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IRCM Treatise
The Art & Science of Integrative Regenerative Medicine begs for us to use the term "dysponesis" over the term "disorder" or any other term for illness. Disorder, illness, named disease (a tortology), distress, pathology, condition, dysfunction, abnormality, etc…. are concepts rather than realities (that is - they all fall far short of representing the only causal player - Strict Determinism). Such words embody shadows and echoes of what is really happening, just as Plato's Cave Allegory so revealingly portrays how shadows and echoes are mistaken for reality as it truly is. These word concepts are merely surface-level interpretations by the person experiencing sensations (symptoms). The surface level interpretations are then translated by the physician into a more fancy word for the same (the definition of tortology).
Sensations arise because some kind of energy is making contact with some part of the body. The first thing the person wants to do is get away from unpleasant sensations, or make them go away without determining exactly why the sensations are there in the first place. Since most conventional physicians do not currently appraise the energies making contact with the body (where the true signs of causal disease dwell), but rather at best appraise the downstream effects of the causes, treatment selections consistently miss the mark for a true cure. EKGs, EEGs, EMGs, MRIs are not routinely used to appraise causal events, but rather baselines pre and post treatment. In other words, the resulting data are examined to see if pathology has set in, a downstream event usually manifesting long after a causal event. In other words (and most importantly), their respective normal verses abnormal tracings are not referenced to the optimally well human beings, such as the long-living, matched to age and gender, nor to the real constructs to healthy cell physiology. [View Power Point]
How many times have we heard from a dear friend whose spouse just died from a heart attack that a routine EKG had just been performed within the past 6 months, and at that time was found to be completely "normal?" Worse is when abnormal tracings lead to treatment that does not treat the cause of the problem, and only makes things worse. An example would be low cellular (not blood) potassium and thyroid hormone levels (T-3) which standard blood tests and EKG tracings miss. The patient is still given a medication that regulates her heart contractions, but the medication causes more potassium loss and interferes with T-3 function. [More Here]
Most specifically, pharmaceutical agents prescribed to treat an identified disease, at best, only treat the shadows and echoes of Strict Determinism. No one ever gets dysponesis from a deficiency of a synthetic drug, unless addiction to a long administered medication has set in.
To further illustrate at the gross level, a patient presents claiming she has a headache. The physician immediately translates this into cephalgia, a tortology, and prescribes a pain killer. The Cave Allegory is on. The patient returns the next day with the same headache. The physician orders a CAT Scan. The test results come back negative, but the physician prescribes a stronger pain reliever. The patient comes back the next day, with the same headache, only worse. The physician then refers the patient to a neurologist who then orders a battery of tests. The tests all come back negative since none scan the causal levels of the headache. The neurologist then refers the patients to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist then prescribes an antidepressant, and the Cave Allegory continues.
The patient finally becomes determined to find the real cause of her headache. After much search and research she reads about galvanism of the mouth, where metals used in dental construction can become conduits (receivers and transceivers) of electrical circuits in the mouth. She realizes that prior to her last set of dental work (the placement of a permanent metallic bridge), she had no headaches. But within 24 hours of receiving a great deal of metal in her mouth from her conventional dentist, she started having headaches. She goes to an eclectic dentist who understands the fourth pillar, who tests her for geopathic electrical currents potentially running through her mouth, and bingo the cause is finally determined. Reality as it is has been determined by way of accurately testing one core attribute (i.e., bioenergies pertaining to the fourth pillar) of Strict Determinism, which is in its entirety is a construct of three additional pillars. (More Here)
Perhaps the most disturbing example is one that concerns our children. This is a true story: At a school located in a pristine northern European country, there were no cases of attention deficient disorder seen in any classroom. Teachers there took note with pride that their kids seemed much better off than their American or British counterparts. Then one day the cell phone company set up a microwave tower within 500 yards of the school to start offering cell phone services in the area. Within a very short time frame, 100% of the children at the school lost so much of their attention span that most were placed on medications (synthetic drugs in the same family as cocaine in an attempt to "correct" the problem). Other children are affected in their electromagnetic circuitry to the extent that heart disease and immune disorders abound. Imagine if you felt mentally tormented day after day with nothing to give you a clue what was wrong with your nerves. Most would start "assigning" or rationalizing blame to anything that might help them fight back. The only problem is, only shadows and echoes of the real cause can be found, and the child goes delusional. I can imagine with this level of relentless neuropsychophysiological dysponesis why an alarming and growing number of kids so afflicted fixate on committing bodily harm to their parents, teachers and classmates. [Study Here]
Definition of dysponesis: Chaotic physiological reaction(s) governed by inappropriate signaling and energy flow which is reversible by restoring resilience to the internal milieu by way of The Regeneration Effect. This correlates to: (A) the "psora" paradigm of homeopathy (miasm comes after the fact), (B) the "lesion" paradigm of osteopathy, as well as to (C) the "subluxation" paradigm of chiropractic, and even (D) the 'bad' chi or blocked 'good' chi paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Put even more succinctly, the Integrative Regenerative mind frame groks dysponesis as: energy transmissions out of proper timing, either too much or too little, unwholesome in nature, that interfere with cells,' tissues' and organs' innate capacity to regenerate.
For a concrete example at the molecular level, hydrogen atoms are the most numerous atoms in the water molecule (and Universe). These hydrogen atoms resonant or vibrate within magnetic fields of our internal milieu. This resonance frequency of hydrogen has been determined to be 45Hz, which displays powerful growth promoting properties in nerve cells when nerve growth factor (NGF) is present. However, if for whatever reason the 45Hz broadcast from hydrogen atoms is increased or decreased by interference (i.e., too frequent cell phone use), poor or even rogue nerve growth results (see: Blackman CF, Blanchard JP, Benane SG, House DE. Experimental determination of hydrogen bandwidth for the ion parametric resonance model. Bioelectromagnetics. 1999;20(1):5-12 - and - {More Here}).
In another example, when 7Hz is used (the intrinsic resonance of calcium ion) regenerative stem cell activation may be propagated (see: Lisi A, et al. Ion cyclotron resonance as a tool in regenerative medicine. Electromagn Biol Med. 2008;27(2):127-33).
Eclectic Medicine utilizes Meridian Therapy to take advantage of these (and other) most important healing frequencies.
Dysponesis' was a term first coined by Whatmore and Kohli to embody in a word that most diseases are a compounding series of ‘physiological reactions' that culminate in organ dysfunction (see: Whatmore GB, Kohi DR. Dysponesis: a neurophysiologic factor in functional disorders. Behav Sci. 1968 Mar;13(2):102-24 - and - Whatmore GB, Kohli DR. The concept, physiopathology. Its role in understanding functional disorders. Basal Facts. 1985;7(1):13-7). These physiological reactions define the patient's current expression of Strict Determinism. The resilience or lack of resilience of the patient's internal milieu will ‘determine' the consequences of these physiological reactions upon the mind and body (the mind/body). These physiological reactions derive and accumulate from sequential stresses incurred via external events (i.e., physical trauma, contamination with poisons, unwholesome diets or inadequate fresh air or water), or internal events (i.e., reactions to bodily sensations, reactions to emotions, reactions to thoughts). The accumulated physiological reactions impact and change the human constitution, both immediately as well as over time. From the work of Pende, McCarrison, Price, Pottenger, Benet, etc... it is apparent these acquired insults are transferred down the family tree.
The mechanism appears to a complicated process perhaps involving both polyphenism [Defined Here] and currently unknown extensions of epigenetics (see: Eilertsen KJ, Power RA,Harkins LL, Misica P. Targeting cellular memory to reprogram the epigenome, restore potential, and improve somatic cell nuclear transfer. Anim Reprod Sci. 2007 Mar;98(1-2):129-46 - and - Molaro A, et al. Sperm methylation profiles reveal features of epigenetic inheritance and evolution in primates. Cell. 2011 Sep 16;146(6):1029-41). My conjecture is that because the process appears to resemble dramatic genetic "shifts" within connective tissue cells into entirely different redifferentiated new cells or dedifferentiated primordial cells (perhaps pleomorphic in nature and certainly cancer-like), it has yet to be fully defined. This two-way process may potentially also be inducible in other adult cell types as opposed to fibroblasts or stem cells. It appears to be a generational cumulative process which has an end point, and is fully reversible over the same number of generations it took to devolve according to the famous Cat Experiments of Pottenger. To me this seems to push past the respective known boundaries of both polyphenism and epigenesis. Under tissue culture experiments of sequential generations, this phenomenon may have been at least partially elucidated by Becker (see: Becker RO. Induced dedifferentiation: a possible alternative to embryonic stem cell transplants. NeuroRehabilitation. 2002;17(1):23-31). And in retrospective studies conducted by Starr, this appears to be further elucidated in select human populations which pass down their family tree incrementally devolving glandular weaknesses in each successive generation, a hallmark of the long march into race extinction.[Discussed Here]
Perhaps advancements in the study of what we have been talking about immediately above will someday shed precious light on instances of true, instantaneous miraculous healings documented over the centuries.[Further Details Here]
Essentially, Whatmore and Kohli were describing 'neuropsychophysiologic' reactions (in this present context, neuro – meaning chaotic nerve signaling; psychogenic – meaning improper-mind-view stresses overwhelming innate body function and structure; and physiology – here meaning - pertaining to organs, tissues, cells and below cell levels) (see: Lane RD, Schwartz GE. The neuropsychophysiology of emotion. Funct Neurol. 1990 Jul-Sep;5(3):263-6). The resulting ‘tension' or 'stresses' from the reactions stymies blood flow which reduces: (a) the milieu's oxygen levels, (b) essential nutrient replenishment, and (c) waste removal, which in turn generates(d) milieu hyperacidity, which in turn (e) lowers energy production, which in turn(f) alters the associations between mineral elements to their target cellular proteins and cellular genes, which in turn (g) induces altered wider-scale proteomic and genomic expression, which in turn (h) distorts the water of the cell's gel state to properly and efficiently transmit short & long range signals, which in turn (i) alters cell to cell function & structure, (j) cell to tissue function & structure, and finally (k) tissue to organ function & structure.
Energy phase translation from electrons into heat, photons, microwaves, phonons, magnetic and subtle organizing fields drive cellular life (see: van Dalen JP. Energy supply in early development of living cell. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 2002;34(2):151-8 - and - Saxena A, et al. A hypothetical mathematical construct explaining the mechanism of biological amplification in an experimental model utilizing picoTesla (PT) electromagnetic fields. Med Hypotheses. 2003 Jun;60(6):821-39 - and - Hummel Z. Dual nature of the intracellular cations. Conductance of adsorbed intracellular cations in the region of microwave frequencies. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 1993;25(4):261-71). Other subatomic wave-particles appear to translate into different phases of energy as well. For the purposes of a working model that explains a hierarchy to these energy waves, consider a rainbow.
As sunlight passes through rainfall, a rainbow is created and visualized, which is always comprised of seven (7) elemental colors created from the rain water slicing apart the sun's rays. The sun's rays are both waves and particles called photons.
Matter interfaces with energy. The result is that matter is altered by energy. Matter arranging itself from a chaotic state into highly organized structures depends upon rainbows of energy making it so. This makes one ponder deeper about the first verses in the Old Testament: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness." (See: Genesis - Ch. 1, verses 1-4.)
Integrative Regenerative Medicine utilizes the 'divisions' of light from the darkness upon the waters of the body, by (1) determining the biophoton emissions emanating from the body, (2) identifying the missing color(s) or diminished intensities of color(s), and then (3) utilizes Meridian Therapy to administer the precise frequency of color(s) (i.e., Biophoton therapeusis) to correct the dysponesis (see: Bajpai R, Brizhik L, Del Giudice E, Finelli F, Popp FA, Schlebusch KP. Light as a trigger and a probe of the internal dynamics of living organisms. J Acupunct Meridian Stud. 2010 Dec;3(4):291-7 - and - Brizhik LS, Del Giudice E,Popp FA, Maric-Oehler W,Schlebusch KP. On the dynamics of self-organization in living organisms. Electromagn Biol Med. 2009;28(1):28-40 - and also - Cohen S, Popp FA. Biophoton emission of human body. Indian J Exp Biol. 2003 May;41(5):440-5 - and finally - Niggli HJ, Scaletta C, Yu Y, Popp FA, Applegate LA. Ultraweak photon emission in assessing bone growth factor efficiency using fibroblastic differentiation. J Photochem Photobiol B. 2001 Nov 1;64(1):62-8).
For the purposes of further expanding our wave-particle spectrum, we turn to the sound spectrum. Sounds are wave-particles called Phonons. Pure notes are notes of sound that are considered elemental in nature, as their sum totals the entire field of sound waves. On the Diatonic musical scale, these pure notes also total seven (7) in number. Each pure note has an exact frequency. Each pure note has an endless series of octaves (200% or 50% of their mother frequency, which continue on into divisions of more octaves by amplifying or reducing the next octave by a factor of 200% or 50% again). In sound waves, a single precise note (C-note) can be further divided into octaves of itself, creating in a sense, series after series of chyming rainbows of itself. Later in the New Testament, we learn: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." (See: The Gospel According to St. John - Ch. I, verses 1-5.)
Eclectic Medicine utilizes software programmed into analyzing computers to appraise the deficient or missing octaves in voice analysis of a subject. Then Eclectic Medicine utilizes special speaker systems which have the technology to reproduce exact, precise octaves of the missing note to entrain those specific phonons back into the subject's internal milieu.[More Info Here]
Continuing our expansion of the wave-particle spectrum utilized by Integrative Regenerative Medicine to initiate, facilitate and fixate The Regeneration Effect, we return to the illustrious electron. Electrons are the most elemental or pure unit of electricity and are all negatively charged. Electrons orbit their respective home atoms which continuously flood across the internal milieu. According to the Regenerative paradigm, precisely like the zeros and ones which program onto hard disks a precise set of instructions, these negative charges program unto the "hard disk" of the cell, which is the cell's watery gel. In other words, densities of polarized energy take up positions in the internal milieu, and remain in place until a lesion or modulation of it occurs (see: Grimes BA, Liapis AI. The interplay of diffusional and electrophoretic transport mechanisms of charged solutes in the liquid film surrounding charged nonporous adsorbent particles employed in finite bath adsorption systems. J Colloid Interface Sci. 2002 Apr 15;248(2):504-20 - and - Trillo MA, Ubeda A, Blanchard JP, House DE, Blackman CF. Magnetic fields at resonant conditions for the hydrogen ion affect neurite outgrowth in PC-12 cells: a test of the ion paramagnetic resonance model. Bioelectromagnetics. 1996;17(1):10-20 - and - Belyaev IY, Alipov ED. Frequency-dependent effects of ELF magnetic field on chromatin conformation in Escherichia coli cells and human lymphocytes. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2001 Jun 15;1526(3):269-76). Such electron Densities may serve multiple purposes according to how they fixate to the internal milieu.
For example, electron densities may stabilize into liquid crystals with the cell's watery gel. The stable liquid crystal may have a neutral charge. As such they may serve as a prism which divides incoming EMF into its elemental waves of energy. This rationale comes from cellular water which is known to form highly crystal-perfect pockets within non-polar proteins. (More Info Here) Continuing, this dividing of the frequency input through the water crystal, in essence, creates octaves of the original input. These waves then bounce off of solid cellular components (the solid state of the cell's computer system), which initiates cellular work. But the waves continue on, making use of another purpose for electron densities which may help construct and arrange water into multiple polarized layers. This is called PM water for short. PM water may retain memory or information which is ready, able and willing to govern the internal milieu. So now we can see that each cell operates very much like a computer does.
The zeros and ones inside a computer disk are actually fixed positions of magnetic south poles and magnetic north poles. These are generated by select materials within the hard disk that have the property of being constructed out of atoms easily trained (entrained) to align their respective electron orbital spins to all move in the same direction together. One direction creates a north pole magnetic field, and the opposite direction creates a south pole magnetic field. Each cell is just like a terabyte size computer hard disk which stores nothing but zeros and ones (i.e., differing electron densities). Two diverse electron densities may entrain opposite pole magnetic fields (paramagnetism) along different locations in the cell's milieu. In this manner, information is stored on the cell's hard disk which is nothing other than a set of orderly transmissions of energy digitally crystallized into the PM water. The result is that each cell can retain a nearly limitless amount of information. The entire apparatus performs not unlike a holographic film would - both recording as well as emitting frequencies which form, drive and conduct cellular form and function.
As multiple layers of polarized water form, their respective layers may be seen as distinguished from each other by the predominant octave of energy or magnetism they are entrained with. If one were looking at a two dimensional schematic of the PM water, one might see a rainbow, or if one instead were hearing the PM water instead of looking at it, one might hear a perfect harmony of octaves attuning to a blissful song of life. The accruing magnetic fields which are additive layer upon layer, would eventually force the layers to loop back into a perfect circle to eventually attract to the lowest opposite magnetic pole at the bottom layer. This would also occur at the edges to each layer; they would eventual tend to fold back into each other, resulting in a perfect sphere. For this reason, the front cover of all books of The Regeneration Effect series illustrate this perfect sphere, vibrating with the light and word of God via the finger touching in the water, forming the mirror image of the first human called Adam. [View Here] "And there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." (Genesis - Ch. 2, verses 6-7.)
More specifically, in dysponesis PM water displays reversible patterns of disorder or chaos (see: Cope FW. Successful therapy of heart disease by high potassium together with low sodium in accord with predictions from the associated cation, structured water concept of the cell. Physiol Chem Phys. 1979;11(1):93-4). In health, PM water displays highly organized patterns of order due to its association with the parametric (self-perpetuating) forces of these charged mineral elements (the dust of the ground). This association of charged dust in PM water bathing solid state components like proteins, displays rhythmic attraction/repulsion pulsations or frequencies which persist in set patterns in multiple layers. These set patterns are also "parametric" because the polarity of water is an absolute characteristic of the water molecule, and the polarity of the charged elements is likewise an absolute due to its net neutral, positive or negative charge. NO ADDITIONAL ENERGY INPUT IS REQUIRED! Together, this leads to purposeful perpetual motion between the two and the solid state of the cell (see: Akber SF. NMR relaxation data of water proton in normal tissues. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 1996;28(4):205-38 - and see -Barrett TW. Energy transfer as parametric excitation: an examination of nonlinearity in enzymatic reaction, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, electron tunneling, and electron transfer. Physiol Chem Phys. 1982;14(3):249-790>
In this manner, homeostasis can become fixed and resilient. The resilience derives from the elements immutable net positive, neutral or net negative charge. For as long as these elements, in the same density and diversity, occupy the same foci (i.e., pockets within proteins or lipids) in the cell, homeostasis will be 'fixed' and resilient (see: Matveev VV. Evidence of a new type of protein-protein interaction: desensitized actomyosin blocks Ca(2+)-sensitivity of the natural one. A possible model for an intracellular signalling system related to actin filaments. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 2000;32(2):167-78 - and - Marsh D. Electron spin resonance in membrane research: protein-lipid interactions from challenging beginnings to state of the art. Eur Biophys J. 2010 Mar;39(4):513-25).
Furthermore, "memory" of the collective wave forms after they made contact with the solid state of the cell (colliding then reflecting off the cell's molecular mechanisms such as nucleoproteins, enzymes and structural membranes), is permanently recorded within the PM water until a lesion or modulation takes place. As new energy is pumped into the holographic-computerized electrical field we call cells, phase interfaces abound wherein light, sound and other wave forms initiate molecular work. The prime determinant is the quality and quantity of the energy, plus the prisms and recording integrity of the cell's watery gel state. In other words, there is a symphony of light, sound and electricity in which the cells dance. This is the forum and dynamic to the mind/body at the cell level.
This is exactly what Claude Bernard investigated over and over again by his elegant experimental designs. His efforts were rewarded by the insight that the internal cellular milieu was governed by the paradigm he called Strict Determinism. Bernard even gained the insight that mind matters most to the internal milieu. Mind emits wave forms that impact the entire body's holographic apparatus. The mind/body may now be seen as a perennial participant in the cell's genesis which it undergoes each millisecond. He stated: "There is the true terrain of the influence of mind over matter... In the organism, physiology is the executive branch; but the legislative branch is creation." By understanding the French system of governance in the mind of Bernard, the legislative branch (main power broker) represents the attunement or "at-one-ment" process (the consensus process) whereby the laws of creation are discerned eventually into agreement from all input, and then revealed to the cell's entire apparatus lead by the Executive branch. The cell's apparatus then is obligated to execute those laws governing life, or else the Executive branch is dissolved! In this manner we might glean how cancer cells take over the lawless cell, or how infectious processes, serving as an invading enemy, take over control of the cell.
The resilience can now be seen to be the cell's method of both energy storage as well as information storage by creating a 'coherent field' (see: Popp FA, Li KH, Mei WP, Galle M, Neurohr R. Physical aspects of biophotons. Experientia. 1988 Jul 15;44(7):576-85). In other words, the cell's water gel state or milieu has self-organizing memory because it acts as a holographic apparatus. In order to create a holographic image of an object, the film must completely surround or envelope the object. The watery milieu accomplishes this like no other medium within the cell because it forms multiple compartments and layers in precise arrays. At the appropriate time, the stored energy then enters and makes contact with the solid state of the cell to conduct work. The reflected energy waves are re-captured onto the cell's watery gel holographic apparatus, so there is perpetual and constant updating and tweaking of all current cellular activities. And these arrays are able to extend not only across the cell itself, but between cells, other tissues and organs as well. This makes the arrays of structured water the perfect vehicle conduit for long-range transmissions of same.(More Info Here)(The remainder of the 'Results' section is dedicated to documentation supporting this assertion. For proof of concept, see:Pompano RR, Liu W, Du W, Ismagilov RF. Microfluidics using spatially defined arrays of droplets in one, two, and three dimensions. Annu Rev Anal Chem (Palo Alto Calif). 2011;4:59-81.)
Re-phrased - The gridlines and funneling of targeted work energy which constructs the cell and enables select functions (such as electron poising in mitochondria) also derive from this holographic apparatus. Recall that as waves of energy are sent through a conducting medium, they move up and down, plus spiral as they progress. What is not commonly known is that DNA sends and receives energy input, such as UV light as it commits to molecular re-arrangement (see: Popp FA, Ruth B, et al. Emission of visible and ultraviolet radiation by active biological systems. Collective Phenomenon 1981;3:187-214 - and -Clery D. DNA goes electric. Science. 1995 Mar 3;267(5202):1270). Indeed, the DNA is a double-helix structure, the perfect shape of an antenna to capture funneled, spiraling energy signals from the holographic apparatus (comprised fundamentally of PM water). Also, alpha helix proteins appear to posses similar antennae abilities (see: Pang XF. The theory of bio-energy transport in the protein molecules and its properties. Phys Life Rev. 2011 Oct;8(3):264-86).
It now appears that the watery gel of the cell can also be programmed with holograms via signals emitted by DNA. DNA emits signals, which is then recorded by the holographic apparatus, and even when the watery gel is diluted to extreme lower concentrations, remains capable of executing regenerative phenomena. The transmission of this information is able to be received and utilized by "by-stander cells," giving more credence to the notion of acquired elements entering into the rules of heredity. (see: Montagnier L, Assa J, Ferris S, Montagnier JL, Lavallee C. Electromagnetic signals are produced by aqueous nanostructures derived from bacterial DNA sequences. Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences. 2009;1(2):81-90). It is conceivable that long ago, when more primitive tissues than ours were devoid of mitochondria (the predominant engines to optimum human metabolism), a symbiont bacteria entered into a group of these cells offering hugely greater production of energy to the host. The match was made in heaven, and the cells propagated from that point forward with their precious adopted bacteria forever written into the heredity code of future cells.
This ability even when so diluted is an inherent characteristic of holograph film. Only holographic film will carry the entire image of the object digitally recorded, even when it is cut in half, and cut in half repeatedly. Only the 'density' of information of the whole object is lessened. But even the faded ghost of anyone's late mother is immediately recognizable as mother! Put another way, the instructions, so long as they are whole, will still work. The details as their need arises are left to ongoing cross-talk between confirmation signals as physiology proceeds. Mirrors are the key to this, an attribute of water surfaces. As a beautiful woman expertly puts make-up on her face, she requires not one, but multiple mirrors to repeatedly confirm every angle to assure her desired look is just right.
The prisms to the holographic apparatus may be two-way devices. As fresh energy transmissions are received, the prisms may redirect the light into other prisms which broadcast the light far down the road into other cell's holographic apparatuses. Additionally, the memory storage can interface with the fresh input and join into the frequencies. This would be akin to input of carrier waves or chi to rebalance the system's own self-healing capacity (see: Bajpai R, Brizhik L, Del Giudice E, Finelli F, Popp FA, Schlebusch KP. Light as a trigger and a probe of the internal dynamics of living organisms. J Acupunct Meridian Stud. 2010 Dec;3(4):291-7 - and -Cohen S, Popp FA. Biophoton emission of human body. Indian J Exp Biol. 2003 May;41(5):440-5).
In a cell, patterns make work happen by setting into precise motion a DNA molecule. This is the mechanism underlying the field of genomics. And such patterns make work happen by setting into precise motion an enzyme molecule. This is the mechanism underlying the field of proteomics. The feedback of these actions generates signals (waves carrying self-organizing instructions) as well as energy donors back into the water. For example, as mitochondria are turned on and off, they generate ATP, another storage form of energy. The ATP molecule then associates with other enzyme systems or genetic systems by the negative electrical charges it possesses which is forever obliged to attract to its polar target opposite (see: Xiao-Feng P. The properties of bio-energy transport and influence of structure nonuniformity and temperature of systems on energy transport along polypeptide chains. Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2011 Sep 17. [Epub ahead of print]).
This then sets off a self-sustaining, self-propagating, self-organizing, self-replicating "cause and effect cascade" of parametric excitation into the watery gel of the cell, driving the precise colloidal chemistry of the cell we call life (see: Brizhik LS, Del Giudice E, Popp FA, Maric-Oehler W, Schlebusch KP. On the dynamics of self-organization in living organisms. Electromagn Biol Med. 2009;28(1):28-40). By the wise use in the clinical setting of the parametric excitation at work, The Regeneration Effect is powered up. When this self-organization system becomes overstressed, the footing to The Regeneration Effect is lost producing opposite results.
Stresses or trauma from the environment, or from reactions to bodily sensations, emotions or thoughts then interferes (creates a lesion or subluxation or blocked chi) with the internal milieu distorting the images of the holographic device we call a cell. When enough stresses get recorded and the PM water is not replenished, restored or regenerated to its former state, aging sets in (see: Katayama S. Aging mechanism associated with a function of biowater. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 1992;24(1):43-50). If the milieu is resilient despite the impact of the incoming stresses, cellular and sub-cellular aikido may take place to use the stress to force a reinforcing or strengthening of the cell from available reserves. For example, after a bone is broken, the bone's connective tissues and adult stem cells (with the help of select immune cells and growth factors) will heal that section of the bone with materials much stronger than the original bone pre-injury so long as there is abundant colloidal raw materials available. And as we should infer at this point in the treatise, the direct means to this end is via self-organizational energy flow exciting the internal milieu (see:Niggli HJ, Scaletta C, Yu Y,Popp FA, Applegate LA. Ultraweak photon emission in assessing bone growth factor efficiency using fibroblastic differentiation. J Photochem Photobiol B. 2001 Nov 1;64(1):62-8).
The watery gel state is also the key to true regenerative medicine as opposed to anti-aging medicine. It is the precise means by which Carrel was successful in keeping embryonic chicken heart tissue alive and beating indefinitely, leading him to concluded, "The life of the cell is immortal, it is the fluid in which it floats that degenerates." In the words of Hans Fraunfelder (who discovered perturbed angular correlation - or PAC - central to condensed-matter physics) at Los Alamos National Laboratory, cellular "... motion of proteins is "slaved" to the faster motion of water molecules."
But it was from the mind of Claude Bernard that we are finally made to see as Eclectic healers - The resilience of the internal milieu exclusively 'determines' the outcome to all healthy states, all dis-ease states, to our progeny, to all aging processes, to longevity itself, and ultimately our human constitution.This is the 'how' and 'why' Strict Determinism governs all physiological outcome at the end of the day.
The Greek philosopher and Father of Modern Science, Aristotle, conceived that the 'primary' being was substance. Since Aristotle had no access to modern microscopes, we may speculate that his substance meant the primary unit of life or elements of a cell, i.e., the internal milieu. He envisioned the highest substance was God - the primary mover and principle of all being. As a result of Aristotle, the Ancient Greeks taught that the purpose of philosophy is to grok 'being.' This theme was at one with their term for religion (from religio) which means to link or attune oneself back to one's origin - the atonement process or at-one-moment experience of the origin. From the beginning of modern medicine, we see the efforts made to link the knowledge of our being, into an effort to "Know Thyself" (Temet Nosce).By this knowing, the nature of our existence is revealed, and the missing or altered substances (elements) inducing dysponesis become identified. We just need to "know" the reference point, that being, our utmost expression of life, as opposed to anything less. And now we are finally in the perfect position to fully grok the original eclectic mind of Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, who emphasized the view that disease is not a true entity at all. He exhorted: "Disease [is] not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient's body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body."
Reductionism by itself cannot grok such realizations, but there is a scientific method which does. Integrative Regenerative Medicine uses a reproducible methodology to gain such realizations in the patient. The healing techniques are adept in getting the patient to 'attune' to the moment of contact between mind and body (the field of the wave-particle continuum inherent to the internal milieu). Proper attuning consistently and reproducibly restores the missing or altered substances or holograms essential to living disease-free for a hundred years or more. The identification of missing or altered substances is incidental, but does provide profound insight as the restoration process naturally unfolds on its own (as any Law of Nature does). Quite often the solution is simple but at first painful when one properly re-attunes one's mind to stored memories (which is a practice of tuning into the tones - body vibrations or body sensations - of the memory). In other words, the memories resonate in the body as pure sensations until properly purged. The emotion or thought about the sensation comes after the fact, and is not causal to the dysponesis. That is to say that - because of contact of mind with body, sensation arises. These sensations are stored in the body until purged in a special way. Unwholesome sensations are those which produce dysponesis. And mere attunement (mere observation) to these sensations in a proper way purges them out of the mind/body.
The proper realization of the stored memory's sensations naturally purges, cleanses and purifies the entire hologram - just as when one fasts, stored body fat purges off from the body as it 'burns' up as fuel, which leaves refreshed cellular states perfectly primed or conditioned for The Regeneration Effect. At first, much burning may be felt as these sensations come up to pass (melt) away. But through persistence this leads to real happiness as the burning, pains or tensions wax and wane. Anyone naturally experiences real happiness once these burdens are incrementally purified. With enough perseverance, all such mind/body burdens become completely purified from the body (extinguished). Such perseverance, expertly guided by a healer who knows, naturally leads to a stressless, tensionless, calm, wise and positive attitude toward one's existence. [Review Here] How could real happiness, mirth and cheerfulness not arise in such a person? In the words of Benjamin Rush, the Chief Patron of Medicine in America (and perhaps the witty founder of modern neuropsychophysiology???): "Mirth, and even cheerfulness, when employed as remedies in low spirits, are like hot water to a frozen limb."
But beyond what has been stated above, this Integrative Regenerative treatise describes the causal foundation responsible for inducing regeneration into our human constitution as well as for the causal factors which induces degeneration. Integrative Regenerative Medicine, therefore, is primarily concerned with enabling restorative and regenerative treatment of the human constitution, starting with the watery gel of the internal milieu (the most causal apparatus) on up. This is the all-important pursuit by which Integrative Regenerative Medicine's treatment modalities are determined, perfected and then implemented in the clinical setting as well as in the at-home setting. In this manner diseases require no treatment by the Integrative Regenerative Physician, because they self-eradicate via the body's innate Regeneration Effect within.
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