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Coagulation Disorders
(c) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC email:
One common denominator of all chronic degenerative diseases, especially cancer and chronic infections, is a peculiar, unique 'coagulation/clotting' disorder that relates to excessive fibrin production. Normal fibrin production initiates as a proper defense mechanism to help us to stop bleeding when injured. It occurs alongside the inflammation or swelling that happens at the site of injury. But when our bodies come under constant attack from chronic diseases, our fibrin production undergoes continuous overproduction due to this continuous state of injury (inflammatory) alarm. Thus, excessive fibrin builds in our capillary beds and along many tissues of our body. Such excessive fibrin production soon reduces oxygen delivery to each of our body cells.
Here is a simple test you can have a family member perform right now to see if you are a candidate to have your doctor consider this blood panel, especially if you suffer from some nature of chronic degenerative disease: Have a family member simultaneously gently grab a hold of your left hand with their right hand, and place their left hand onto the nape of your neck. If they feel a noticeable temperature difference between these two parts of your body, you should consider this blood test.
This excess fibrin can be easily removed once you know you suffer from this problem. Easily methods to remove this excessive fibrin are covered in all our eBooks. For now, please review in detail the following website...
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