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23 Day ICRM Instructor Certification Course

Water's Healing Powers from Lourdes, France Contact for registration: or 




The Regenerative Lifestyles' mission is to fully explore the miraculous healing powers transmitted through water. A wonderful example among others is what has been meticulously documented to take place over the last 100 years in Lourdes, France.


The Lourdes Sanctuary's main healing chamber is called the Grotto where the miraculous water flows from unknown underground sources. No one knows for sure the source of the Grotto's underground water stream, but it makes sense that the miraculous spring may have links to the Pyrenees Mountain range. Keeping this in mind, we at Regenerative Lifestyles point out that the Grotto's spring waters just so happen to lie at the foothills to the Pyrenees Mountain range (with elevations as high as 11,000 ft.). 


As our students well understand, during the late spring, all mountain streams deriving from glacial melt, and the resulting rivers and directly linked underground streams come alive with the glacial-winter melt. This suggests that the water traveling downstream becomes endowed in high-gain, high energy potentials (Zeta-Potential) minerals, which may "structure" or highly organize the water molecules to align in ways conducive to impacting beneficially human health and spiritual wellbeing.


Structuring of the water is due to the water entering the endless mini-whirlpools common to mountain streams flowing downward. The apex of such endless mini-whirlpools approaches nearly infinite acceleration speeds, thus having powerful re-alignment influences upon the molecular structure of such energy/mineral rich (alkaline) water.


At such centrifugal forces, the molecular hydrogen bonding in water enables the:


(a) Adjoining polar (H+)-(O-)-(H+) molecules,

(b) Near oligodynamic (small with great power) minerals and

(c) Sunlight to more or less permanently align the water molecules.



We at Regenerative Lifestyles' submit that this physical property of highly organized structured water "facilitates and rectifies" water to better serve as an ideal carrier medium for divine healing interventions. The International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM) recognizes such forces as powerful miraculous subtle organizing frequencies or SOFs. We may think of this organized water as merely serving as a kind of polished focal liquid lens which has purged itself of any impurities, disturbing chaotic oscillations, disorganizing vibrations or disruptive harmonics. In other words, the 'resistance' to receiving and re-sending celestial SOFs approaches zero with such waters.


We want to recognize that spiritual / supernatural healing is beyond the mind of human beings, yet the interface where contact is made with spiritual healing upon the human body may be fruitfully studied. This presents us with two sides to an equation comprised of (1) spiritual healing excitation on the first end invoked by the divine, and (2) human cooperation to induce The Regeneration Effect within on the second end. Living true Regenerative Lifestyles must incorporate both aspects of the equation as it always has with the long-living. Remember, God works in mysterious ways!


In summary, we humbly submit that amplifying effects which highly organizes structured water is comprised of is imprinted into such pure water by electron and proton (i.e., hydrogen atom) alignments brought on in part by high Zeta-Potential minerals, paramagnetic forces, photonic (light) frequencies, piezoelectric devices, and/or mono-atomic metals featuring high spin state radiations.*


The system of acupuncture has maintained from the dawn of times that all human bodies are threaded with meridians (energy channels) that flow to each and every cell of our bodies. Recently our acupuncture meridians have been clearly identified and confirmed to indeed thread all regions of our body via radioactive tracer studies. Furthermore, there is compelling evidence meridians are composed of "wires" of nothing other than structured water.


Therefore, it makes sense that when divine instructions housed in miraculous healing energies of structured water touch the surface of the skin, there would be an instant transfer into the wire system of the human meridian system of both the energy and instructions to induce instantaneous regenerative events with the power of grace, the rapid speed of healing would know no boundaries.


We are investigating if there is any seasonal pattern to the miraculous healing events at Lourdes. But regardless, since Carrel's first witnessing of miraculous healing took place in late May (see my Home Page), and spring-time may be a most ideal time to study the healing waters Zeta-Potential, we feel this is an ideal time to conduct our onsite course work.


In part due to these facts, RL students are always asked to pre-prepare for our 2 Day, 5 Day and 12 Day Regenerative Lifestyles' Workshop Intensives by drinking an abundance of such water, which we hold will facilitate Regeneration Effects within during our intensive workshops. These three workshop intensives must be undertaken before any student can apply for our 19 Day Instructor Certification workshop. A short enjoyable pre-requisite reading we use is the physicist Reverend Jaki's re-print of Carrel's The Voyage to Lourdes (click on picture to right).


Another enjoyable pre-requisite is to watch the incredible DVD on water's ability to store information - Water: The Great Mystery (click on picture below).


Jaki offered some critical but key annotations to Carrel's original book and it is strongly recommended reading before attending any RL Intensives.


It is highly recommended for all students to place themselves on the Regeneration Effect Protocol for at least one (1) full month prior to attending one of our Intensives. Even better would be to institute an initial RE Protocol everyday four (4) months prior if possible. The reason for this time frame is that it takes 120 days for most cells in the body to be recycled, so let's have as many of you as possible best prepare your body cells for assimilating this opportunity. Simply go to the "Getting Started" tab and get going! Better yet, by signing up ahead of time for one of our Intensives, we will send you immediately our customized Initial RE Protocol to fit the matching Intensive you are enrolling in.


Drinking an abundance of SAW is especially important to implant high Zeta-Potential minerals to lay the ground material for true Regenerative Effect events. Anyone can immediately start to do this practice by simply juicing organic raw foods that you enjoy, raised on mineral-rich soils (such as those treated with Rock Dust minerals). We believe that your levels of blood oxygen are likely critical for best results. So we will plan on holding onsite walking s& stretching sessions during the tour.


Additionally, all students will be highly encouraged to develop positive attitudes and learn the benefits of heart-felt laughter and gratitude by reading recommended books such as Anatomy of An Illness by Norman Cousins (1915 - 1990).


Or better yet for those who love a good drama, see the 1984 DVD of the same title, starring Ed Asner and Millie Perkins.


Also see the research on healing with intention by William Bengston, PhD: [SEE HERE]


In addition to the lecture series covering all four pillars to regeneration, all Intensive seminar attendees will be asked to undergo simple history questionnaires and and select pre- and post-non-invasive biofeedback testing to help determine response to the healing water. We are gathering this data over several years to document regenerative events dedicated students may undergo.


We are currently setting up both 2 Day and 5 Day Intensives which will be held in Tampa, Florida. Such a schedule will enable sequential and increased durations of group practices over the lecture series to best serial test outcomes. Follow-up with all attendees will include results of our findings, including details of possible spontaneous healing events. The event will be recorded and photographed for future publication. These workshops are pre-requisites for our 19 Day Instructor Certification workshops held in healing hot spots around the globe.


All RE Intensives offer discounts with early-bird registration, as well as for those facing financial difficulties. Flights and lodging are separate. Tuition for our first 2 or 5 Day RE Intensive comes with a 15% discount for early birds:


Lecture Tuition Fees Include - All organic meals, organic smoothies and organic juices, pre & post surveys and biofeedback checks, Intensive (Hands-On) Workshop Education and Practice to (1) initiate the Four Pillars into busy daily schedules and (2) ignite the Regeneration Effect within. Does Not Include Hotel, Meals or Travel Expenses):


General public and professionals: $(TBD) per person.


Future Students of the International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM) may use this for full credit. See details on the Education Tab above. Prices are subject to change should unexpected costs arise. Depending upon the numbers traveling with us, we may be required to obtain additional medical equipment to handle the demand. Otherwise, costs should be as indicated above. A limited number of partial scholarships may be made available, depending upon sponsorship funding.


All students are welcome to bring along family, staff or friends for the trip to enjoy the event, even though they may not be enrolled in the ICRMTM lecture series and study program.



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