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Please help us today.
It was a great honor that the legal team representing a group of sailors onboard the USS Ronald Reagan reached out to me and requested that I organize, select and coordinate a highly qualified medical team of specialists so that they might treat an ever-growing group of U.S. Navy sailors directly exposed to radiation. We have named our Landmark mission - Operation Regeneration.
During the March 2011 crisis at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, located on the Japanese NE coastline, explosive fires and catastrophic containment failure occurred at multiple nuclear reactors onsite. As a result, huge plumes of highly radioactive dust spewed into the air and out to sea.
The U.S. Navy ordered in numerous ships from its Seventh Fleet, including their aircraft carrier USS Reagan to conduct emergency relief & rescue operations. As a result, the USS Reagan, with its crew of over 5,000 sailors and Marines, became contaminated over many days with the thick plumes of highly radioactive smoke. That exposure has left many of our heroes with a wide variety of severe health issues. Many have become permanently disabled, and others have developed a variety of cancers. 
As carefully outlined and documented in my book, Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations, we have the medical know-how to lessen the suffering of radiation victims. Conventional approaches only rest upon two agents (potassium iodide and Prussian blue) to neutralize or help remove radioactive particles inhaled or ingested. But these radioactive plumes would have exposed our sailors to approximately 28 more different kinds of radioactive particles not benefited by these conventional approaches (see my book, pages 62-67). Obviously, what is sorely needed is a safe, non-toxic approach that can help remove the majority of these different kinds of radioactive particles. Keep in mind that all radioactive particles are daughter products from uranium, their "parent" element which is itself a heavy metal. Therefore, what is needed is the best method to remove heavy metals from the body as quickly as possible.
For example, liquid drops of nano-sized food-grade clay placed under the tongue two or three times daily is perhaps the best non-toxic agent known to facilitate removal of heavy metals inhaled or ingested by the victims.
Additionally, several powerful radquenching dietary supplements are known to instantly lessen ongoing damage.
Furthermore, delicious radquenching smoothies can be given to induce significant degrees of accelerated repair from radiation exposure.
With your small tax-deductible donations of $5 or $10, you now have the power to make a profound difference. By joining with us in this Landmark event, we pledge that 100% of all donations will be used to acquire, deliver and manage these simple, yet effective aids to our injured heroes. Currently we are setting up treatment programs for 17 of the exposed. Most are in the mid-twenties, and have a variety of serious illnesses. In line to be treated after these initial 17 are 34 more, and we plan to expand our treatment efforts to dozens more as time proceeds.
We have in place a special, tax-deductible donation site. Simply click [Here] and a "Donate" section (PayPal, credit cards, etc...) will appear to the right. CollMED is a 501(c)3 charity, run by one of our founding physician members and cancer specialists, Dr. Dana Flavin. Click on it and mark your donation "OR" which is short for "Operation Regeneration" - our fund raising campaign. Your life-giving tax deductible donation will then go directly to Operation Regeneration to enable our contaminated sailors to undergo our unique four step healing process (see my book Chapters Four through Seven for extensive medical references):
  1. Detoxify/decorporate to remove the heavy metal radioactive particles,
  2. Quench the ongoing damage, 
  3. Regenerate the damage, and
  4. Prevent re-exposure.
Now just stay tuned for upcoming reports on the progress of these sailors in my newsletters. To sign up for my free newsletters, simply click [Here].
My best to you all.