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(c) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC email:
"I feel that I must have low thyroid function because I am so weak & tired all the time and I just can't seem to get well no matter how much medicine I take. What has happened to me and what can I do about it?"
There are always key reasons why people suffer in this way, and are actually suffering from unsuspected hypothyroidism stemming from a weak constitution, inadequately providing to our optimal needs:
There has been a generational component to this issue, which results in "Constitutional Inadequacy." This is a weakening of our genetic pool and function that acrues and compounds. Constitutional inadequacy first arises in your own body (like compounding interest charges acruing on your credit card when you fail to pay your bill). Then when we have children this weakness is passed on, spilling over into each passing generation. This process is just like our national debt, which until it is solved, will visit upon our children's bank accounts. Unless they fix it within themselves, the process continues and becomes a never ending debit charge further weakening our constitution until we can no longer reproduce. We must stop contributing to this decay by no longer eating devitalized foods, then start doing what makes our constitution restore itself via select dietaries and lifestyle changes.
These constitutional inadequancies acrue as weaknesses in our organ function, especially (but not limited to) our Thryoid glands. Such constitutional inadequacies have been passed down mostly from our mother's side of the family. Her metabolic engines (called mitochondria) have their own DNA which functions (metabolizes) according to what it receives from her diet. This mitochondrial DNA from the mother is the only mitochondrial DNA passed down to children. The father contributes none of his mitochondrial DNA to his children. Therefore, (A) how mother eats prior to when she conceives is just as vital as (B) what she eats during pregnancy, as well as (C) how well she eats while she is breast feeding her children.
So, as each successive generation passes down this constitutional weakness or inadequacy, it grows in intensity. And our generation is way down the line of acruing and passing down constitutional inadequacy. Historically, this has been Natural Selection's means to wean out the weaker generations and favor only strongly generations for reproducing.
Up until recently, these weaker generations simply succumbed early in life to infectious diseases. But with the advent of antibiotics, these weaker children were able to grow up and reproduce, passing this weaker constitutional trait down to their children, and so on. So because these weaker traits are now pandemic to our civilization, we see chronic degenerative diseases and accelerated aging abounding. This, dispite the medical propaganda that suggests we are living longer today than ever before and we are healthier than ever before. These claims are misinformation at its best, and disinformation (deceit) at its worst. This will be well documented in our Regeneration Effect series. We are actually not living longer. We are actually living less long and in much worse health than our longliving ancestors did (see Home page). It is our blueprint to live long with optimal health, but only when we reclaim our exuberant human constitution, which is our birth right.
It is the expressed purpose of the ICCTTM and The School of Constitutional & Eclectic MedicineTM to teach physicians about this unsuspected human degenerative process responsible for nearly all illnesses, and to correct the problem once and for all. So, the good news is that constitutional inadequacies or degeneration that passes down the family tree can be reversed.
A constitutional weakness in our thyroid glands leads frequently to the following diseases:
  1. Energy-Fatigue
  2. Chronic Fatigue
  3. Immune Dysfunction
  4. Cancer
  5. Headaches
  6. Heart Disease
  7. Arthritis
  8. Fibromyalgia
  9. Diabetes
  10. Weight Problems
  11. Digestive Disorders
  12. Respiratory Disorders
  13. Male and Female Reproductive Disorders
  14. Skin Disorders
  15. Mental Disorders
  16. Memory Problems
  17. Neurological Disorders
  18. And exacerbations of true Genetic Disorders that could otherwise be well-managed to retain near normal functions. (See Here)


For a rather dramatic perspective on all this, consider this statement carefully:


If you had an optimal constitution, you would never, ever get any of the above conditions, and you would not begin to age until you reached the ripe old age of 100! In other words folks - WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET SICK. All we have to do is to restore our human constitution to its optimal state. But first in order to do that, we must know the sequence of events that led us up to our miserable state of affairs at present...
The process starts in the first generation of exuberantly healthy adults with deficiencies that arise in the soils:
  • The first is lack of sufficient colloidal humus (soils rich in colloidal minerals, bacteria and humus)
  • This then translates into colloidal mineral deficiencies arising in all plant cells, and the animals eat the plants.
  • This finally leads to a cell mineral deficiency within humans since we are at the top of this food chain.
  • This then occurs over and over again in successive generations unless the problem is corrected. Our soils become sick, our produce becomes sick requiring more and more pesticides, our animals become sick and fat requiring hormones to simply keep up with demand, and we get sick with chronic illnesses, starting with overweight problems. 60% of Americans are currently overweight, all due to this sequence of events. So it can be properly estimated, that 60% or more of Americans may have unsuspected deficient thyroid function stemming from a constitutional inadequacy.
  • We become inefficient our oxygen utilization making us tired and weak all the time, and suffer from poor immunity, eyesight, digestion and the desire to exercise.
  • We become even weaker in oxygen utilization as low-grade infectious processes induce excessive clotting tendencies in the body.
  • We become even weaker since we suffer from a unique form of dehydration not well understood by most physicians.

For example, the milieu to our body's essential tissues MUST have be bathed constantly in a special "polarized" water layers (PM water or structured water). What water is in our body instead becomes chaotic due to the lack of colloidal minerals in our body's cells. This induces dis-ease in each cell of our body.
We then begin to undergo the process of ever intensifying auto-intoxication because we can no longer efficiently remove all bodily wastes from our system, while at the same time being exposed to an abundance of historically unprecedented toxins from our environment.
We then compound this problem by not getting enough structured water in the body from eating a diet poor in raw foods raised on healthy, mineral rich soils. Our tissues then loss their structure (anatomy) and function (physiology), and we get more and more dis-eased.
Thus, as we develop and live, we acquire more and more inability to express our true constituional structure (anatomy) and function (physiology):
Our glands become weaker and weaker in each successive generation. Their size, weight and function becomes inadequate in each successive generation that continues eating off of the sick soils.
We age much faster than we ought to. We should not age until we reach 100 years of age!
This leads to unsuspected low thyroid function, usually in conjunction with unsusptected low adrenal and gondal function.
After a certain number of generations deprived of eating off of healthy soils, plus eating excessive amounts of cooked and processed foods, we finally develop full-blown degenerated constitutions, with significantly degenerated self-healing abilities.
This then leads to ALL chronic degenerative diseases, including heart disease, cancer, etc...
Smoking, eating improperly, sedentary lifestyles, family history genetic proness (redispositions) to disease, ALL come after the fact, and therefore contribute to the already weakened constitutional state getting weaker.
This also results in more and more deviation away from common sense moral behaviors.
So, by treating the most downstream disease, the chronic disease, instead of the causal, most upstream factors, our meddical system will NEVER be able to solve this problem of constitutional weakness and degeneration.
This also explains how strong constitutions in some folks can enable them to live long, disease-free, even though they smoke and drink to excess. These generations of folks have largely already died from old age now, so there are fewer and fewer stronger constitution types that can continue with such bad habits without paying the price as the rest of us do!
The only solution is to treat the human constitution as a whole through the Regeneration Effect, which is the entire theme of the ICCTTM and the School of Constitutional & Eclectic MedicineTM.
What then should I do first?
Although this generational by generational cumulative constitutional weakness arises in all cells, tissues and organs of our body in tandem, it is important to see how this happens in one gland first. And the one gland in your body of utmost importance is your thyroid gland. Then you will be able to better appreciate how the rest of your body is declining as well. So just for now, read the book, Hypothyroidism Type 2, by Mark Starr, MD.
Standard blood tests miss this kind of constitutional degeneration, even if it is in full swing. For example, in unsuspected low thyroid states stemming from a constitutional weakness, the blood tests will test the wrong data points and miss the condition. Again, the reference points our physicians are trained in is fundamentally the reason. No current conventional blood tests used in the average practice screen for colloidal state deficiencies. Only holistic medical practices incorporate such testing.
Then next read, Race Decline and Race Regeneration, by Weston A. Price, DDS. [HERE]
The place to start restoring your constitution as you go about fixing your vital Thyroid function is to implement a Regenerative Lifestyle. The implementation of the Regenerative Lifestyle is basically and simply about: Changing Your Body's Water Out Daily. For more information about educational programs designed to help you easily accomplish this, click onto the PyschoneurosomaticsTM logo to the right.
Fortunately, for the holistic minded, there are simple ways to screen for dysfunctional water (milieu) states in your body, such as Body Mass Indexes. When the Phase Angle Index is derived during such measurements, it can be determined if low-gain colloidal states are occurring in the body's cells and tissues. These tests can ascertain if you are making progress on your Regenerative Lifestyle. Frequently results are pronounced in just 4 weeks of daily practice. These results often include significantly more energy, mental clarity and desire to exercise (low impact) on a daily basis.
What are the best tests I can have performed or that I can do myself to determine I may have low thryoid function?

You should insure that your physician is relying mostly on your symptoms, and the signs he or she will find during examination:

  • Signs - For example, a "scalloped tongue" which is wavy lines and indentations on the sides of your tongue, is one tell-tail sign of low thryoid function. Also, if the lateral thrird of your eyebrows is receding or has receded, this may indicate long-term low thyroid function. Furthermore, repeated infectious episodes, or poor immunity may be present in your history. Also, a slight yellowish disocoloration on your soles or palms is common. And tenderness down the shins when being palpated is often present, indicating inflammatory chemicals in your body. Being overweight or chronically underweight. Having blood sugar problems (either hyoglycmemia or hyperglycemia), and heart disease as well as cancer. Having a Body Mass Index (BMI) test including a Phase Angle measurement that reveals disporporational body composition and cellular energy levels. These clinical "signs" are strong and compelling evidence you may be low thyroid.
  • Symptoms - Complaints may include the gambit of health problems, since there is no other more essential hormone to us as human beings than thyroid hornome. For example, depression, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, poor immunity especially upper respiratory tract infections, female and male reproductive problems of all kinds, inability to correct weight problems - either underwieght problems or over weight problems (yes, both),etc... are all symptoms of poor thyroid function).


The best test to determine possible low or poor functioning thyroid is to conduct a simple underarm temperature test first thing in the morning. This is called the Broda Barnes Axillary (underarm) Temperature Test, or "BATT" for short.


If your temperature is consistently below 97.8oF or 36.5oC, you are likely low thyroid and/or have a chronic, low grade infection going on which helps to suppress optimal body temperature as well. The lower your BATT from normal, the worse your condition. WIthout correcting this, it may be impossible to recover from illness, let alone restore your Regeneration Effect within.


Is there reliable blood work that will help convince my physician I have a constitutionally low thyoid conditions?


Fortunately there is. These are: the reverse T-3 (rT-3) levels and the ratio between your free T-3 (fT-3) divided by your reverse T-3 levels. For now, have your physician browse the following scholarly and authoritative website for more information [Click Here].


What else should I be especially concerned about if I suffer from low thyroid function?


  • The truth is, your body is its own best healer, and all you have to do is provide it what it needs, then step aside, which is this case also means natural thyroid hormone supplementation.
  • First, go to my "Getting Started" tab, you can begin. It's that simple.
  • Second, make sure your iodine intake is sufficient by reading the section below by Optimox in concert with your physician. Be sure no allergy or sensitivity to iodine or shellfish exists, and be sure and have your physician screen your for Wolff-Chaikoff events should you be placed onto moderate amounts of iodine.
  • Third, never allow yourself to be placed onto synthetic thyroid hormone, such as levothyroxine, unless it is an emergency. This version of thyroid hormone appears to offer few actual benefits to correcting a constitutional thyroid weakness. Instead, see if your physician will prescribe either desiccated, all-natural thyroid, and/or bio-identical T-3 (liothyronine) in timed release format. He or she will be very surprised to read the information provided below under our, "The Very Best Thyroid Resources" section.
  • Your eventual goal (in teamwork with your doctor) is to re-attain a normal underarm temperature is 98.0oF ±0.2oF, or 36.6 ± 0.05oC. In other words, your job is not finished until you make this happen, even if it takes many months to reachieve. Sooner than later, exercise programs will be required to make this possible for most folks.
  • Make sure you are having indepth analysis to determine if you have unsuspected, non-symptomatic chronic infectious states, especially with cell-wall deficient critters. This becomes identifiable via your doctor being properly trained to screen for certain blood antibodies, from your case history, and from advanced diagnostic devices as taught by the ICCTTM and the School of Constitutional MedicineTM.
  • To assure your success in getting your thryoid treated properly, we present below the best resources currently available until the ICCTTM and the School of Constitutional & Eclectic MedicineTM can train enough physicians in the proper diagnosis and treatment of low thyroid conditions.
What other thyroid conditions are treatable through natural, eclectic means?
Dr. David Brownstein, MD, has comprehensively covered successful natural methods that properly manage (a) simple goiter, (b) goiter with complications, (c) Grave's Disease, and (d) Hashimoto's Disease. Please see his book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It. The following summary of successful approaches to the above conditions should only be instituted under the guidance of a expert eclectic physician. For an average size adult:1, 2


1. Simple Goiter (enlarged thyroid gland) - Iodine (3,000mg daily or more) plus selenium (400mcg daily of selenomethionate) may improve simple goiter substantially, or at least stop it from growing any bigger. Vitamins A (10,000iu -25,000iu daily), C (3 grams daily) & D (5,000iu to 10,000 iu daily) are also important, as are the minerals copper (1mg daily), zinc (30mg daily)and manganese.


2. Grave's disease - Also known as hyperthyroidism. Iodine plus selenium - given in sufficient quantities - may also help this disorder as well, but only under an expert doctor's care. Vitamins A, C & D are also important, as are the minerals copper, zinc and manganese.


3.Hashimoto's Disease – Hashimoto's disease (also known as lymphocytic thyroiditis) is marked by antibodies in the blood stream to the thyroid gland. In a very real sense, the immune system is attacking the thyroid gland for reasons not well understood. In my experience, this is due to unsuspected infections or toxins (mercury or radioactive hot particles) in the thyroid gland. Under such conditions, the thyroid gland may subsequently become depleted of protective selenium, glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Hashimoto's disease is often only successfully treated with: (a) select anti-inflammatory herbs such as curcumin (1,000mg to 1,500mg daily), boswellia (1,000mg daily), willow bark (80mg salicin daily) and black cherry juice administration (up to four cups daily), (b) omega 3 (1 gram daily from Krill) & omega 6 (2 grams daily from Borage seed) oils ingestion; (c) RNA extracts of thyroid tissue (one tablet daily), and (d) the amino acid NAC (500mg to 1,000mg three times daily) is taken in addition to (e) sufficient dosages of iodine and (f) selenium. Vitamins A, C & D are also important, as are the minerals copper, zinc and manganese.


4. Goiter with complications - If a goiter does not respond positively to proper iodine and selenium intake, then your doctor may suspect that white blood cell called lymphocytes may be infiltrating your thyroid gland. In effect, the lymphocytes become immobile (enter into a kind of paralysis) in the thyroid gland. As their numbers swell, so does the thyroid gland, contributing to the "goiter." Here is how it works: Initially lymphocytes passing through the thyroid gland tissues identify a threat. They then begin to attack the threat in greater and greater numbers, attempting to rid the thyroid gland of the culprit. As more and more lymphocytes accumulate in the thyroid gland they secrete an abundance of inflammatory chemicals. These inflammatory chemicals are used to kill the culprit and also to attract more lymphocytes. But these inflammatory chemicals also paralyze the lymphocytes over time. As more and more inflammatory chemicals are produced, more and more lymphocytes become paralyzed. This causes the goiter to swell even more.



To undo this cycle, in addition to the supplements which often help Hashimoto's disease, Vitamins E (800iu daily - all-natural complex) and niacinamide (500mg three times daily) may also be required. These two tools quench two other inflammatory agents called NF-kB and inducible nitric oxide, which are often directly involved in causing the lymphocyte paralysis.3, 4


If there is a viral component involved, silver hydrosol may be used for up to three weeks (up to several ounces daily), then lactoferrin from colostrum is used (2,000mg daily) to finish the job by maturing the immune system to the point that permanent immunity to the virus is attained.


In this manner, your doctor may successfully treat some of the most difficult cases of thyroid disorders we see today, even when antagonized by radioactive contamination.






The Very Best Thyroid Resources:
Accurate Online Digital Thermometers: See [Here]. And see [Here Too].
NOTE: Digital thermometers do not appear to be as accurate as the old mercury types. But they are safer. So, it may be best to set the thermometer while in place - twice. For example, wait for it to beep the first time, but do not remove it from underarm. Rather, while it remains in place, reset it to start again, and let it take another reading. In this way, you go with the second reading.
Here are the better digital thermometers available. I have discovered that the more expensive, the more accurate...
For $9.90 digital thermometers (Medical-C Brand), claimed to be ±0.2F accuracy, see:[Here]
For $238.00 highest-end digital thermometer (Welch-Allyn-Sure-Temp), claimed to be ±0.2F accuracy, see:[Here]
Directories and Clinics: (See Here), (Here), (And Here)
Mark Starr, M.D.
21st Century Pain & Sports Mgt
10565 N. Tatum Blvd - Ste B 115
Paradise Valley, AZ85253


Iodine/Iodide Info: [Link Here]
Desiccated Thyroid Resources: (Link Here)





1. Brownstein D. Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It. 4th edition, Medical Alternative Press, West Bloomfield, MI, 2009.

3. Flavin DF, Tschollar W. The reversal of Epstein Barr Virus Induced Hepatosplenomegaly in 24 Hours with Inhibitors of Xanthine Oxidase and Nitric Oxide Synthase. The New Zealand Medical Journal, 1996 Mar 22:106 -7.

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