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How might one make significant head-way against Autism?



There are always key reasons why people suffering from Autism fail to make a significant recovery:



  • The first is not enough oxygen or oxygen utilization.


  • The second is not enough structured water in the body or diet.


  • The third is a colloidal mineral deficiency in your body cells.


  • The fourth is unsuspected low thyroid function, sometimes in conjunction with low adrenals.


  • The fifth is improper sleep (i.e., sleep apnea, restless sleep, etc...).


  • The sixth is lack of proper exercise, like regular physical yoga.


  • The seventh due in part to the lack of the above first 6 reasons, are infections like CMV, Lyme disease, heavy metal loads and toxic electromagnetic



  • The eighth is traumas, both emotional and physical. Many of these traumas start before we are born, while we are still in mother's womb.


Always restore the body's own self-healing system first. Then the "footing" of all other natural healing tools employed will have the advantage of driving forward from the high-ground.


What should I do to restore health to my nerves in general, even if I have what my doctor tells me is an irreversible situation

  • The truth is, your body is its own best healer, and all you have to do is provide it what it needs, then step aside.


  • By going to my "Getting Started" tab, you can begin. It's that simple.


  • By taking your basal underarm temperature before you get out of bed each morning, you can see if your thyroid may be low. The normal underarm temperature is 98.0oF ± 0.2oF. Until your levels of body thyroid hormone become optimal, repairing and restoring normal neurological function will come back very slowly at best, or not at all.


  • Getting your oxygen levels up to optimal levels can sometimes bring about almost instant relief or improvements not otherwise possible. In addition to my techniques I explain in all my eBooks, chelation therapy is essential for many cases as well.


  • If you continue to experience difficulties, then it's time to browse over my "Essential Links" tab for further resources


The following is provided by Dana Flavin, MD, PhD (all rights reserved):


Many Parents of autistic children have been speaking with me on the success of diet and nutrients in their children's learning capabilities and general mental health.There is what I call the "sick mitochondria syndrome" seen in autism.These mitochondria are essential since they serve as the engines in each and every cell of our body. Sick mitochondria change the metabolism from a normal healthy glucose oxidation that produces lots of energy, into a mainly lactic acid metabolism producing little energy but tons of excessive lactic acid. The lactic acid, a toxin, suppresses all higher cell functions. For example, lactic acid can viciously oppress nerve and brain functions and autism follows. In essence, these cells in autism are so surrounded by acid that the oxygen is bound up and the cells are suffocating.


The lactic acid increase in autism appears to be a common denominator in many chronic diseases including Autism, diabetes, chronic fatigue etc. For example, studies in cardiomyopathies where the heart's lactic acid is increased due to sick mitochondria show that the reversal of the lactic acid production helps to protect the heart and reverse the disease. For another example, it leads to immune suppression changes in the gastrointestinal tract and flora and drastically reduces energy and oxygen in the cells, as well as alters nerve communication functions.


Three other factors appear to contribute to autism, either by increasing lactic acid production, or by poisoning the brain with inflammation. More specifically, there is a theory on the development of autism concerning toxic metals such as mercury, certain infections and toxic electromagnetic fields. In research at Princeton it was shown that viruses such as Cytomegalovirus or CMV, may convert cells into a metabolism that unfortunately increases lactic acid. But many folks with CMV, or exposed to mercury never get autism. Why? Well, many now feel it may have a lot to do with electromagnetic fields allowing heavy metals such as Mercury and viruses used in immunizations to pass through the blood brain barrier (BBB) and start a reaction in the brain. Normally the BBB stops any transfer of such substances into the brain, but the electromagnetic fields have been shown to open up the BBB and allow many substances in that can alter its metabolism and lead to illnesses and inflammation. It should be noted that Amish children, who receive no immunizations and are never exposed to electromagnetic sources, show no signs of autism. It is these kinds of relationships and differences that need to be further studied.


Fortunately, we can reverse excessive lactic acid production, toxic metal exposure and brain inflammatory states with our current understanding, and do it all with natural substances.


Making sure the body has more alkaline substances to also reduce the lactic acid in the body can be achieved by consuming vegetables and fresh organic vegetable juices. These vegetables are full of natural antioxidants that reduce acid and help to let oxygen be free to work in the cells for normal intracellular respiration. They allow the cells to breathe better, just like the lungs need oxygen, and help reverse cells from suffocating.


To galvanize these dietary benefits, sick mitochondria have the ability of being reversed back to normal with specific nutrients that reactivate the mitochondrial functions. This includes autism. The Krebs cycle is the energy source of the mitochondria, making energy, or ATP in the cell. In autism, the primary fuel for the Krebs cycle - called pyruvate - has great difficulty entering into the mitochondria. The only thing pyruvate can then do is to get converted into lactic acid. Therefore, what we need to do is simply facilitate the pyruvate gain entry into the mitochondria.


Another area can improve the autistic state may be accomplished by eliminating heavy metals. The use of a natural substance, Zeolite, which helps to gradually pull heavy metals out of the body through the intestines and eliminate these heavy metals gently and naturally over time.It is safe for children and does not have any of the dangers of the synthetic chemical heavy metal detoxification therapies.


This is why we are very excited about developing this natural nutrient mixture for children. For example, recent articles in scientific journals indicate that several individual nutrients have been shown to lead to improvement in autistic children's learning ability. We have been researching this problem with colleagues internationally and have developed a formula that we wish to make into a pleasant tasting powder when mixed into juice. We feel that this will have a significant improvement in the learning ability of the children afflicted with autism.


In Conclusion, we feel that autism can be reversed and that with the use of this specific combination of natural nutrients, diet, detoxifying methods, and proven learning techniques we can help these children to begin to return to a normal productive, healthy is developing this nutrient combination. Please help support this valuable work.





1. Detoxify all heavy metals with Zeolite. See: [Here]

2. Remove all food sensitivities and emphasize alkaline diet (see 'Getting Started' tab above). To identify and eliminate food sensitivities research the

American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). See: a physician nearest you.

3. Stay tuned for the upcoming eBook which specifies essential brain enhancing protocols & nutrients: The Regeneration Effect: Curing (vs. Controlling) Neurological Disorders. See: [Dr. Apsley]



Essential Reading:


A. Hypothyroidism Type 2 by Mark Starr, MD. See: [Here]


Also see Immune Issues tab to the left.
Always restore the body's self healing system first, then the natural tools prescribed by your doctor will likely work much more effectively.