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The International College of Regenerative MedicineTM  (ICRMTM)
Vis medicatrix regeneratus
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"As a matter of fact, modern society--that society produced by science and technology--is committing the same mistake as have all the civilizations of antiquity. It has created conditions of life wherein life itself becomes impossible. It justifies the sally of Dean Inge: 'Civilization is a disease which is almost invariably fatal'....  The environment which has molded the body and the soul of our ancestors during many millenniums has now been replaced by another. This silent revolution has taken place almost without our noticing it. We have not realized its importance. Nevertheless, it is one of the most dramatic events in the history of humanity. For any modification in their surroundings inevitably and profoundly disturbs all living beings. We must, therefore, ascertain the extent of the transformations imposed by science upon the ancestral mode of life, and consequently upon ourselves."

--Alexis Carrel in Man The Unknown

The International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM) in conjunction with the School of Constitutional & Eclectic MedicineTM (S.C.E.M.TM) will soon initiate training across the North and South America and the EU in the field of regenerative medicine. Pre-registration is now being taken for those wishing to become certified in ACTTM. Those who graduate and become certified in ACTTM will have the opportunity to become instructors in ACTTM to help satisfy the demand for course certification in ACTTM regionally and internationally.





There are fascinating tales scattered across history that give rich testimony about vastly superior, longliving and highly remote cultures. For example, in The Golden Age, the Greeks produced some of the greatest minds and skills extant, such as Alexander the Great ( a genius military strategist), Aristotle (the founder of our modern scientific method), Plato (one of the greatest philosophers of all time) and Hippocrates (the founder of modern medicine, which focused on physicians experiencing their healing methods directly within their own bodies). And thousands of years later, at least two remote regions of Greeks have achieved the legendary longevity and health noted, namely the Ikarians and Hunzakuts.


Meticulous anthropological studies have recorded many isolated races living under pristine conditions. These pristine condistions exhibited extraordinary attributes in the regions food chain (as covered on our Home Page). These isolated and autochthonous people perfected traditions which enabled them to take full advantage of their ideal regional food chain. Such primary traditional adhering peoples (pta -peoples) were longliving and experienced essentially no chronic degenerative diseases. The ptaHunzakuts, the ptaAbkhasians, the ptaOkinawians, the ptaIkarians, the ptaSardinians, the ptaNicoyans of Central America, the ptaInuits of North America, the pta-Vilcabambans of South America, and over fourteen other isolated human races located across the globe, etc... all lived or live essentially free of chronic degenerative diseases. And many were longliving or even extremely longliving as well.(A) Clearly, many of these most outstanding examples of our human race are recorded to have possessed unmatched physiques and great mental prowess. We can say in general that their "constitution" derived from a great people, in a special remote location, during a very special time in history.[1], [2], [3]


Our human constitution is a colloidal phenomenon starting at the cell and sub-cellular levels that determines our: anatomy, physiology, mental faculties, personality and psychological predispositions (see our mission statement). It's our constitution that is either regenerating or degenerating, not just our body or mind alone. Our human constitution adapts and is driven by exactly how we manage The Four Pillars in our lives, generation after generation. In other words, our human constitution is a culmination of how our family tree has:

(A) Played out in the past,

(B) Is playing out now, and

(C) Will play out in the future generations, generation after generation under the "determinant" factors of The Four Pillars.


Modern civilization has yet to prove it will lead us to anything but detrimental influences upon our human constitutions. Therefore, mastering and managing the determinant factors to The Four Pillars is the key to regenerating our human constitution and modern civilization. In this way, and in this way only, we may restore ourselves to that of our healthiest forefathers, and prevent our future generations from unwittingly making the same poor choices we made as a race. Once enough of us start practicing this, we can go from a degenerating race to a thriving race of human beings.



Despite what our patients may be told by others, there is no such thing as an incurable illness. We know that at least one human being or more has survived each of the plethora of naturally arising 'so called' incurable diseases. But to date, no one has elaborated on how humans are able to accomplish such cures. This website provides education on how to reawaken the body's self-healing capacity. 
Each day in every one of your 75 trillion body cells,[4] you will suffer over 100,000 mutations in your gene center. That equals 7.5 quintillion mutations or injuries (75 with 17 zeros after it) that occur daily, and directly where your cells operate the most essential mechanisms for life.Yet remarkably, any healthy 25 year old will repair - in each and every single cell of his or her body collectively - a total of 7,500,000,000,000,000,000 damages to our gene pool - daily. This translates into 868,055,555,555,556 corrections each second.[5], [6], [7]
And incredibly, this number does not even include similar injuries in similar numbers that arise in the cell's other essential compartments (i.e., the other organelles and membranes). On a daily basis, this system of self-repair within us vastly exceeds the outcome of any currently known therapeutic method or system. It is this system of repair that has the potential to cure any known natural disease. Indeed, the body's self-healing ability is the only real cure for all manner of natural diseases. The other contenders we use in medicine to directly treat any disease are at best, second class methods. And for chronic conditions, such external means to treat disease are hard pressed to actually bring about total cures of any meaningful kind.
With such second class, external methods of treating our illnesses, the question we must ask is, was the cell physiology restored to optimal expression or not? Just because there appears to be the absence of the symptoms of disease, the underlying factors and genesis to disease may still smolder away (see the Four Pillars tab and The Founding Father's tab on the left).
What provides the:

(I) Perfect intelligence, and
(II) Full empowerment to this self-healing system in your body, that
(III) Accomplishes such astronomical numbers of perfect repairs at incomprehensible speeds?

It is what we call The Regeneration Effect within.
Can you think of any other healing agent currently known, such as a mixture of drugs, foods, vitamins, minerals, or perhaps herbal phytochemicals, that can match this feat?  Can you think of any medical therapy that could match this feat, even those at our best hospitals?
So, as a healthcare professional, you may have thought for a long time that there is indeed a cure to any manner of natural disease. But until now, no one has defined exactly what this system is, right? And clinical medicine has not yet even come close to investigating this system at the physiological or clinical levels. So:

(1) What is this self-healing system, and
(2) How do we keep it in perfect working order, or
(3) Restore it to that optimal level of function?

1.  The innate self-healing system is composed, governed and controlled by colloidal chemistry. The colloidal chemistry in our body must be replenished and regenerated by colloids obtained in our foods in high 'gain' energy states. Only raw foods contain these high gain colloids, namely co-enzymated vitamins, metalloenzymes, growth factors, nucleoproteins, chlorophyll, etc... rich in high surface energies and/or energy molecules such as ATP, or high energy phosphate bonds, etc.
In biological life forms, the vast majority of colloids are destroyed by cooking (gelatin is one exception). When we cook colloids in foods, they turn to salts, or crystalloids. This orphans the colloids from their original high surface energies or energy-rich molecules. Three good examples among many others would be foods rich in ATP, chlorophyll and other peptide growth factors. One thing is certain: health cannot be maintained for long with diets containing predominantly crystalloid (see next section below) nutrients. This is not what we were designed to thrive on, only survive on. To add further insult to this injury, we use drugs to treat our weakened state. Both derive from crystallloids, with rare exceptions (i.e., nanocolloids, etc.. now emerging in nanomedicine). And unfortunately, present day physicians may know next to nothing about colloidal chemistry and it's supreme role over all biology.

Up until recently, it was very difficult to study colloids in their living state, whether in herbs, foods or in our bodies. When we tried before, our harsh analytical techniques turned these colloids into crystalloids, thereby hiding their true nature from our understanding. So, crystalloid chemistry is the chemistry of salts and organic materials which have been isolated for study outside of their actual undenatured-living state. This chemistry developed without the instrumentation necessary to capture the colloidal events that govern all life until nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (i.e., MRIs) was perfected.[8], [9]


Crystalloid chemistry is defined as chemistry that occurs with substances dissolved into water or liquids. In crystalloid chemistry, the reactions operate very inefficiently at normal body temperatures, if at all. Colloidal chemsitry is defined as chemsitry that occurs between substances suspended in water or liquids, where both maintain seperate surfaces. Colloidal chemistry operates with ease and efficiency at normal body temperatures.


Herein lies the defining chemistry between exuberant health and disease. Without the organizing and governing principles of colloidal chemistry, our bodies would not heal. Yet non-colloidal chemistry is the nearly exclusive chemical science taught in our healthcare system for controlling or managing disease! No wonder why cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease cures are so rare, or why drug therapy goes so often awry. It's comparable to going into war with a hundred pee-shooters and minimal supplies, when the enemy operates with colloidal chemistry and commands an armored division fully supplied and weaponized to the teeth.


Chronic diseases "target" our self-healing system and reduce it to the low gain energy state. To give but one example, many viruses and cancer rob the body of selenium (a metalloid) and/or the essential enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which must contain selenium to be functional.[10], [11] Other chronic diseased states are associated with low mineral states. Enzymes that requires a mineral to become fully activated (which means it is in a "high gain" energy state), work a billion times or more slower without the mineral compared to when the mineral is present (meaning the enzymes weakens to its 'low gain' energy state).


2. Enzymes are colloids and work under the field of colloidal chemistry, not crystalloid chemistry. Such enzymes operate at "high gain" energy states when the milieu enables and fortifies the requirements of colloidal chemistry, and generate life in ease. They create all energy production in our body for exuberant health and immunity. Enzymes operating in "low gain" energy states create dis-ease. Enzymes not supported by the correct conditions for colloidal chemistry to thrive, such as the correct pH, the correct structure of water, the correct spectrum of suspended mineral particles being present, the correct kinds of cooperative proteins being delivered from the food supply, etc.., can only function minimally, or in the low gain state. Does anyone think your body could fight off disease or cancer with enzyme systems working at "low gain" capacity?[12], [13], [14]


Although the ever growing body of scientific understanding and know-how concerning colloidal chemistry has been accumulating for over the past 100 years, it is not currently taught at any medical school, at any naturopathic college, at any school of acupuncture, or any college of chiropractic. At least, not yet. For future reference, I have termed this near-quantum self-healing system The Regeneration Effect. In effect, The Regeneration Effect restores all the low gain energy states into high gain energy states throughout the entire body.


3. How do we keep this regeneration effect working in perfect order? What we know for sure is that this system requires:

(A) A full spectrum of colloidal/oligodynamic minerals (mineral nanoparticles in their most powerful "free-ion" state)[9], [12], [15], [16], [17], (B)and, the body requires them in abundance, which can only come from our diet.[1], [18]We also know that geopathic disturbances or bioenergetic therapeutic measures can dramatically modulate the relationships between the free-ions associating with protein-based colloids.[19], [20]

(B) Structured water that creates an information wire system;[21], [22]and

(C) A proteinaceous scaffolding that forms the inside 'gel' to every cell's make up.[23], [24]These proteins are not so easy to come by. We either are forced to make them from inferior sources of proteins or their building blocks, or we may obtain them from select raw foods rich in proteins and their building blocks. I call these colloidal Regeneration Factors or cRFsTM for short. cRFsTM are critical to restore The Regeneration Effect because they are rich in high gain, high energy instilling colloids that can be assimilated and utilized by our bodies, and help regenerate essential proteins, especially with prolonged low sodium intake.[18], [25], [26]

4. Through outreach seminars and online courses, the ICRMTM in affiliation with the S.C.E.M.TM will teach physicians across N. America, S. America, Australia and Europe how to restore the optimal colloidal states to their patients, within the context of constitutional & eclectic medicine. In this manner, we will enable our patient's self-healing system to operate at full potential on a maintenance basis, slow their again process and prevent or reverse the most difficult of conditions.
In Summary
As we age and experience the wears and tears of life, we accumulate stresses at the cost of losing the full potential of our self-healing ability. Now, for the first time, you will be able to learn (and render into practice) techniques to restore your patient's lost self-healing abilities. With recent advances and the healing techniques perfected over the last century, we now understand most of how the Regeneration Effect restores health, often even in the gravely ill.[27], [28]


The human constitution is a complex reference point. But by having all the parameters clearly defined, and then using suitable methodologies to measure and tract the recovery of the patient's constitution, a level of skill will become routine in your practice, while at the same time helping patients previously thought of as hopeless cases. ACTTM will give us the tools to restore the self-healing capacity of patients, but the referencing back to our human constitution will enable this method of healing to influence generations upon generations into the future.


Once any patient becomes restored, they normally make strong effort to help their family members do the same. Once patients realize we were indeed born with many of our weaknesses, as Mark Starr, MD, so well documents in his work on hypothyroidism, they will impress their female family members how to avoid passing those weaknesses down their family tree. Indeed, by understanding the human constitution's ideal state, we can teach our patients not just how to avoid problems but rather to teach them how to raise children on the high-end of what the human race has produced in the past.
Proper attempts were made to insure no copyright markings were visible on all materials used thought to be in the public domain. If an error has occurred in this regard, please contact us so that we may immediately correct such errors. Thank you.
(A) By "longliving" we mean those isolated cultures that achieved larger than expected proportions of their members achieving ages over 90 years of age, as well as many of those members exceeding ages well past 100 years of age while maintaining a remarkeable fitness and activity level. By "extremely" longliving, we mean isolated pta-peoples that achieved ages well above 110 years of age, and even beyond 120 years of age, who exhibited minimal chronic degenerative disease.


(B) Brownian movement/motion is named for Robert Brown (botanist) who observed and recorded this phenomenon as evidence of random processes in nature in 1827.  Desaulx advanced the explanation of the movement in 1877.  G. L. Gouy found that the Brownian movement was more rapid for smaller particles in 1889.  F. M. Exner completed the first quantitative studies, measuring how the motion depended on temperature and particle size in 1900.  A. Einstein developed the first mathematical theory of the motion in 1905 and received the Nobel Prize for this work.  The movement is an irregular motion by minute particles of suspended matter within a fluid (or molecule in a gas) caused by the random motion of electrons across particles/atoms.  It is also a result of thermal molecular motion in a liquid.  A suspended particle is constantly and randomly struck for all sides by the molecules of the liquid.  When observing very small particles, the hits that it takes from one side will be greater than the bumps from opposing sides, causing it to jump.  These small random jumps make up the Brownian motion.


Now, consider the following... 


The Royal Society & The Royal Academy of Engineering, Nanoscience and nanotechnologies, 2004 July; pages vii-ix.


"Nanoscience and nanotechnologies are widely seen as having huge potential to bring benefits to many areas of research and application, and are attracting rapidly increasing investments from Governments and from businesses in many parts of the world… In June 2003 the UK Government therefore commissioned the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering to carry out this independent study into current and future developments in nanoscience and nanotechnologies and their impacts…A nanometer (nm) is one thousand millionth of a meter. For comparison, a single human hair is about 80,000nm wide, a red blood cell is approximately 7,000nm wide and a water molecule is almost 0.3nm across. People are interested in the nanoscale (which we define to be from 100nm down to the size of atoms (approximately 0.2mn) because it is at this scale that the properties of materials can be very different from those at a larger scale."


Significance of the Nanoscale


"The properties of materials can be different at the nanoscale for two main reasons. First, nanomaterials have a relatively larger surface area when compared to the same mass of material produced in larger form. This can make materials more chemically reactive (in some cases materials that are inert in their large form are reactive when produced in their nanoscale form), and affect their strength or electrical (oligodynamic) properties. Second, quantum effects can begin to dominate the behavior of matter at the nanoscale – particularly at the lower end – affecting the optical, electrical and magnetic behavior of materials. Materials can be produced that are nanoscale in one dimension (for example, very thin surface coatings), in two dimensions (for example, nanowires and nanotubules) or in all three dimensions (for example, nanoparticles).


Bionanotechnology and nanomedicine


"Applications of nanotechnologies in medicine are especially promising, and areas such as disease diagnosis, drug delivery targeted at specific sites in the body and molecular imaging are being intensively investigated and some products are undergoing clinical trials. Nanocrystalline silver, which is known to have antimicrobial properties, is being used in wound dressings in the USA. Applications of nanoscience and nanotechnologies are also leading to the production of materials and devices such as scaffolds for cell and tissue engineering, and sensors that can be used for monitoring aspects of human health. Many applications may not be realized for ten years or more (owing partly to the rigorous testing and validation regimes that will be required). In the much longer term, the development of nanoelectronic systems that can detect and process information could lead to the development of an artificial retina or cochlea. Progress in the area of bionanotechnology will build on our understanding of natural biological structures on the molecular scale, such as proteins."


Chapter 2, p. 5.


6. The size range that holds so much interest is typically from 100nm down to the atomic level (approximately 0.2 nm), because it is in this range (particularly at the lower end) that materials can have different or enhanced properties compared with the same materials at a larger size. The two main reasons for this change in behaviour are an increased relative surface area, and the dominance of quantum effects. An increase in surface area (per unit mass) will result in a corresponding increase in chemical reactivity, making some nanomaterials useful as catalysts to improve the efficiency of fuel cells and batteries. As the size of matter is reduced to tens of nanometres or less, quantum effects can begin to play a role, and these can significantly change a material's optical, magnetic or electrical properties.




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