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Getting Started
 (C) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC - email:



Where the fun begins - "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

-- Hippocrates

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

-- Thomas Edison

Basics of a regenerative diet starts here. For designing and integrating the below information, your objective is to eat 50% of your diet raw, which is easily attained by the use of regenerative smoothies with each meal. Regenerative Lifestyles® Smoothie Recipes


Then, for the average adult living a typical lifestyle menus for cooked foods at each meal should be composed of:

1. 20% protein rich foods (fresh water fish or Atlantic seafoods, organic or range-fed poultry, including organic eggs, and organic dairy from organic dairy herds not grazing on west coast north America grass lands),
2. 3 grains (~180mg) purines from highest quality mushrooms, food grade algae, Atlantic ocean fish such as Norwegian salmon, Atlantic Tuna but take low dose selenium just in case there is mercury contamination), nuts & seeds & nut butters, and organ meats. Avoid these foods if there is a history of gout.
3. 40% organic vegetables,
4. 10% organic whole grains avoiding whole grain wheat flour products (sprouted wheat breads and 100% sprouted bakery goods are ok if not allergic to wheat, and so long as no hidden gluten-flour is present - so carefully read labels!),
5. 10% organic fruits or fruit juices (less if diabetic),
6. 20% organic high fat foods (salmon, nut butters, dairy products, avocados, and highest quality omega 3 & 6 & 9 oil supplements).

Before digesting what you need to know below, I highly recommend viewing two life-altering films. The first is called "Food, Inc." and is a startling indictment of our "commercial" food industry (this indictment excludes our 'organic' foods industry which remains pristine). It clearly reveals, in a well-documented and captivating manner, why our U.S. commercial foods are making us sick. In short, it is all about crony capitalism at its worst.
The message of this film is clear - our USDA has been taken over by those it was designed to properly regulate. Our current agricultural system has nothing to do with farmlands operating under free enterprise policies of the past - the optimal food/business system that originally made and kept Americans strong and healthy. Instead the agricultural industry has been hijacked by special interests who will stop at nothing to cling to taxpayer subsidized profiteering.
The second video is a startling, fact filled broadcast that establishes the high risk of getting cancer by simply eating or drinking gene modified organism (GMO) foods and beverages. It tells the same tale how cronyism usurped our FDA (and foreign equivalent governmental agencies) in the same manner it successfully did to gain control over our USDA. These Frankenfoods now run rampant in our food supply, from meats we buy to baby food formulas. See: [Here]. Dozens of prior studies failed to conduct safety studies of GMO foods long enough (>90 days) to determine the carcinogenic effects of such Frankenfoods (see mice pictures below fed an exclusive GMO - pesticide laced diet for several months). What an intentional science miss!
GMO foods include nearly all:

 Commercial soy products & soy oil,
 Commercial corn products & corn oil,
 Commercial canola oil,
 Commercial dairy products (i.e., rbGH and grain feeds containing commercial cottonseed, corn and/or soy),
 Commercial diet drinks (i.e., aspartame),
 Cottonseed meal & oil, and
 Even a variety of common potatoes commonly grown in eastern Washington and Idaho. These become the fast-food french-fries sickening our kids, and may be laced with pesticide residue.


Many other meat animals (sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens, farm trout, farm salmon, farm shrimp, etc...) we raise for meat, eggs and milk are fed these toxic foods or additives. Once in their body, their meat, milk and eggs are altered forever. One inescapably draws the conclusion that such 'profits above people' cronyism has a simple plan to:

(1) Profit on the front end by selling us cheap, nutrient poor, toxin laden food, while
(2) Profit at the back end via strategic investments in our medical system.

Why else would they suppress good, independent scientists from determining if these kinds of Frankenfoods presented health risks or benefits for us to eat? In essence, if you follow the money, it is all about a deceptive & well thought out investment strategy for villainous profiteering that:


(A) Draws us all in with the appearance of satisfying cheap foods, and then
(B) Catches us as we fall over sick into hospital beds.(A)


This scheme is clever & horrific at the same time, and it's time for you to stop it! And this is accomplished by both (A) changing our buying habits to avoid purchasing GMO-foods, as well as (B) by the way we vote. Insist upon a smaller Federal Government that prohibits industry insiders (whether they are scientists or business executives) from entering into the precise agencies created to regulate their business alliance. No exceptions!
Our politicians on both sides no longer deserve our trust. If we hold this attitude and are ever-vigilant, we can at least keep our local and state official honest. The very lives of our kids depend upon this. Most politicians are simply not smart enough (have lost their common sense and intentionally feed their kids this junk all the time without stopping to investigate their trustworthiness), or develop blind spots as their chief concern shifts toward gaining campaign contributions rather than properly representing 'We the People' in wisdom. Wisdom must be defined in my book as the ability to behold and fathom any issue from multiple points of truth at once, then acting accordingly. That's why I reference everything I state with stellar research from as many angles as possible. My point is simple: How many of our politicians and their families are sick with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, chronic fatigue, etc...? And how many of our politicians are truly healthy because they eat correctly and have a garden in their back yard that uses no toxic sprays and only natural fertilizers like rock dust??? And these are the folks representing us? No wonder we are all sick.(A)
Furthermore, we all need a carefully selected team to surround us to offer us those truths we miss. But if we listen to the wrong folks (with vested interests) without knowing it, we keep our blind spots and insure the health of the American People will crash and burn even worse. There is nothing wrong with vested interests who do proper science and speak the truth and live a lifestyle themselves that exemplifies health and success that is good and wholesome. But when vested interests do not step aside for better causes, or use deceptive means to profit, we all get into trouble as a free Republic.

So think about this - do the support teams that surround our representatives in government eat properly? Are they self-medicating with pain pills, tobacco, alcohol and anti-depressants? Or do they eat out most of the time, consuming fast foods or GMO commercial foods as they, themselves, run head long into health catastrophes? Most likely are trapped in this maize of destructive lifestyles out of ignorance at best, or out of addiction at worst.
That's why 'We the People' must make these changes ourselves first and foremost. With our good old common sense approach leading our lives, we glean the wisdom. Once gleaned we become readily capable of "spreading wisdom around" (putting our hands and honed resources ahead of simply throwing Federal Reserve cheapened money around into bottomless pits. We know things have gone crazy with our family's health, and we also know in our gut that something is just not right about the foods we buy. Well, this Getting Started page gives you the straight answers to change all that and as you do, to provide you the wisdom capable of changing the way our representatives in government behave & vote!
We must all watch them like a hawk because the bunch of them often become inundated with special interest groups blasting them with bought & paid for science re-inforced by promises of campaign contributions if only they will vote their way. So again, it's inescapably up to us folks! We outnumber them all by a wide margin, but we must unite and hold them all accountable via: (1) at the voting booth and (2) with regular correspondences to our representatives. Believe in yourself because you have common sense and CAN fathom & experience the clear facts for yourselves. For more information on the easiest way to stop the U.S. GMO industry, click [Here].
Finally, before you move on to understanding the why's and what's of regenerative diets, note that canned goods sold in the U.S. often contain the inner liner toxin BPA. See HERE. So do not buy canned goods that do not use safe alternatives to BPA. 
What we are to discuss below is nothing less than the survival of our culture, and especially the health and welfare of our kids.

There have been so many folks wanting to get started prior to the eBooks being offered, that I thought it best to begin now with where it must always start.
These sets of instructions are the essential series of steps that will run as the theme to all the eBook series. Master each step, one at a time. The first step is easiest and gets you 50% there. It is making and drinking delicious smoothies once or more daily the entire family will enjoy.
Easy to make recipes in every flavor imaginable are found in all eBooks published on this site.
If you for some reason cannot do all of the program at first, do what you can. In this manner, step by step, you will soon master the entire program, just keep going. Be sure to avoid food allergies at all points in time. For example, some folks are very allergic to nuts or iodine, and some folks to dairy or eggs. So, do not do anything that is clearly medically contraindicated.
But first, we will open with a Q & A session covering the basics to our rationale and the Regeneration Effect menu approach. So, hang on & here we go.
Q: Why has our self-healing system degenerated?
A:Our entire food chain is at fault. Because of the addition of new toxic entries into our food supply coupled to lack of minerals in our soils, lack of minerals in our foods, and improper food preparation and preservation, we lack minerals in our body cells.[1], [2], [3] This devastating deficiency state, which pervasively impacts our moods, behaviors and psychological health (both as individuals as well as a culture) must necessarily translate into lack of respect for ourselves, lack of respect for our earth and apathy to the Divine plan. As a result over time, from generation to generation, we acquire lowered endocrine functions, especially in our thyroid and overall immunity. This is well documented in Dr. Mark Starr's book, Hypothyroidism Type 2.[4]
Q: Why has a lack of minerals caused us to be such a sick nation?
A: It has been the lack of minerals in our soils and improper food preparation that has led to our weakened endocrine system, especially our thyroid function. As a direct result, our human constitution has been degenerating now for many generations. This poorly recognized feature - so causal to the survival of the human race - was thoroughly documented back in the 1930's by Weston Price, Francis Pottenger, William Albrecht, Max Gerson and the U.S. Senate hearings pertaining to this subject way back in 1938.[5], [6], [7], [8]
Yet, even up to the present moment we continue to ignore this disastrous state of affairs inherent in our food chain, remaining largely derelict in correcting its true causation![1], [2], [9]
Our entire cell physiology is dependent upon the tiniest of mineral particles in colloidal form, fully charged. Among the positively charged mineral metals are Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Iron, but in "free" metal ion format, or in oligodynamic format. Plants put these into oligodynamic format. By eating and more importantly juicing RAW organic fruits and vegetables grown on rock dust rich soils, we will obtain enough of these kinds of oligodynamic minerals. Cooking or processing these precious foods destroys the oligodynamics of these special colloidal minerals. Juicing is the best way to make our body cells assimilate and utilize these nutrients, thus restoring the cells into high gain mode.
Q. What is the difference between a colloidal mineral and any other kind of minerals?
A. A charged colloidal mineral, which is a freely associating oligodynamic ion, is not a salt, but rather a mineral atom suspended (not dissolved) in the liquid bathing our cells.


Suspended minerals not being dissolved in our bodily liquids gives them full elbow room to freely associate with other vital suspensions such as enzymes, which "powers up" such suspensions greatly. This is the real cause generating and executing high energy states of work (Association and Induction) in our body. The A-I mechanism starts with mineral-metals associating with unique structured water and select proteins. It is this triad that optimizes energy interactions with other molecules via enzymatic actions, producing great net gain in energy in the presence of fuels, oxygen and the correct pH. To view a power point which covers this at length - [Click Here]


Non-colloidal minerals are dissolved into the liquid of our cells, which restricts the ability of the mineral to perform work by many magnitudes of order. Basically, minerals need elbow room to vibrate back and forth between electrical charges on cell proteins to generate the amount of chemical reactions necessary to support life. Salt based chemistry, the chemistry of dissolved substances, can only muster up inefficient energy exchanges with other molecules as if they were all placed in molasses at normal body temperatures.


Imagine a pan of Jell-O teaming with delicious pieces of ripe fruit. The delicious and highly nutritious pieces of fruit are like the charged colloidal minerals that freely enter into your digestive process for absorption and assimilation. If you gently shake the pan, the pieces of fruit all begin to shake back and forth, vibrating with energy. Now imagine a pan of Jell-O largely lacking in fresh fruit pieces, or a pan of melting Jell-O with discolored pieces of decaying fruit inside.
Instead of your individual body cells enjoying the fresh fruits in our example, it now must attempt to extract out from such a mess a mere fraction of what it might otherwise enjoy. At the cellular level up to the most outer expression of your body (your physique as a whole), this is the difference which begets either race regeneration or race degeneration. The entire process from the soil to our body cells is a cumulative process which stretches out generation to generation.[5], [7]
Ideally, body cells that are fully loaded with the full complement of high energy colloidal mineral complexes (colloids) I defined as being in the "high gain" state of optimal health.[10], [11] These colloids actually run the metabolism of all cells, and I have defined them as colloidal regenerative factors or cRFsTM. The cRFsTM  are sensitive to cooking and are destroyed with excessive heat. When cells are deficient in such vital cRFsTM, they are dis-eased and attract infections of all kinds, plus cancer and all other chronic degenerative states.
[5], [6], [12], [13], [28]
Q: What else besides lack of minerals in our diet & lack of sodium bicarbonate production in our body can induce degeneration?
A: Well, although it must go hand and hand with the lack of minerals, dehydration of a special kind is key to all degenerative processes in our bodies. For example, the water in tumors is in chaos, or may be thought of as chaotic water (usually called bulk water in the scientific literature). But the water in our healthy tissues is highly organized structured water that is overall alkaline, and occurs in multiple, organized layers. These layers of water are also highly polarized due in part to all the free and charged suspended minerals found vibrating in the water. This is technically called polarized multilayered (PM) water. The polarized nature coming from the charged mineral particles orchestrating polarized multi-layers of water cause proteins to expand and contract in a rhythm which is how they actually work to make your metabolism produce energy.[14], [15]
Q: What do you mean by minerals which are freely associating, charged and suspended minerals?
A: For those with a science background or who remain skeptical and want to know the nitty-gritty details, this section further delineates what was stated above discussing covering what colloidal minerals are...
These minerals may be pure (only one kind of mineral) or a small number of different minerals all bundled together, which in turn occur in different size ranges. In order to enter directly into soil bacteria, plant root hairs, or our intestinal tract probiotic bacteria, the size range needs to be very small - under 30 micrometers in diameter, ideally closer to 200 nanometers and best under 23 nanometers in diameter. The mineral particles originate by becoming pulverized over winter under glaciers. 
During the Spring, melting glacial waters flow downstream carrying the particles toward farmlands along with other organic chemicals like oils. Nanotechnology is now confirming this natural process. The charged particles alter the surface tension of the water, making the water more "wet."[16] This super mineral-rich water laced with minerals is called glacial milk.
Since the mineral particle contains metals with electrical charges, the collective charge on these particles can be either positive or negatively charged. This sets up a resonance as well as an association between the differing particles which organizes and collects energy, called Zeta Potential. Any organic materials such as oils may act Zeta-Potential particles, thereby partially shielding particle charge enough to enable organized layering of Zeta-rich particles to aggregate together. Again, Nanotechnology is finding this property useful in the biological sciences.[17] This Zeta Potential aggregation is like a battery of highly organized free energy. This is freely available energy which may drive biological reactions when ingested into living cells.
This swarm of organized resonances of free charged particles within the water is a force which organizes all polar object around it, including water molecules (which are also polar in nature). On the one hand, the larger Zeta-Potential the aggregate is, the more free energy it has. But on the other hand, as the mineral particle is reduced in size and approaches just a few collected atoms, the smaller particle's movement becomes extremely rapid and its surface energy exponentially multiplies. In fact, the movement becomes too rapid to measure by any kind of device. This means the particle's movement, called Brownian movement, produces so much surface energy that is becomes more and more like a wave of energy than a particle of matter. Einstein used this phenomenon to prove atoms existed way back in 1904. It is also why Einstein envisioned that a photon (which is extremely tiny in size) operated in a dual state: photons are both an energy 'wave' as well as a most tiny particle of matter because they are so small - they simply shake violently into an organized wave form more than they display a solid particle character. What this means is that Zeta-Potential energy is the only form of energy sufficient to enable the organized energetics to living processes. It should be regarded as our most essential state of energy-matter required for us to live, and live in a healthy, disease-free state.
Together, the sum Zeta-Potential and Brownian movement supply the energy of most all associations with the suspended fabric of a cell's constituents. Again, Nanotechnology is beginning to unravel this amazing force.[18], [19] Within cells, especially within the most powerful energy-producing center of our cells, this organizing force has been termed parametric resonances (also known as electron-poising).


Parametric resonance helps enable water to structure itself, in effect becoming a storage system of information called "IE Crystals" discussed below. Together, this is the intelligence and energy of how electrons organize (associate and induct or install themselves) to conduct life.
This organization operates in much the same way as a liquidity gelatin does that contains choice pieces of ripe fruit. If you push the tray holding the gelatin rapidly back and forth, the suspended fruit pieces all wobble back and forth. This is how the "gel" of the cell is constructed, by zeta-rich mineral particles, structured water and associating proteins congealing, coalescing and pulsating together producing biological work. This is also turning out to be a heavily studied phenomenon in Nanotechnology.[20]

The gel is indeed a structured liquid that enable suspensions to freely operate, a huge biological competitive advantage when working at normal body temperatures over substances simply dissolved into a liquid which require higher temperatures to operate optimally. But it was only deciphered because of the discovery of magnetic resonance imaging, or MRIs, which enables the cells to remain alive while they are analyzed (see here).
Fascinatingly, parametric resonance never stops until death, a virtual perpetual energy device. This explains the incredible human constitution of the long-living. Their physical fitness and energy reign supreme over those of us living in the civilized world deficient in these factors from our commercial food chain. This parametric resonance causes muscle proteins, nerve proteins or enzymes to function so long as enough zeta-rich colloidal mineral particles are present. Parametric resonance is highly agile, meaning it can stay "loosely" bound or associated, and therefore perpetually organize the water molecules around it, or impact the proteins around it to expand and contract.[10]
The above system was elucidated by the late Gilbert Ling, a system he termed the Association-Induction Mechanism (A-I Hypothesis). This is the only way our cells really work. So, without an abundance of all the correct minerals, our cells, tissues, organs and minds begin to fail and flounder. And this explains whey civilized human beings are so unhealthy today (in 1974, the U.S. Public Health Service stated that only 1.5% of all Americans were living disease-free.(A)).
This is how our cells thrive or die - by how well they are endowed with freely associating high energy particles that are well organized into the cell matrix composed of structured water and proline rich peptides we obtain through breast feeding after birth.
This also defines the term "oligodynamic states of minerals as they occur within cells. Oligodynamic from the Greek means, few with great power. Cellular oligodynamic minerals are more bound to water than to salts, and thus more freely able to associate with crucial life molecules such as select intracellular proteins. Thus, oligodynamic particles are life's most essential building blocks in the food chain, and generate the "High Gain" energy state required by all life to healthfully sustain and replicate itself. If these oligodynamic particles were to tightly bond into certain salts, their charge characteristics fade and they lose their vital ability to freely associate with select protein links. Things then go chaotic, and the polarized multilayers of water in the cell begin to ‘destructure' into randomizing agitated molecules.
Oligodynamic particles that lose their oligodynamics, that is they convert from being suspensions in water to becoming dissolved by water, renders them into low gain energy states that induce less organized, even chaotic milieus. For example, instead of potassium being mostly prevalent within cells, it becomes more and more replaced by sodium ions, a feature to the chaotic state of cancer cells. Therefore, water within cancer cells is a great example of such oligodynamic mineral depleted, chaotic water milieus.[3], [12], [14]

Oligodynamic particles of minerals actually control or determine the physical qualities of water. Water becomes polarized and organized when it comes into contact with an array of oligodynamic particles properly associating with select cellular proteins.
[14], [15]


By remaining suspended, these particles are free to retain high gain surface energy that can be kept highly organized, preventing the forces of ever present chaos from ushering in dis-ease. Thus, I refer to these high surface energy minerals being in the "high-gain" state of excitation. Such "high-gain" of minerals (especially mineral metals like iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, etc...) states are the only way in which chemical reactions essential to make life happen can occur at normal body temperatures. For more on this, read HERE.
On the other hand, lower energy states of non-oligodynamic "dissolved" substances like drugs, USP vitamins, excessively purified herbal phytochemicals, etc... tend to boggle down the body's optimal colloidal chemical reactions due to their sluggish energy states. When such drugs overwhelm the high gain energy state of the colloidal reactions required by life, death results. We call this iatrogenic death, and it is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and all industrialized nations. For more information on a top American killer, see the startling "iatrogenic induced death stats" HERE.
Colloidal chemistry in the cell governs all other forms of chemistry occurring in the body, unless excessive dosages are taken. When high dosages of non-colloidal drugs or substances are ingested, over time these substances can "salt-out" the colloid, rendering it denatured by way of "flocculation." Flocculation collapses the cell's colloids, similar to precipitating out some ingredient to the bottom of the flask in a lab experiment. Another way to understand flocculation is by considering a raw egg. It is a liquidity gel when it is raw, yes? But when you scramble it under high heat, this converts the liquid gel state into a hardened, lifeless mass. Cells do not like flocculation! This is one way healthy cells can be killed. It is also the exact cause of death in so many Hollywood movie stars who overdose, like Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, John Belushi, John Candy, Anna Nicole Smith, Keith Ledger - and the latest casualty - Brittany Murphy. So, when you hear the term, "they fried their brains out with drugs," this should now make perfect sense.
In summary, it is important to know that when a group of these free ions shake together, they electrically and magnetically influence and organize each other according to near and long range repulsions and attractions. This is called the A-I Hypothesis (I call this the Association-Induction Mechanism) discovered by Gilbert Ling, the most brilliant cell physiologist of our era. A-I arranges these minerals into an electrical hierarchy, bending and modifying the properties of water. For example, A-I renders such PM water more wet and capable in terms of function.[15] Such "functionally" enhanced water is not only able of retaining valuable "memory," this information can be transmitted to cells with important instructions. The PM water of cells tends to stay in the cell, even if great pressure is applied to squeeze the water out. This is because the bonding of the water to the cell's gel state is powerful.
On the other hand, ingested structured water rich in valuable minerals is also endowed with being a superior delivery agent of essential nutrients and transporter of wastes out of the cell. Additionally, structured water travels through cells more efficiently, inducing high energy yields from the hydro-electric effects water creates as it rushes through cell membranes. For this reason, water fasting when sick is a favorite healing method used among the long-living.
{Special Note: For purposes of this website, we will hereafter refer to PM Water as structured alkaline water or SAW.}
Q: What besides lack of minerals in our diet can induce the low gain energy state in our bodies (i.e., cellular degeneration) in our bodies?
A: As we age, it is well documented we begin to lose our stomach's production of hydrochloric acid (HCl).(B) This is called hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria. Most folks with chronic health problems will be found to have low stomach acid production. But production of HCl declines as we age even in the absence of identifiable chronic illness by approximately 7% per decade after we reach the age of 20.[22], [23] As the stomach cells make HCl for digesting on the inside of the stomach, the same stomach cells secrete sodium bicarbonate into the blood stream. This sets off the first sequence in what is called the alkaline-tide inside the blood stream.

Therefore, just as HCl is ESSENTIAL for health, sodium bicarbonate is just as essential to our health as well. Together they prime The Regeneration Effect within. For example, one of our greatest physiologists of the last century was able to taken a specific organ meat, wash its two groups of cells in his laboratory with alternating physiological acids and bases (alkali), and presto, the cells sprang back to life.[25] That tells you how important proper pH can be to our inner laboratory!
Just as hypochlorhydria and achlorhydria must lead to chronic degenerative diseases, so must lack of sodium bicarbonate in our system lead us straight into chronic degenerative disease. (Interestingly, folks suffering frequent heartburn or esophageal irritation often have low HCl production.[26], [27] This results from incomplete breakdown of the food due to the lack of HCl. What results are different kinds of acids that irritate tissues only designed to handle HCl, and not these other forms of acids from incomplete digestion.

What every health care authority who fully understands the impact of hypochlorhydria and achlorhydria on our health status has apparently failed to recognize (until now), is that when the stomach produces less than adequate amounts of HCl, it MUST AT THE SAME TIME PRODUCE LESS SODIUM BICARBONATE PROPORTIONATELY!
At the front end (the HCl role), we cannot properly liberate from our food minerals that are contained in it without adequate amounts of HCl. Iron deficiency is a great example of this. Quite often it is simply hypochlorhydria at cause of iron-deficiency anemia. At the back end simultaneously, our body makes equal amounts of sodium bicarbonate which is secreted into the blood stream at the same time the HCl is secreted into our stomach. What happens next is that this sodium bicarbonate sets up two unrecognized systems relating to immunity that I cover extensively in my eBooks. At it final destination, it removes excess hydrogen ions (H+) from the intracellular (inside cells) gel via the "strong ion effect" of sodium bicarbonate. THIS IS CRITICAL!
For all alkaline minerals, many are positively charged. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, etc... are all metals with a positive charge. Do you remember your basic high school chemistry class? Or your science classes that taught you about magnets? Remember they taught you that LIKE CHARGES REPEL EACH OTHER! So, my point is, that the unrecognized ESSENTIAL task of sodium bicarbonate production is to ensure maximal REMOVAL of all the stored up excess H+ from the previous meal in order to allow access to the positively charged minerals soon to come down the pike as digestions completes itself.
Therefore, without mineral rich colloids being present in the foods we eat (which can only come from soils treated with rock dust or the equivalent), and without HCl and sodium bicarbonate being produced optimally in our own bodies, NO ALKALINE DIET CAN MAKE UP FOR THESE DEFICIENCIES, and will fail to CURE the underlying causation to disease.
{Special Note: See cautionary regarding sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) below.}
This combination of (1) high energy, (2) high quantity and (3) broad spectrum of minerals (70 or more in all as found in rock dust) interacts with energy fields from the outside, such as: (A) toxic, chaotic geopathic disturbances (i.e., high power electrical tension wires or cell phones); or (B) highly beneficial subtle organizing fields (SOFs) also known as morphogenetic fields. The science of energy medicine involves the latter, and instructs patients to remove all toxic forms of electrical energy from where they work and live, and especially where one sleeps. No electrical alarm clocks, cell phones even if off or wireless phones are to be within 4 feet of the head of the bed.
It also goes without saying that all other forms of toxic behaviors must go too, such as sedentary lifestyles, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and excessive, unsafe use of prescription drugs.
Q: So, electric fields can be toxic (i.e., geopathic) or highly beneficial to us?
A: Yes. When we sleep, 80% of all repair or regeneration takes place at this time. Deep REM sleep is critical to heal and restore the self-healing system, and electrical appliances can disturb this special space in which we must regenerate ourselves.
Warning: If you live within 500 feet of high power tension wires, it would be best to move. Also, cell phones are now suspected to cause cancer, especially brain cancers.[28]
Q: Is there anything else besides (a) a lack of minerals, (b) a special kind of dehydration phenomena, and (c) imperfect sleep that causes our degeneration?
A: Yes. The next to the last ingredient is lack of abundant unaltered, undenatured, raw proteins and raw protein building blocks in our diet - grown on extremely mineral rich soils - which is the only source of colloidal regenerative factors (cRFsTM).[5], [6], [12], [13], [29]  Such vegetarian examples include a special kind of 100% digestible blue-green algae, or for those requiring meats, glandular freeze-dried products.
The last requirement - in fact, the most important factor - is optimal thyroid function. So read the book, Hypothyroidism Type 2.[4]
In review - it is an absence of:

(1) An "abundance" of free mineral ions of both positive (+) and negative (-) charges (especially the (+) macro and micro metals such as potassium, and (-) selenium and iodide);[30]
(2) Optimal production of both HCl and sodium bicarbonate in our systems;
(3) An abundance of structured alkaline water (SAW);

(4) Adequate REM sleep and proper positive mental attitude; and
(5) An abundance of raw protein factors (cRFsTM),[29] and

(6) Optimal thyroid function (i.e., a lack thereof); that causes us to degenerate.

Fortunately the opposite is true as well. With enough of these minerals in the form of rock dust in the soil, plants growing in such soil and animals eating the plants will form enough vitamins, associated food factors, and colloids of minerals and proteins (i.e.,cRFsTM) to thrive. These are the raw food factors Carrel first discovered, and then later explained in more detail by Price & Pottenger and Gerson.[5], [13], [29] Therefore, the restoration to The Regeneration Effect begins here:
What not to do:

 Never use gene engineered (GE) or gene modified organism (GMO) foods, only organic sources of all foods.  Know how to select GMO-free foods. [Learn Here]
 Avoid all produce, milk, fish and meats contaminated with radioactivity. [Complete Information Here]
 Never use commercial eggs.(C)
 Never use Microwave ovens (and while we are on the subject of microwaves, remove from your head region as far away as possible all cell phone use - that is - use car speakers but not ear inserts due to their battery charge emissions).[31], [32], [33], [34], [35], [36]
 Never use Aluminum cookware (or aluminum containing deodorants for that matter).
 Stop using all commercial purchased hygiene products, such as your toothpastes, deodorants, shampoos, etc... And especially avoid alcohol containing mouthwashes of all kinds (i.e., not even from health food stores).
 Never deep fry.
 Avoid margarine (except the all non-trans fat brands available at your health food store), and cooking in: canola oil, safflower oil, sesame seed oil and corn oil. If you suffer from a chronic degenerative illness, avoid using butter as well.
 Never use tap water for drinking or cooking purposes unless absolutely necessary. In that case, get a Target brand water pitcher purifier. They are not expensive, and do an adequate job of purifying your tap water.
 Never use refined sugars or carbohydrates. Only use organic dehydrated cane juice powder sparingly - in minimal amounts - if at all.
 Do not eat anything to which you have a proven allergy.
 Eat no pork products or scavenger fish or farmed fishes (i.e., Catfish, Tilapia, farmed Salmon or Trout).
 Never use table salt. Small amounts of sea salt may be used, but for those suffering from cancer, salt restriction may be imperative.[13]
 Always consult with your physician regarding such restrictions. Special instructions to follow in my eBooks regarding exceptions to sodium intake, especially as related to sodium bicarbonate.


What to do (see Essential Links):

 Use only organic foods from uncontaminated regions. [Click Here for Complete Information]
 Emphasize the use of coconut oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil and cold pressed sesame seed oil, and it is best to cook only with coconut or olive oils.
 Using an iron frying pan for sauting is acceptable (use only heat stable oils like coconut & olive (butter may be used by those not suffering from a chronic degenerative illness).
 Use only hygiene products purchased from health food stores, but avoid alcohol containing mouth washes.
 Use a high-end juicer daily (i.e., Green Star 2000 or Jack LaLanne's juicer) - both are excellent selections.
 Use a high-end food processor daily (i.e., BlendTec - [see: Here]) to make delicious whole meal smoothies instantly. Essential for those overweight, or for those with finicky eaters (children or spouses)!
 Use steamers for best vegetable cooking or light sauting.
 Waterless stainless steel cookware is also a great choice, but Corning Wear is excellent too.
 Start your own sprouts with a simple sprouting device available online or at your nearest healthfood store.
 Fletcherize every mouth full, even the liquids (i.e., chew thoroughly every mouthful a minimum of 50 times or more).[37]
 Take digestive aids if over 40 such as HCl and highest quality Pancreatin or plant enzymes.[38]
 Menus and food preparation: See "Essential Reading" sub-tab for Lay Folks under "E-Books" tab above. For those suffering from cancer, substitute "high sugar containing fruits" with high fat, high protein selections of the below. Also see sub-tab to the upper left of low glycemic food selections.
 As desired, you may make do it yourself (DIY) structured alkaline water (SAW) by first buying a bag of rock dust, two clear glass gallon jugs, and a source of purified water, such as Zero Water available at Target stores. See directions below...

"How do I grow sprouts using the water method and incorporating the Rock Dust so the sprouts absorb the minerals?"
Step 1 - DIY procedure for making SAW either for drinking or for use as the Sprout Water:

1. Using a clear 1 gallon glass jug (labeled jug No. 1);
2. 1 Gallon of Purified water (Zero WaterTM, Distilled, Reverse Osmosis water or filtered water - best);
3. 1/4 Teaspoon non-volcanic source Rock Dust, or fine MezoTrace, or high-grade, fine, full-spectrum mineral bed supplements like Mineral 72;
4. Place in direct sunlight for 8-12 hours (agitating only at the start to mix the rock dust into the water well); then...
5. Pour water into a second clear 1 gallon glass jug (labeled jug No. 2), leaving the settled minerals on the bottom of jug No. 1.
6. This makes structured alkaline water or SAW. Keep SAW away from strong electric or magnetic currents. Overheating may also degrade the SAW.


Step 2 - Soak the Sprouts:

7. Using the water from jug No. 2, soak your seeds for sprouting.
8. Proceed with your preferred water soaking method and time from here to sprout the seeds).

{Special Note: Use the mineral residue left in jug No. 1 to directly fertilize your house plants or garden.}
{Also: Although we recommend food grade diatomaceous earth for its intestinal cleansing effects, it is not to be understood as a replacement for rock dust when making SAW. The only similarity between rock dust and diatomaceous earth are their rich content of silica, a very valuable nutrient. But we are most concerned with the other 70 or more macro, micro and trace elements in the rock dust for making SAW. Food grade diatomaceous earth is unsuitable for making SAW. Most sources of rock dust come from non-volcanic rocks, which are pure and contaminant-free. Occasionally (as in nature), rock dust sources may be obtained from finely ground volcanic rocks. Since volcanic rocks contain high levels of natural shards of sharp glass, many think that this is not a suitable source for making SAW. My opinion is that if the water is left to sit undisturbed for many hours in the sunlight (after initially stirring in the 1/4 teaspoon volcanic sourced rock dust), only the tiniest particles would remain in the top part of the bottle, with the bottom 10% of the container containing the larger sharp pieces. By simply pouring off the water from the top 90%, there should be no problem. However, if you are concerned, you may either (A) buy a micron filter or (B) simply make sure you are buying only non-volcanic rock sources of rock dust. Regardless, the volcanic rock dust is great for gardens and making sprouts.}
1. Consume on a daily basis 1/2 ounces per pound of the body weight in SAW water. Ideally, the best way of doing this - so as not to interfere with the remaining daily program - is as follows:
 If you weigh over 150lbs (75 kilos), on an empty stomach drink ~2.5 cups slowly every times minutes.
 If you weigh over 100lbs (50 kilos), on an empty stomach drink ~1.5 cups slowly every ten minutes.
 If you weigh under 100lbs (75 kilos), on an empty stomach drink ~1 cup slowly every ten minutes.
For all remaining SAW requirements, the juices will satisfy any further requirements (see next).[39], [40], [41], [42]
2. SAW is also found in raw fruits and vegetables. Therefore, juicing is essential and can substitute for drinking exclusively SAW in the same amount or a combination thereof. For example, you can consume on a daily basis 1/4 oz. per pound of your body weight in fresh raw juices and 1/4 oz. per pound of your body weight in SAW, or you can just ingest the entire amount in ounces from fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices daily. No less than three 10 oz. glasses of fresh juiced fruits and vegetables is required. You are in the "grove," so to speak, when you are having 3 solid (non-runny) bowel movements daily. This is now extremely easy to accomplish by incorporating an easy to use food processor/super-blender to prepare meals, delicious soups and protein smoothies.
3. Physical yoga or aerobic exercising at least 3 times weekly or more.
4. It is now established that organic foods are more nutritious than conventionally grown foods.(C) But how you eat them is just as critical. Eat 50% (as a minimum) of your diet RAW ORGANIC (or join your local community supported agriculture farm (CSA) - see [Here]):

(A) It can be 100% vegetarian so long as this option includes high quality whey mixed into smoothies.
(B) Or it can also include specially prepared marinated organic organ meats.(E)
(C) Eating all cooked foods induce an allergic type reaction in the blood stream called post-prandial leukocytosis. When raw foods are consumed first, this stress on the immune system is mitigated.[43]


{Special Note: Philosophically, I much prefer a meat-free approach, but from a medical point of view, there are many folks who simply must have liberal amounts of organic raw food factors from organ meats to thrive and optimally regenerate. In general (but not always the case), those folks with Type A blood do best with all lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets, and folks with Type O blood do best with emphasizing organic organ meats and select fish, especially in sushi format. For example, Tuna and Salmon are especially wonderful for this group of folks. However, there are better ways to determine metabolic co-dependencies on either vegetarian selections or meat selections. More on that later as it involves specialized testing.}
{Also: Eating raw foods may adversely affect your health if the food source contains sufficient numbers of harmful bacteria. So be sure to store, wash and prepare raw foods in a manner which reduces this risk. For example, learn how to read the actual dates on egg cartons to determine freshness, even if organic.[44] Avoiding raw animal products may be advisable in cases of auto-immune deficiency states, unless cold sterilized - freeze-dried or lyophilized - capsules are used.}
Washing raw organic vegetables and fruits with suitable washing agents and tools available at local health food store groceries is advisable.

1. Fresh, organic eggs generally have low bacterial counts, making them safe to consume raw. Exceptions to this rule do rarely occur. Taking HCl with raw egg consumption may be prudent. Therefore, you are eating raw eggs at your own risk.(C)
2. Raw fish may be effectively pre-treated by freezing the meat for 7 days before thawing and consuming. Therefore, you are eating raw fish at your own risk.
3. Raw organic and/or range fed/antibiotic free herd meat may be supplemented by cold/sterilized tablet form, available as freeze-dried glandular capsules.
4. Raw organic dairy from certified dairy cows, sheep or goats is making a comeback around the United States and for good reason. This milk is simply healthier for folks as a rule. Be sure you can trust your dairy herd source. Therefore, you are consuming raw milk products at your own risk.


Food poisoning is rare in the United States but becoming more prevalent due to the dominance of "Food, Inc." agricultural conglomerates. The most common symptoms of food poisoning are mild nausea and/or diarrhea. Many doctors will prescribe rehydration, acidophilus, food grade charcoal or Bentonite clay to remedy a case of food poisoning, depending upon the likely source of the discomfort.
In cases of meat poisoning, taking a large amount of acidophilus is sometimes prescribed.
If the case comes from consuming raw eggs, then food grade charcoal is typically prescribed. Acidophilus and charcoal or Bentonite clay should not be taken together, as they harmlessly cancel each other out.
Each case will vary according to your doctor's clinical impressions. If you are healthy, risks from food poisoning from most sources are commonly minimal. Dehydration is something to be on the look-out for. Consuming warm or cool peppermint tea is a great way to rehydrate since it calms the nausea, as does ginger tea or natural ginger ale. So if you should experience such rare events, check in with your doctor just to play it safe.
Breakfast suggestions:
For your cooked selections, use only whole grains, but at a minimum. Cottage cheese or Farmer's Cheese, Coconut yogurt naturally sweetened with fruits like blueberries, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, etc..., and unfertile or fertile organic eggs are also handy and easy to complete any breakfast. Mixing in fresh salsa with or without a touch of raw sheep or goat cheese can be a fantastic winner for most folks.
Fruits, all-fruit spread on Ezekiel bread toast with raw butter or MCT oil, or flaw seed oil if you enjoy the taste! This is the perfect time for your first or second round of 10 ounces of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. 10 raw almonds are also an excellent snack food, so long as no nut allergies are present.
Lunch Suggestions:
Mid-day is the best time to eat meats, in small proportions (4 ounces). Eating raw foods with the cooked foods limits the negative effects of eating cooked foods. For those wishing to go vegetarian, lunches can be as easy as Ezekiel bread topped with a delicious raw spread. Ezekiel bread which is 100% sprouted grains (no flour) makes perfect sandwiches. Some of my favorites are:

1. Raw fresh guacamole and tomatoes or even salsa and or homemade mayonnaise featuring raw organic eggs.
2. Substitute raw sheep or goat cheese instead of the guacamole.

3. Raw almond butter mixed with fresh raw salsa. This is quite a spicy and delicious delight!
4. The classic nut butter spread, only using raw almond butter with your choice of no-sugar-added 100% fruit spread, including blueberries, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, black raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, mulberries, etc...

Add in a hearty salad featuring sunflower sprouts, and you have a perfect combo. For dressing choices, see next section below.
10 - 15 raw almonds or several slices of raw sheep cheese. This is also another perfect time for another 10 ounces of fresh juice, or make it into a smoothie with a small scoop of high quality whey and papaya or a banana.
Supper Suggestions:
With your main course such as sushi or a whole grain starch such as rice noodle spaghetti (or substitute spaghetti squash instead to avoid the carbs), add as a side dish lightly steamed organic veges and garnish with your choice of homemade salad dressings (see below). This is the best time of day for a meal rich in organic beans and legumes, such as black bean soup, organic vegetable soups rich in zucchini and root vegetables such as burdock, Reishi or portabella mushrooms, or uncooked carrot soup seasoned with fresh garlic, a dab of fresh lime juice, a dab of low sodium tamari and fresh cilantro. Small portions of organic chicken or wild ocean fish are also allowed.
As noted above, it is always best to consume cooked meat mid-day, what is considered by some authorities as the optimal function period for your digestive system.
Yogurt (free from possible radiation), fresh fruit, carrot sticks and celery sticks with raw almond butter dip mixed with raw salsa. This is delicious! This is also a perfect time for another 10 ounces of fresh juice, or make it into a smoothie.
Clarified butter (ghee), butter, coconut oil and cold-pressed olive oil are the only oils permissible to cook with. Avoid all commercial grade canola oil - it is likely GMO. All other cold-pressed oils may be used for salad dressings, but medium chain triglycerides (MCT) coconut oil and olive oil (or flaxseed oil if you like that taste) are the best oils to use. Raw almond oil, if not rancid (there will be a slight "bite" in the back of the throat when an oil has gone rancid), is also permitted for salad dressings or just to use with fresh lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar in place of standard Oil & Vinegar. Keep all cold-pressed oils in the refrigerator at all times. Butter may be left out for short time periods (no longer than 1 week before being consumed). Exceptions would include tropical climates such as deserts regions during the summer time, South Florida, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Hawaii year-round.


A. Dressings should be made fresh, concentrating on Medium Chain Triglycerides (from coconut oil), a great tasting, high energy producing oil. Fresh raw organic eggs may be included or not. Fresh herbs makes any of the varieties sensational. 
B. Using some raw honey plus mustard powder or fancy mustard pre-mix, and you can make your own Honey-Mustard dressings;
C. Using fresh raw cilantro, basil, oregano and thyme with fresh squeezed raw lemon juice, make your own delectable Italian-Herb dressing;
D. Using fresh raw Garlic and Italian seasonings, fresh squeezed raw lemon, and low sodium tamari, you can make a zesty Garlicy-Tamari dressings;
E. By simply adding in fresh raw Romano cheese into the above, you make a fabulous Caesar dressing;
F. Using fresh salsa and raw honey and/or low sodium tamari, you can make a delicious Spicy-Tomato dressing;
G. Using raw 12 hour "soaked" in SAW sunflower seeds or soaked almonds blended into a liquidity paste, you can add thickness and great texture to any of the above. Be sure and first rinse and then discard the soaking liquid before blending!


After adding on the dressing, sprinkle on some fresh raw parmesan cheese or raw goat feta cheese for added delight.


5. Optimal digestive fluids must be produced in the body, including both HCl as well as sodium bicarbonate, at every meal. This includes utilizing digestive enzymes as appropriate (much more on this in my eBooks). If there is a medical problem involving this digestive fluid production, supplementation should be considered and given both during and after each meal. Typically if a patient has been medically determined through a Heidelberg Capsule Test (A) to produce insufficient hydrochloric acid (HCl), such patients are supplemented from 10 to 30 grains (that equals 650mgs up to 1,950mgs) of HCl. In some severe cases, more HCl is given at each and every meal. The dosages is also according to what the patient best tolerates. No burning should be experienced after ingesting the HCl during a meal. No active gastric ulcer should be present either. But perhaps most importantly, such a regimen actually helps and prevents heartburn and may even cure gastric acid reflux or GERD.
Having said that, it would also be straightforward at this point to understand that this same patient must also have a proportional deficiency of sodium bicarbonate production. The two must go hand-in-hand. So, physicians have the option of having the patient ingest the same amount (approximately one-half (1/2) to one (1) level teaspoon) of "aluminum-free" sodium bicarbonate 90 minutes or more after their meal was finished (i.e., 90 minutes or more post-prandial). Although this relationship to HCl and sodium bicarbonate relating to restoring the mineral colloids to cells was not recognized up until this publication, Orthomolecular physicians have been advising their patients to use this kind of "toggling" between acid and alkaline supplementation since the late 1970's, especially to help control diabetes.
Do not use SAW to mix with baking soda. Just use purified water. Baking soda will tend to de-structure SAW, "salting out" and lessening its special properties.

{Special Note: Diagnosis of hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria can only be determined by a physician. Likewise, it would be unwise to self-medicate with either or both of the above, especially with sodium bicarbonate. Folks who do so under their own recognizance do so against medical advice (ama). Patients with active gastric ulcers or patients on low-salt/low sodium diets should not consider this regimen. Also, folks who suffer from a medical condition called hypokalemia should be under a doctor's care when ingesting sodium bicarbonate.}
The following cautionary appears on the label of Arm & Hammer® baking soda (please note - Arm & Hammer® does not appear to contain aluminum as an anti-caking agent. I have made inquiries as to whether or not this is true, and I am informed that this brand does not contain this anti-caking agent, despite internet bloggers speculation to the contrary. If anyone can provide evidence to the contrary, please send it to me immediately.):

"Will ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda work as an antacid?
Calm that rumble in your tummy with ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda. It's is safe and effective as an antacid to relieve heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach, and upset stomach due to these symptoms when used as directed.


Do not use if you are on a sodium restricted diet unless directed by a doctor.
Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are taking a prescription drug. Antacids may interact with certain prescription drugs.
Do not administer to children under age 5.

Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms (or heartburn, etc...) last more than 2 weeks.


Add 1/2 teaspoon to 1/2 glass (4 fl. oz.) of water every 2 hours, or as directed by physician. Dissolve completely in water. Accurately measure 1/2 teaspoon.
Do not take more than the following amounts in 24 hours:
--Seven 1/2 teaspoons.

--Three 1/2 teaspoons if you are over 60 years.
Do not use the maximum dosage for more than 2 weeks.


Other Information:
Each 1/2 teaspoon contains 616 mg sodium.

Refer to the ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda package for detailed instructions before using."(F)
6. Getting deep sleep can be a trick. Using melatonin and/or tryptophan can make this simple. Sometimes adding in a peaceful ocean sound or natural forest and wind recording can be deeply soothing and sleep inducing. If you have a snoring problem, it is critical you get evaluated for a sleep breathing disorder called sleep apnea. This can be very dangerous and is widely overlooked by many physicians. There are several new devices that can be used to insure best oxygenation at night when deeply asleep. If you wake up each morning really tired, this may be your problem. Meditation or practicing prayers of your religious choice can be quite helpful too. Physical yoga is often a great way to learn and master relaxing your body, especially if you have been engaged for long periods in stressful work or stressful relationships.
7. At least once per year, undergo a detoxification program that fits your schedule. This can be as simple as undergoing 10 colonics from a licensed colonic hygienist, or a technician at a licensed healthcare clinic. Infrared saunas are also great, as are Epsom salt baths. Protein-sparring modified fasting with juicing is an easy way to keep one's strength up during such cleansing routines. High fiber intake is always essential, and should be already included if you're eating lots of fruits and vegetables as above. When using the super-blender for making smoothies and soups, this is all taken care of in the process, as all the fiber remains in the dish.
8. Perform deep breathing exercises according to your own pace and disposition. One perfect 2 minute exercise is the breath of fire. If used 15 minutes before meals, and/or at the beginning and end of the day, you will feel what real vitality truly can do for you. Everyone can spare 2 minutes at least twice per day to re-oxygenate their bodies, so make it a habit as possible.
To view several excellent instructional videos - {Link Here}
This 8 step program comes closest to the dietary laws of our healthiest ancestors.[5] Our healthiest ancestors who lived past the age of 45, were basically all but guaranteed to live a full life into their late seventies.[45] Our healthiest ancestors incorporated daily routines of high fitness to bring tremendous amounts of oxygen into their tissues, not infrequently by climbing the slopes of mountains while herding sheep or goats, or harvesting wild grown herbs, or simply tilling their soils on tiered plots carved into the mountains. These ancestors had none of today's chronic illnesses, so long as their traditional food supply was adequate and came exclusively from mineral rich soils.[47] Their food preparation was, in general, to eat significant portions completely raw and/or specially fermented (i.e., yogurts, cottage cheeses, kefir, raw milk and even raw ale in moderation, etc...), so as to provide rich content of cRFsTM at every meal.
By processing raw organic fruits and vegetables into a super-blender, weight loss becomes easy and sustained with this easy to follow and do 8 Step Program.

Complete details and recipes will be available in the forthcoming eBooks, including proper nutritional supplementation. Start where you know you can, and as you start to feel better, proceed step by step with the above.

Best to you all and send me your recipes as you find out what tastes best to you!



Proper attempts were made to insure no copyright markings were visible on all materials used thought to be in the public domain. If an error has occurred in this regard, please contact us so that we may immediately correct such errors. Thank you.
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Current trends as of 2007 reveal that over:
18 million Americans have cancer
165 million never engage in physical activity lasting more than 10 minutes, 99 million are physically inactive, and approximately 45 million

         are functionally impaired or suffer at least one physical difficulty
105 million are overweight
81 million were obese
Combined, these above two stats make a grand total of 186 million unfit Americans most at risk for premature death,
81% or 243 million folks saw a physician, which in turn contributed to…
571 million work-loss days
84 million suffer lower back pain
84 million suffer chronic joint pains
72 million have hypertension
66 million have arthritis
62 million are smokers
50 million experience nervousness or anxiety
48 million suffer migraines
45 million have hearing problems
30 million suffer heart disease
30 million have symptoms of depression (sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, or that everything is an effort)
28 million have vision problems
27 million have diabetes
24 million have lost their teeth
24 million have ulcers
24 million have asthma
6 million have emphysema
6 million have kidney disease
3 million have liver disease.
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(B) See:
(C) No commercial eggs are allowed. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, MD, PhD tested dozens of commercial egg brands and found they contained vast amounts of bacteria. Same is true for conventionally produced milk. Organic eggs are thought to have none of the problems associated with commercial eggs, and for folks not allergic to eggs, or for folks not suffering from advanced diseases, organic eggs should be a true super food. It is preferable to eat organic eggs raw, but care must be taken. Digestive enzymes are recommended for one thing, and insuring they are fresh and have been constantly refrigerated is another. The issue of fresh, raw organic eggs is similar to the issue of fresh, raw organic milk. More on this later.
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