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Several authors have made unsubstantiated criticisms claiming the historical health, vigor and longevity of the Hunzakut people is a myth.
(c) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC - email:
There is abundant, compelling scientific evidence to refute these unsubstantiated criticisms. This evidence will be extensively covered in: The Regeneration Effect: The Four Pillars to Longevity & Regeneration, due to be released mid 2016.
For a 16 minute video from the 1960's that explores the Hunzakut peoples as they were at that time, see: {Here}
For a highly enjoyable Hollywood adaptation of Shangrila, see the wonderful film Lost Horizon to the immediate right.
Also view this recent amateur film exploring Altit Forte and the Royal Hunza Gardens.
For a link to a variety of maps pertaining to Hunzaland, see:[Here].


A key to the how and why to Hunzakut longevity and cancer-free living is their daily diet. Rich in isothiocyanates and other powerful cancer fighters, such ingredients are found in over 60% of the earth's naturally grown foods.


Interestingly, such cancer fighers seem to be most concentrated when grown in soils extremely mineral rich, such as those irrigated with glacial milk.


Glacial milk water is the spring time mountain waters which not only the Hunzakuts prize for the farmland terraces, but for the vast majority of all long-living peoples from around the world.






























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