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(c) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC email:
What makes Fibromyalgia different from chronic fatigue?
Chronic Fatigue rises out of low energy states effecting the organs of the body, whereas Fibromyalgia involves low energy states primarily in the muscles. In both cases, there is low oxygen and low thyroid function, which leads to pain and inflammation.
  • Due to the body's muscles becoming exhausted over a longer time frame, as described under the Energy-Fatigue section, pain predominates as does a unique kind of dehydration, that is, a lack in the muscles and body in general of alkaline structured (PM) water. See my section under Essential Links for "Structured PM Water Resources" to find the right filtration system for you.
  • After restoring 1 through 5 under the Energy-Fatigue section, and having placed yourself onto the program provided under my "Getting Started" tab, consider physical yoga to drive oxygen back into your body, along with low dose niacin, willow bark capslues and regular far-infra-red saunas at your local gym.
  • However, proper thyroid medication is essential as described by Dr. Starr in his reference book below, and additional bio-identical hormone therapy may be required as well. Your holistic physician can guide you on both counts. If you live in areas where there are no holistic physicians, help is coming. The ICCT will shortly be teaching certification courses to local physicians interested in this special work. For now go to my Thyroid Resources section under the home page of my Essential Links tab to search for more options in your specific case.
  • Liver and heart tissue capsules can be a valuable addition to any regeneration program.
  • Vitamin D, flax seed oil and high dosages of a broad-spectrum mineral complex are very important.
  • Digestive aids are often essential as well. For more details, read my Getting Started tab.

Always restore the body's own self-healing system first. Then the "footing" of all other natural healing tools employed will have the advantage of driving forward from the high-ground.

Essential Reading: Hypothyroidism Type 2 by Mark Starr, MD. See: [Here]
Stay tuned for my upcoming eBook on: Overcoming Fibromyalgia with the Regeneration Effect.