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First Step - Find the Source or Sources!

The sinuses have all kinds of nooks and crannies. Washing them out with a tea nettie or turkey baster can be a great place to start. Purified water with baking soda is also a perferred washing solution used by many physicians. Tiliting the head in all 360 degrees to wash all sides of the chambers is required. If the source of the headache stems from an unwanted overgrowth in the sinuses, this technique should let you know soon after a day or two. If it is something else, then consider the following:

Some patients have compounded issues. It is the reason why many folks cannot shed themselves permanently of their headache. Stress that we hear a lot about, has many sources. So consider that there may be multiple issues going on at the same time.

The solution is to first identify and then take each down one at a time, step by step. Then keep that step under correct management while you go on to tackle the next possible issue.


Read Mark Starr's book, Hypothyroidism Type 2. Headaches are common in chronic (unsuspected) low thyroid cases. So, first step is to correct the thyroid. If low thyroid were longstanding, then inflammation is high, poor immunity is likely, and you get candida infection, plus hormonal imbalances to the ovaries and adrenals.

Iodine is important support for most glands of you body, especialy the thyroid and ovaries. Typically kelp is used if no sensitivity to iodine is present. If you cannot handle iodine, that's a sign too. Take small or tiny amounts and work your way up slowly, very slowly.

Then the progesterone and cortisol levels can be tested by saliva testing and the others as well, according to funds. See:

Food sensitivities:

If you eliminate 100% of gluten from the diet and it seems to make a bit of a difference, then also eliminate dairy. If this helps even more, then consider allergy testing, like the provocative testing. See:, certain cosmetics, perfumes, after shave lotions, toothpastes, deodorants and shampoos should be suspect.


Histamine is the place to start here, which high ingestion of structured alkaline water (SAW) helps manage. If mental fog is common, this is most likely due to chloral hydrate. This commonly originally arises from malabsorption syndromes, which then leads into allergies – including brain allergies. Inflammatory cascades then also arise. So, HCl with digestive enzymes are often what eclectic doctors prescribe, plus of course eliminating food sensitivities. See:

Dental issues:

70% of the time, dental issues are involved with health problems at the neck line and above. Root canals are key here, or unsuspected abscesses. Sometimes a TMJ issue or dental braces are not installed properly as the cause. See Dental section at:

Immune issues:

Mostly candida – history of antibiotics, then diet issues (high carbs), then low thyroid, etc… See "Immune Issues" tab to the upper left for more information.


Chiropractic care, especially an A.K. specialist or an osteopath highly skilled in OMT can be essential. An impacted wisdom tooth is sometimes a culprit, or a cranial fault such as a Temporal Bulge/Squamous Concavity. See:


CAT scans or MRIs are typically used along with a complete neurological examination to eliminate the possibility of brain infection or cancer. So, this is important to eliminate if the headache is unresponsive to conservative, all-natural care.

This is how a physician will go through the check list.

But I use another way with the patient – that is – The Four Pillars.

Second Step - Treat the Real Causes

Detox (includes mechanical – colonics -then elimination of critters like candida and considering histamine levels).The thyroid is typically involved here.

Super oxygenate (physical yoga, or EWOT). The thyroid is typically involved here.

Super Nourishment with mostly raw foods (eliminating the most common food sensitivitieslike wheat and casein, but not whey) – later – metabolic type diet.The thyroid is typically involved here too, see below…

Bioenergetics (like magnets embedded in a sleeping mattress/pad, elimination of geopathic disturbances – alarm clock radios next to bed stand, etc…)

Hormonal issues come into play with Pillar Three. If thyroid is a major player, symptoms are often times worse during the Winter season. Skin issues like dry skin or itchy skin are also common.

All of the above is covered in my Getting Started tab.

Keep Focused Long Term

Rebuild the body from the cell level upward! That means, replenish the special structured water of the cells, enrich the cells with minerals, and supernourish each with a select protein which provides the proper scaffolding to the constitution of the cell and body as a whole.

1.Themost essential nutrients is oxygen.

2.The second mostessential nutrient is structured alkaline water (SAW);

3.The thirdmost essential chemical is thyroid hormone.

4.Raw food factors next containing an abundance of minerals and select proteins.

5.Correct spiritual, relaxation,stress release, positive attitude is next.

This should give most folks what they need to overcome their situation. Just stick with it, one by one. Once a dent is put into chronic headaches, the light at the end of the tunnel will rapidly unfold! Just keep going.