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Trade Mark & Copyright Permission Instructions
Under the six (6) terms & conditions noted below, permission is hereby granted to freely copy all content of the website (with the exception of the site's eNewsletters and eBooks).
Terms & Conditions:
(1) Everything under the "Regenerative Lifestyles" tab is copyright protected - all rights reserved. Request permission to use copyrighted materials pertaining to Regenerative Lifestyles, LLC.
(2) All copies made must retain the original copyright & trade mark notices exactly as provided;
(3) No copied materials may be used for commercial purposes without the expressed written permission of Dr. Apsley; and
(4) No misuse or misrepresentation of the copied materials will be tolerated. At all times into the future, all copied materials will remain under the trade mark and copyright of Dr. Apsley.
(5) Certain materials incorporated onto this website are marked as courtesy of:... If you are going to use such materials at your end beyond your personal use, please obtain permission for the original source before doing so.
(6) In some limited cases, despite all attempts, there may be materials where the author's or originator's contact information was either no longer available, or who simply did not respond for whatever reason. In those cases until the status changes, these materials are marked as "Permission pending."