mid-1900's). Both withstood the encroachment of civilization, including temptations to begin lying about their heritage, due to this built-in ethical mechanism, which was so highly valued by their respective cultures. Both examples will be documented in my forthcoming series.


Weston A. Price, DDS (1870-1948)


By the time McCarrison began reporting on his epic studies of the pta-Hunzakuts spanning over three decades (~1900- early 1930's), and a bit before anthropologist, ethnologist and archaeologist Prof. Sula Benet (early 1970's) and medical gerontologist Prof. Pitskhelauri (early 1980's) independently completed their respective comprehensive field-work studies on the pta-Abkhasians of Soviet Georgia, arose a surprising investigator into the field - Weston Price. By traversing the globe over a decade (1930 to 1940), the former president of the American Dental Association (1914-1923), meticulously deciphered a critical set of previously unrecognized prerequisites (or pre-qualifications) for the proper study of races living generationally under "optimal primary states" or OPS. OPS arise only in the presence of ideal environmental factors which facilitate exceptional food chains for the biological life forms. In other words, McCarrison and Price might have argued that this rare OPS is composed of: 

(1) ideal soil and environmental factors,


(2) biological life forms, and


(3) their fusion to each other over uninterrupted serial generations.


First and foremost, both McCarrison and Price were struck by how universally these isolated races lived essentially disease-free. This galvanized a great determination in both to decipher why and how this was accomplished. More generally, by "essentially disease-free" we mean pta-peoples who experienced an absolute minimum of sickness during their entire life span. More specifically, most pta-peoples that were noted for long life:


(A) Experienced common and fleeting childhood illnesses;


(B) Were prone to parasitic diseases that their immune systems quickly adapted to;


(C) Did experience infrequent bouts with a small range of acute illnesses that were also very fleeting;


(D) Rarely, if ever, experienced modern day chronic degenerative diseases;


(E) Exhibited in common exquisite human constitutions easily identified as superior over non-members.


For clarification, it should be mentioned that whenever an acute illness would arise, it was never treated with modern day medicines since access was not available. Those pta-Hunzakuts who did experience a rare bout with acute illnesses, even parasitism, were typically and uneventfully resolved by way of their elaborate traditional herbal medicine practices (which made liberal use of fasting techniques integral to their herbal medicine practices).


Secondly, the vast majority of pta-longliving folks were distinguished in that they simply lived essentially disease-free until their final few months of life. At that point it was common for them to just wither away until death. This phenomenon is termed, "death from natural causes." Modern civilization has almost entirely forgotten this natural way of passing on, since heart disease, stroke, cancer or lung diseases do the most killing in our elderly.


Thus, it was with these outstanding considerations that the OPS needed to be carefully surveyed and delineated. Years were required to comprehensively document this investigation, which for the first time in human history, deciphered the resources required to live essentially disease-free and enjoy long lives. As the reader will see, these resources enabled the physics of their surroundings to their innate biology to form a perfect union, as wonderfully portrayed in the recent movie AVATAR by James Cameron.[58]


Specifically and categorically, field studies of McCarrison, Price, Benet and Pitskhelauri undertook comprehensive investigations of the following: 


1. The region's water shed dynamics & quality;

2. The farmland's soil composition & fertility rating;

3. The methods of food gathering and agrarian practices;

4. The culture's perfection of food preparation, food selection, and preservation;

5. The culture's lifestyle habits and hygiene;

6. The culture's autochthonous (pristine, unbroken lineage descended from original ancient inhabitants);

7. The primary peoples' constitutional profiles (now due to Ling's work, expanding into their cellular and sub- cellular profiles);

8. The primary peoples' social customs, networks and alliances;

9. The society's spiritual practices; and finally

10. Their traditional medicine practices.


The above 10 parameters may be placed into three separate categories:


  • First - the physical properties (physics) underlying the food chain of the region; 
  • Second - the biology/physiology underlying the food chain of the region (including all natural medicinal elements); and... 
  • Third - the constitutional expression of the people, which includes the physical, psychological and spiritual profile (or mind/body) of the people.

To further investigate the constitutional aspects of these pta-people, McCarrison and independently about a decade later Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD, undertook confirmatory animal research that validated their data point selections above, as nearly as possible. Then about three decades later Hans J. Kugler, PhD, independently added the crucial definitive animal studies concerning longevity causations (see Kugler and his book below). Once these animal studies were completed, it would shed an entirely new light on the subject of human longevity largely ignored by modern gerontologists. For example, it is indeed feasible select human cultures have indeed learned to live well above 120 years of age, contrary to what is the current consensus of opinion. 


Independently, Gerson (post WWI - 1959) implemented the pertaining tenets into a reproducible method to successfully regenerate human patients with terminal disease - that is - Gerson perfected the means to bring about unscheduled healing, repeatedly and reproducibly in who would otherwise of died.


Then, many went even further by referencing their comprehensive field investigations with other independent field studies from around the globe. A few then spent much of the remainder of their lives reviewing, re-examining and cross-referencing to other select authorities.


More broadly, they correlated their field studies to the emerging world-wide field studies of essentially disease-free indigenous primary peoples located in remote and/or isolated areas of:

                      1. America,
                      2. Canada,
                      3. Greenland,
                      4. Iceland,
                      5. Scotland,
                      6. Denmark,
                      7. Select Islands, and
                      8. Even China.


But one more critical factor remained for them to fully elucidate, especially as it concerned the extremely pta-longliving. That being the ever-present forces leading to constitutional degradation.


Almost as soon as these remote cultures were identified, their began incremental stages of degradation to their OPS to which these pta-peoples were totally co-dependent upon. This due to the insidious encroachment of civilization that followed. They would logically first and foremost impact the pathway (food chain) leading up to the extremely pta-longliving members, as well as the very young members of the culture. Unwittingly, the very investigators who wished to avail the world to the secrets of such OPS were often to be the very cause of its degradation or even demise.


Initially this incremental degradation went unrecognized. The degradation could be swift, within just a few years of such remote cultures being identified. In other cases, a more slow degradation spanning a single generation or so unfolded. Indeed, even by the time McCarrison was conducting his original field studies, Hunzaland was undergoing such incremental degradation to its OPS as noted above. If follow-on investigators were not aware of this incremental degradation (as was nearly universally the case), the slow or rapid degradation would compromise their studies in ways they could never hope to realize. It became a blind spot in their methodology, which in turn lead to a domino effect (really a calamity of errors) in that future academics would quote the contrarian studies as proving the original findings were made in error, when no errors were actually made.


For anyone actually trained in constitutional analysis, this would have been obvious. For the trained eye, these exuberant constitutional expressions of such OPS would proportionally decay as the unrecognized factors of constitutional degradation unfolded over the first, then second, then third generations of formerly pristine pta-peoples.


This encroachment of civilization ushering in the dismantlement of the pristine OPS was:

(A). As simple as introducing the primary culture to canned foods;

(B). Introducing modern methods of food preparation (utilizing refined sugar and salt);

(C). Introducting modern agricultural practices that emphasis quantity over quality;

(D). Teaching the culture to wear clothes were none were needed, which led to the Hawaiian/Polynesian plagues of


(E). To the more complicating factors of offering modern medicines which supplanted traditional use of herbs, thus altering the forces of natural selections;

(F). To the most comprehensive such as enabling the migration of non-primary peoples into the region (bybuilding better road ways and introducting trade), as well as facilitating the migration of the young peoples out of the region (to explore the fabled new world as represented by the visitors).


This shifted their traditional societal values until most were turned upside down. As if an onion composed of concentric rings, this turning of traditional societal system upside down occurred in layered fashion. Some layers peeled off slowly, others more quickly.


But even in their later stages, as researchers came and went, the serial sets of follow-on researchers could only find more and more evidence contrary to the original investigators' findings. Academics were to soon use this contrary pieces of evidence to unwittingly rewrite the history of such pristine pta-peoples. This led to a domino effect as these researchers became not only more and more removed from the constituents of OPS, but more and more convinced their methods were fool-proof. In this fashion, a skewed revision process initiated, beginning as early as 1951 in Hunzaland, and stretching out into the mid 1980's as regarded Soviet Georgia and the primary peoples of the Andes (southern Ecuador). All of the original data that revealed the whys and hows of the extremely longliving were rapidly discredited, in many instances by nothing more than logical suppositions to correlate remaining gaps in the revisionists' minds.


Fortunately by their own more common sense revision process, McCarrison and Price were able to extract out of their original documentation a comprehensive and correct deciphering. Their findings showed the only means by which optimal life span and disease-free living had been achievable for the human race at large. And it appears that Professors Benet and Pitskhelauri were able to largely do so as well. Even more fortunately, today "Blue Zone" investigators are reconfirming the relevance of these core discoveries identified by these early select researchers, as listed above.[20] I propose that today's Blue Zones have avoided the advent of world-wide soil exhaustion attributable to poor colloidal humus content and lack of a submicron mineral particles. This appears to be the case, since many of the Blue Zones are juxtaposed near active volcanic fields and/or oceanic reserves of high mineral density accessible to the local food chain.


Only at this point in the course of McCarrisons's and Price's respective studies were the core factors identified as to why and how such pta-races enjoyed such wonderful health. And they both paid meticulous attention that these folks did so always in conjunction with exuberant human constitutions. In all, Price meticulously documented 14 different pta-races all living under their OPS, and all displaying exuberant human constitutions. Therefore, Price was the first in history to document from multiple, unrelated cultures the homogeneity of pta-peoples (i.e., having the same kind of constituent elements). Specifically their nearly identical constitutional references for the human frame, physiology, psychology and lifestyle, regardless of location or ethnicity or even race, were startling.


Furthermore, McCarrison had identified (but many subsequent studies failed to do so), how these optimal human constitutions were totally dependent upon the soil quality to perfect their dietary practices. So both McCarrison and Price embraced the leading agricultural scientists of their day to further elucidate why pta-peoples maximize their constitutional states only under OPS.


The earlier studies conducted by McCarrison, using ptaHunzakuts as his primary reference point, would soon prove the "universal" common constituents for otherpta-peoples to live essentially disease-free. From my study of all the known longliving pta-peoples, two stand taller than all others to date - the pta-Hunzakuts and pta-Abkhasians.(K) Both had not only all of the right constituents as the others, but likely the most superior as well. By this I mean that the natural forces at work, starting at the base to their food chain, and how they had harnessed and perfected their agrarian methods over millennia, plus their extreme isolation and autochthonous heritage, just simply holds me to this opinion. But more than this I cannot say.


Physics and Biology United


Gilbert N. Ling, PhD, (see near the end of this home page) emphasizes that physics (the study of the laws of non-living matter) must go hand and hand with biology (the study of the laws of life). Only in this way may we see the whole of our existence in proper context.


Failure within our agricultural sciences to properly unite these two - physics and biology of the soils and plants - in the bane of modern agricultural practices. Soils rich in colloidal minerals of submicron size ranges, and the fullest spectrum of same, impart into the soils highly unique qualities. This defines in part the physics of the soil. The resulting biology that arises is the soil's proteinaceous content (quantity and quality of colloidal humus) as discussed in the William Albrecht section below.


The next biological feature is the soils vast richness of soil bacteria which depend upon eating (engulfing) these tiniest submicron minerals. Larger size reanges of minerals cannot be englufed by a soils bacteria, and their numbers necessarily dwindle. Soils house bacteria just like physics houses biology.[59]


When rock dust is available, the bacteria multiply in vast numbers and die, leaving behind protoplasm in the soil readily available for plant uptake. That makes the humus "colloidal," meaning living or freshly dead animal (bacteria are considered animals) protoplasm enters into the humus which is otherwise mostly vegetable and fungal decay.


Our intestinal tracts which house bacteria too, are supposed to do basically the same thing. Under ideal conditions, both impart powerful immunity to the biology that follows. No pesticides are necessary on such soils. The plants contain 200% or more protein in their cell structures. Likewise, other nutrients abound in much greater quantities. Thus, the "constitutions" of the plants is superior to other plants grown on less fertile soils. But because modern agricultural practices have made inadequate attempts to unite physics and biology of the soils together, we cannot possibly hope to improve our commercial food supplies. The result? Nutrient poor, calorie rich produce which makes us fat and keeps us hungry! Albrecht called this the "hidden hunger" phenomenon.


The optimal primary state eradicates the hidden hunger, andpta-primary people are never fat and always are satisfied with much less calories because they get more nutrients they we could ever hope for in each mouthful! Remember this next time you think you need to diet by eating less.


Failure within medicine to properly unite these two - physics and biology - is also the bane of modern medicine. It has been the missing link preventing modern medicine from taking the required huge leaps in understanding to solve the riddle of chronic degenerative diseases. An example is our chemistry we use to ascertain what is going on in our body cells. Much of it is wrong, as the water within our cells is different than water used to conduct common chemistry experiments.


Furthermore, the guidepost to almost all cell physiology has been the sodium/potassium pump theory. All doctors are taught this theory as the basis to cell physiology. It affects everything, from how we test drugs for safety and effectiveness, to how we use herbs and diet therapy. Well, for the majority of cells in our body, this theory is a falsehood. This likely explains one major reason why there is such an incredibly high rate of side effects, even death, from drug therapy.


Current counts on lethal side effects from drug therapy range from a little over 100,000 deaths per year to 450,00 deaths per year in theU.S. alone.[24], [25] That's the equivalent of two 10 year Vietnam war's worth of casualties each and every year, and it is completely preventable!!! How could this happen? Well - the testing was faulty to begin with, that is, THE WRONG REFERENCE STANDARD WAS USED TO TEST THE DRUG, and folks get hurt by this. Lastly with such false chemistry, we cannot hope to cure the chronic degenerative diseases. So, we must learn how to unite physics with biology to perfect the right reference standards in accordance with how the pta-peoples did by uninterrupted serial generational living under OPS.


In the present case, OPS is also defined by its united context between physics and biology. When the physics of the water, soil and air remains optimal and pristine over millennia, biology - soil bacteria, plants, animals and human beings - make the utmost of it by expressing vastly superior populations and constitutions. In other words, when pta-peoples enjoy an opportunity to live in any region which is blessed with OPS, pta-peoples transform their constitutional expression over a few generations into the most superior constitutions achievable by human beings.


The failure of modern medicine has been that it failed to recognized the hidden physics behind the waters, soils and air of Hunzaland and the precise cellular mineral, water (SAW) and protein quality and quantity of pta-Hunzakut tissues. The physics of the unique waters coming down from glacial melts in Hunzaland, then seeding and initiating the pta-Hunzakut food chain, coupled to the maximal performance of aerobic metabolism, is key to not only their essentially disease-free living, but to their longevity and optimal constitution expression.


More specifically on the human side of this equation, tribes and cultures living under OPS become highly intricate and complex at their peak expression. These rarest of folks are defined according to their strict practice of traditional lifestyles, kinship and exclusivicity (usually via isolation) developed over many generations. These rarest of folks consume dietaries high in living foods rich in colloidal raw food factors or colloidal regenerative factors (cRFsTM) and structured alkaline water (SAW). This richness of raw food factors means their intrinsic protein, vitamin and mineral content is quantitatively superior to that of other regions. It also means that these uncommon raw food factors are of optimal quality and quantity. And all of this is embedded in SAW. cRFsTM only maintain their properties when consumed in raw or fermented format. It is under these conditions that such cultures undergo the rigors of the natural selection. Over generatons as natural selection weeds out the weak prior to 5 years of life, this eliminates weaker constitutions from the culture's breeding pool. I call this fusion between OPS and pta-peoples the McCarrison-Price-Ling Criteria. Nearly ALL follow-on anthropological, ethnographic, demographic, gerontological and medical research teams studying the longliving remained unaware of the critical importance of the MPL Criteria. Thus, such anthropological and/or gerontological research projects were doomed to collect non-misleading data points, and base conclusions upon unsuitable reference points. Therefore in my opinion, the MPL Criteria is the only criteria worthy to serve as "civilization's" legitimate reference standards.


Price's study of how pta-primary peoples not only lived essentially disease-free, but also experienced long life spans, would be especially highlighted by meticulous independent studies done on the pta-Abkhasians of the Russian Caucasus conducted in the field by Benet and Pitskhelauri. Benet and Pitskhelauri both unknowingly incorporated methodologies that sufficiently selected for the MPL Criteria, since they never referenced either McCarrison's, Price's, De Giovanni's, Viola's or Pende's epic research. In fact, it is likely they were both unfamiliar with Price's work entirely, since he was not a published academic. Putting it another way, their respective circles of influence did not readily interface with one another. 


However, the fact that Benet and Pitskhelauri somehow missed the fully emerged schools of human constitution analysis (which peaked in popularity, for example, in America at Columbia and Harvard Universities in the mid-1950's), is a testimony to the downside to "specialization" in medicine. Specialization in medical circles, from time to time, leaves the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, or should be doing.


Later critics of the comprehensive and elegant demographic and gerontological studies conducted by Benet and Pitskhelauri pta-peoples fell into the same trap.


Therefore, the scientific method of revision appears to have falsely assumed errors or deficiencies in the Benet and Pitskhelauri methodologies when no such errors or deficiencies can be proven. As a result, all follow-on authorities on the subject of the extreme longliving (true Abkhasian primary peoples who lived past 120 years of age, often in good health), must be re-evaluated with this in mind.

One of several critical constitutional points of reference Price established was concerning the dental arches and anatomical health of pta-people's teeth and bones. Their dental arches were all wide, the teeth perfectly aligned, with no signs of dental decay of any kind. That last statement is correct - perfect sets of teeth for the pta-longliving was and is the rule, without ever using a toothbrush! This unique anthropomorphic feature rendered such peoples' cheek bones and overlying musculature full and thick, giving it a true robust appearance. Such are all of the photos used in this home page illustrating the pta-longliving and extreme pta-long-living.


In each of the 14 races investigated by Price first hand, he witnessed time and again the tragic health outcomes of pta-peoples' children abandoning their traditional ways. In every case, as the young adults took up new lives in the cities fraught in the throes of modern civilization, their birth-given exuberant constitution rapidly degenerated. Just as both McCarrison and Pottenger clearly established independently in follow-on animal experiments, all kinds of functional and later structural abnormalities crept in. This added greatly to our understanding of incremental constitutional degradation. And these trait weaknesses were successively passed down to future generations through some kind of unknown genomic (gene control) and proteomic (protein control) mechanism we can only name as acquired genetic expression deficiency. For a key aspect within endocrinology, this phenomena has been well documented as described in the next paragraph.


What's worse, there was a "compounding" effect of the acquired weaknesses of the most recent generation adding to that acquired by the younger generation as it reproduced another future generation. For example, more recently Mark Starr, MD, has identified a unique yet highly prevalent low thyroid condition. It appears to affect most Americans today when proper reference standards are used to correctly identify the otherwise unsuspected problem. Starr goes on to carefully document how this is a constitutional element stemming from the mother's side of the generational chain. This comes from her mitochondrial (the engines which produce nearly all energy our body needs) DNA, a unique gene bed that only she passes onto her offspring. The father plays no role in this part of heredity.[22]


From my extensive studies on this subject, it is quite clear that the thyroid is not the only organ that suffers such a fate of lowered function. Indeed, Starr has given us the mechanisms whereby all of our organs fall into this degenerative loop - from the weakened constitutions of our mothers. Our pancreas which leads to Diabetes Type 2, our Liver with contributes to blood sugar problems and N.A.S.H., obesity, immune dysregulation, metabolic syndrome; and yes, even the startling and unexplained rise in Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, incidence of cancer, and especially in our maladies of our young such as juvenile arthritis and progeria. Most clinicians today will simply point this these occurrences must stem from genetic factors all by themselves because they were never taught to recognized the tell tale signs of constitutional degradation which must necessarily increase as we deviate further and further away from the optimal primary state we were designed to live under.


Most fortunately - and just as interesting - was the finding by Price that:

(A) In a few cases where Price could document that the children returned back to their native soils and ways, their acquired functional and structural weaknesses lessened over thime with the regenerative lifestyles of their forefathers. However...

(B) It took as many generations as the offspring lived in the primary civilization to return to the full exuberant constitution of their forefathers.


Exhaustive animal studies completed by the Pottengers over 10 years confirmed this phenomenon.


Enter now the specific details from eighteen researchers and clinicians who would commit their careers to insure future generations would possess both the knowledge and methods to the secrets revealed by isolated, pristine, longliving primary cultures (or who contributed critical contributions and understandings as to the most upstream true causes, prevention and reversal of chronic degenerative diseases):


1. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. MD (Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition);

2. Georgi Z. Pitskhelauri, MD(The Longliving of Soviet Georgia) and Prof. Sula Benet (Abkhasians: The Long-Living People of the Caucasus);

3. Alexis Carrel (as comprehensively reviewed by Apsley, in: The Regeneration Effect updates due out this year);

4. Prof. William Albrecht(Collected Papers);

5. Max Gerson, MD (A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases);

6. William Donald Kelly, DDS (One Answer to Cancer), Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, and Linda Isaacs, MD (The Trophoblast and the Origins to Cancer: One Solution to the Medical Enigma of our Time);

7. Gilbert N. Ling, PhD (Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level: The Hidden History of a Fundamental Revolution in Biology).

8. William Powell Cottrille, DO, and Hans J. Kugler, PhD(Dr. Kugler's Seven Keys to a Longer Life);

9. Broda Barnes, MD, PhD (as meticulously noted by Mark Starr, MD, in his extraordinary book Hypothyroidism Type 2) and Jonathan Wright, MD (Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement);and finally...

10. Robert O. Becker, MD (Body Electric),William Philpott, MD (Magnet Therapy), Jerry Tenant, MD (Healing is Voltage), and Jon Sunderlage, DC.

Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD (1901-1967)


Francis Pottenger, Jr., and his wife began a most famous cat experiment in the early 1930's. They took 900 cats and divided them into 3 sets of 300 each. The first set of cats served as the control group, and were fed standard cat chow. The second group were fed only raw foods, rich in colloidal Regeneration Factors.


These colloidal Regeneration Factors (cRFsTM) came exclusively from raw milk from cows grown on extremely fertile soil. The milk included its full fat content. Next, they were fed exclusively raw meat including organ meats, again from beef coming from extremely healthy soils. And lastly, they were all fed raw high quality cod liver oil. He fed the last group of cats exactly the same as the second group of cats, only the milk, meat and cod liver oil was cooked in standard fashion, just like we folks cook most of our foods today. Each group of cats were separated according to group, but within each group, cats roamed as they pleased in a large pen area.[12]


After ten (10) years, he completed his cat experiment and found the following:


(1). The control group performed as one would expect normal house cats would. They grew, bred, and played as all cats do together. They lived a normal life expectancy the same as our pet cats do today. They had the usual amount of diseases, the usual amount of fleas, the usual amount of rough-necking, the usual size litters and the normal life expectancy, etc…

(2). The second group of cats did spectacularly. They thrived in all measures well beyond either the control group or the third group below. They had full litters of kittens each time, all born healthy. They had little to no flea infestations, they were noticeably bigger and stronger than the other two groups of cats by a wide margin, and they got along extremely well, in peace and harmony with each other.


(3). The third group of cats was a disaster. Same food as the second group, yet thrived much worse than the cats did on standard cat chow. The litters were much smaller in number. The kits were smaller in terms of their birth weight. As they grew, they got into a great many fights. There was a significant rise in homosexual behavior uncommon to the first two groups. They were heavily infected with fleas. They caught more illnesses in general, and their longevity could not match the second group of cats. Many did not thrive by any measure, and with each generation, things got worse. In summary, with each successive generation of the cats being fed exclusively cooked foods, their constitutional degeneration was compounded.


Finally, by the end of only the third generation, most were infertile; and if they did manage to throw kits, many were either still-born or were horribly disfigured and infertile, exactly as Nature dictates. Yet, the second group of cats was 100% immune to any kind of constitutional decay at all.


When we speak of constitutional degeneration, we mean the decaying anatomical-structural and functional-metabolic defects, which were always accompanied by behavioral compromises. In essence, the neural systems of these cats were way out of balance. This was something Max Gerson identified as being common to his advanced cancer patients. William Kelly, Nicholas Gonzalez and William Cottrille acquired expertise in restoring constitutional health via dietary measures (see below).


The bones of these cats were more frail and thin compared to the second group. The immune systems functioned much more poorly. The sexual dysfunctions occurred across a spectrum of abnormalities compared to the second group. The hair and skin (an indication of thyroid dysfunction) was thin and sparse, with many kinds of skin abnormalities. The overall weight of the cats was puny compared to the second group, indicating less organ mass or working tissues in the cat's vital organs, such as the liver, thyroid, etc… And the behavior of the cats fit more of the profile of criminals than of normal happy cats.


Indeed, every kind of chronic degenerative disease known to us in modern times was experienced by this third group of cats. And perhaps most startlingly, these chronic disorders grew more and more prevalent and intense in each subsequent generation of cats.


Finally, the Pottengers wanted to know if they could reverse these degenerated animals. They determined it could indeed be done. However, for each generation of acquired constitutional degeneration, it took exactly the same number of generations of feeding exclusively raw food factors to fully restore the cats back to their ideal physique and functions. Also, at one point in the 10-year experiment concerning the second group of cats experiencing perfect health, they started not to thrive for some reason. The Pottengers tracked this back to a change in the soil fertility from which the milk and meat came from. This establishes that it is not simply a matter of eating regularly an abundance of raw food factors, but the foods must also be grown on mineral rich soils under organic farming methods.


What I have determined in my 35 years of nutritional and medical practice is that by using superfoods even more concentrated in these raw food factors (i.e., cRFsTM) coupled with select vitamins and remineralization techniques, regeneration can be greatly sped up offering many hopeless cases a real chance at full recovery. Although each case may vary greatly in terms of results, the quality of life (QOL) is commonly greatly improved at the very least. This makes the remaining time a loved family member may have on this earth a time of great completion for the entire family, just as it should be and has always been in those long-lived.


  • Constitutional Structural Degeneration
      • On the majority of occasions where Price was able to obtain skeletal records along with dental data on primary peoples, he found that these folks always had perfect teeth and did not suffer from decay. No cavities were the rule, not the exception in these folks who rarely, if ever, brushed their teeth! And their bones were on average three (3) times thicker than civilized humans! Price also documented some aspects of the functional constitutional degeneration that he witnessed, but the Pottengers and William Albrecht (see below) were to confirm and lend more details to this list.[13]

  • Constitutional Functional Degeneration
      • Basically, all kinds of immune issues arose, especially at first to those commonly associated with the clinical signs and symptoms of low thyroid function. Also, sexual behaviors and fertility were dramatically altered, becoming progressively more and more compromised and decayed as one generation passed into the next. For example, an average American male now has approximately 50% of the spermatozoa he had in the 1950's, and the fertility rate for all married couples now has fallen to approximately 80%.[60]

In summary, Price documented that pta-primary peoples across the world who were thriving in their constitutions all expressed common features to each other in their constitutional aspects. This rule held true even though they were different races thousands and thousands of miles apart. Therefore, it can be concluded that all humans are endowed with this birth right of an optimal constitution. But at the same time, we must conclude that to the extent we have abrogated the traditional ways of our healthiest ancestor, and no longer have access to the most fertile soils we were intended to live upon, we suffer. In this manner of understanding, we can say that we have finally identified not only the true, optimal reference points modern medicine is lacking, but we have also identified the causal reasons to disease as well.


The argument that the human constitution should not start its natural/physiological aging process before 100 years of age is supported by compelling anthropological and gerontological evidence. In other words, the determinants underlying the human genomics and proteomics appear quite capable of delaying any degenerative process including true natural aging processes up through our 99th year of life. This evidence suggests that premature aging taking place before our 100th year of life is actually pathologicalaging 


- that is - 


it is not natural even though it is now normal for human beings to begin aging during earlier period of our lives. Now you can begin to understand just how degenerated we are as a modern civilization which has long ago abandoned its pristine traditional lifestyles, and more specifically why we are so sick the last half of our shortened lives.


Professor Georgi Z. Pitskhelauri, MD


During the middle of the last century, a vast amount of research was poured into select Russian states to document "longliving" people, especially those located in the Georgian regions of Azerbaijan, Dogestan and Caucasus. Professor Pitskhelauri lived and worked for decades in this region conducting meticulous gerontological research. Interestingly, he was an ardent believer in dividing the study of gerontology into two separate divisions -- the first to study the aged and the other to study the science of longevity. Unfortunately, the latter is not the primary focus of today's university departments of gerontology.


Russian Georgia lies between the Major and Minor Caucasus mountain chains, along an area of 70,000 square kilometers. There are glaciers to the high ground which melt each Spring into glacial milk. A plethora of mountian spring then flow into the low lands, identical to what occurs in Hunzaland (see pages 35-43). The majority of those longliving preferred dwelling in such elevated rural areas of Georgia, with about 15% gravitating to the low-land city areas.


Specifically, approximately 85% of the longliving prefer to live at altitudes from 1,500 feet to 4,500 feet above sea level. This places the pta-Hunzakuts about 3,000 feet higher in altitude than most of the Georgians.[16]

One very important fact to bear in mind is that many of the longliving in Georgia drank an abundance of glacial milk running down from these surrounding mountain ranges. Revealingly, on multiple occasions when asked about their longevity, they referred to their high intake of theor beloved water. This glacial milk is a colloidal mineral rich structured water, structured via the endless whirlpools it must enter as it flows downward into the low lands. We can consider this one environmental factor as a big player in the constitutional strength of Georgians over the centuries.


Prof. Pitskhelauri wisely observed that aging is both a genetic as well as an environmental event. Both determine the outcomes of those who age. But the exact methodology for the study of those longliving needs to be as precise as possible, especially where actual birth records are missing or destroyed. I quote from his 1982 writing on pages 50-1:[16]


"Recognizing the importance of establishing the accurate age of longliving persons, the Institute of Gerontology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences included rechecking and documentation of age in its program of medical examinations of selected persons 80 years and older. According to the method used, the year of birth is ascertained by a systematic comparison of all entries in the chart dealing with birth year and age. The information on birth certificates is taken under consideration, as well as the passport, village council accounting books, and other documents... These data (besides birth certificates) are compared with the questionnaire data and other questions on the chart where age and year are shown. When determining age, the subject or closest relatives are closely questioned. Information gained from such interviews are correlated with events of historical, local, and familial significance."


Prof. Pitskhelauri then recounts with both text and pictures on pages 52-8 the validated longliving known to gerontology at this time, especially in his native region of Georgia:[16]


Throughout history one can find numerous examples of persons having lived for extraordinarily long periods of time. Most modern researchers believe validation of such rare cases of extreme longliving folks cannot be ascertained due to inadequate written records and the phenomena of age exaggeration common to older generations seeking unearned fame or prestige. They also cite younger folks fearful to serve in the military falsely assumed greater ages to avoid conscription. This argument flys in the face of the layers upon layers of qualifiers put into place by Pitskhelauri to weed out fact from fiction. Additionally, since the numbers of longliving folks within Soviet Georgia was greater for the female gender, I cannot imagine how fear of military service would have forced so many Georgians to outright lie about their longevity.


In the study designs and qualifiers utilized by Benet, the most pristine qualified subjects were identified - the true pta-Abkhasian people. Their strict and highly evolved social practices would have never tolerated the phenomena of age exaggeration within their kinship. Plus, this culture could be legitimately qualified as a warrior class of folks. Fear of military service, especially for this clan, would seem overstated. It is with this understanding we will now provide some fascinating examples below that were cited by Pitskhelauri as well as those photo recorded. Perhaps we may catch one or two instances of a true extreme longliving person...




Contigern (San Mungo), the founder of the bishopric of Glasgow, and Ktsarten Petrark both lived to 185. The latter was so alert that up until the last few days before death, he continued to walk through the streets with his cane. His oldest son was 155 and his youngest 97.


The Englishman Thomas Parr was presented to the King in London at the age of 152 as a rare case of longevity. He died on November 15, 1635 and was buried in Westminister Abbey.


Queen Victoria sent her portrait to the aged postal clerk Robert Taylor with the inscription: "A gift from Queen Victoria to R. Taylor in honor of his great and unparalleled old age." This gift so excited the old man he died 3 months later at the age of 134.


Iranian Saied Abutalum Musavi, who lived in the little village of Bak Adan, 550 miles south of Tehran, had lived to 191 at this writing. This longliving person is the head of a tribe consisting of several hundreds of his grandsons, great-grandsons, and great-great grandsons. His fifth wife is 105.


At the end of March 1958, in the city of Bogota (Columbia), J Perriera died at the age of 169. He was born in 1789 and participated in the struggle for the independence of Columbia.


In the Syrian town of Mzaz, 163 year-old Makhmud Vardan died in 1963. He was considered to be the oldest man in Syria.


According to the agency France Press, in January 1966, in the city of Casablanca, the Moroccan Hadj Mahommed Ben Bashir died at the age of 196. He had 35 sons and daughters and 152 grandchildren.


In one of the settlements not far from the capital of the Ivory Coast lives 162-year-old Musse Wattara. This long-living person does not complain of ill health and even treks to other countries. He has 13 children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His family has grown to such an extent that direct descendants of the old man can be found in many of the countries of West Africa.


During the All-Union Population Census of the USSR in 1959, the following record cases of longevity were discovered:


Aytraliyev Ismail, 160 years old (Azerbaijan SSR, Georgian region, village of Atrallar); Mertiyeva Sarguz Kerem, 156 years old (Azerbaijan SSR, Masalin region, village of Shikhlar); Chernyshev Ivan, 151 years old (Kaskh SSR, Alma-Ata).


The oldest man in Soviet Azerbaijan and in the USSR was considered to be the recently deceased peasant of the village of Barzavu, Shirali Mislimov. At the time when the Hulistan treaty was concluded with Persia in 1813, which made Azerbaijan part of Russia, he was 8 years old. At the age of 168, he was alert and even worked a little.


The number of his descendents has reached 220.


In the village of Pirassura of the Azerbaijan SSR, Makhmud Eyvazov, founder of the collective Komsomol farm, lived for 150 years. His health and mental alertness were remarkable.


At the present time in the settlement of Tikyaband in Azerbaijan, lives the oldest resident of that republic, collective farmer Medzhid Agayev, who is 139 years old. His family consists of 150 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. When he reached the age of 136, the administration of the collective farm forbade him to walk with the flock and assigned him a quieter job: herding cows.


Much attention has been centered upon the longliving persons who were found in Georgia during the All-Union Population Census of 1970:


  1. RV Gogolade,132 years old (Lagodehk region, village of Shroma);
  2. LG Pukhashivili,130 years old (Karel's region, village of Bani);
  3. MD Mushkundiani, 129 years old (Tsager region, village of Chkhuteli);
  4. LG Bigvava,130 years old (Gal region, village of Ganatleba), and others.


A resident of the village Yermain (South Ossertian autonomous province); Ye. P. Koroyev, had survived to the age of 156. Until the end of his life, he was distinguished by his mental alertness, his good memory, and his work as a field hand.


The Abkhazian, Khapara Kiut (1785-1935), lived to be 155 years old.


In the Ochamchir region, Zhats Kiut worked in the village of Kindgi until he reached the age of 144. He participated actively in developing the orchards of the collective farm. His brother Mamsyr Kiut died in 1946 at the age of 149.


Ashkanger Bzhaniya lived to the age of 148. A portrait of him as a person representing exceptional longevity was hung in the Dreden Museum.


In the village of Gentsvishi (Svanetiya) lives Daday Chopliani, age 129. He had been witness to the radical changes in the life of the Svans in the second half of the 19th century.


The recently deceased collective farmer of the village of Lykhny, A. Kh. Piliya, was 122. He was distinguished throughout his life by his tremendous working capacity.


In the village of Atara of Ochamchir region lives Selakh Butba, who is 121 years old. He is the father of a very large family. Many old men who have passed the century mark live in the Lentekh region. One resident of the village of Lausheri, Saba Babliani, has reached the age of 119, and is still mentally alert.


G Khvinchianshvili, a resident of the village of Meore-Sviri, is 116. He participated in the struggle of the Bulgarian people against the Ottoman yolk in 1878 and remembers the events of those days clearly."




The oldest known woman in modern times was Ossetian Tayabad Aniyeva, who lived to be 181 years of age.


In March of 1964, Hacer Issek Nine died atthe age of 169 years in Ankara.


A Turkish woman, Fatima Khanum died of a heart attack (very rare back then) in 1924 at the age of 164.


LV Puzhak from Moscow was still working in that city at the age of 154 years. She was born in 1803.


In Georgia, in Dagestan, Ashura Telmekova lived till the age of 148.


Khfaf Lasuri, a resident of Kvitouli village in Ochamnir in Abkhazia was still living at the time Pitskhelauri wrote his book. She was still alive at 138 years of age.


There are very important reasons why longliving women across the world lived longer than their male counterparts. One set of factors came in with civilization; that is, men tended to start smoking, drinking to excess, working at jobs that exposed them to heavy pollutants and were prone to more fatal accidents.


The second reason stems out of factors relating to how humans may regenerate themselves. There is a cross-over effect that benefit women when they are pregnant. In essence, it serves them as a kind of cellular therapy. In fact, in many primary cultures, it was routine for the woman to ingest her placenta after giving child birth (which is used today for stem cell harvesting). By doing this, recovery was quickened, strength returned faster, and post-partum bleeding ceased within a few minutes.


Two last closing comments for the women's section: When women living among the longliving did not have children, their life expectancy was much less. Additionally, women who underwent abortions of any nature, also were rare among the long-living.


Prof. Pitskhelauri wrote extensively on "premature" aging. After all his many years studying longliving folks, he defined three categories of aging groups as I previously laid out above for the pta-Hunzakuts:


1. Mature - Those who were 60-74 years old;

2. Old - Those who were 75-89 years old; and

3. Longliving- And those who were plus 90 years old.


He could thus state with authority that our bodies' blue prints contain an aging process entirely different than what modern civilization has been experiencing. In fact, he shows clearly that "natural" or "normal physiological aging" actually starts at the age of 100 and above. But what happens in modern civilization is something entirely and unnaturally different. He calls this premature aging, a true pathology! He goes on to state correctly that premature or pathological aging in modern civilization begins between the ages of 60 and 70. The introduction to Pitskhelauri's book states on pages 12-3 that:


"The concept of premature aging may be new to some industrialized nations, but this concept is closely linked to preventive medicine. This is a positive perspective because it denotes that, although aging is a natural process, it can be initiated before its time by improper health habits, insalubrious environments, and the lack of significant social roles. Viewing aging before one's time from a scientific perspective as a result of external factors, is a new direction provided by Professor Pitskhelauri and Soviet gerontologists. This concept could be a stimulus for the development of a variety of preventive measures against premature aging throughout the world...Professor Pitskhelauri presents a unique theory of aging. As a result of poor diet, poor environmental conditions, mental stress, or physical illness, the aging body becomes increasingly subject to disease. The organism may well have been able to withstand such stress in youth, but such original adaptability is gradually lost due to environmental factors that impinge on the internal order of the organism. Control of these external factors would lead to increased longevity, even without the scientific intervention.This theory does not discount the possibility that the aging of the organism's new adaptive mechanisms may come into play that allow older persons to adapt anew to the multiple changes in the environment..."


Pitskhelauri quotes a germane poem by Arnold of Villanova (1235-1311) in his poem Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum, that perhaps best describes the mental fortitude common to the long-lived:


      If you wish health to return,

      And not to know disease,

      Drive away the weight of care,

      And consider anger to be unworthy,

      Eat modestly, eschewing wine,

      Do not consider valueless

      Wakefulness after dining,

      Scorning the afternoon nap,

      Do not retain your urine long,

      Nor strain at the stool;

      If you will follow this - you will live long in the world.

      If there are too few physicians, let your physician be

      Three: Cheerful nature, tranquility, and moderate diet.


For review:


  • True, highly isolated primary peoples as documented by McCarrison, Price, Benet, and Pitskhelauri - all faced the grave risk due to the encroachment of civilization. Would they, or would they not be able to pass along to their future generations the same birth right they had enjoyed of long life and essentially disease-free? Almost as soon as pta-peoples were discovered, they became an endangered species. This due to being constantly subjected to infiltration and pressures from civilization that could compromise the local OPS, the pta-people's traditional practices, or both.

As time went on (post-1932), the encroachment of civilization took its toll, and these pta-peoples' birth right of an exuberant constitution largely became a thing of the past. Today, only in the still isolated or otherwise protected Blue Zones does a semblance of the human races' true potential to live long essentially disease-free remain.[61]


Fortunately, by carefully identifying the practices of the past pta-peoples to the current meticulous studies documenting OPS, we must now additionally include or clarify within the MPL Crtieria other universal common denominators repeatedly identified, such as:


1. Fasting and fasting coupled to: 

  • spiritual practices of honoring Divine Providence were common to the longliving, and
  • consuming abundant unique spring waters reputed to possess modulated surface tension & enhanced surface energies.


2. Extreme fitness and endurance cultivating practices, imbuing rich daily exposures to oxygen were common to the



3. Extremely mineral rich soils associated with water displaying modulated surface tension and augmented surface

energies or radiations.


4. Strict adherence to time-honored methods of - food gathering, preparation and thorough food chewing was a commone practice, as was systematic caloric restriction:


Slow, thorough food chewing (Fletcherizing) was recorded in many of the long-lived;

Many cultures filled their plates up only 80% full in order to never overeat;

Special food preparation techniques. For example, cooking methods favored the briefest, safest time tables possible);

Also cooked foods were often then fermented in special ways to - in effect - restore their colloidal nature.


5. High content of raw food factors (cRFsTM) were always the most prized feature in their respective dietaries.


In summary, gerontology concerned with studying the longliving needs to be inter-disciplinary and highly focused on three key reference points. Such studies need to constantly bear in mind the:


      (I) MPL Criteria,

      (II) Correctly identify pta-peoples verses non-pta-peoples and

      (III) Understand Optimal Primary States, especially as it relates to the culture's entire food chain.




Alexis Carrel, MD (1873-1944)


All of the longliving cultures thrive under their unique set of spiritual practices, always based in morality,


The developments that led up to the perfection of this technique would be essential for two subsequent world-class accomplishments:


          (1) optimal organ preservation and

          (2) organ transplants.


His ability to keep tissues and organs alive for extended periods revolutionized modern medicine. Few today will realize that this medical revolution stemmed directly from his original work with cell cultures -- work he started in 1912.[62]


That original 1912 work growing healthy cell cultures and keeping them alive indefinitely occurred during the same decade when the best researchers in the world were all trying to do the same thing, but they all failed.


A decade earlier on May 28, 1902 (while still in France), Carrel witnessed a miraculous healing of a young woman. Carrel had been asked to participate in a pilgrimage to Lourdes sponsored by a Catholic group. Even though Carrel was a staunch member of the scientific community, he was also at various times in his life a devote Christian. For example, Carrel was fascinated with the medical reports coming out of Our-Lady-of-the-Seven-Sorrows Hospital located in Lourdes. And later in life, he would continually seek to reconcile his vast scientific approach to reality with his yearning for spiritual understanding, as illustrated in four of his publications - Man the Unknown (1935), and posthumously: The Voyage to Lourdes (1950), Reflections on Life (1953), and The Prayer (1958)).


Carrel had also studied many of the reports being compiled by several investigative writers of his day - Drs. Biossarie head of the Lourdes clinic (and author of two books on the healings), Didary, Emile Zola (a former skeptic turned true believer in supernatural healings), and by one source in particular -Henri Lasserre. Carrel was a student of hypnotherapy, and he thought that many of the reported cures might simply be attributable to autosuggestion. However, he maintained an open mind that some other scientifically unknown factor may be in play as well.


The train began its southward journey out of Lyon on May 26th in the afternoon. Carrel was serving as a faculty member of the Medical School at the University of Lyon and was to take the better part of a day and a half to reach Lourdes. Carrel was determined to fully examine some interesting cases so he could rule in or out that any serious conditions were cured. He was also handed many case histories of many of the pilgrims; but he was mostly disappointed in their lack of detail and documentation. So, he made detailed notes as he proceeded with his examinations on the train.


A priest only identified as "Abb B." was in charge of the pilgrimage. This was the priest's 25th mission to Lourdes. As they chatted, Carrel was fascinated to learn that approximately 300 people took the train journey in each of those pilgrimages. But out of those 300, on average, nearly 1/5th of each set of pilgrims reported significant improvements, and a smaller sub-group would report a complete cure of their ailments. Along the way, Carrel was called upon to ease the pain of a young woman named Marie Bailly. She was barely alive, having been seriously ill her entire life. Both her parents had died of tuberculosis when she was a bit younger. At this moment, Marie herself was suffering in the final, last gasping moments of tubercular peritonitis. She was not expected to survive the trip to Lourdes; but as they say, she undertook the journey anyway because she knew she had nothing else to lose.


The trip lasted a full day. They arrived on the afternoon of May 27th. After a night's rest, they were to enter into the Massabielle Grotto the next afternoon on May 28th for their first bath in the healing waters.


The local hospital was there to offer their full support, both pre- and post-exposure to the healing waters. There were other physicians that started to group together, and in all two more were monitoring Ms. Bailly. All saw first-hand her terminal status. That made a total of four physicians monitoring Ms. Bailly.


A classmate of Carrel's happened to be one of them (only identified as Dr. "A.B."); he was the only true believer among the group of four. The other physician was the personal physician to Ms. Bailly. Carrel identified him only as Dr. "J." The last physician identified as Dr. "M" came into the scene very late in the process. He, too, had examined Ms. Bailly just prior to her exposure to the healing waters. As a group, they were all intimately familiar with end-stage tubercular peritonitis, and were able to differentiate it from pseudotubercular peritonitis, meaning false tubercular peritonitis. Such cases were thought to arise out of a kind of hysteria or neurasthenia (a mental case). 


Of the physicians, one was the believer. But the other three, including Carrel himself, were skeptics. Nevertheless, these three were open to scientifically monitoring the situation for any clues as to what might be in play. Note that morphogenetic fields, structured water, and studies demonstrating the power of prayer were not known at this time to any of these doctors. Therefore, Ms. Bailly's vital signs and physical examinations continued throughout the process by all four doctors. Carrel kept careful notes as things proceeded.


As the moment arrived for Ms. Bailly to receive the healing water, Carrel decided to stay by her side. As she made her way to the river of Lourdes on stretcher, her companion friends carried her alongside Carrel' watchful eyes. He examined her again just prior to her first dousing with the healing waters, her vital signs were extremely grave - rapid faint heart beats, shallow rapid breathing, cyanosis on her face and body, and a severe distention of her abdominal area, plus lymphadema into both her legs. She was also emaciated. Her condition by this point had deteriorated to such a great extreme that Carrel feared she might not even survive the short trip by stretcher into the spring waters of Massabielle Grotto.


Carrel paused, composed himself, and silently offered a loving prayer for Ms. Bailly, wishing for her to be taken in by the Virgin Mary and healed of her dire situation. Her companions decided not to immerse her into the water of the pool, rather to take water from it and place it over her entire abdominal area, where directly underneath, the fatal tuberculosis bulged.


This last minute decision not to immerse Ms. Bailly entirely into the waters may have arisen from the fact that it was still the month of May. It was likely the waters may still have been too cold to risk such a shock to her entire body all at once.


Immediately after her abdomen was washed with the healing waters, Carrel was noticed no change to her condition. She lay nearly fully comatose. But within 40 minutes of her first and only exposure to the water, Carrel was clearly dumbfounded as he noted a significant facial change for the better. Ms. Bailly's "mask of death" appearance; that is, her cyanosis or blue-like discoloration, began to slowly, but clearly recede.


Indeed, it was no longer a mask of death at all, as a more normal facial coloration returned in earnest.(F) Over the next 20 minutes, Carrel witnessed firsthand, a true medical miracle. At the start of this rapid transitional 20 minute period, Ms. Bailly's sorely distended abdomen clearly visible under the blanket began making an impossible retreat until it was entirely flat! Throughout this same period, her eyes began to smile in near ecstasy. As the 20 minutes unfolded, Carrel and the other physicians all flipped off the blanket so they could make a detailed examination of what was happening. Within the next few minutes, they determined her abdomen was completely normal, save her emaciated condition. Also during this same few minutes, Marie's vital signs started to improve dramatically. Her breath was normal, and her pulse was no longer thready or rapid, but stabilized at 80 beats per minute.


Then, she sat up, reporting she was healed. By four o'clock when, in disbelief yet in real sympathetic joy, Carrel watched as Ms. Bailly received her first liquid meal (some milk) without incident. Carrel, no longer able to contain his cool, calm composure, left the group in the Massabielle Grotto, to take a walk and think. Just as he was walking away, he witnessed Ms. Bailly beginning to move about freely on her own, and without pain of any kind.


From that momentous point forward, Carrel knew his life was changed forever. He reported that this was the most poignant moment of his entire career, and he kept the experience in the forefront of his mind on a daily basis. Fascinatingly, in 1908 Carrel once again witnessed first hand another miraculous healing in the Grotto, only this time with an 8 month old child.


Many decades later, Ms. Bailly passed away nearly six years before Carrel himself passed away.


In 1902 and again in 1908, Carrel likely deduced that there may of been some kind of miraculous healing property that became associated with the water beyond current scientific understanding. As a result he decided (no matter what the cost to him professionally), that he would make every attempt to organize a full scale follow-up investigation to determine if the properties of the water were imbued with unknown healing powers. Perhaps, he thought, rational science might at least partially explain what happened to Ms. Bailly.


However, once his fellow college of physicians understood Carrel's intentions, they shunned him as obsessed. Instead of running to investigate, they instead choose to chastise and even harass him. And since Carrel was never known to back away from controversy, this harassment went on for many months. In the end, it became so difficult for him that he decided to leave his native country for Quebec. Many years later, another ex-patriot Frenchman, Gaston Naessens, was to endure the same fate for his work with advanced light, darkfield and phase contrast microscopy. Naessens would advance the science of milieu to an extraordinary level. In essence, he deciphered the high gain state of healthy, living cells verses unhealthy cells, plus many critical spects to the milieu that bathed each.


For example, had Naessens's technology been available, Carrel would have understood the miraculous event in much greater detail at the cell level. Naessens' microscope would have documented how the patient's pre- and post-blood samples would have responded to the healing waters. But, this technology and the technology currently available to appraise the physics of intracellular water (MRI) or the technology to appraise healing waters in general (IE Crystal formations) were not to become available until 70 years later. For more information - [CLICK HERE].


As things turned out, this lack of technology coupled to Carrel's subsequent chastisement was destined to become a most fortunate experience for Carrel indeed. Funny how things often turn out that way as we all make our respective journey through life. Shortly after he arrived in Quebec, Carrel was given an appointment in the Physiology Department at University of Chicago in 1905. Then shortly after that, Carrel received an appointment at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research located in New York. From these laboratories, he was to make the greatest discovery of all time concerning cell physiology - that is - the precise methodology for extending the longevity of cells and tissues indefinitely. For more information - {Click Here}.


What is interesting to note is that just after Carrel won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1912, he became more and more agnostic. This agnostic attitude, stemming likely from his Kantian ideology, seem to parallel his belief in eugenics. When the human ego knows no bounds, it assumes humanism alone can solve any problem. Decades later, not long before his death in 1944, he once again became a devote Christian. Funny now that works!


The mechanisms for water healings are now a full-fledged emerging science. For example, we know that water stores information, or has memory, and can send beneficial, even healing signals to cells and tissues (see my "ACT" and scroll down for the Homeopathic section). We also will show in my upcoming eBooks the mechanisms by which emersion into water (or being sprayed by water as Marie Bailly was) is a viable means to reset self-healing mechanisms quickly and effectively. And lastly, there does appear to be significant immune stimulating properties to select types of structured water that may demonstrate anti-cancer effects.[63]


Tissue Culture Research


From the start of tissue cultivation research under the good hands of the finest minds in the world, no one was able to successfully cultivate normal healthy cells in the laboratory for extended periods. Carrel conducted perhaps a hundred experiments working with the very best in the field at the Rockefeller Institute, but also to no avail. Then, he made an incredible decision to place into the dish holding the cells nothing but a 'watery' extract of embryonic tissues. What Carrel failed to ever realize was that the key denominator to both the extract and the water at Lourdes are essentially the same - THEY BOTH ARE COMPOSED OF STRUCTURED WATER. When I realized this, it was the last missing piece I needed to totally refute the skeptics. Did Carrel think that he needed some kind of sacred water with miraculous healing ability to make his cell cultures flourish? Maybe, or maybe not. What made him think to use raw, fresh extracts from the same kind of tissues as the cells he was trying to maintain and grow? I think he somehow knew that he needed a kind of "living water or living medium" in order to successfully grow the cells. At any rate, IT WORKED!


Medical observations and applications of Carrel's principles of cellular immortality were soon to follow. Pottenger & Price confirmed that both animals and select peoples who coincidentally obeyed optimal health practices as part of their cultural and agricultural practices, would live exceedingly healthy, long lives. Also during this time, Max Gerson and William Cottrille were using clinical adaptations of the same nature to cure their terminal cases.


To this day, the critics of Carrel's discovery regarding the principles of cellular immortality have used arbitrary and capricious arguments to discredit his work. Nothing they could conjure up could be further from the actual truth.


For example, Leonard Hayflick's work is frequently used to disprove that Carrel could have maintained animal cells past a certain number of normal healthy replications. Hayflick was able to accomplish only 50 "normal" replications in his experiments. That would hardly enable a cell culture to live for decades as Carrel's did. What everyone fails to point out is that success only occurred after Carrel himself started using pure, cell-free raw extract. Yet, Hayflick never used this key item nor did he follow any of the other principles that Carrel established as essential.


Instead, Hayflick used sterile medium for his cell replenishment. These medium solutions were comprised of "bulk water," salts and perhaps some sterile blood serum or plasma extracts. None of these mediums possess the essential colloidal nutrient properties (i.e., cRFsTM) or water structure required in Carrel's immortality experiments. Secondly, J.A. Witkowski reported hearsay testimony (which was clearly bizarre, unsubstantiated and highly suspect for any researcher who had actually read all of Carrel's published accounts of the experiment, from 1908 through the late 1930's) from a junior, inexperienced lab technician in 1946 to discredit Carrel's tissue culture immortality achievement.


Witkowski gave her account through a second-hand report regarding how the embryonic fluid extracts she had been applying to the flask during her six month tenure contained a few embryonic cells to ensure the viability of the culture's "strain" in the now 34 year old experiment. Conveniently, Carrel had died two years earlier, and so was unavailable to address the highly suspect hearsay testimony. Additionally, his trusted co-workers of impeccable credentials were never interviewed regarding these allegations.


What was not widely reported was that this junior lab technician harbored a strongly differing political ideology to Carrel's. Thus, her intentions in 1946 concerning her short 6 month assignment to Carrel's 34 year experiment remain unclear. Having said this, her contrarian political views were notable to that of Carrel's, for he and Charles A. Lindbergh. Although Carrel and Lindbergh were both savants when it came to scientific investigation, they were both supporters of eugenics when it came to the political science of social engineering. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that more than a few would be tempted to discredit Carrel's greatest works if given the chance to do so.


 have personally witnessed other geniuses up close and first hand who were truly great thinkers in one sense regarding reality as it is, but who were at the same time misguided when it came to the moral high-ground on select issues of great social interest. This is not the first time an "acclaimed" expert in one field of endeavor made use of it to claim expertise in another or sway society in new directions unrelated to their true areas of expertise. It does suggest that Carrel had failed to fully embrace a solid spiritual footing to his great works. On this note, the late Reverend Stanley L. Jaki, the re-publisher and commenter of "The Voyage to Lourdes", is quoted as saying that even in the face of witnessing a true medical miracle, "None of this brought him any closer to the faith of his childhood."(G)


For me it is about taking the truths Carrel discovered as to what regenerates the body cells, tissues and organs, and then make this technology available to any and all comers. In that way, all peoples of the world may reap the benefits of this technology.(H)


Regardless, and contrary to reports found currently on Wikipedia, experienced and talented cell biologists were indeed able to replicate Carrel's tissue culture longevity experiments. Remember, initially Carrel and his colleagues were for many years unable to grow the cells successfully. Essentially, most brilliant scientific break-throughs involve a creative mind visualizing what has never been seen before (an innate artistic way of thinking, that some have and some don't) in order to perfect the "discovery." In this case, Carrel's artistic and scientific mind led to perfecting the reproducible scientific means of enabling normal non-cloned cells, tissues, and to a degree organs, to live indefinitely or, at the very least, to live for extended time periods.


Put another way, Carrel's mind operated similarly to both Da Vinci as well as Aristotle's minds combined. Now as then, some technically and highly skilled scientists just simply have no artistic aptitude at all to make the quantum leap of discovery. And in many cases, these folks may find it difficult to replicate, initially, a major historic break-through.


In lieu of this, what Carrel's critics fail to mention is that a smaller select group of very gifted investigators eventually reproduced Carrel's marvelous work and actually extended its previous limitations in several areas of great import.(H) For a more clear understanding of Carrel's principles, I have carefully outlined them for you on the "Four Pillars" tab to the upper left. 


And lastly, Carrel's technique for growing cells over very long time frames were not limited to just this one experiment, something his critics likewise fail to mention. Indeed, many other experiments proved his principles of cellular immortality multi-fold over a period of four decades.


Since I am in possession of the complete Carrel library, I will refute Carrel's remaining critics step by step over the course of our book series. In essence, even modern cell culture techniques cannot accomplish what Carrel perfected almost 100 years ago![40]



William A. Albrecht, PhD (1888-1974)


William Albrecht, the greatest agricultural scientist of his age, was conducting research here in the United States during the same time frame as Carrel, Price, Pottenger, and Max Gerson (discussed next).


Working at the University of Missouri, he was making the associations between the fertility of the soils and the health of plants, animals and humans. He documented that 25% proteinaceous content of the soil (colloidal plasma-rich humus) is the minimum required to maintain exuberantly abundant crop yields and thriving herds, and for that matter, healthy humans.


Proteinaceous soil content means colloids in the soil that result from rich mineral content being integrated into the soil in a special way leading to high amounts of colloidal humus. The special multi-step cycling processes that culminate in a high colloidal humus content requires the solid to have the full spectrum of minerals at "sub-micron" size ranges.


Once these sub-micron mineral particles become engulfed (ingested) by the soil's unique bacteria, they enter into the high gain state of colloidal chemistry to enact life.So that's the starting point folks; always has been, always will be. This is the universal truth that begets all long-lived cultures. Typically (but not always), high altitudes are also a factor for long life because that is where there is an abundance of mineral rich glacial milk run-off during the Spring season, which is then seeded into the crop soils for the summer growth.


Present day lower altitude communities that accomplish the same end result are Findhorn located in Scotland, and other properly designed communities across the world who understand this technology (see my Essential Links page and the Remineralization tab to the left for more information. I update this accordingly). As they incorporate the soil's nutrients at various stages, when they die, they leave behind fantastically rich proteinaceous reserves in the soil. These reserves serve as the building blocks to all plant and animal cells, something I cover in great detail in all my eBooks. In effect, these soil bacteria provide the embryonic extract supplies to the plants and animals that eat those plants.[64] When soils are both deficient in a full spectrum of minerals that the bacteria can engulf, and/or if the soils are poisoned with pesticides, little soil bacteria can arise. Thus, the proteinaceous content of the soil plummets, and we all get sick and constitutionally degenerate with each subsequent generation. Again for emphasis, without adequate proteinaceous soil content, life will not thrive and disease, especially chronic diseases of all kinds, will be the natural result.

Dr. Albrecht was famous in my mind for his discussions on the "Hidden Hunger." He noted how deficient soils made animals want more grasses and grains, and that such animals often grew fatter than was healthy. He also noticed that these animals would often become agitated, even aggressive. He then later surmised the same must be true for humans. Indeed, if a certain population of folks continually eat from deficient soils, it would make sense that some deeply imprinted instinct would arise with the urge to go out and conquer new lands full of fertile soils, or simply, to eat more and more because of the diminishing returns of being satisfied (i.e., sated) per calorie consumed.


He finally concluded as WWII was unfolding that all wars are indeed caused by the "Hidden Hunger" within. Albrecht, therefore, confirms the link between depleted soils and criminal-like behaviors, both in animals as well as in humans.[13] Put under a different light, the Hidden Hunger never arises within pta-peoples.


Just think what the soil fertility actually is in the desert nations of the Middle East. Does anyone dare suggest that the top soils in Afghanistan and Iran are rich with rock dust minerals and proteinaceous content? Makes one certainly think.








Max B. Gerson, MD (1881-1959), William Donald Kelley, DDS (1925-2005), Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD & Linda L. Isaacs, MD


During this same time period (circa 1920 - 1940), Max Gerson (a German Jew), prophetically foresaw Hitler's coming demonic reign in history, and thus resettled to the United States in 1938. He promptly set up his clinic to treat both tuberculosis as well a other so-called incurable diseases.[2]


Initially, Gerson's specialty was curing tuberculosis by his now famous nutritional diet therapy, emphasis on detoxification, enhanced tissue oxygenation technique, and bio-identical hormone support (desiccated thyroid). For example, his eclectic approach was almost 100% effective for advanced skin tuberculosis (lupus vulgaris), and up to 70% effective for advanced lung tuberculosis. Because of patient requests, he evolved his approach into a therapy for other advanced chronic degenerative diseases including cancer.


When Gerson could obtain fresh foods from fertile soils, he reported outstanding successes ( 40%) for advanced cancer.


Gerson's outstanding results with serious ill patients in complementary cancer programs were 100% dependent upon obtaining fresh, highest quality foods from fertile soils. During WWII, DDT came into use – the first synthetic pesticide. Just after that, his patients stopped responding as well. Gerson had seen this before just as he determined to leave Germany around 1937. The German soils had become exhausted, and as a direct result, Gerson's results had likewise plummeted. Once he set his clinic up again surrounded by the more fertile soils of France, his successful results returned. So, when this disappointment returned again to his American clinical setting, he realized that fresh produce destined for therapeutic purposes must avoid at all costs being harvested from: (A) soils treated with pesticides, and/or (B) inferior fertile soils not incorporating organic composting methods (i.e., sufficient remineralizing of these soils with high proteinaceous content). So from that point on, he made sure his food sources came from mineral rich, fertile soils not sprayed with pesticides (i.e., organic mineral rich soils).


Over the next half century, his eclectic approach would prove itself over and over again at the bedside (via clinical outcomes).


From 1938 to 1947, Gerson enjoyed freedom here in the U.S. to employ his successful eclectic approach for cancer patients, but this was all soon to change. Remember, back then, the 'official' position of institutional medicine was that nutrition bears no relationship or cause to chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer!Immediately after providing compelling testimony and documentation to the U.S. Senate on his successful approach to for advanced cancer, institutional and special vested interests became threatened and revved up their attack wagons. The politics of cancer had once again raised its ugly face.[2], [65]


Again and again over the era or modern medicine, arbitrary and capricious criticisms seem to be the favorite means of attacking medical geniuses and innovators. Just as Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei and Ignaz Semmelweis had all suffered devastating inquisitions by the institutional-appointed "quackbusters" of their day, so too would Gerson. It is still fascinating for me to review Gerson's critics. To date, none have ever undertaken a residence at Gerson's hospital, nor ever used it in clinical practice. None to date has ever searched through Gerson's extensive case histories and evaluated them under the best case series guidelines properly.


That's where the cures are found. What they site instead are how faulted the dozens of pro-Gerson therapy medical publications appear to them. To this, Gerson simple said, "The result at the sick-bed is decisive."


If the critics of Gerson's approach were to evaluate in the same manner conventional medicine's results to date in treating cancer, oh, what a tale that would tell. By any honest measure, Gerson's methodology (which achieves ~ 40% substantial success in terms of quality and extension of life) would outshine conventional methodology hands down.[2], [65], (C)For comparison:[66]


"Despite the yearly fanfare regarding new cancer drugs, the percentage of Americans dying from cancer in 2003 was about the same as it was in1970. But, still conventional doctors can't prescribe alternatives cancer treatments. Six hundred lobbyists paid by pharmaceutical companies are doing their best to make sure that conventional doctors can never prescribe alternative cancer treatments. They have passed laws that make it a felony for a doctor to even talk about alternative cancer treatments... After 2003, the number of new cancer cases became artificially reduced which allowed agencies like the American Cancer Society to claim that progress is being made. In 2004 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that VA hospitals in at least 13 states are no longer reporting cancer cases and that reporting has been inconsistent in 14 additional states. Therefore, as many as 70,000 new cancer cases (about 5% of the national total) were not reported. Any improvement in the number of cancer cases is therefore in doubt."


What should also be mentioned is that conventional cancer studies utilizing conventional treatments are commonly strewn with defects and meaningless focus which serve little to nothing regarding full patient recoveries. These various versions of statistical analysis that portend success actually, after disgorging all the "spin" are quite dismal or meaningless. Despite such statistical manipulation enabling bold and unsubstantiated claims to foster the belief that cure rates are improving in the hands of conventional oncology, the truth lies elsewhere. At the end of the day the chilling facts remain that cancer death rates across the board only continue to climb. Only in skin cancers and the more rare forms of cancer (non-epithelial cancers) can any real improvement in death rate reduction be confirmed for conventional treatments.[2], [65], [66], (C)


This is unfortunate because conventional methods may be dramatically enhanced by select eclectic methods.[67] So, what to do? In my view, the only ethical way to proceed around the hostile, vested interested is to utilize the low-cost "best case series" method for documenting eclectic cancer cures, as mentioned above. So, what is best case series?


In 1994, due to great public pressure guided by the then Director of the Gerson Institute Gar Hildenbrand and former congressman Berkley Bedell,the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute were required to accept "best case series" when evaluating the success rates for eclectic cancer therapies. For example, patients with primary pancreatic cancer, at best, have only a 3% chance of sustained remission under conventional cancer therapy. So, if just 4 or more out of 100 primary pancreatic cancer patients undergo eclectic cancer treatment and survive past the 5 year mark, that is 'proof positive' the eclectic approach worked.


Establishing best case series as a new low-cost scientific standard came into play because many holistic-minded cancer specialists view it as unethical to put the very ill into controlled studies typical of modern science. In their minds, placing a group into a placebo (untreated) protocol is simply unthinkable. Also, best case series was devised to circumvent the kinds of arbitrary and capricious arguments conventional special interest groups love to use to discredit complementary approaches. Vested interests are the key here, at the cost of what is really in the best interest of the patients.


One other argument is also typically made - that being - when folks enter into eclectic cancer treatments, they are often doing so at great risk because they are shunning a potentially "life-saving" treatment under conventional methods. Well, in all my years conducting research in this field, I have yet to see any proof of such a case. On the other hand, I often see the opposite is true. For example, side effects combined with actual failure rates for conventional treatment dismisses this argument.(C) Also, when all conventional treatments have failed, patients may still find an eclectic means to achieve a sustained, high quality of life, recovery.[42], [68]


When chemotherapy is used as the only treatment (monotherapy), its success rate barely exceeds 2%! Yet, oncologists prescribe this low probability monotherapy nevertheless. Under the same evaluation criteria, it is difficult to imagine any better result for conventional radiation therapy as well.(C)


As Dr. John Richardson has written:[68], [69]


"Both radiation therapy and attempts to "poison out" result in a profound hostile immunosuppression that greatly increases the susceptibility to metastasis. How irrational it would be to attempt to treat cancer immunologically and/or physiologically, and at the same time administer immunosuppressants in the form of radiation of any kind, methotrexate, 5-FU, Cytoxin, or similarly useless and dangerous general cellular poisons. All of these modalities, as we know, have been used to depress the rejection phenomena associated with organ transplantation. The entire physiological objective in rational cancer therapy is to increase the rejection phenomena." (Italics and underline mine)


In effect, Dr. Richardson is emphasizing how difficult it is to use successful immunotherapies (i.e., those that induce and support the immune cells to increasingly reject the cancer at a rational and well-tolerated pace) alongside the "poison out" (caustic) conventional therapies. Yet, this is exactly what is needed most. The key term here is caustic. With the profound downsides to these kinds of caustic treatments which suppress our immune system and yield such poor success rates, is it any wonder that when oncologists were polled by McGill University as to whether they would prescribe for themselves chemotherapy if they were diagnosed with cancer themselves or their family members, 81% responded they would not!?[70]


When this is seen for what it is, hypocrisy at its best, it's a darn shame that Gerson's eclectic method was not fully funded when Congress first declared war against cancer just after the close of WWII.(A), Had Gerson and Ling been well funded and been allowed to properly conduct their methodology and spread the word regarding the merits thereof, without subterfuge, we would have solved the riddle of cancer long ago and saved tens of billions of taxpayers money in the process.[1], [2]


Two things stand out when reviewing Gerson's efforts. As previously mentioned above, due to a significant effort by the former director of the Gerson Hospital, Gar Hildenbrand, in conjunction with former Congressman Berkely Bedell, best case series became an accepted methodology to judge eclectic cancer protocols. This was a huge step forward.


Second, eclectic approaches that would otherwise qualify as best case series often lack the proper documentation required to qualify under the "best case series" guidelines. This lack of follow-through must also be corrected so that absolute proof can be obtained whenever eclectic protocols work in terminal situations. A brilliant example of how to go about a best case series investigation was undertaken by Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD, when he began studying William Donald Kelley's eclectic cure for pancreatic cancer.


Kelley himself had battled pancreatic cancer and found that in addition to the tools used by Gerson, he required additional measures to gain a complete and full recovery. Kelley had significantly advanced Gerson's eclectic methods by adding in metabolic typing.


Kelley also emphasized more pancreatic enzyme use in his protocol over Gerson's. As it turns out, the origin to our metabolic type appears to be due to the fusion of OPS to pta-peoples. The further we drift from the MPL Criteria, the more disarray our metabolic type suffers.


Kelley alone perfected Gerson's original approach to balancing and restoring the ANS via his metabolic typing methodology. What Kelley did was simple enough in concept, even though Kelly never mentions the MPL Criteria in concept. What he clearly understood was Gerson's emphasis on the ANS since all organs and tissues of the body are supplied by the ANS. The ANS dictates the proper metabolic rate to these organs and tissues. Healthy ANS transmissions act similar to the braking/acceleration system of your car. In order to drive smoothly, avoid potential emergencies, and get to where you need to go in optimal time, you need this core function in your automobile operating properly. Cancer expresses a rogue metabolism that has little braking control but a dangerous accelerator. So, fixing your organ and tissue braking/acceleration system (your ANS), is a very logical strategy to defeat cancer.


By carefully reviewing the work of Francis Pottenger's father, (Francis Pottenger Sr.), the foremost neurophysiologist of his day, and by researching the literature published by Royal Lee, DDS on this same subject, Kelley was able to quickly formulate his new approach to cancer.


First, he was able to determine the neural dominance of the patient, either (A) one that favored the parasympathetic end (the part that specializes in healing, sleeping and digesting food), or (B) one that favored the sympathetic end (fighting or giving flight to a crises), or (C) one that expressed a balance between the two.


Second, Kelley needed to figure out a way to balance and augment the cancer patient's ANS. He accomplished this first by select nutrients, much of which had been deciphered by Royal Lee. Interestingly, Lee was an ardent student of Alexis Carrel, McCarrison and Price, as well as Francis Pottenger, Sr., PhD, the father of Francis Pottenger, Jr., MD. It was the first Pottenger who delineated all of the key traits imbalanced ANS symptoms will portray, and this information is something Kelly made great use of.


The critical piece to the puzzle would largely come from determining the perfect diet of for the ANS disturbed patient. That was the trickier part and took Kelley into a realm of great promise.


So, by re-harmonizing the patient's ANS, many cancer patients made full recoveries, but not all. In the initial stages of Kelley's protocol development it remained a mystery why those folks did not respond like other difficult cases.


As it was later determined, Kelley's ANS discovery was still to be only 40% to 50% of the total equation to Metabolic Typing. For example, beyond the neural component (the transmission system), there would be the active tissue component (or receiver) that would integrate the ANS neural signals to conduct metabolism. If the tissues themselves were out of balance or exhausted, the ANS balancing would have little impact on those cases. Put more simply, both the transmitter as well as the receiver needed to be in perfect working order.


Fortunately independent work by a biochemist George Watson deciphered what the receiver in the organs and tissues was and how to correct receiver malfunctions. Watson discovered that the patient's blood pH held the key. Using the patient's blood pH as a tuning fork, Watson proceeded to experiment with which foods and nutritional supplements broke the receiver back into optimal function. 


For example, Watson determined that the tissue organelles (mitochondria) either operated fast or slow to generate energy, which he termed slow or fast oxidizers. Furthermore, Watson soon discovered that some folks were simply balanced metabolizers.[71] He then went on to devise both nutritional supplement and dietary routines to shift into optimal blood pH the (D) slow, (E) fast and (F) balanced metabolizers. Watson's technique was then integrated into Kelley's, and now both the transmission system as well as the receiving system had the kind of therapy they needed to fight and correct the metabolism of cancer at a whole new level.


Gonzalez began investigating Kelley's enhanced eclectic method under the proctorship of Dr. Robert Good, a top immunologist and former head of Sloan-Kettering. Under Good's supervision, Gonzalez was able to "prove" beyond any reasonable doubt - via "best case series" - that Kelley's protocol was a bonafide cure for primary pancreatic cancer. But there were conditions to this cure rate. The first condition was that the cancer patient's system had not been severely damaged by prior conventional treatment. And the second was that the patient permanently adhered to the strict eclectic protocol Kelley provided.


Today Dr. Gonzalez continues with this great work with his partner Dr. Linda Isaacs. In fact in 1998, Gonzalez was awarded a $6.2 million research grant from the National Cancer Institute (under the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine known popularly as NCCAM) to conduct a study on primary pancreatic cancer. The study would be conducted at Cornell Medical College' s prestigious Columbia University Hospital in New York. Because Gonzalez had amassed large numbers of successful clinical outcomes, the results of such a historic study would have been a true eye-opener to adherents of conventional as well as complementary and alternative medicine alike. The only question was, would the powers that be allow this research to go on unchecked? Well, to put it mildly, no, they would not. Imagine the impact on conventional medicine's monopoly on cancer treatments in this country if a much less expensive, all-natural approach to curing cancer became accepted and available?


In this case, as has happened many times before for other promising cancer therapies,(J) they resorted to subterfuge and launched a campaign to outflank such a possibility. Fortunately, after 11 years into this study, Gonzalez and Isaacs were alerted to the subterfuge, and have now exposed it. In fact, Congressman Burton is now leading a full federal investigation into the misconduct of those participating in sabotaging the Gonzalez-Isaacs' study at Columbia. As Dr. Gonzalez states:[72]


"Under the direction of the supervisors from Columbia University (the site for the project), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), the study degenerated into a morass of mismanagement, meaningless and manipulated data, lives of patients put at risk, and sadly, cover-up of the mismanagement right into the office of Dr. Elias Zerhouni, former NIH Director. Repeatedly now we've seen the meaningless data of a mismanaged study used in the effort to "prove" my treatment worthless, and undermine my 28 years of hard, determined research."


Suffice it to say that Drs. Gonzalez and Isaacs are now bonafide members of complementary and alternative medicine's "Hall of Fame."


Presently, the reader should simply note that together, these three doctors further perfected the absolutely Carrel's principles in the cancer treatment setting. Now the reader will begin to understand that there are significant eclectic advancements that need to be incorporated with the practice of treating trophoblasts to cure cancer. We need to rebuild our human race to its ancestral perfection so that not only cancer, but all chronic degenerative diseases become a thing of our past, and not the future. So, returning for a moment to see how this all plays out in the bigger scheme of our message, note that these three physicians developed eclectic protocols that fulfill Carrel's requirements:


(A) Detoxify their patients, and also keep the patient's body bathed in...

(B) Optimal oxygen, as well as...

(C) Supplying raw food factors.


By perfecting such tools within their respective eclectic protocols, they advanced several of Gerson's original key empirical findings. For example, although Gerson first stated the essential need to restore and optimize neurological (ANS) signaling, it wasn't until Kelly perfected the means to accomplish this under his Metabolic Typing methods that the methodology became better understood and reproducible.


Gonzalez then advanced Kelley's work by typing the patient's metabolic profile and matching it to the proper diet mix, increasing effectiveness, in my mind, by at least an order of magnitude. Additionally, Gonzalez added in the more extensive use of pancreatic enzymes and other key food factors that destroy, convert or successfully modify the cancer process.


For example, the recent Gonzalez-Isaac's book (left) emphasizes that many raw food factors derived from organ meats (among the richest sources for bioactive enzymes and cRFsTM) contain properties that beneficially modify and check the "trophoblastic process," which is fundamentally synonymous with the cancer state.


The term trophoblast derives from "trephos" in ancient Greek. Does this look familiar? Well it should. Recall that Carrel called his regenerative nursing cells trephocytes (i.e., select and specialized WBCs). Carrel could have termed his trephocytes as trophocytes. Both mean the same thing. Trepho and tropho are interchangeable. Cyte simply means any normal cell. Blast means an "embryonic-like cell," which is a vastly more metabolically active cell than a normal cell. So trophoblasts are metabolically rogue cells that must be kept in close check so that they do not overrun their purpose.


Cancer cells are vastly metabolically more active than normal cells. Cancer cells are, in effect, cannibals, and that's the problem. Trophoblasts too, express out of control metabolisms compared to the calm, controlled state of normal healthy cells (or compared to trephocytes). Put very simply, trephocytes will regenerate - with regard for the inherent blue-print of what the body is supposed to be. Trophoblasts will degenerate into cancer (unless checked), because their purpose is to invade. This is true for all trophoblasts until they are "checked" by their determinant factors.


As Gonzalez and Isaacs explained in their monumental work that trophoblasts either need to be destroyed; or, under the right set of circumstances, they can become placental cells or nursing cells (yes, trephones) for the growing embryo and fetus. Furthermore, strong compelling evidence suggests that unbridled trophoblasts underlie the formation of all cancer processes. So, on the "cosmic" scale of regeneration verses degeneration, we see a Yin/Yang relationship between trephocytes and trophoblasts: (1) trephocytes lead the way to regenerate our human constitution processes, while (2) trophoblasts invade and destroy healthy tissues. And, when rogue, they spur on the cancer process. Like Yin/Yang partners, they balance the act of constitutional regeneration or decay, and thus understanding them provides fertile ground for perfecting a true and lasting cure for all cancers.


Recall the words of Carrel, and the profound significance of trephocytes verses trophoblasts becomes clear:(K)


"The life of the cell is immortal; it is the fluid in which it floats that degenerates."


So, what this all boils down to is this: once we decipher the most important parameters of these fluid properties and mechanisms (both within and surrounding our body cells), we can then manage the "on" and "off" switches to the trephones and trophoblasts. Thus, we will be able to reliably and reproducibly regenerate ourselves, as well as thwart cancer development.


Most fortunately, Gonzalez and Isaacs discuss the precise strategies that can control the on and off switches for trophoblasts (see pages 25, 64-5, 122 & 161 of their recently released textbook on the trophoblastic nature of the cancer process). Furthermore, other enhancements that check trophoblasts by modulating their surrounding fluids are now known, which should further advance the Gonzalez-Isaacs protocols. I have identified these factors and am currently incorporating them into the eBook series: Overcoming Advanced Cancer: Curing versus Controlling Terminal Cancer with the Regeneration Effect


For now, realize that nature has richly endowed our food with specialized raw food factors and colloidal phytochemicals that keep our cells behaving properly. When you include these along with the right diet matched to the metabolic type of the patient, magic often results restoring well being. As Kelley put it, giving one kind of food group to one cancer patient that cures, could just as easily be the undoing of another cancer patient suffering from the same kind and stage of cancer. Having said that, there is common ground in terms of diet that applies to most all metabolic types. This common ground approach is covered under our "Getting Started" tab above.


Over the years, William Powell Cottrille (last below) and I discussed eclectic cancer treatment using the principles of constitutional medicine. We realized that restoring a patient's constitution is more effective than attacking cancer cells using conventional medical treatment or than other holistic approaches not including it as a critical guide post. Yet, oftentimes the cancer needs direct intervention as well. But unless the patient's constitution is addressed as a priority, the cancer intervention will be handicapped. Put another way, by restoring a chronically ill patient's constitution first and foremost (i.e., starting with correcting the fluids to their cellular milieu), everything after that works with a "gravity assist" instead of against gravity. It becomes an all down-hill battle.


When expertly combined with regenerative techniques, this defines the best that the eclectic method has to offer. Would you have it any other way folks? 


More recently, constitutional medicine has been advanced using the core principles in Gilbert N. Ling's epic works (see below). His principles of colloidal chemistry are the key determinants (controllers) of all cell functions and structure and (in my mind) cellular milieu. For anyone who recognizes Ling's discoveries, these serve as a powerful beacon to generate much insight into the real nature of cancer. What remains to be added into the mix, are the remaining controls to cancers genetics. For example, using Ling's work as a central guide to re-evaluating and controlling any given cell's milieu and using Mirko Beljanski's work as a central guide to re-evaluating and controlling any given cell's genetic expression, we pretty much cover all the constitutional issues involved with health and disease.


Mirko Beljanski, PhD (1923-1998)



Beljanski was a pre-eminent research geneticist and molecular cell biologist,who completed a 30 year career at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.


He deciphered the basic principles to DNA mechanics and discovered "triggering" molecules that determine the fate of DNA. All these "triggering" molecules can be understood as colloidal regenerative factors, or members in the family of cRFsTM.


His work is a masterpiece for cancer control as well as for dealing with chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases.


For example, Bejanski discovered certain biologically active fractions of RNA, commonly extracted from select plants, could trigger the fate of DNA when ingested.From this point forward, Beljanski rapidly developed the non-invasive means to:


1. Restore injured human tissue DNA to normal function (genomics);

2. Restore enzyme function to injured or aged human cells (proteomics);

3. Upregulate immune cells to better attack certain infections (immunostimulation); or 

4. Inhibit the DNA of pathogens themselves (produced the first, non-toxic RNA vaccines against infectious diseases, including HIV).


In some cases, Beljanski could use his plant extracts to accomplish all four roles at once when needed. As a result, Beljanski was one of the early pioneers into the field of RNA Therapy, but his methods represented a giant leap for this entire field of regenerative medicine. Together with the work of Lee and Hansen, Frank, Kugler and Ling, Beljanski's methods have been completely embodied within Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM or ACTTM. (see "Final Discussions" below).


RNA Therapy as a whole, including, Beljanski's method will be severely limited in their therapeutic efficacy unless the A-I Mechanism is first restored. But when taken together, both the genomics and proteomics to chronic degenerative disease, including cancer, may be finally comprehensively addressed. Furthermore, the immune system itself becomes understood in a different light, since immunostimulation becomes more readily achievable, even in those suffering from catastrophic immune deficiency states.



From all of the above I have undergone many insightful moments over the past 32 years relating to how this all may apply to human Immunology. As a direct result, I have undergone a long series of epiphanies that led me to envision the following:




What struck me in a single flash, was that there are four more immune systems beyond the (1) mucosal, (2) innate and (3) acquired immune systems currently identified. Hence, we will now have (if I am correct) four more fundamental tools to enable the gravely ill patient's own body to bring about their own cure. As a side note, these additional immune systems and their relation to the whole immune complex could also help explain why autoimmune diseases are on the rise and provide lasting solutions. By only managing 3 out of the seven or more immune systems to thwart autoimmune diseases, we are simply missing the other key elements involved (i.e., those causes (etiologies) that reside, at least in part, in the other immune systems).


For example, Carrel was the first to elucidate the immune system's near omniscient role in regenerating cells and tissues in animals.[73] Our immune cells (select white blood cells), actually orchestrate tissue regeneration when functioning optimally. Yet his discoveries have gone largely unrecognized up to this present day. Now the reader should begin to appreciate the value additional immune systems might provide in restoring our human constitution, as well as make complete recoveries from chronic degenerative diseases. And this is the only route we may take to also greatly extend our longevity through optimal regeneration.


Putting it another way, our constitution - when optimal - protects us from just about ever becoming ill. If our constitution is optimal, we stand on the high ground. If our constitution is optimal, we are essentially immune from the plethora of chronic degenerative illnesses now befalling civilization.


Yet we are in exactly the opposite situation today. Due to our constitutional decay as a race of civilized people, we are only getting sicker as time goes on. This threat is nothing less than our very own race extinction. As Carrel has admonished us in his book, Man the Unknown:


"As a matter of fact, modern society--that society produced by science and technology--is committing the same mistake as have all the civilizations of antiquity. It has created conditions of life wherein life itself becomes impossible. It justifies the sally of Dean Inge: 'Civilization is a disease which is almost invariably fatal'....The environment which has molded the body and the soul of our ancestors during many millenniums has now been replaced by another. This silent revolution has taken place almost without our noticing it. We have not realized its importance. Nevertheless, it is one of the most dramatic events in the history of humanity. For any modification in their surroundings inevitably and profoundly disturbs all living beings. We must, therefore, ascertain the extent of the transformations imposed by science upon the ancestral mode of life, and consequently upon ourselves."


This explains in a nutshell why conventional medicine has achieved such dismal results in curing any chronic degenerative disease, especially cancer. Chronic degenerative diseases are not the causes of chronic degenerative diseases - our constitutional decay is. So, if all we are doing is treating the chronic degenerative disease, how far do you think this will get us? We must start by restoring the human constitution. In this fashion, chronic illnesses lose their footing and will rapidly begin to evaporate! Once the human constitution is completely restored, the residuals of the chronic degenerative disease can be eliminated.


For persective, keep this in mind - most solid tumor masses are comprised by up to 80% still-normal cells. These normal cells either cannot mount a sufficient defensive immune reaction, or these normal cells are so overwhelmed by their milieu they simply convert incrementally into abnormal cancer cells. The factors influencing the sum total of the milieu keeps normal cells normal. If the milieu is of low gain energy state, you get cancer sooner or later. If the milieu is of high gain energy state, you have normal healthy cells.



It's that simple. So, again, Pasteur was correct even for these chronic degenerative diseases - the milieu is everything! [Explained Here]


In review: The discussion up to this point has made the case for the following causal chain that governs our human constitution, and constitutions to all life forms:

(A) The colloidal minerals found in mountain river streams (i.e., glacial milk), used to irrigate & generate...

(B) Healthy protein rich soils, which leads to...

(C) Super populations of soil bacteria & their protoplasm loads, which serves the base to...

(D) Optimal immunity in plants, animal and humans, that give rise to...

(E) Exuberant animal and human constitutions when the harvest is consumed mostly in raw form or its equivalent (i.e., fermenting cooked food that re-instill raw food factors via probiotics).


Each of us also requires plenty of oxygen and physical exercise to keep our immune systems in high gear, and to engender proper mental attitudes and practices. After just a few generations of plants, animals and humans being raised on good soils and under optimal conditions, the constitutions of such life forms are exuberant, longliving and disease-free.By paying the utmost respect to this sequence to health, we may then, and only then, successfully restore, perfect and maintain our optimal human constitution.


Throughout our eBooks for the general public as well as for professionals, we intend to shine a constant light on this causal chain to optimal living. This constitutional and eclectic approach in medicine will simultaneously enable the natural forms of cancer intervention to gain the high ground from which to (a) eradicate the cancer, (b) prevent its return as well as (c) truly regenerate the patient.




Gilbert N. Ling, Ph.D. Damadian Foundation for Cancer and Basic Research


Ling's epic study of cell physiology is the first definitive work that link physics of cell matter with actual cell biology. We ignore this work to great peril.



Ling and I discussed several subjects (although our conversations were very pithy). One subject in particular triggered my realization that other immune systems - within our currently known immune systems - must be at work.


What I brought into the conversation regarded a core principle Gerson had discovered. It was subsequently confirmed (with MRI research) by Freeman Cope, Ling and Raymond Damadian at the Damadian Foundation for Cancer and Basic Research back in the 1970's.[74], [75] That was, to reverse the cancer process, patient's body cells must receive an abundance of potassium in several different forms (called speciations of potassium). These speciations of potassium appear to then readily form crucial bonds to intracellular proteins essential for cell healthy metabolism.[23] Since there is a strong inverse relationship with potassium and sodium in cell physiology, Gerson also maintained that low table salt (NaCl) intake was essential to replenish potassium levels especially inside cancer cells or cells going rogue.


Put another way, there is a "mineral inversion" between trophoblasts and trephocytes that when solved, induces trophoblasts to fade away into the matrix of normal cells. But there are other kinds of inversions between healthy cells and trephocytes compared to trophoblasts. Collectively, these inversions must all be corrected to first cure then permanently prevent cancer from arising.


For more clear examples of what I mean here, Ling's advanced work uniting physics to biology has confirmed several astounding facts originally conceived of by Gerson.[27]


I. First, Gerson was correct - the levels of potassium (and a slew of other metals and minerals) are indeed low in cancer cells, which is vital and integral to all cancer process studied to date. Therefore, any proper cancer therapy must solve this mineral inversion as a top priority, and quickly.[75]


II. Second, these researchers confirmed that the eclectic Gerson Method restored mineral inversions back to normal.[27]


III. Third, by doing so, clear evidence emerged that cellular regeneration had taken place. This regeneration was noticed in the protein structures and functions of restored cells. Therefore, raw native proteins, richly supplied by the eclectic Gerson Method, are essential to this mineral inversion correction.[27]


IV.Fourth, there are long-range forces at work inside a cell (cell signal determinants) that involve multilayers of structured water. Highly organized layers of structured water arise from dynamic association with:[76]


      (A) Mineral complexes working in association with

      (B) Raw colloidal and cooperative cellular proteins.


  • Since this association complex appears to be universal in higher life forms, it serves to reason that we may replenish our own vital cell supplies from our diet. This is exactly what Ling and his co-workers confirmed.[27]

V. And lastly, that there was no such thing as the sodium potassium pump that conventional medicine uses as its hallmark and even defining central construct (in other words, as far as modern medicine goes, the sodium potassium pump controls everything we try to do in medicine. Ling proved it has never existed in the first place! See his book to the right).[23]


These five factors (and the list actually is much longer than these five) are of greatest importance when considering how dietary and nutritional items may, or may not, restore a debilitated internal cell milieu. For example, cancer uses key strategies to thwart gaining benefits from eating an alkaline diet. Until these strategies are overcome, the milieu intrinsic to the cancer process will be unaffected by the simple addition of an alkaline diet alone.[28], [74]


What this undeniably leaves us with is that conventional medicine will continue to produce poor results because its methods CONTINUE TO USE ONE OR MORE KEY REFERENCE STANDARDS THAT HAVE NO BASIS IN REALITY! From just the five factors mentioned above, we may point this out by:


      A. The fact that the so called sodium-potassium pump does not exist in the majority of our cells; and

      B. All of the principles of chemistry taught in oncology (plus what we were all taught in medical school as well) is seriously skewed and has little application to how cells fundamentally work and respond to nutrients or medicine. This is nowhere more important than when cells entery into the cancerous state or when healthy cells succumb to chronic disease states. We cannot treat properly when the underlying causations to cellular degeneration are not identified and eradicated! 


I decided to reach out to Dr. Ling for a brief chat so I could better grasp the impact how actual cell and below cell level chemistry impacts: (1) our anatomy and cell physiology, and (2) an exuberant human constitution. We discussed one of my key insights regarding how we might rapidly reverse the dynamics causing mineral inversions.


In my mind, rapid reversal of the unholy mineral inversion should in theory instantly modulate the cancer cell environment. Furthermore, rapid reversal of the unholy mineral inversion should likewise instantly restore start re-igniting the self-healing capacity within. And once this was secured, the more difficult and more long-term task of restoring the human constitution would gain solid footing as well.


Lastly, I discussed with him that myself and many others were very interested in taking his good work to establish correct reference standards to perfect not only lasting cancer cures but also the proper principles that should govern approaches to regenerative medicine. His basically responded by saying that we must use the correct reference standards if we are going to produce real cures for anything, and that the professions should come together quickly to undertake such an endeavor (in other words, we had no further time to waste!). His words to me, although brief, were so inspiring that in that very moment I saw the great need for an Integrative College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM) to carry out such a task.


Having stated this, we now appear to have an approach (thanks to Cottrille and Ling) that simply makes all of the above work even better. This is especially true for all those plagued with the most degenerated constitutions common to all chronic degenerative diseases. Milieu restoration, therefore, is the final solution for chronic degeneration states as well. This new knowledge forms the basis to my entire line of eBooks due out shortly.


Without this eclectic approach, we will remain forever in a highly disadvantageous position we cannot overcome, because we were never intended or designed to go against the divine laws of our own creation.


Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapeutics - Mark Starr, MD, Kent Holtorf, MD, Jonathan V. Wright, MD, and Lane Leonard, PhD.



Next to last, we arrive at the recent works of Mark Starr, MD, Kent Holtorf, MD and Jonathan V. Wright, MD, regarding bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy. We now have the clear and unmistakable rules of first engagement.


Starting from the level of the cell and the cell's sub-levels, and then rising to the levels of the more complex tissues and organs, physiological hormonal replacement therapy with bio-identical human hormones is a major key that restores functional aspects to constitutional inadequacy.


All the remaining structural factors that regeneration induction requires for restoring an optimal human constitution, such as cell therapeutics, osteopathic manipulation and chiropractic adjusting techniques will be covered in our future curriculums.


For now, the reader should simply be made aware of the essential nature to proper hormone function in the body to recover from any disease. So, to the Third Pillar of regeneration, we must often consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy as an essential component to this pillar.


BioEnergetics - Robert O. Becker, MD; Jerry Tennant, MD; John Holt, MD; Jon Sunderlage, DC, DiplAc-NCCAOM; William H. Philpott, MD; and Mark Wolynn.



Robert O. Becker, MD (1923-2008)



Becker established the bioenergetic principles of regeneration for higher animals including humans. His identification of:

1. Select transition metals;

2. Germanium; and...

3. Silica, coupled to...

4. The frequencies that induce connective tissue cells to revert back to primitive totipotent cells, and...

5. The frequencies that induce rapid maturation back to full adult cells are the hallmark to ACT'sTM Adult Stem Cell BioEnergetics.


His work suggested the means to cure cancer in this manner. For example, the famed radiologist Bjorn Nordenstrom established the method to dissolve tumors consistent with Becker's discoveries.


Becker is the patent holder in multiple techniques for regenerating both animal and as well as human tissues.[77]







William H. Philpott, MD; and Jerry Tennant, MD.


          Finally in regards to the Fourth and last Pillar, we must also add into the mix the absolutely essential roles of (a) the spiritual maturation process, (b) mind over body techniques, and (c) eradication of infectious loads within the human body so essential to cancer formation.


These three factors are the targets for the principles and techniques front and center to the Fourth Pillar, in order to bring about complete cures in those devastated with degenerated constitutions.


In all of the longevous peoples of the world, this fourth pillar plays central roles in recoveries by way of their unique applications of mind/body cleansing. pta-peoples practice both daily, seasonal as well as special event A-Tone-Ment with the divine Providence, especially paying attention to expressing gratitude for their daily food, family and country.


So in summary for the clinical setting, we will always pay special attention to the work of Jerry Tennant, MD, John Holt, MD (oncologist), Jon Sunderlage, DC, DiplAc, William H. Philpott, MD, and Mark Wolynn to round-out ACT'sTM Fourth Pillar methodology.



The Mastermind of Clinical Applications to the Human Constitution.


The Late William Powell Cottrille, DO


As soon as I became a patient of Dr. Cottrille in the late 1970's, I became deeply engaged in learning about Constitutional Inadequacy and constitutional approaches in medicine. Therefore, I want to state for the record that this website is dedicated to the constitutional approach to regeneration perfected by my physician and first healing mentor.[39] At the time I was working as a nutritionist in Michigan, and over several years I referred over 70 of my clients to Dr. Cottrille.


Upon their return, I then subsequently interviewed each of my clients about their experiences with the good doctor. What I heard in nearly all cases, was simply astounding and unique to each case.


As they first presented to his office, Cottrille's typical methodology was to start role playing with the patient. For each patient, it was not only a very different experience overall, but always quite dramatic as well.


For example, one of my clients was a university professor with some serious issues regarding her immune system. I had only made some superficial 'dents' in her long standing fight with migraine headaches, depression, female issues and yeast infection. So I thought she would benefit the most from a visit with my good doctor. Instead, when she returned to me she rather uncharmingly exclaimed that I had referred her to a madman. I was stunned. A madman???


She went on to relate that when she had first entered his examination room, the good doctor began prancing around in front of her, acting, in her words, "weird." I asked her to please describe to me exactly what he did. She related that he started talking in a higher voice tone than she thought normal. He was also talking fast and "at her" rather than simply to her, thereby not really giving her much of a chance to respond (or so she thought). She even mentioned that he began to site chapter and verse to her over an academic subject in her field of specialty, as if that had anything to do with why she had come to him. She went on to say that he just kept on talking at her in this manner for around ten minutes. And then after he was finished with his diatribe, he simply said to her he couldn't help her and that she needed to see a psychiatrist!


She was of course a bit perturbed by all this, and thought his suggestion was totally absurd. And how could he have made such a decision with her barely able to get one word in edgewise anyway?


Well, there was just one thing that definitely caught my attention, rather grippingly. The way she described the good doctor's behavior, was exactly (hook - line - and sinker) how she always acted when in my office! In other words, she conducted her entire life going about talking at people, rather than with people, prancing and tying herself up in one knot after another regarding this subject in academics, then that subject in academics. I never observed her to ever pause even for a single moment to reflect on the present moment, let alone her life as a whole in the context of reality as it truly is, as opposed to what she created this reality to be in her own mind. She was a product of how she thinks reality is, and ate and behaved accordingly.


This woman was so tense and detached from herself in real time on any given day, that when I gave her the simplest of instructions for a better diet or lifestyle improvement, I had to repeat them endlessly. She was "stuck" in an Alice in Wonderland kind of fantasy world. Cottrille had her pegged within just 10 minutes, and simply knew his words could only fall on deafened ears. So, a psychiatric referral was perhaps the best way to get her to focus attention to herself.


How did Cottrille put this patient's profile together so fast in his own mind in so little time? Until she pointed out to me how he had managed her, I had not put all the pieces to her psychogenic complex together, even though I had been seeing her for several months. For example, how did he know how to act like her almost from the start, as if he had a premonition that guided him so precisely? And for another example, how did he know how to zero in on her key self-defeating behaviors so fast that he realized the best he could do for her was to refer her out for a psychiatric consultation? (To provide you a head start on just who Dr. Cottrille was, begin by imagining a cross between Dr. Who of the British "Dr. Who" T.V. series with that of Dr. House of the U.S. "House" T.V. series.)


Well, let me first point out that in the vast majority of difficult the cases I referred to him, he enacted very different role playing accordingly individualized to the given individual he was examining. He was like a chameleon, always adopting the outward appearance and behavior and individuality pertaining to his patient. And for those patients who were to follow through with him, the results would often be very rapid and/or miraculous. Over the four years I referred my clients to him, his methods and results would simply never cease to make my head spin.


Over time as the good doctor and I got to know each other better, he saw that I had a great desire to develop a career in constitutional medicine. I knew this undertaking would entail first and foremost learning the ability to read folks almost immediately when they first presented for examination and treatment. He started by emphasizing how everyone has a unique human constitutional profile. The constitutional profile is composed of each individual patient's anatomy, physiology and mental factors such as personality. He then went on to say that from this profile, he always decides how best to treat a patient in the context of determining what is best for that patient's constitution over the long haul.


Perhaps most intriguing was his ability to match just the perfect set of select cRFsTM  nutritional supplements to each different constitutional type he was treating. He was always looking down the road via the constitutional profile of his patients, to induce regenerative effects that would impact their constitutions the most.


Later when I discovered the book by Hans J. Kugler, PhD, that described just how regenerative select cRFsTM can really be, the genius to Cottrille's methods became even more revealed. To say the least, I found myself completely intrigued by such an eclectic medical skill set, and I was hooked for life. Cottrille's eclectic approach to medicine, in light of the ever present, totipotent human constitution, appeared to me to be my only salvation as well as my sickest clients back then. As I and my most difficult cases all began making huge progress against our respective chronic illnesses, this foresight proved correct.


He would often explain to me that there is but one "normal, natural, optimal" human constitution (that is, "eumorphic" for you academics in the crowd), regardless of race. But he added that due to our manner of civilization, our human constitution had now been decaying for one or more generations. He related that this decay process in our human constitution would only occur in finite ways with some modifying factors thrown into the mix.


Furthermore, Cottrille related that once a doctor had mastered the finite number of ways a patient's constitution could decay, the correct set of solutions to restore and fortify that particular kind of constitution would become clear. This then put his patients on the high ground, so that direct intervention against the immediate condition would rapid provide results. That way, he was first treating the patient's constitution, which could then take on the task of correcting quintillions of mutations and injuries within the patient on a daily basis. Only then would he consider secondary treatment strategies to directly treat what the patient's constitution was not yet strong enough to correct on its own. Wow...


The first part of learning this skill set required I had to quickly - but correctly - identify the unique personality types. Next I had to identify which psychogenic factors had become toxic within those respective personalities. Then I would have to link this to the respective patient's specific chronic degenerative state - both from an anatomical as well as a physiological perspective (physical attributes). And finally, I would need to reconcile the constitutional weaknesses or strengths of the patient in order to create the optimal medical plan. This entailed designing a protocol that would not overload a patient's mental conditioning, yet would be embraced by that mental conditioning in order to both solve the immediate term as well as their long-term health needs. So, over the next four years, as I worked with him, he began to teach me his methodology.


So, let's collect our thoughts here folks. Cottrille had come to realize that there were only a finite number of constitutions (fundamentally five (5) in number with seven (7) modifying factors that can and will influence any of the basic five). And remember, a constitution is both the physical as well as the mental conditioning of any given patient. So, each finite number of constitutions will also favor and display a "type" of personality. In other words, once you know the finite number of human constitutions and their modifiers, you can "peg" that personality upon first sight or just after a very brief, but exact set of questioning. Depending on how good you get with this technique (that is, how any given archetype of personality could play out at any given stage of a patient's degenerative process), a trained doctor can quickly "peg" that person's personality after appraising the patient's constitution (body shape, overall appearance, grooming, age, and manner of expression - whether verbal or non-verbal)!


Thus, once Cottrille started acting in the personality of the patient (who was after all the primary responsible party for causing their ills to begin with), and he determined how and to what extent the patient would react to "their own" personality traits when being mirrored directly back at them, he could make his decision to either accept the case or refer out the case. Why waste his time or that patient's any further? And when he did so, he never charged the patient for the office visit either, something that spoke louder than words to me.


On the other hand, as was true in my case on my first visit with him, once Cottrille went into this interactive mirroring with me, I immediately grew calm, feeling and sensing I was entirely secure in his good care. I now call this a person's "felt sense." I knew I was in big trouble, and I also knew this was just the healer finally up for that challenge. Once Cottrille recognized that I had fully accepted his demeanor with me (i.e., that I acknowledged and embraced my own psychogenic causations), he immediately changed his tune. He first displayed that he cared about my dilemma, and as time went along this caring actually evolved into the first true compassion I had ever experienced under a doctor's care.


Although it took me more than just these initial four years and 75 client referrals to him to fully assimilate his methodology, once I got it, it changed the way I was to practice natural healing for the rest of my life. I used Cottrille subsequently to compare future teachers and healers I would meet in my long journey as a student of constitutional medicine. I always had it in mind to perfect my journey into constitutional medicine so it would be possible to teach this to as many others as I could. In this way, I was paying it all forward in his honor.


After 35 years of forging my way to perfect the techniques of restoring the human constitution, I can say that we either allow suffering to hold us under its formidable grips, or we make the decision to turn the tables around on our suffering. Together with one trained in this method, we do this most strategically by what I call reclaiming the "high ground." That is, our first and most difficult step is to simply restore our constitution back to the point where it can resume its commanding roll as the commander-in-chief over our self-defeating behaviors.



In summary, Cottrille advanced core principles of human constitutional medicine like no other contributor to the field. His eclectic approach, his empathic skill set, and his acute sense of patient context are a tribute to what master healers can and should be. His methods included:


1. Constitutional Anthropometrics; 


2. Constitutional Endocrine Typing; 


3. Constitutional Personality Typing; 


4. Constitutional Nutritional Typing; 


5. Neurophysiologic Restoration via OMM; 


6. Cranial Pulse Liberation & Flow Technique (he was a direct student under Sutherland); 


7. HCl Therapy after Burr; 


8. Aqueous Glandular Extract Injection Therapy (after Brown-Squard, d'Arsonval and Henry R. Harrower); and


9. Radionics.


His constitutional approach to medicine greatly extended the currently known principles of ANS and Metabolic Typing.


I have come to realize that the Integrative College of Regenerative MedicineTM must teach doctors, who in turn are to teach their patients, that life has everything to do with how we come to terms with our human suffering, learn from it undefeated, and then overcome it with the most powerful tools nature offers. It is very much a religious experience for many, especially those facing terminal illnesses.


Remember, religion is a term that derives from the ancient Greek religio, meaning, to link or to connect or to attune one's self (mind, body and spirit) back to one's origin - one's moment of creation. I see this as the atonement process which is always 'felt' by the patient within the confines of their healing body, that is, the At-One-Moment intrinsic to any and all healing events. In fact, the longliving make great use of this atonment process as intrinsic to their lifestyle practice, fortifying their optimal healing process. For example, their feeling within a profound sense of gratitude is one aspect of this practice.[78] Healing in this manner may either take place over a long time period according to Strict Determinism, or rapidly (even instantaneously just as Marie Bailly experienced). [Read Footnote * Here]


Final Discussions


In review, Alexis Carrel established the essential requirements of cell, tissue and organ longevity, which was predominantly determined by the fluids in which our cells are bathed (our internal milieu). Carrel, Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp also confirmed that the entire science of immunology likewise rests upon the almighty milieu. Although mysteriously not cited in Louis Pasteur's original biography,[79] an authoritative tome on the history of medicine thirty years later captured the confession by Pasteur that confirms this principle. This was auspicious, and arose because the later authority was a close, personal colleague of Claude Bernard himself. Perhaps it was simply too heretical for the commissioned biographer to include in the original biography.


Notwithstanding, within perhaps a week of his death as Pasteur laid on his deathbed, he admitted and attested to this supreme principle of immunology:(K), 80]


          "Bernard was right, I was wrong. The germ is nothing, the milieu (the extracellular & intracellular fluid) is everything."


Returning now to further verification of Carrel's tissue culture experiments now... Contrary to what is commonly thought, a long list of investigators (i.e., AH Ebeling, LE Baker, A Fischer, R Parker, B Miszurski, L Doljanski, RS Hoffman, etc...), highly skilled in the art and with impeccable credentials were able to substantiate, confirm and verify Carrel's findings that healthy mammal cells may be kept in a state that supports all reports of the extreme long-living.


This pristine example of optimal cellular physiology provided a clear road map to how the longliving achieve sustained health. Additionally, this work was brought forward and independently verified by way of extensive experimentation with higher animals by McCarrison,Pottenger and Kugler. All three used colloidal, raw food factors or factors present in the pta-peoples dietary to conduct these animal experiments. And finally, longliving and extremely longliving human primary peoples were confirmed by the meticulous works of McCarrison, Price, Benet, Pitskhelauri, Suzuki, and other highly credentialed Blue Zone investigators. Their collective work remains a revolution in clinical medicine, yet it's methodology remains largely ignored right up to the present day.


Fortunately, a few did not ignore such findings as they became aware of them. These expanded all naturally derived techniques were then perfected for the terminally ill or those with severe chronic illness with great success by the eclectic clinical methods of M Gerson, WD Kelley, WP Cottrille, JR Christopher, GJ Goodheart, J Sunderlage, and presently NJ Gonzalez & LL Isaacs. Each respective investigator and clinician added their own unique and considerable improvements upon the works of the others, especially improving upon methods restoring optimal neurological and/or metabolic functions.


Collectively, these form the pre-requisites to constitutional restoration and regeneration.[Review]


Additionally, I had the great fortune to meet and study briefly under Tullio Simoncini. At that time, I served as the Executive Director of a modest research foundation, and I had sufficient funding to recruit select members of our scientific medical advisory board to attend his U.S. lectures. That moment changed my life once again, in the form of an epiphany of exactly how sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) fit into the picture of "re-priming" the human constitution, rendering it more suitable for a more rapid restoration at the cell, tissue and organ level.


Constitutional medicine supersedes any methodology of treating cancer that does not embrace it.This is because restoring constitutional performance enacts a most unforgiving vengeance upon cancer and other chronic degenerative conditions.Specifically, once constitutional inadequacy enters the picture, all systemic immune functions are already compromised or in frank disarray.


Indeed, Cottrille was a master at rapidly restoring his patient's constitutional inadequacies. And now his work is to be carried on by the future Integrative College of Regenerative MedicineTM  (ICRMTM). And see: (Curriculum).


Fortunately, the elegant work of Gilbert N. Ling, PhD, the greatest cell physiologist of our day, fills in many of these remaining gaps. It was he and his co-worker's MRI analysis of the Gerson Method back in the late 1970's that led to historic discoveries concerning the true and most important reference points the healing arts should employ. Specifically, true regenerative events were confirmed for this integrative and regenerative approach. And these are indeed fully employed in our constitutional & eclectic approach in medicine, including our unique approach to oncology as a whole. If you have a constitutional inadequacy of grave concern, normally it would require several generations to undo it in reverse order from which it derives.


However, with: (1) a daily detoxification program focused on liberal use of structured water, (2) a daily physical fitness program to enrich all body cells with oxygen, (3) a precision diet and supplementation program emphasizing embryonic raw foods and bio-identical hormone therapy (as medically necessary), and (4) PsychoneurosomaticsTM and select bioenergetics, it is very possible and feasible to restore much of what must be restored, even in terminal conditions. This is all embodied within The Regeneration Effect, as practiced under Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM[ACTTM Method] as taught by the Integrative College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM).


We now add in our highly advanced detoxification protocols and supra-oxygenation techniques, and how these are properly interfaced in both the clinical and hospital settings, by the collective skill sets established by Dr. Flavin, Dr. Osborne, Dr. Chaviano, Dr. Starr, Sharry Edwards, Dr. Hines, Mark Wolynn and myself. We are most fortunate to have on board Dr. Chaviano who has extensive experience in the operations of hospitals as well as alternative medicine in general.  

In conclusion, this is the manner in which we may restore our human constitution. We, in effect, glean an unrivaled spiritual maturity as we pass through such a comprehensive process - effectively dealing with our most intimate self defeating behaviors and traumas by utilizing the near omniscient/omnipotent healing power of a restored constitution. Thus, how we live will determine how we also die. By achieving a harmonious life in the days which remain, our passing into the next life derives from how we spent our time in this life. We should make every moment of our lives as a celebration and a rejoicing of our existence.



Wisdom Is As Wisdom Does.


Once anyone restores their regenerative powers within, unparalleled fitness - both in mind and body - abounds. So join us in our efforts now by becoming members of our group, AND go get started yourself with the Getting Started tab!




See you at our Regenerative Lifestyle Intensives!





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