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Integrative Regenerative MedicineTM (IRMTM) and Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM (ACTTM)
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"In the vast world of the human organism there are most varied countries. Although these countries are irrigated by branches of the same stream, the quality of the water in their lakes and their ponds also depends on the constitution of the soil and the nature of the vegetation. Each organ, each tissue, creates its own medium at the expense of blood plasma. On the reciprocal adjustment of the cells and their medium are based the health or disease, strength or weakness, happiness or misery, of each one of us."
--Alexis Carrel in: Man the Unknown 




Integrative Regenerative MedicineTM (IRMTM) is dedicated to precise healing methods that induce regeneration in the human body.


IRMTM accomplishes this mission by understanding first and foremost that the cells, tissues and organs of the body are composed of 67% Hydrogen.


Hydrogen is the original source of all other matter in the universe, everything, including all building blocks of life, was begotten out of hydrogen.


IRMTM further understands that 97% of the chemistry of life is colloidal chemistry, not any other form of chemistry.


Colloidal Chemistry is disseminated throughout the body as microcosmic liquid streams, lakes and ponds .


IRMTM emphasizes that colloidal chemistry bathes the interior body, and all cells, tissues and organs float and are housed in colloidal streams, lakes and ponds, just as Alexis Carrel pointed out.


And IRMTM grasps that the behavior of Hydrogen is omnipresent and predominant as the causal force behind the colloidal chemistry in living things.


In effect, IRMTM sees the behavior of Hydrogen as the causal agent to how life-giving or disease causing chemical reactions unravel.


By understanding and controlling the behavior of hydrogen, the physician impacts the causal chemistry of life and causal elements of disease.


And when the physician commands the behavior of hydrogen, the physician can facilitate the rebuilding, restoration and regeneration of those body parts, step by step, part by part, until the entire constitution of a patient is regenerated. This regeneration arises because of the patient's nearly limitless ability to self-heal.


Specifically, all cells in our body float in hydrogen, that is, hydrogen in the form of water. Our body water composes ~80% of us, our entire human body. And this internal system of streams, lakes, ponds is collectively an ocean, one massive colloid. And when these streams, lakes, ponds are all highly structured and super-organized fluids, the result is resilient, super states of health.


  1. IRMTM desires for the healing arts to understood from a causal point of view, just as Alexis Carrel taught. Indeed this was the rational medical approach taught by Hippocrates himself, wherein he dedicated so much supreme attention to the four humors (bodily fluids). Specifically, before disease can arise, our body water becomes a polluted chaotic mess, which then leads to all disease. Disease cannot exist in highly structured, super-organized body fluids (body water).
  2. Change out the chaotic, polluted body water through precise detoxification,
  3. Re-structure the water inside the body's cells, tissues and organs through regenerative nourishment, prayer, meditation and select bioenergetics, then
  4. Complete the process by super-organizing this water with precise high energy states procured through ATP Inducing RegenaerobicsTM and Bioenergetic technologies ...

.. and our cells, tissues and organs regenerate and stay regenerated.


"The life of the cell is immortal; it is the fluid in which it floats that degenerates."

Alexis Carrel, Nobel Laureate.


Essentially, IRMTM is the discipline that comprises the theory and practice of how the body fluids are regenerated - through the implementation of the Four Pillars.


Most specifically, the Four Pillars are:


(1) Daily Detoxification,

(2) Maximum Oxygenation (MaxO2),

(3) Regenerative Nourishment (cRFsTM) and

(4) Mind-Over-Body Techniques which IRM terms PsychoneurosomaticsTM.


The Four Pillars have an indispensable ally in this mission to regenerate human beings. This ally without equal are select Bioenergetics. Put most succinctly, select Bioenergetics greatly facilitate and enhance all four pillars.


And what is meant by the term "select" bioenergetics? It means specific bioenergetic energies that organize and enhance the behavior of hydrogen in the body, most importantly, the behavior of hydrogen as the predominant member of body water. See more:[HERE]


When all Four Pillars are used properly in unison, this in turn induces The Regeneration EffectTM  within.


The Regeneration EffectTM is the expression of accelerated healing, or unscheduled healing, or healing beyond the ordinary - such as the curing of so called incurable diseases. Because The Regeneration Effect is composed of Four Pillars, it is an integrative and regenerative art & science of healing.



Introduction to Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM as Practiced within Integrative Regenerative MedicineTM



The purpose of Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM  is to introduce a radically new methodology into the realm of healthcare. ACTTM  utilizes colloidal factors and bioenergetics to modulate and restore regenerative mechanisms in the body. Specifically, the hydrogen alignments within molecules, most especially cellular water, are causal to the genesis of health on the one hand, and disease on the other.


Colloidal factors are exclusively found as raw (native) food factors. Colloidal regenerative factors are only present in select, embryonic foods and in select natural medicines made from them. These colloidal regenerative factors can be enhanced by bioenergies (magnetic fields, sound frequencies, light frequencies, far-infrared, mental disciplines such as meditation and prayer, etc...).


Specifically, we call these colloidal Regenerative Factors or cRFsTM for short. This includes raw embryonic food factors from select mushrooms, eggs, nuts, seeds, sprouts, algae, whey and glandular meats. Indeed, cRFsTM rich foods are the only true "regenerative nourishment."


I have learned over my 35 years of practice that the benefits from ingesting cRFsTM are especially facilitated by Regenerative Meridian TherapeuticsTM, prayer and zeta-potential rich structured alkaline water, as well as other forms of bioenergetics which enhance energy production in the human body. Therefore, ACTTM applies cRFsTM and bionergetics to fully activate the Four Pillars.


ACTTM when used under Integrative Regenerative Medicine is unique and distinct from methods used under Alternative, Preventive, Homeopathic or Allopathic (conventional) medicine.


For one thing,the primary focus of ACTTM is to treat the patient, not the the patient's disease. Specifically, ACTTM techniques are chosen to restore self-healing enzymes systems within the body that operate at speeds approaching trillions of repairs per second. This includes the genetic repair enzymes systems, the proteomic repair enzymes systems, restoring resilience in immune functions, the spearhead to systemic regeneration, etc...


In this manner, ACTTM is dedicated to the perfection of wellness through regenerative effects. ACTTM therapeusis starts by modulating the chemistry of cells at their causal level. Once medical management is established at this cell level, ACTTM extends its therapeusis to the individual tissues, organs and finally whole person. This strategy in effect, regenerates the human constitution, from the cell level on up.



For example, the mission of ACTTM is to induce accelerated and unscheduled healing by modulating excelence in the performance of the body's genes and proteins (enzyme systems controlling metabolism and immunity). ACTTM first reprimes and then restores the causal mechanisms responsible for optimal expression of all body cells' structure and function. Put another way, ACTTM  is the art and science of regeneration, especially as it applies to the chronically ill. 


However, using ACTTM without an integrative regenerative emphasis minimizes the regenerative impact on any given patient. For instance, utilizing ACTTM to treat disease diminishes its regenerative thrust, underutilizes its full potential as a healing art form, and makes the practice of ACTTM more expensive over the long run.


In summary, ACTTM   is the most essential feature to practicing Integrative Regenerative MedicineTM when the objective is to regenerate patients verses controlling or managing disease. Consequently, the scope of Integrative Regenerative MedicineTM is comprehensive, highly inclusive, and most importantly far reaching...


Further Definitions Toward Understanding The Differing Healing Paradigms:


By use of the term 'conventional' healthcare we mean the practice of allopathic medicine. In general, allopathic medicine focuses on the practice of repressing disease events, that is, rendering an entity in the body incompatible with life. This method of healthcare has little to do with the optimization of health in any given individual. Nor does this healing system in truth actually treat the underlying causes to disease. Consider this - how can conventional medicine treat the underlying cause of the disease if the system remains aloof to the biology of colloidal chemistry - that which controls 97% of our body? How can conventional medicine treat the true underlying cause of disease if they remain aloof to the internal milieu - the structure, surface energy and optimal organized states of cellular water?


Conventional medical doctors specialize in limiting their practice to the use of drugs, surgery or radiation as treatment choices because these tools render the target of their focus incompatible with life. The centuries old tried and true methods of treating diseases, such as detoxification, herbal medications and super nourishment, as shunned. Many research scientists and medical epidemiologists agree that allopathic medicine excels in the realm of acute, emergency, crisis care, but criticize this approach to health as being lacking in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases. In 1992, treatment for chronic degenerative disease accounted for 85% of the US national health care bill.[1] As Parade Magazine's feature article so aptly summarized on the April 13th, 1997 issue:[2]


"Although we have risen in health expenses per capita from 10th place to third place, our ranking has dropped in almost every important health category in the last decade. In 1986, there were 12 nations with lower infant death rates; now there are 28. Our maternal death-rate ranking has slipped from 15th place to 16th. Life expectancy for women has gone from ninth to 15th; for men, from 19th to 22nd. In 1986, the one bright spot in our health rankings was the life expectancy of American women who had reached the age of 65; we were No. 1. Now we have fallen to eighth place. Life expectancy for American men age 65 has dropped from ninth place to 11th."


As of 2011, these above figures have worsened across the board.(A) In fact, numerous medical scholars have noted that given a proper, long-term historical perspective, modern medicine has done virtually nothing to stem the overall tide of disease:[3]


"During the past three generations the diseases afflicting Western societies have undergone dramatic changes. Polio, diphtheria, and tuberculosis are vanishing; one shot of an antibiotic often cures pneumonia or syphilis; and so many mass killers have come under control that two-thirds of all deaths are now associated with the diseases of old age (i.e., the chronic degenerative diseases). Those who die young are more often than not victims of accidents, violence, or suicide.


These changes in health status are generally equated with a decrease in suffering and attributed to more or to better medical care. Although almost everyone believes that at least one of his friends would not be alive and well except for the skill of a doctor, there is in fact no evidence of any direct relationship between this mutation of sickness (i.e., the shift from infectious killers to the just as deadly, but much slower killing, chronic degenerative diseases, such as heart disease and cancer) and the so-called progress of medicine." (Parentheses and emphasis added)



To further expand the ramifications of conventional medical practice, Dorland's Medical Dictionary succinctly states allopathic medicine is... "A system of therapeutics based on the production of a condition incompatible with or antagonistic to the condition being treated."[4] This paradigm that exclusively foists nihilism is inescapably harsh and invasive. Classically, this antagonistic approach, utilizing drugs, radiation or surgery is at best only distantly concerned if at all with healthy tissues interfacing with the disease. Plus, it does little to make best use of the healthy tissues interfacing with the diseases as a primary causal treatment approach. Inevitably these healthy tissues exposed to such practices, become weakened by the practice itself, and not the disease. In the now classic work, Medical Nemesis, Ivan Illich stated as long ago as 1976 that:(B),[3], [5], [6], [7]

"In addition, an expanding proportion of the new burden of disease of the last fifteen years (starting in 1961, but still climbing well into the 1990's) is itself the result of medical intervention. . . It is doctor-made, or iatrogenic." (Parenthesis added)


In 1999, the Department of Veteran Affairs, as well as the Institute of Medicine (a division of the National Academy of Sciences), gauged the levels of lethal pharmaceutical iatrogenic events as approaching 98,000 lives each year, with no statistic for iatrogenic medical procedures, such as surgeries gone awry.[8] A more comprehensive assessment of annual iatrogenic deaths put this number closer to 750,000, and the number of hospital admissions due to iatrogenic injury at over 8 million annually. What this translates into is that up to 28% of Americans suffer from iatrogenic events, the highest studied rate in the world.[9], [10]


In review, iatrogenic crises lead to approximately:


  1. 116 million extra physician visits
  2. 77 million extra prescriptions filled
  3. 17 million emergency department visits
  4. 8 million hospitalizations
  5. 3 million long-term admissions
  6. 2 million serious adverse prescription drug reactions (ADR), and
  7. 750,000 preventable deaths, closely associated with...
  8. $77 billion in extra costs...


... 20 million annual - medically unnecessary - drug prescriptions, and at least 7.5 million annual - medically unnecessary – allopathic procedures (mostly unjustified drug prescriptions and surgical procedures).[11], [12], [13]

Compounding this risk/benefit cost, as the historical evidence inescapably reflects, is that even the sacred cow of modern medicine (that is, its claim to fame in its abilities to conquer and control infectious diseases), has been an illusion:[14], [15]


"John B. McKinlay and Sonja M. McKinlay, researchers at Boston University, have done an extensive analysis of the impact of medical treatment on infectious disease. Regarding ten common infectious diseases, their analysis suggests that... At most, 3.5 percent of the total decline in mortality since 1900 could be ascribed to medical measures introduced for the diseases considered here... In general, medical measures (both chemotherapeutic and prophylactive) appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900 - having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances." (Emphasis added.)



In summary, Weinstein put it this way - 95% of all infectious diseases sharply decline before either the cause or treatment is discovered![16] This inherent ability of the human immune system to overcome all sorts of microbial infection when provided the proper supports and timing was always the key to eclectic medicine's approach to the successful management and lasting cure of both acute and chronic infections. Take notice that the eclectic tools of proper hygiene (cleansing and detoxification), plus adequate ventilation (oxygenation & fitness), as well as optimal nourishment are the actual success story to allopathic's infectious disease control - not primarily the use of antibiotic therapy. On the other hand, inappropriate use of antiobiotics is the cause to the arising of plagues in our hospitals, and potentially the world at large. Now we can advance Eclectic Medicine with regenerating the immune system as well as all other body tissues due to the brilliant work of physicians and researchers who arose after Eclectic Medicine faded into the shadows. And this advance is now so important because back in the day when Eclectic Medicine dominated the medical system in America, super germs were not extant.


Only an integrative regenerative approach can and will prevent the arising of our next crucial topic - multiple-drug-resistent (MDR) super germs.


With the advent and startling rise in antibiotic-resistant forms of super germs, placed into the above context, modern medicine has created what may turn out to be the greatest health threat civilization has ever faced. Thus, it comes as no surprise why the Center For Disease Control (CDC) has stated that, "It (germ antibiotic resistance and the breeding of super germs) is probably the No. 1 public health issue."[18]


On a related note, success rates pertaining to the treatment of advanced cancers are due almost exclusively to these exact regenerative factors - proper hygiene, proper oxygenation & fitness and optimal nourishment.[17] These tools stem from the original eclectic approach. 


Preventive medicine is defined as the practice of healthcare that tends to ward off or avoid disease before it manifests.[19] Klatz elegantly defines what is arguably the core example of preventive medicine, Anti-aging medicine, in the following way, "The hallmark of anti-aging medical care is its emphasis on intervention: finding illness long before it becomes a full-blown disease state, accompanied by rapid, comprehensive treatment and recovery." Many if not most natural healthcare providers have always specialized in preventative medicine, and are now learning the advanced tools of anti-aging medicine. Note that this form of healthcare practice, by definition, does not have as its primary focus the optimalization of health and wellness through regenerative techniques.


Alternative medicine was perhaps best envisioned by Thomas Edison who stated, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." What Edison clearly had in mind here was a multi-pillared, all-natural approach to health care that emphasized educating patients on causal events that determine their wellness or diseased state. In this light, alternative medicine is comprised of ingenious and typically all natural treatments, in all shapes, sizes and colors. This has become a blending of ancient and modern natural health care paradigms. In general, these collectively seek to eliminate causes of disease, remove the interferences to recovery from disease, and foster re-normalization of metabolic balance (homeostasis). And this system of Alternative medicine has gone through many stages in its development over the past 50 years.



The principles of biochemical individuality were firstconceived and then established by the eminent Roger Williams, PhD. Williams used key "functional" assessments to first determine biochemical individuality and then maximize its function, primarily with select vitamins and minerals. This was the prerequisite work to both George Watson's and William Donald Kelly's work with biochemically balancing unique metabolic types suffering from advanced illnesses such as cancer.


Williams' functional assessments and treatments at first centered on post-surgical recovery times, individual adaptation to stress, and key biomarkers of aging such as wound repair rates, hair growth and memory integrity. Almost simultaneously, the Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling and Harvey Itano expanded Williams' set of principles to include the cellular and sub-cellular levels via their paradigm of molecular disease. This dual set of principles describing a patient's own biochemical and molecular uniqueness, provided the conceptual framework for a new system of medicine. This system of medicine would need to not only address:


A. Systemic (organ and tissue related) chemistries of disease and wellness with natural medicines, but also 

B. The disrupted chemistries that occurred at the cellular and sub-cellular levels with natural medicines as well. 


Therefore, the union of biochemical individuality and molecular disease created the field of Orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine was first defined by Williams and Dwight Kalita as"the treatment and prevention of disease by the expert adjustment of the natural chemical constituents of our bodies."[20] For the first time in modern times, all-natural approaches to healthcare addressing organs, tissues, cells and sub-cell physiologies could be comprehensively undertaken with modern diagnostic technologies. It should be noted, however, that neither Williams, Pauling, Itano or Kalita were aware of the work of Gilbert N. Ling, in my view the greatest cell physiologist of our modern era. Ling conducted his investigations into the real world of cell and sub-cell physiology due tot he emergence of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (now called MRI), which had been first invented by Raymond Damadian, MD, PhD, and his partner Freeman Cope, PhD. Ling was given freedom to fully explore Damadian's and Cope's huge discovery into the real world of cellular biology, something entirely missing from the tools at the disposal of Orthomolecular Medicine at that time. Had they been so aware and incorporated Ling's MRI deciphered principles of cell and sub-cell physiology, this field of natural medicine would have likely developed methodologies to overcome the worst emerging scourges of our era - chronic degenerative diseases, including our top killers - heart disease, stroke and cancer.


But even in the absence of Ling's revelations (i.e., what was still missing), was the absence of Edison's original multi-pillared approach. That is, biochemical individuality and molecular disease still could not address the human frame and causations to illness alone. Fortunately we did not have long to wait for needed additional pillars to be added into the mix.Orthomolecular medicine soon was championed by the brilliant biochemist and past chairman to the Linus Pauling Institute, Jeffery Bland, PhD. Bland soon realized that Orthomolecular medicine was missing other tools required to undertake the most difficult cases then on the rise. 


Bland had become quite alarmed by the steady advancement of chronic degenerative diseases at frightening rates throughout America. As a result, Bland undertook to expand the entire field of alternative medicine by including two more pillars beyond simply management of the natural chemical constituents of patients. This culminated in his establishing the field of Functional Medicine. He defined Functional medicine as, ". . .the field of health care that employs assessment and early intervention to improve physiological, cognitive/emotional and physical function."[21]


Still missing were the recognition and integration of vital therapies that addressed the "human frame" - and dare we say - "causation" to wellbeing. This necessarily ventures into the fields of both Osteopathic Manual Manipulation and Chiropractic Adjustments, which both address frame and causations to disease via correcting the lesion/subluxation complex. William Power Cottrille and George Goodheart were among the greatest innovators in these respective healing arts, and their work is a primary feature to the teachings of ACTTM. For example, these two giants in the field of manual restoration of the human frame are comprehensively covered in our degree-offering programs under our International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM). But for now we turn to one additional causal factor that introduces us to the field of bioenergetics, to which Homeopathic Medicine was founded.


Homeopathic medicine safety and efficacy has been quite favorably and repeatedly documented in the peer-reviewed literature.[22], [23] The World Health Organization has recommended that homeopathic medicine be integrated into traditional medical practices worldwide by the year 2000.[24] Currently over 500 million people receive homeopathic treatment. In the U.S., at least three thousand licensed health care providers practice homeopathic medicine. The FDA recognizes homeopathy and regulates the labeling, manufacturing and dispensing of homeopathic remedies. This methodology is truly a potent, cost effective means to optimizing virtually any nutraceutical product.[25]


In 1960, the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to a researcher who discovered that the tiniest of particles which are hollow (have no other particles within them) exhibit both matter and anti-matter properties as well as wave and anti-wave properties. Later researchers note how both of these are able to cancel each other out (annihilate each other). For example, there are certain applications where mirror images will tend to cancel each other out, similar to a wave traveling along the ocean surface that meets with its mirror opposite wave-form. The two energies would dissolve into each other, collapsing the energy and momentum of each other's wave. Diseases like viruses with DNA send out wave forms which can be readily detected.(C)


What would be interesting is a methodology that could present anti-waves to those disease wave forms essentially "canceling out" their ability to infect.


Homeopathic medicine may possess such inverted characteristics, and when properly manufactured and matched against the right set of circumstances and health conditions, may neutralize disease and aging processes. For example, physicists at the University of California in 1997 reported in Science that they had succeeded in identifying crystalline mirror images that form around a substance being diluted. This process of diluting a substance exactly matches the classical methodology to manufacturing homeopathic remedies. The scientists coined the term IE (pronounced icy) crystals, and these IE crystals retain their shape even after the original molecules have vanished as the dilution increases. Could IE Crystals serve as examples of Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields rendered into medicinal format?[26] (See this section's The Four Pillars). For example, there is now exciting and significant experimentation that IE Crystals may activate critical immune responses to fight off infections, including several associated with AIDS.[27] This research has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine (now called the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM) with a technical merit--number one rating for alternative approaches to HIV/AIDS. Other collaborating studies include nuclear magnetic resonance imaging that confirmed distinctive subatomic energy patterns in twenty-three separate homeopathic medicines under controlled conditions.[28] Del Giudice has found striking evidence that water molecules become super charged with the patterns of homeopathic medicines, lending further support to the implications of IE Crystals.[29]


Lastly, Brewitt has been awarded two patents for homeopathic growth factors,[30] which strongly suggests that cell signals that initiate true regenerative events is possible with water so charged with precise cellular information.


Eclectic Medicine was up until the early 1900's the dominant form of medicine in America. I have always seen Eclectic Medicine as the forerunner to Integrative Regenerative Medicine for a variety of reasons. The key being the Eclectic Medicine offered colloidal-based medicines and always was concerned with enhancing the self-healing powers of the body, in the tradition of the Hippocratic Method.


Today's Integrative Regenerative Medicine may be best defined as a system of medicine that -above all else - establishes the context of the patient's wellness or illness according to their constitution; then integrates from all healing systems their respective complementary insights and synergistic principles to heal and regenerate what otherwise resists healing. The proper use of ACTTM according to the Four PillarsTM and the patient's constitution is true integrative regenerative medicine at its best.



Discussion - Today's Integrative Regenerative Medicine and Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM


Milieu Physics as it Applies to Regeneration


In actuality, there are two watery milieus we must be concerned with, the extracellular milieu (of the blood and lymph matrix) and the intracellular milieu (or protoplasm). Just as important is how these two interact with each other.[31], [32]


Long-range and short-range electrical and magnetic biocurrents form two of the exciting aspects that govern milieu mechanics.[33] In essence, it is all about fluctuating quantities of electron cascades moving back and forth (over both short-distances or long-distances), and maintaining either fleeting or more fixated positions over time, which increases or decreases polarity or magnetism at certain critical sites. For example, such critical sites are ablaze with interactions of these electrons with a cell's water, proteins, ions (such as potassium), and small but essential molecules like nucleotides (such as ATP), nucleoproteins or nucleic acids, and small sugars. These interactions are described by biophysicists as 'cooperative states.'[34] Others have termed this phenomenon electron-poising, or e-poising for short.[35] This all boils down to one thing - all cells are simple electronic machines.


Biocurrents predominantly flow through the blood vessels. But the meridian system (which are composed of wires of structured water) appears to be the more diffused system that likely carries biocurrents to their ultimate destinations. Biocurrents of perhaps greatest interest to the milieu include subtle organizing fields or SOFs (after Sheldrake); neurograms (after Snapp); and epigenetic/family system engrams (after Wolynn); oxidation-reduction potential (ORP after Tennant); and Phase Angle Index (after Leidtki).[36], [37], [38], [39], [40], [41], [42]


Other critical physical characteristics of the milieu besides (A) Biocurrents include:

(B) pH;[43], [44]

(C) Blood gases;[45]

(D) Spectrum and quantity of colloidal minerals;[46] and finally

(E) Ordered layers of structured polarized water.[47]


Now, keep a sharp eye out for the terms: strict, strictly, determine and determinism as you continue to read; it will help you to get quite clear by the end of this page, regarding the complexity to our milieu within, how it works, and how to keep it fully regenerated.


So, what governs or determines what happens in (A) through (E) above? And, how does it strictly all work? Put another way, does all of the above operate under a strict determinism, and if yes, then what is this strict determinism?


One part operates under an all-encompassing intracellular "association" between (i) water and proteins and between (ii) positively charged cations and proteins. And the (iii) interaction between all three. Additionally, (iv) other molecules "induce" or bring about greater or lesser densities of electrons within the milieu, altering (i.e., polarizing and depolarizing) the associations between the water, cations and proteins.


When the electron density is relatively low, the cells are happy and healthy. When the electron density is too high, as time passes this rapidly degenerates the milieu, which may force the cell to select for the cancer state or ultimately death. This manipulation of the electron density is called induction.


In essence, this is a simple association-induction mechanism with a lot of moving parts. The essential parts were discovered by Gilbert N. Ling as of 1965. Later Ling established how it all worked. He then called this entire mechanism governing the milieu his association-induction hypothesis or A-I Hypothesis for short. Therefore, the A-I mechanism determines the association between the near-extracellular & intracellular milieu exchanges, plus determines the inner workings of the cell and sub-cell milieu components.[48] What the A-I mechanism does not appear to extend into (it rather being on the receiving end only?) is the long-range biocurrents (after d'Arsonval; AT Still; DD Palmer; Tesla; Crile; Szent-Gyrgy; Sheldrake; Snapp; Wolynn; Becker; Philpott; Sunderlage; Tennant; etc...).


Milieu Biology as it Applies to Regeneration


The biology of the milieu governs the mechanisms of genomics and proteomics, which is itself determined by:

(F) Extracellular/intracellular matrix regulation (after Pischinger; and Ling),

(G) Protomorphology (after Lee & Hansen; Frank; Kugler; and Beljanski),[49], [50], [51]

(H) Enzymology (after Hansen; Howell; Pauling; Ling; and Gonzalez & Isaacs),[52], [53], [54], [55] and

(I) Trophology (after Carrel; Price; Flavin; and Apsley).[56], [57], [58], [59]

So once again, what governs (F) through (I) above? And, how does it work? You guessed it - the same A-I mechanism discovered by Gilbert N. Ling (with the exception of the long-range forces at work which we discuss below). So, we have now described Strict Determinism that operates the near-extracellular and intracellular milieu, a simple association-induction mechanism based upon three categories of molecules: those with net-positive electrical charges, those with net-negative electrical charges, and those with neutral charges, which collectively make an electrical machine biologists call 'cells.'


But what of the strict determinism that operates the long-range forces at work? Essentially this system are satellite telephones that cover greater distances, and use not just hard wires, but also microwaves, laser transmissions and even extremely low frequencies (ELFs) to send and receive information.



Applying a Unified Field Theory to the Milieu of Life


How the operative principles of physics and biology affect the (i) extracellular milieu and (ii) intracellular milieu, as well as their (iii) interface,[60] plus (iv) how the long-range forces determine the final milieu 'resilience' (Strict Determinism), is the key to unlocking all the secrets to Integrative Regenerative Medicine.[60], [61] This unique and complex set of physical and biological factors is the playing ground of Integrative Regenerative Medicine and defines the purpose, mission and role for Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM (see left-upper tab above). Just imagine a conference call between hundreds of business people using electronic machines called telephones that send and receive signals.


This all opens the doors to long-range influences upon the milieu, and their eventual consequences. For example, those experimenting with inducing regeneration with electronic signals (i.e., Tennant's Biomodulator) and cRFsTM now stand on more firm ground to explain their findings. For another example, the entire science of Epigenetics appears influenced by this phenomenon of the milieu (i.e., via histone binding & methylation).[62] The milieu markers that reflect such changes are now assessable by many technologies, including manual muscle testing (a simple binary processing -> on/off <- system of myosin and actin protein fibers), as well as easy to use devices such as body index assessment (BIA), which can determine the average Phase Angle Index for body cells.


What are the Furthest Reaches and Applications to this Proposed Unified Field Theory of the Milieu?


As we have seen or will see elsewhere on this site, one of Carrel's greatest career dilemmas or challenges were to reconcile his direct observations of what may be arguably or properly called Divine healings. For such incredibly rare Miraculous events, Carrel observed not just one but two such healings in the Grotto at Lourdes, France. We view this as an interface between the water in the Grotto, and the water of the body, with the former instantly transformer the latter. 


Again, the end-result of these phenomena would have necessarily created milieu markers likely assessable and tractable, that is, the patient's water will have changed. I am one who believes that under an eclectic approach, more insights may be gleaned from investigating such Miraculous healings. And who knows? As a result of such an open minded eclectic approach observing reality as it truly is, science itself might evolve yet beyond our wildest dreams.



Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM (ACTTM) is comprehensive applied regeneration. Regeneration is unscheduled healing, and this can only be achieved through causal approaches both in strategy and methodology (i.e., what are the true causes to health and disease, and how are these causations properly restored when all hope is lost?).


ACTTM is indeed the practice of "The Art and Science of Regeneration." Therefore, the mission of ACTTM is to prefect The Art and Science of Regeneration by rendering it into practice at the patient level as a regeneration effect, regardless of the condition. It is the innate The Regeneration EffectTM which in turn does the healing and curing, not ACTTM  itself. The most causal reason for disease is the determined first and foremost by the mind & body. And the most causal reason for health is again determined by the mind & body. This is the real determinism of Claude Bernard.(D)


In this fashion and in this fashion only, ACTTM strives to perfect the health of any individual, not by treating any specific disease. Repriming cell physiology is the art and discipline that initiates the restoration to all self-healing and regenerative powers within any individual. We will show that sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) plays an essential role in this process. This state of fully restored regenerative powers is simultaneously the optimization of wellness - i.e., The Regeneration EffectTM. Thus, the practice of ACTTM  represents the core arm to the system of Integrative Regenerative Medicine which enables body regeneration to replace the need to treat body diseases. ACTTM as the core arm to Integrative Regenerative Medicine actualizes The Art and Science of Regeneration. Together, regardless of the patient's disease, step by step The Regeneration Effect within is activated until a true cure is achieved. Specifically, this cure starts by repriming the cellular physiology, and then translates into optimal genomic expressions, which then acts as the determinant for perfect proteomic expression across the entire body.





The Four Pillars are practices common to all long-living cultures. My precisely applying these practices, we acquire the means to successfully practice The Art and Science of Regeneration:

I. Daily Detoxification of all cells and tissues. Safe, thorough and system-wide Detoxification, with special emphasis placed on rehydration techniques utilizing structured alkaline water (SAW - which at the cell level is associated with polarized multilayered (PM) water);


II. Maximum Oxygenation Saturation (O2Max) to all cells and tissues. Special techniques that enable maximum oxygen saturation of the blood stream via The Law of Mass Action, which by-passes the limitations of exclusive red blood cell transport of oxygen into the cells;


III. Regenerative NourishmentTM for all cells and tissues. A dietary predominantly favoring around cRFsTM and bio-identical hormone therapy where indicated;


IV. PsychoneurosomaticsTM Optimizing the cells' PM water via mind-over-mater and EMF technologies (which at the cell level re-establishes Universal to Innate communications and expression).


Each of these Four Pillars is activated by colloidal factors and modulators. ACTTM defines the science and best clinical use of these activating colloidal factors and modulators applicable to each of the Four Pillars to induce The Regeneration Effect within the patient.



I. Daily Detoxification is the key to re-balancing the homeostasis enabling repriming of cell physiology. Specifically, this Pillar emphasizes changing out the body's water content daily. Whether this involves run-away cytokine cascades, or removing cellular debris and toxins, or rehydration with polarized multilayered water (structure water), or optimizing intracellular pH and ORP, detoxification is the prerequisite for the other three pillars of the regeneration effect. So, it is not simply restoring homeostasis, it is restoring homeostasis in a special way that enables the repriming of cell physiology that that of a healthy 25 year old. Each of these Four Pillars is activated by colloidal factors and modulators. ACTTM defines the science and best clinical use of these activating colloidal factors and modulators applicable to each of the Four Pillars to induce The Regeneration EffectTM within the patient.


ACTTM focuses on the hierarchy to this pillar, specifically how the body's milieu of water is best reconditioned to optimally upregulate key colloidal enzymes involved with detoxication mechanisms in the context of the patient.


II. O2Max is not just some fancy slogan. It is a well established principle of medicine. Most importantly, it pertains to optimizing the saturation levels of intercellular and intracellular O2. For example, conventional chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery will dramatically reduce the saturation of oxygen (arterial), and therefore, throughout the body.[45] Additionally, more hypoxia results from further blockage to the capillary beds via accruing monosoluble fibrin, also known as immune system activation of coagulation (ISAC).[63] Both these hypoxia inducing events follows the trends in all chronic illnesses, especially in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia,[64] as well as Lyme disease.[65] It is therefore of critical importance to reversed this hypoxia immediately with targeted therapeutics.


ACTTM focuses on the hierarchy to this pillar as well, specifically on how to best upregulate which of the key colloidal enzymes optimize oxidative phosphorylation in the context of the patient's mitochondrial efficiency and cardio-pulmonary integrity.


III. Regenerative NourishmentTM with cRFsTM are quintessential to the full recovery of those suffering from chronic, even life-threatening, disorders.[66] When done properly and consistently over adequate time frames, actual cellular regeneration results. However, bio-identical hormone therapy, most importantly with natural desiccated thyroid medication (T-4 + T-3) or bio-identical liothyronine (T-3), is mandated when the basal axillary temperature and clinical signs and symptoms so indicate.[67]  See [Here].


ACTTM  focuses on the hierarchy to this pillar too, specifically on how to best trigger regenerative events by the use of key colloidal (bio-identical) hormones and glandular extracts in any given patient. The triggering mechanisms primarily dwell within the immune systems, which we have now clearly identified to be at least 7 in number. The coordinated effects of these respective immune systems is to upregulate and target damaged cells, tissues and organs needing repair. By using ACTTM, the physician gains the high ground to support and induce The Regeneration EffectTM  for all required materials that support this accelerated repair intrinsic to The Regeneration EffectTM.


IV. PsychoneurosomaticsTM



Super Facilitation & The Triggers to BioEnergetic Medicine - This story is an emerging field of medicine that dates back to the research of George Crile. His work on generating life from the lifeless has withstood the test of time as one of the greatest achievements in modern cell physiology.[68] Next to Gilbert Ling, George Crile is remembered as one of the greatest physiologists of the last century. More recently, Bjorn Nordenstrm, has evolved this work to include cancer electro-dissolution techniques utilizing positive DC conduction coupled to ionic transition metals which he applied directly into the nuclei of solid tumors.[69] The technique results in immediate dissolution of advanced tumors. Currently, John Holt has perfected a similar technique utilizing pre-treatment with select radiowaves that presumably induces electroporation at the tumor site.[70] So long as the effects of this tumor electroporation linger, targeted radiotherapy can then be administered which completely obliterates the tumor, not uncommonly after only one treatment (depending upon size and other factors). And finally, this pillar highlights Robert Becker's discoveries that elaborated on how true human regeneration is easily attainable with select transition metals and electrical current at unique amperage outputs.[71]




ACTTM  focuses especially on the correct hierarchy and sequencing to BioEnergetic Medicine. The correct use of bioenergies is often the deciding facilitating factor that makes or breaks any attempt to induce The Regeneration EffectTM in the chronically ill. For the more difficult cases, correctly identifying lesions that prevent biocurrents from proper signaling, as well as knowing how to amplify these proper signals in the chronically ill, are the keys to success. Fortunately today, there are a number of devices, few in number, that trigger super facilitation into the Four Pillars.






It appears to this author that the two common denominators to all ancient and modern natural healing techniques, are their 'flirtations' with how regeneration works in human beings (to enhance the self-healing response), as well as TO DO NO HARM. Up until the present day, this flirtation has never been comprehensively explained or put into a formalized, clear and precise school of teaching. Additionally, due largely to non-strict adherence to the Hippocratic dictum of, "Above all else, do no harm," American health suffers perhaps the highest doctor injury rates in the world today. has now plummeted in nearly all international rating scales.(A) What was required was a comprehensive eclectic approach to ratify all the necessary cognates together into one system. herein lies the discipline & methodology of ACTTM. For the healthcare student, this emerging field of self-healing restoration via The Regeneration EffectTM, combined with other countermeasures for cancer and chronic illness as a whole (so long as these countermeasures do not interfere with the self-healing mechanism restoration), is the methodology of ACTTM. The healing discipline best suited to implement ACTTM is today's Integrative Regenerative Medicine. ACTTM and Integrative Regenerative Medicine can be learned through the International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM). To learn more about current activities of the ICRMTM   please keep abreast of both on their related tabs on this website.





Proper attempts were made to insure no copyright markings were visible on all materials used thought to be in the public domain. If an error has occurred in this regard, please contact us so that we may immediately correct such errors. Thank you.




(A) In 1974, the U.S. Public Health Services noted that only 3,000,000 out of 210,000,000 Americans could be considered healthy (i.e., living disease-free). Stated plainly, the U.S. Public Health Services calculated only 1.43% of all Americans were healthy at that time. As of 2012, this trend in near total decay of American health has only gotten worse with more serious conditions and impact plaguing America. For example, the current trend as of 2007 reveal that over:


165 million never engage in physical activity lasting more than 10 minutes, 99 million are physically inactive, approximately 45 million are functionally impaired or suffer at least one physical difficulty

105 million are overweight

81 million were obese

Making a grand total of 186 million unfit Americans most at risk for premature death,

81% or 243 million folks saw a physician, which in turn contributed to…

571 million work-loss days

84 million suffer lower back pain

84 million suffer chronic joint pains

72 million have hypertension

66 million have arthritis

62 million are smokers

50 million experience nervousness or anxiety

48 million suffer migraines

45 million have hearing problems

30 million suffer heart disease

30 million have symptoms of depression (sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, or that everything is an effort)

28 million have vision problems

27 million have diabetes

24 million have lost their teeth

24 million have ulcers

24 million have asthma

18 million Americans have cancer

6 million have emphysema

6 million have kidney disease

3 million have liver disease.


See: series 10, No. 249:5-13.


(B).Testimony before a U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee revealed that over 33% of hospital patients become victims of doctor induced injury (iatrogenesis). Almost 10% of all hospital patients are given

life-threatening and/or disabling injuries by such doctor treatment errors. This translates into approximately the same number ofpatients dying from iatrogenic causes each year as from automobile fatalities.


(C) From a speech presentation by Professor K. Siegbahn, member of The Swedish Academy of Sciences, at the awards ceremony for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1960, rendered to Donald A. Glaser.  

See: Also see: Montagnier L, Assa J, Ferris S, Montagnier JL, Lavalle C. Electromagnetic signals are produced by aqueous nanostructures derived from bacterial DNA sequences. Interdiscip Sci. 2009 Jun;1(2):81-90. And: Montagnier L, Assa J, Lavalle C, Mbamy M, Varon J, Chenal H. Electromagnetic detection of HIV DNA in the blood of AIDS patients treated by antiretroviral therapy. Interdiscip Sci. 2009 Dec;1(4):245-53.


(D). Just as Carrel had proclaimed that the cells are immortal, it's the fluid in which they float that degenerates, Bernard gave physiology its principles of the internal milieu (the fluids in which cells float and are,

themselves, composed of). This internal milieu governs human health, and features a core tenet. "Strict determinism" was Bernard's core principle he saw underlying all physiology, which states: 

"Under precisely controlled experimental conditions, the test animal does as it damn well pleases."


On a related principle, Bernard concluded that: 

"The fixity of the internal environment is the condition for free life." Or put into plain English, "The resilience of the cellular milieu is the prerequisite for living disease-free."


Ling has now clearly defined what the intracellular milieu is comprised of. His work basically re-writes the entire science to cell physiology. In response to this achievement, it is conceivable Bernard may have

provided us with two other favorite quotes:

"A great discovery is a fact whose appearance in science gives rise to shining ideas, whose light dispels many obscurities and shows us new paths... Science proceeds by revolution, and not by addition,

pure and simple. This holds for theories, which are always successive."


Lastly, two other quotes by Bernard deserve special mention as it addresses the issue of the mind/body continuum, a critical aspect to the Fourth Pillar to regeneration:

"It is of the greatest importance to consider the influence of the nervous system on the chemical phenomena of the organs, for it is by this influence that the living being is in contact with everything, and

everything can then act upon it. There is the true terrain of the influence of mind over matter... In the organism, physiology is the executive branch; but the legislative branch is creation..."



* * * * * * *



For more comprehensive sources on the subject of cells, internal milieu and infectious processes, see: [HERE].








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