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(C) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC email:
Why am I having heart disease? Does it come from my family?
All primary peoples and especially the longlived cultures had no heart or circulatory disorders whatsoever. So, by returning to that kind of fitness oriented lifestyle coupled to ideal diet, we can usuallly easily reverse most constitutionally related heart diseases. Our cardiovascular system is supposed to not even begin to age until we reach the ripe old age of 100! For example, in the 1930's, medical physicians were called into special autopsies to see a case of heart disease in the morgue. They were often told to pay strict attention, because it would be UNLIKELY in the remainder of their careers to ever see it again! That's how rare heart disease was back then in the United States. And folks lived just as long back then as we do now. It was just that infant mortality rates were higher, thus bringing down the AVERAGE life expectancy figures for that reason alone. In other words, if you lived to the age of 45, you were virutally guarranteed to live to the ripe age of 75, just like we do today. However, those folks DID NOT suffer from heart disease, or cancer, or stroke, etc..., they simply died of "natural causes," meaning, they simply did not wake up one morning. No disease folks!
There are always key reasons why we acquire cardiovascular disorders of any and all kinds:
  • The first is not enough oxygen or oxygen utilization.
  • The second is not enough structured water in the body or diet.
  • The third is a colloidal mineral deficiency in your body cells.
  • The fourth is unsuspected low thyroid function, sometimes in conjunction with low adrenals and gondal function.
  • The fifth is improper sleep (i.e., sleep apnea, restless sleep, etc...).
  • The sixth is lack of proper exercise, like regular physical yogal, or short sessions of high intense aerobics which only take 15 minutes a day after a 5 minute warm-up period. For folks who don't feel like exercising because they are so tired, that's ok. All they need do is start at the top and work their way down. And that means making a trip to a physician who practices complementary medicine and understands how to treat thyroid conditions properly. Believe me, sooner than later everyone will get their attitude and confidence to start exercising again once the first 5 bullet points are taken care of adequately.
  • The seventh is bad choices in lifestyle and daily habits, like smokikng. But notice how far down the list this is! Broda Barnes, MD, PhD, determined that when proper thyroid medication was maintained, folks who smoked, had a sub-optimal diet and did not exercise were 90% less likely to suffer heart diseases! 90%!
Always restore the body's own self-healing system first. Then the "footing" of all other natural healing tools employed will have the advantage of driving forward from the high-ground.
What should I do if I suffer from a cardiovascular condition?
  • The truth is, your body is its own best healer, and all you have to do is provide it what it needs, then step aside.
  • By going to my "Getting Started" tab, you can begin.
  • Dramatically increase drinking the proper kind and amount of PM water, and dramatically raising the fiber amounts in your diet). It's that simple.
  • By taking your basal underarm temperature before you get out of bed each morning, you can see if your thyroid may be low. The normal underarm temperature is 98.0oF ± 0.2oF. Until your levels of body thyroid hormone become optimal, weight gain will always come at a price, that is, once you loss it, it will come back. With each subsequent successful weight loss effort, it becomes more and more difficult to loss the wieght and easier and easier to gain it all back. Proper thyroid hormone levels stops this so long as a proper diet and exercise program are adhered to for life.

  • Then concentrate on fitness program you can do, such as physical yoga or aqua-aerobics.
  • If you continue to experience difficulties, then its time to browse over my "Essential Links" tab for further resources.