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For Immune Issues, let's start with:
(c) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC email:
Chronic Yeast Infections/Chronic Mycoplasmal Infections/Chronic CMV/HIV, etc...
As Pasteur said on his deathbed, "Bernard was right, I was wrong. The germ is nothing, the milieu (terrain) is everything."1, 2
Foreign critters, such as yeast, bacteria and even viruses set up a playground right into our tissues and intermix with our immune system. This is called our "microbiome." In a sense, when our body gets over ridden with wastes or with weakness, these critters can serve a purpose to help clean out the garbage and remove the weak links in the chain or fabric to our tissues. But of course these critters often become unmanageable in such times as well. So, what really governs our micobiome? Certainly there are causes and effects that impact it. Eclectic Medicine views this string of causes and effects as The Causal Chain to both health or illness.
In order for causal chains to be best understood and then utilized, their most upstream factors must be carefully brought to light. So, we can better understand a causal chain by its nature or composition. The milieu or terrain in which any causal chain operates is also the main component to its nature. Milieu factors were best brought to light by Alexis Carrel, after laying the down the foundation to what the milieu was by the great workings of his French countryman. These great investigators included Claude Bernard, Arsene d'Arsonval, Antoine Bechamp and Charles Brown-Squard. In effect, by raising and lowering the healthy and unhealthy aspects to milieu, germs are best managed or controlled, as are the functions of body cells. Put most simply, the milieu is the liquid in which our cells float.
Basically, if we eat junk, and we drink junk, if we inhale junk, and if we harbor repetitive negative mental thoughts, likewise our milieu becomes junk. In a nutshell, if we have made our milieu into a garbage dump instead of managing it wisely as do the pta-peoples, we simply get what we deserve! At the end of the day, it is the milieu which must be fixed and fully restored first.1
The milieu is supposed to be in the high gain energy state every day, every month and every year of life. Mineral depletion is the number one cause why our milieu (both extracellular and intracellular) decays.3 Low thyroid function is one of the key contributors causing the low gain energy state to most chronic immune issues. However, over the last half of the last decade, women in many develop countries were encouraged against their better nature to formula feed their infants. This has resulted in long term consequences to the human constitution, especially the immune system of such individuals. Therefore, by understanding this causal chain, the fix becomes straightforward. By fixing both the sluggish hormone levels and restoring the vital cellular constitution over time, reducing and eliminating the resulting chronic immune issue becomes more easily accomplished. And since it takes 4 months for each of our body cells to rollover and be completely renewed, we must recondition our milieu over sufficient time periods to make it all meaningful to our cellular constitution or immune system. In this manner only, that is, by optimal enhancement (upregulation) of the immune system, can permanent recoveries be achieved, as opposed to simply controlling the chronic infectious state. By this understanding, even the most challenging and confusing infections can be properly managed and cured.
For example, consider the Gerson Method. Way back in 1920, when the soils still had pockets rich in mineral content, and fruit and vegetable produce was still grown properly in many areas of Germany, Gerson was able to cure "incurable" tuberculosis with his diet and detoxification system alone. Tuberculosis was the infectious scourge of the last century, and now we have updated versions only associated with different critters (such as Candidiasis (yeast), Lyme (Borrelia), and AIDS (HIV + yeast + malnutrition + toxicity), etc...). Regardless of what today's latest versions are, or what these versions will become in the future, understanding the milieu and its proper restoration will always apply and govern the day!
Why? Well, just remember that there were no antibiotics back in 1920. Gerson could only work with the immune systems in his patients. So, he refortified human cells wtih his foods while removing the fuels for the bugs via detoxification. By understanding Carrel's work in the laboratory, and then Gerson's work in the clinic, we begin to master Eclectic approaches to chronic infectious disease. The additional key factor now in play is that the civilized human race is considerably constitutionally weaker than our great grandparents (see Price & Pottenger's work on my "Home" page). And so bio-identical hormones and Superfood concentrates must be more heavily weighted now into clinical protocols to achieve lasting recoveries. In this regard, understanding the significance of Mark Starr's book, Hypothyroidism Type 2 (see Essential Reading section below) cannot be overstated.
The Four Pillars is always key, starting with detoxification.
1. SAW intake is important, alongside complete bowel detoxification. If you take away the fuel of the critters, they starve and begin to fall away. In select cases typical of chronic viral infections, this involves quenching inflammatory fuels. This requires expert guidance, but for now, see my "Aspirin and Cancer" sub-tab (under the Education main tab above), for a proper orientation to reducing inflammatory overloads.
2. Reading and then implementing Mark Starr's book cited below is essential coupled to remineralization techniques. Most folks with chronic immune issues cannot get well without proper body temperature.
3. A complete dietary make-over is essential that includes an abundance of colloidal regenerative factors (cRFsTM). To begin see my "Getting Started" tab. If you have yeast concerns, concentrate on low glycemic foods as provided in the sub-tab, but insure these are whole, organic and as raw as possible when consumed (about 50% raw food intake). Digestive support with Hydrochloric Acid and baking soda may be highly advisable, so check in with a holistic doctor on this subject;
4. Lifestyle and positive mental attitude techniques are key as well, such as Tapping regimens.4 See my "Pillar IV" sub-tab under the Essential Links main tab above for more resources.
Then, after you are up and running with the program, investigate further under the "Essential Links" tab the sub-tab to the left entitled "Natural Antimicrobials" and then on that page look for the 'Viral Resources' URLs plus the 'Iodine/iodide' links.
Always restore the body's own self-healing system first. Then the "footing" of all other natural healing tools employed will have the advantage of driving forward from the high-ground.
Further resources:
Consider ACTTM treatment from a qualified physician. If one is not available in your area, help one open-minded to our approach to become certified in our program offerings. In this manner, remaining infectious loads can be reduced by teaming with a qualified holistic physician. Their job can focus on regenerating and super-charging your immune system.
Essential Reading:
Hypothyroidism Type 2 by Mark Starr, MD. See: [Here]
Stay tuned for my upcoming eBook on: Overcoming Chronic Infections with the Regeneration Effect.
1. The definition of milieu or biological terrain is of critical importance to understanding immunity and how and why it goes awry. Debate over its impact on immunity and Germ Theory continues right up to the present day. Now with our emerging understading of the human microbiome, hopefully the Bernard/Pasteur debate (which comes first, the germ or the milieu) will get its final proper judgment. But it would appear Pasteur, himself, already settled the issue long ago, as pointed out by Delhoume in his 1937 tome, De Claude Bernard A D'Arsonval. Additionally, there are at least three more references for Pasteur's deathbed recant of his Germ Theory reigning supreme over the milieu:
  • Paul Bourget, Le Sens de al mort (Our Actions Follow Us), Paris, 1927; p. 33; and
  • Hans Selye, Stress of Life (1976;p. 301, revised edition. Originally publshed in 1956. In the original edition, the quote appears on p. 201); and
  • Reino Virtanen, Claude Bernard and His Place in the History of Ideas; University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE, 1960;pp. 90, 127, 131 (quoting the two citings above.

At least two of the above references record that Pasteur made the confession to his dear friend Professor Louis Rİnon (1863-1922). Rİnon wasa professor at the Paris Facultİ de mİdecine (Member, 1896-1904, Honorary Fellow, 1905-1921, Secretary-General, 1916). Earlier,Rİnon was a classmate of Pasteur's when they served on the faculty of the University of Strasbourg (1849-1852). Rİnon was an author, pharmacist, physician and member of the French Academy of Medicine and Society of Biology. (Interestingly, d'Arsonval and Rİnon were members of the Society of Biology at the same time, and so would have known each other.) After a brief preamble provided for context, Selye quotes Pasteur's recant confessed to Rİnon as follows:

"Let me point out here parenthetically that Pasteur was sharply criticized for failing to recognize the importance of the terrain (the soil in which disease develops). They said he was too one-sidedly preoccupied with the apparent cause of disease: the microbe itself. There were, in fact, many disputes about this between Pasteur and his great contemporary, Claude Bernard; the former insisted on the importance of the disease producer, the latter on the body's own equilibrium. Yet Pasteur's work on immunity induced with serums and vaccines shows he recognized the importance of the soil. In any event, it is rather significant that Pasteur attached so much importance to this point that on his deathbed he said to Professor A. Rİnon who looked after him: "Bernard avait raison. Le germe n'est rien, c'est le terrain qui est tout." ("Bernard was right. The microbe is nothing, the soil is everything.")." (Note: Selye used "A." as the first initial of Rİnon. This is likely a typographical error or possibly alludes to Rİnon's middle initial, which has proven difficult to confirm as of this writing - JWA.)

Special thanks goes to Susan Dorey for her collaboration on this research effort. See: