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The Four PillarsTM

Mechanism of Regeneration: The genesis of self-healing dwells within the four pillars of the regeneration effect

(c) 1990, 1996, 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC email:


"The life of the cell is immortal; it is the fluid in which it floats that degenerates."

                                                                                                                                         --Alexis Carrel, Nobel Laureate




Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873-1944), a French-American surgeon and scientist, was born in France and received his medical degree in 1900 from the University of Lyon. In 1906, as a promising young scientist, he joined the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1912 for discovering how to successfully sew blood vessels together. This was a necessary prerequisite for the concept of organ transplants to come to fruition. Carrel was a prolific writer and in 1912, he published his first book entitled, Glandular Therapy.[1]


Others books included: Man The Unknown (1935), The Making of Civilized Man (1937), The Culture of Organs (1938) and The Prayer (1948).[2]  In 1912, Carrel started perhaps the most inspiring experiment ever conceived in the principles of regeneration. Because of the immensity of this work, most of the regeneration researchers since his time have credited him with being the "father" of regeneration therapy. In regard to this experiment, Novak stated:


In January 1912, Carrel succeeded in transplanting heart tissue from a chick into an in vitro culture. He maintained the culture in an alive, although primitive, state for (34) years. Carrel was especially careful in providing the correct medium for the tissues. He added embryonic chick juice or some other liquid nutrient to the original artificial medium. He also bathed the tissue in the fresh nutrient and discarded the used medium to ensure the removal of waste products.[3]


The Three Absolute Prerequisites to Regeneration (The first three of four)



In effect, Carrel demonstrated in vitro (tissue outside the body) three absolute prerequisites to tissue longevity and regeneration:


(1) Frequent, complete and regular cleansing of tissues

      (Daily Detoxification);


(2) Optimal, complete aeration (Maximum Oxygenation or

      MaxO2); and


(3) Regenerative NourishmentTMutilizing liberal daily quantities of

      highest-quality raw nutrient growth factors, also called

      colloidal Regenerative Factors or cRFsTM.[4], [5], [6]


Within this three-tiered approach would lie the irrevocable secrets for normal, non-cancerous and non-cloned tissues to remain alive indefinitely.



In 1943, Carrel's then thirty-one year experiment was reproduced and confirmed by Doljanski and Hoffman who used an accurate but shorter duration period.[7] In the 1930s, these tenets of regeneration were demonstrated in vivo (living tissues inside the patient), specifi­cally in the domain of human health care starting with the protocols of George Crile and Dr. Max Gerson. Gerson's work was subsequently verified by MRI in the 1970's.[8]


However, and perhaps most importantly, Carrel unknowingly stumbled upon the fourth pillar to regeneration by using his choice of tissue to study - heart tissue! You see, heart tissue has an excess of electrical current transmitting through it cells compared to other tissues. This electrical current from a biological life force is termed bioenergy. Without ever understanding bioenergy impact upon the healthy longevity of the tissues he was studying, Carrel failed to realize an essential requirement to his regeneration experiments. That is, the essential need for supplementing the above three pillars of health with a required fourth pillar!


Three giants in the field of bioenergies who were contemporaries of Carrel were Nicola Tesla, d'Arsonal, and George Crile. Their collective work initially spurred Dr. Apsley to initiate his work to finally perfect The Regeneration Effect for all comers, regardless of health status.


Specifically, Dr. Apsley has been extensively studying the works of several key individuals who achieved regenerative outcomes in human tissues with select bioenergies. For example during the 1980s and 1990s, Robert O. Becker meticulously demonstrated that bioenergy medicine provided a needed extra pillar from which to launch regenerative events when tissues are surrounded by highly adversarial conditions (i.e., deeply ingrained infectious assault). During this same time frame, Bjӧrn E.W. Nordenstrӧm added to this technique to reverse end-stage cancers. Both Becker and Nordenstrӧm used needles to induce their respective therapeutic treatments.


But perhaps most exciting is that today emerging, non-invasive bioenergetic applications have arrived that require no needles or surgery. This is where Dr. Apsley has been devoting a great deal of his time and resources.


However, contrary to the medical paradigm which seeks to treat disease with bioenergetics, Dr. Apsley's objective is totally different. He seeks to simply induce a cost-effective, sustainable Regenerative Effect within and offer it broadly to all that seek a return to thriving health, lifespan and prosperity.


In summary, collectively this body of knowledge is paving the way to the essential fourth pre-requisite for regeneration for lasting regeneration:

(4) To balance and optimize cellular energy resonance and neurological expression via PsychoneurosomaticsTM/BioEnergetics.A

Consider this incredible feat:


A. Carrel kept chicken tissue alive indefinitely. This suggests that human longevity may be

    falling far short of its optimal potential.

B. Infection was entirely absent from Carrel's culture for thirty-eight years, even under

    unsterile conditions. This suggests that our fundamental approach to infectious agents

    may be entirely inadequate, and needs to be thoroughly re-examined.

C. Carrel constantly bathed the tissues in a large flask of nutrients diluted in saline water.

    Since embryonic cells and all freshly-replicated daughter cells use mineral-dense water

    colloids for 75% or more of their cellular volume, cellular conditions maintaining less than

    75% mineral-dense water colloids may actually be unrecognized states of dehydration.

     These unrecognized states of dehydration partially or completely inhibit The Regeneration


D. If all three of Carrel's factors were not operating in concert at all times, the tissue culture

    rapidly died. Perhaps this suggests that our entire methodology within the healing arts

    needs to be re-written to fully incorporate Carrel's synchronous multi-factorial discoveries.


When accomplished, this would give lasting purpose to the paradigm that embodies these practices. I have termed this paradigm the regeneration paradigm, alias The Regeneration Effect.



The Fourth and Final Prerequisite to Regeneration is the contact moment (At-One-Ment) of body with mind - BioEnergetics.


"Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy."

-- Albert Einstein


The body is something our sense doors can readily access and study. The mind however, is much more elusive and abstract. If we grant that the mind is 100% in contact with the body at all moments in time, then there may be access to 100% of mind through the body via the at-one-ment of contact between the two. Since contact of mind with body produces sensations in their most elemental form (cold, heat, itching, pains, pleasant sensations, etc...), these sensations would appear to be the access point to the mind. The sensations may be unpleasant or pleasant or neutral. Any healing process always involves relationship to such sensations, especially the unpleasant ones. As healing is successful, we perceive more pleasant sensations returning to the body.


When we act to harm ourselves or others, we produce unpleasant sensations which the body may store. When we think, say and act in good faith to the benefit of ourselves and others, we find that pleasant sensations abound. Therefore, immoral thoughts, words and deeds are held by many pta-peoples and religions to be the source of disease. And moral thoughts words and deeds are held to be at the source of healthful living. We now know that positive mental attitudes have a profound effect upon the immune system. As we think harmful thoughts, say hurtful things and act with ill-will, our immunity may suffer drastically. In these states of mind, it may be easier to contract infection or even cancer.


Miraculous healings would therefore appear to be for those restoring or maintaining their moral integrity, since expressing our free-will to conduct ourselves immorally would supersede and prevent real healing. Spiritual healing will not go against our free-will now, would it?


Purification of such unwholesome sensations means purging of tensions, stresses and dis-eases from the mind and body. Mental fortitude is required for such complete healing processes to fully restore the mind and body.


If we grant that when the mind is engaged in wholesome meditation or prayer, it gains clearer access to both this realm and dimensions beyond, then the pillar of bioenergetics becomes more comprehensible. If we further grant that mind is 100% in contact with body at all points in time, then the contact moment between the two expresses the furthest reaches of mind into the body, or the lack thereof.


In other words, the Fourth Pillar involves the fields of energy intrinsic to the mind as it translates into the body and our lives. From within, the blood vessels, nerves and meridians of our bodies receive and transmit energy signals essential to life. From without, our physical world and perhaps dimensions beyond, are alive with energetic fields of many natures and orders. Examples are magnetic and paramagnetic fields, electrical and dielectric fields, distinct radiations, etc...


Between the two classes of these energetics lie at least one or more essential molecules, such as water. Perhaps this is the reason above all others why water is essential to life.


Fields of energy within life forms uniting through water with fields of external energy native to our dimension and beyond may be collectively called bioenergies. Their respective dynamics and interactions in the mind/body continuum we have called the pillar of Bioenergetics. In my mind they act as complementary but opposite sides of the same golden coin to life, and they must work together for life to express its fullest. To me true, confirmed healing phenomena that results from "the power of prayers" and cleansing (i.e., fasting) may best depict a proper union of the two. Is it any wonder that baptism under the Christian tradition always uses water as - not just a symbol of this union - but the key medium to the ritual?

A Jesuit priest not long ago explained the power of prayer this way, "It is the non-Euclidean lines by which God writes straight."


On the other side of this coin are bioenergies amenable to Euclidean understanding.


Thus, we may invent methods of healing with such medical devices such as Tennant's Biomodulator, select magnetic fields and precise electrical acupuncture techniques, or on the more simple end, sunlight, unique earth geomagnetic regions and reputed healing waters such as found in Lourdes, France and Ikaria, Greece.


So the Fourth Pillar is comprised of two distinct yet perpetually blending bioenergetic fields inherent to all life that Carrel himself suspected played a key role within cell biology.


Yet, Carrel could not quite put his arms around the subject, even as he yearned so desperately to do so on his death bed. You have just to read his three later books, (1) The Prayer, (2) Man The Unknown, and posthumously, (3) The Voyage to Lourdes, to realize this.


Alexander Gurwitsch (1874-1954), a brilliant Ukrainian embryologist and physicist, was the first to hypothesize that life develops from a highly organizing field of energy that guides genesis and regenesis (cell & tissue generation as well as regeneration). He named this entire process a "morphogenetic" field that was driven by mitogenic radiation or biophotons.[13] It was his work that first caught my eye back in 1978, because he discussed sources of these highly organizing field radiations, and they seemed to me to be intrinsic to Carrel's select growth factors. Also, Gurwitsch may have unknowingly predicted how to best treat autoimmune diseases as a result of his startling observations. But four more decades would pass before this possible solution for autoimmune disease would be brought forward.[6]


What is important now for the reader to know is that the proper use of The Four Pillars is the only means to generating lasting regeneration effects in higher life forms, including humans. I have named this The Regeneration Effect. Additionally, The Regeneration Effect is also responsible for quenching autoimmune disorders, since this rapidly escalating disease trend is simply a desperate attempt of the body to repair without sufficient means (or checks and balances) to do so. Once those means or balancing elements are made available to the body, the organizing information then re-establishes our "self-regulating" intelligence in alignment with the non-Euclidean forces surrounding us 24/7. Such means or balancing elements involve a hierarchy in which structured water and proper signaling of information is fully engaged. Bulk water (tap water or chaotic water) and polluting energy fields such as geopathic disturbances (i.e., cell phones and microwave cooking) defeat this essential hierarchy.


When there is interruption of this universally present information flow into our bodies, premature aging, chronic degenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases abound. This is our current state of affairs here in the West.


What, exactly, is this organizing field that our bodies use both for our initial development, as well as later for proper healing? To properly address this, we need to turn to several recent investigators, especially a brilliant Cambridge biologist named Rupert Sheldrake, PhD.


Like Gurwitsch, Sheldrake described these organizing fields to all life as morphogenetic fields.[14] For the more scientific inclined, Sheldrake wrote that morphogenetic processes are the union between two parts: (A) physical factors and (B) a special kind of organizing "field energy" which delivers vital transmissions of information necessary for life to express. I will now paraphrase:

The first part, "...must involve a number of other physical factors; for example, the shapes taken up by membranes must be influenced by the forces of surface tension (which only occurs in colloidal chemistry), and the structure of gels and sols by the colloidal properties of their constituents..." (i.e., cRFsTM).

However, the second part which Sheldrake named as the morphogenetic field, is not like a simple electromagnetic field at all. For example, he highlighted the differences between a simple electrical field to that of his morphogenetic organizing energy field which transmits omniscient-accessing signaling to cells and higher tissues.


Sheldrake continues highlighting the differences between a simple electrical field to his morphogenetic field by discussing how the first unsophisticated field... "...depends on the actual state of the system - on the distribution and movement of charged particles - whereas morphogenetic fields correspond to the potential state of a developing system and are already present before it takes up its final form... After the final form is actualized, the continued association between the morphogenetic field and the system whose form corresponds to it will tend to stabilize the latter. Any deviation of the system away from this form will tend to be corrected (self-healing) as the system is attracted back towards it (that is, it constantly accesses the original omniscient blue print for that cell or tissue). And if part of the system is removed, the final form will tend to be actualized again. This represents regeneration.


In living organisms, as in the chemical realm, the morphogenetic fields are hierarchically organized: Those of organelles (the organs found inside cells) - for example, the cell nucleus (where the genes reside that undergo the near-quantum mutations and injuries every day only to be repaired in a healthy 25 year old), the mitochondria (which is at the center to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Cancer) and chloroplasts (organelles in plant cells) - act by ordering..."...essential colloidal states within cells, and thus cell physiology as a whole which govern all metabolism required for life. (Parenthesis and emphasis added by author). The hierarchical arrangement proceeds from:

(1) The morphogenetic field to cells, then

(2) Cells to higher level cell fields, then

(3) Cell collective fields to related tissues, then

(4) Those fields of tissues to those of organs, and then finally...

(5) From the organs to the morphogenetic field of the organism as a whole.[15]

This represents an omnipresent holographic (3D) bioenergetic field, with access to omniscient instructions forever guiding our self-healing potentials within. At the same time that Sheldrake's findings were being reported in his book, experiments by Fritz-Albert Popp had conclusively demonstrated morphogenetic fields in action.


"Popp was the first to conclusively demonstrate the biophoton nature of this mitogenic-wave communication (i.e., Sheldrake's morphogenetic field) with a brilliant experiment using two quartz test tubes containing live pig blood.An agent was added to one of the test tubes and, as predicted, the blood reacted by producing antibodies. Although no agent was added to the second quartz tube, it nevertheless produced identical antibodies.


"This landmark experiment was then repeated with a lightproof barrier inserted between the two quartz test tubes. This mitogenic-wave barrier prevented life-saving antibody information from being communicated to the second quartz tube, and proved that biophoton emission from a living cell's atomic electron's orbital-transition (i.e., the morphogenetic field extending to cells and then on to higher level cell fields) can initiate the most profound biochemical processes needed to preserve life."[16], [17]



Others since have used various terms to describe this Bioenergetic field:

(A) Subtle organizing fields (SOFs),
(B) Electron-poising,
(C) Scalar waves, or even
(D) Zero-point energy.
The morphogenetic fields appear to be strongly enhanced by select crystals (silica based); or mineral metals (silver, gold, cobalt, platinum, etc...) that have been converted into a kind of fourth state of matter. In the latter case, they derive from the solid state of matter expressing a high gain energy state (high energy orbital spin states yielding mono-atomic metal atoms). Such mono-atomic metals display neither a true classical solid, liquid or gaseous state of matter. This has been termed and abbreviated as the 'M-State' of matter, or more simply as "Ormus."[18], C
Extensive research over the past 3 decades suggests that Ormus loves to be "suspended" in water as opposed to dissolved into water. These suspensions of matter appear to form a unique bioenergetic complex, composed of a wave-particle derived from a mineral-metal and water which may structure the water it bathes in.
We know that a pure metal such as silver cannot dissolve into water, but it can remain as a suspension within the water. A pure piece of metal is simply a pure solid at normal biological temperatures - such as temperatures common to the human body. Likewise, water remains in its liquid state at normal body temperatures. Since a liquid and a solid are in different states of matter, they do not merge with and enter into the others state of matter at normal body temperatures. Rather they form a separate surface between themselves.
This division between them contains surface energy plus the positive and negative charges involved intrinsic to the suspended particles. Such energies then both organize (structure) the water around the suspended solid particles, while at the same time the individual particles of metals arrange themselves into far and short range patterns within the newly formed structured water. And the available energy to perform and maintain this structure and organization can be fantastic in this size range. Depending upon the size of the metal, nanotechnology will remind us that the smaller the metal particle, the more energy-like it becomes, and the less physical it stays. Einstein basically explained all this back in 1904 with his Brownian movement explanation that proved atoms exist before we could see them with our modern electron microscopes.



Putting all this speculative talk regarding the physics of Ormus into perspective, it would appear that Ormus, when present, would play a determining role with the structuring of water in life forms. From its currently known properties, Ormus would be highly, even extremely, organizing in nature to enable life to arrange its colloidal state chemistry into a seamless array of electron swaps. Highly organized electron swaps are known as e-poising.


E-poising was explained in two publications by Johns Hopkins PhD canidates in biology, Isaacs and Lamb, about 35 years ago. E-poising best represents the physics of metabolism that occurs within mitochondria. Most chronic degenerative diseases have at their core, disruptions to the proper mitochondrial electron swapping. So, you can now see the impact that Ormus may play here. Having said this, Ormus would most likely be present in:

(A) Glacial milk run-off from mountain springs and rivers,

(B) Sacred healing waters such as Lourdes in France, and...

(C) In all healthy human cells, but not in cancer cells or cells diseased with chronic degenerative disorders.

We cover more on this extensively throughout on this website, but a great deal more science about it will be reported in my volume for professionals: The Regeneration Effect (again see the "E-Book" tab above). Whatever you wish to call this BioEnergetic organizing field of energy interfacing with our bodies, we can say it this way to give you the depth to the matter: Matter, energy and Ormus may best be understood as a dance between the heavens on the earthly plain. This dance is a complex of body molecules encountering waves within waves within waves of energy. These waves within waves all contain vital information that governs the exchanges between cells that may keep them immortal and regenerated at the high end of this dance. On the other hand, if these waves within waves become disrupted, the exchanges between our cells go into chaos or primitive states, which we call cancer and/or chronic degenerative states of health.


But what does this all mean, and how can we harness these differing aspects of bioenergies to our advantage, specifically to regenerate ourselves in a day and age where environmental pollution rules, where 54% of American children have a serious chronic degenerative disease, in a society in which 98% of our population faces very early aging onset and pandemic levels of chronic illness in ever growing numbers?


The key to harnessing the very best that bioenergetics may have to offer is to control and manage body hydrogen. This most specific and novel bioenergetic technology is known as Hydrogen poising, that is, the bioenergy by which the body's hydrogen and cellular water becomes highly structured, energized and optimally organized as it was originally intended to be. The work started many decades ago, by the Einstein's of cellular physiology, namely Freeman Cope, PhD, Raymond Damadian, MD, PhD, and Gilbert N. Ling, PhD, the discoverers of real causal cell physiology, real causal cell chemistry, the "determinant" biophysics to cellular water, and the real causal approaches to health and disease.


So, we now have the completed model that provides our frame-work under which we may proceed to induce regenerative events in humans, even in humans with catastrophic illnesses. We will see later the works of select physicians, researchers and scientists, especially that of Gilbert N. Ling, Robert O. Becker, Max Gerson, George Crile and Alexis Carrel who have best paved the way for us to reproduce consistently repeatable cellular regeneration events, even in the gravely ills or aged. And this complete model system isclearly fourfold, namely:

1. Daily Detoxification within all cells and tissues;

2. Maximum Oxygenation (MaxO2) of all cells and tissues;

3. Regenerative NourishmentTM with Colloidal Regeneration Factors (cRFsTM) & bio-identical hormones to all cells and tissues;

4. PsychoneurosomaticsTM plus

The triggering, and facilitating facilitation via select BioEnergetics.




Proper attempts were made to insure no copyright markings were visible on all materials used thought to be in the public domain. If an error has occurred in this concern, please contact us so that we may immediately correct such errors. Thank you.



A. Further discussion on the validity and criticism of Carrel's techniques we be covered in both volumes of Overcoming Advanced Cancer and Other Chronic Illnesses as well as both The Regeneration Effect series.

C. According to a 1989 article appearing in Scientific American, ormus is perhaps for now best described in the following manner - "Divide and subdivide a solid and the traits of its solidity fade away one by one, like the features of the Cheshire Cat, to be replaced by characteristics that are not those of liquids or gases. They belong instead to a new phase of matter, the microcluster. Micro clusters consist of tiny aggregates comprising from two to several hundred atoms. They pose questions that lie at the heart of solid state physics and chemistry, and the related field of material science. How small must an aggregate of particles become before the character of the substance they once formed is lost? How might the atoms reconfigure if freed from the influence of the matter that surrounds them? If the substance is a metal, how small must this cluster of atoms be to avoid the characteristic sharing of free electrons that underlies conductivity?" Michael A. Duncan MA, Rouvray DH. Microclusters, Scientific American, 1989 Dec;110-115.


For critical information relating to blood tests that can accurately and comprehensively identify coagulation syndromes not currently routinely employed by most physicians, see:



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