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Several authors have made unsubstantiated criticisms claiming the health, vigor and longevity of the peoples of the former Soviet Georgia (now the Republic of Georgia), is a myth.
(c) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC - email:
A big part of this culture's magic arose from their drinking water. For those who understood this, they were among the healthiest and longest living.
Of all the longest lived humans since the time of the great flood, none have been as well documented as the Abkhasians of the former Soviet republic of Georgia. Due to the long standing civil war ongoing during the last decade, these people have severely dwindled in number. Many of the oldest have since passed on. But their written record supplies us with great insights into how they lived by the Four Pillars, indeed how they lived well over 100 years of age in wonderful health. These people lived in a state of grace within themselves, with their close-knit families and to their ~5,000 year old culture by remaining in complete harmony with their homeland - the western Caucasus Mountain range.
The Regeneration Effect: The Four Pillars to Longevity & Regeneration (due to be released late summer 2016), succinctly covers the daily practices of this long-living culture which thrived in health for 99% of their days on earth. Read more on how they did it so that you can begin a regenerative lifestyle yourself. All we have to do is follow their lead, with modern technology and know-how so that we may apply it anywhere, and not just on a mountain top. After all, if they can do it with little to no money, with little to no technology, with little to no scientific understanding, why can't modern civilization do it if we go about it properly using their ancient wisdoms as our guide?