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Frank Chaviano, DrPH, MBA
Founding Member of ICRM

Dr. Frank A. Chaviano

Biographical Summary



Dr. Frank A. Chaviano was born in Havana, Cuba in 1948 into a prominent business and medical family and in 1960 at the age of ten he and his family immigrated to the United States. In the winter of 1965 he became a naturalized citizen of The United States.Dr. Chaviano holds a in Science, Master in Business Administration and Doctorate Degree with Honors in Public Health.In addition Dr. Chaviano holds an exempt Pharmaceutical License from The State of California #18073 since 2005.



Dr. Chaviano currently serves as President of two consulting biotech and bio-medical firms:



OneWorld Life Sciences, LLC., a biotech and pharmaceutical consulting firm dealing with new and emerging technologies, product development, research, 510 (k) FDA submissions and International product registration and Chaviano, Chaviano & Mitchell, Inc., a bio-medical international consulting company dealing with Regulatory Compliance , GMP issues, Licensing, Product Distribution, Medical Informatics,and Medical Management.


Over the past 40 years in the Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry, Dr. Chaviano has consulted, represented, and or beenemployed in senior management positions by multiple national and international corporations inthe Pharmaceutical,Nutraceutical, Hospital Services, Medical Practices, Medical Device Manufacturers, Research Laboratories,Health Agencies and Ministries of Health in several Latin American Countries. They include Tenure with such fims as:



Universal Health Services (NYSE UHS), Sothema Pharmaceuticals, Rabat,Moroco Integrated Hospital Services (NYSEIHS,China World Best Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai, China, Pharmessen Scientific, San Diego, California, Pharmed Manufacturing, Miami, Florida, Drogueria Buenos Aires, San Salvador, El Salvador, Transformation Enzyme Corporation, Houston, Texas, Jacobsen Resonance, (OTC JRSE), Integracare(OTC ITEG), U.S.Medical, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,HIP of Florida HMO, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,Nurse Finders Corporation, Arlington, Texas, Quimiphar, San Pedro Sula, Honduras,Natural Emmunogenics, Miami, Florida, GC Medical Pharmaceutical Distributor, Houston, Texas and Care Florida, HMO, Hollywood, Florida.


A dynamic and well respected health professional with over 38 years ofpublic health service world wide.Dr. Chaviano has always been on the cutting edge of bio-technology and product innovations. A visionary to many of his peers in the field of Business Development and Product Commercialization Dr. Chaviano brings to the table a sense of balance and cohesion between science and practicality with a true gift for "start up operations and Global Medical Informatics".



Dr. Chaviano is FDA Certified, GMP, Clinical Trials in Human Subjects, ISO Practices /Protocols and International Pharmacopeias. For his pioneering spirit and his commitment to Public Health and in particular minories The State of Florida in 1990 awarded him The Governor's Heritage Award for Health.


In 1991 Dr. Chaviano was appointed by the Governor and Secretary of State to serve in The State of Florida five member Rehabilitation Board.Dr. Chaviano has also served in several Blue RibbonPolicy Panelsat the State and Federal level including FDA, Workmans's Compensation Review Legislative Committee, Bio-Florida Roundtable andThe International Bio Conference. In 1993 Dr. Chaviano served as a adjunct member of Presidet Clinton Presidential Health Care Task Force which was presided by The First Lady Hillary Clinton.


In 1994 the former Governor of The State of Florida Claude Kirk employ the consulting services of Dr. Chaviano to provide policy papers and research in TheHealth Care Status in Florida of Retirees for his US Senatorial CampaignDebates against Senator Phil Grahm.Dr. Chaviano also served as a Board Member from 1995 through 1997 on The American Charitable Foundation and Fund.


Dr. Chaviano is an accomplish writer and speaker having been a presenter and quest apeaker in numerous conferences such as Equities Inc., Magazine,New York, Bio-Florida Annual Conference, Technology and Venture Forum, Forbes in2002 in New York,2003 AIG Conference in Orlando, lForida, Emerging Bio-Tech and Life Sciences Technology Conference 2004 San Diego, California and The Genesis China Confere nce in 2006. In addition,Dr. Chaviano received the special honor toaddress in 2002 The entire membership of the Shanghai Stock Exchange as a quest speaker and the first American to do so since it's inception.The topic covered was "Bio-Tech Oportunities for the 21st. Century and Beyond".


Dr. Chaviano has written many articles which have been published in auch magazines and newspapers as The Business Journal, Florida Medical Journal, International, Medica Magazine, Dow Jones Florida and CNBC Television.


Dr. Chaviano is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and is considering being tutored in conversational Italian and Chinese.






Dr. Frank A. Chaviano


7825 Blackhill Street


Wesley Chapel, Florida 33545



Phone 713-492-6584


Specialities and Skills:


Challenging senior management positions that require my 24 plus years experience of healthcare operations, medical informatics, biotechnology, regulatory compliance and product development.

Key Words:

Turn Around Expert, Corporate Development and Start Ups

Work Experience:


Interim Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Bella Vista Hospital and Medical Centers

Interim two year consulting contract to transition assets of Hospital, Services, Staff and Outpatient Services from a physician owned private hospital and group practices to a new facility and a new publicly traded corporate entity inclusive of existing real estate property, equipment, physician practices and re-organization. Bella Vista Hospital, Panama City, Panama to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital Group International, Panama City, Panama.


Divisional Vice President and Director

Transformation Latino America, S.A.

Enternacional Division Transformation Enzyme Corporation Group

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Corporation and a leader in the manufacture and distribution of digestive enzymes products. Contracted senior management position to develop, register, governmental compliance, distribute throughout Latin America multiple proprietary product lines throughout Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. New Venture and Start Up Operations based out of Houston, Texas and Panama City, Panama.


New World Life Sciences, LLC.

Sr. Vice President International Business Development

Reported to the CEO and President of the Company. Responsible for the development, registration and compliance of OTC/ Homeopathic Pharmaceutical products which included nasal sprays, antiseptic solutions, topical products. Duties included implementation of international business plan, joint ventures in China, Thailand, Mexico and England. Government compliance, product registration CE mark and FDA product (s) approvals and network distribution.


Jacobson Resonance Enterprises, Inc. (JRSE)

Chief Operating Officer and Sr. Vice President

Reported directly to the President and Chairman of the Board. Magnetic Resonance diagnostic device and imaging products. A public corporation with global business development distribution of its equipment in 13 countries worldwide.

Responsibilities included: SEC filings, FDA compliance, FDA product submissions such as 510 (k), Clinical Trials, Mergers, Media Press Releases, Budgets, Personnel and Corporate Finance and Investments.


Integrated Health Services (IHS)

Vice President Physician Group Practices Integracare (ITEG)*

(*Corporation was acquired by HIS in 1994)

Vice President Physician Group Practices

One of the largest physician multi-group practices in the State of Florida with 63 medical centers and practices inclusive rehabilitation centers, nuclear medicine, surgical suites and full risk capitated model with contracts with CareFlorida, Humana and United Health in South Florida. Responsibilities included day to day operations and management, contracts, mergers and acquisitions of practices, services, new projects and buildings, hospital contracts for services inclusive of ER staffing and FTE supervision in excess of 455 employees. Our business plan was so successful that in April of 1995 Integrated Health Services (HIS NYSE) acquired Integracare to secure a foothold in the managed care business and to secure continuity for their many nursing homes and step down units due to the volume concentrated within our physician group management practices and referral power to other ancillary medical services.


Universal Health Services (UHS NYSE)

Director of Managed Care Programs and Governmental Affairs

One of the premier international hospital corporations with 96 hospitals in the US and United Kingdom. Was hired to develop managed care hospital networks and to contract with insurance carriers at our Southeast Hospitals, as well as its physician network to work for discounted fee for service as well as modified capitation in the Primary Care Practices setting. Other responsibilities included the development of a hospital based Canadian clinic at their Hollywood Medical Hospital facility as well as in Wellington Regional Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida an extremely successful venture which remain in operation until 2002 when part of the southeast hospital group was sold and or closed. During my tenure as director for managed care contracts and services I was able to negotiate and contract into the network 130 primary physicians and 193 specialty physicians, outpatient services, laboratories, and imaging outpatient services into a cohesive medical network for the new surging HMO and PPO markets in Florida. Voted employee of the year in 1990.


Nursefinders, Inc.

National Director of Managed Care

Responsible for over 110 nursing offices nationwide and the development of a contracted discounted fee basis to insurance carriers, HMO's and PPO networks.

During my tenure we increased staffing and personnel needs nationwide over 68% with bottom-line profits in excess of 35 % while reducing expenses and costs an average of 19%. Exceeded all corporate targets and goals for every quarter and year during my employment. Was twice named employee of the Month as well as developed a business expansion model for managed care involving contracting for the franchise operations, which at the time were separate and distinct from the wholly owned offices of Nursefinders.


Care Florida HMO

Director of Provider Relations and Medicare Manager

Responsible for the development and implementation inclusive of contracting of a full physician services network in North Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties to provide health and medical services to Medicare enrollees of the plan. Care Florida was one of the first HMO licenses with Medicare approval granted in south Florida. Supervised a staff of 12, inclusive 4 regional network managers. For my efforts I was named employee of the month in December of 1983, and was able to meet all the provider development goals and expansion plans of the Company.


H.I.P. of Florida HMO

Network Health Care HMO*

(*acquired by The Health Insurance Plan of NY)

Manager of Provider Services

The third license granted in the State of Florida for a Health Maintenance Organization and the one the pioneers in providing contracted services on a contracted fee for services menu. Duties included: All hospital negations into the provider network, physician contracting, outpatient services. Expanded network development and contracting into Palm Beach County 1982. Responsible the credentialing of providers, training of staff, submissions and medical services audits. The assignment was regional in scope covering Broward and Palm Beach Counties During my tenure with HIP/Network I exceeded all providers contracting quarterly goals inclusive being instrumental in HIP of Florida receiving Broward County Teachers and County Employees sign up approval due to the provider network under contract for services.


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Doctorate in Economics
  • Doctorate in Public Health

Dr. Chaviano also holds and Exempt Pharmaceutical License from the State of California No. 18073

Additional Information Pertinent to Work Experience:

  • Appointed by the Governor Martinez (R-FL) and The Secretary of Labor of the State of Florida to serve as commissioner on the Rehabilitation Board of the State of Florida in 1990.

  • Member of President Clinton's Health Care Task Force.

  • Health Care Consultant to Governor Claude Kirk (R-FI) US Senate Race 1994,

  • Recipient of the State of Florida 1991 Governor's Heritage Award for Health Care for contributions made to access better health services for minorities.

  • Multiple presenters at The Equities Magazine Annual Conference NYC

  • 1st American Health Care Consultant to address the full membership of The Shanghai Stock Exchange on
    Global Health Care Issues.

  • CNBC Television News, Health Today Program 1995

  • Consultant to China World Best Corporation. The largest privately owned Hospital Group and Pharmaceutical Company in the Peoples Republic of China in 1999.

  • Florida Medical Business Journal and AIG Conference presenter Orlando,
    Florida on The Future of Managed Care Fall of 1995.