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Int'l Lecture Tours
Lourdes Healing Water
Brazil Saintly Healing
Psychoneurosomatics II


International Lecture Tours co-sponsored by Regenerative LifestylesTM and the ICRMTM, for both the general public as well as professionals, are now open for registration (admission is open to all).


"If you build it, they will come." From the 1989 film - "Field of Dreams."


Contact for registration: or



"My own experience provides an example of a race, unsurpassed in perfection of physique and in freedom from disease in general, whose sole food consists to this day of grains, vegetables, and fruits, with a certain amount of milk and butter, and meat only on feast days. I refer to the people of the State of Hunza, situated in the extreme northernmost point of India. So limited is the land available for cultivation that they can keep little livestock other than goats, which browse on the hills, while the food supply is so restricted that the people, as a rule, do not keep dogs. They have, in addition to grains -- wheat, barley, and maize -- an abundant crop of apricots. These they dry in the sun and use very largely in their food. Amongst these people the span of life is extraordinarily long; and such service as I was able to render them during some seven years spent in their midst (McCarrison's first embedding with the Hunzakut, circa 1905) was confined chiefly to the treatment of accidental lesions, the removal of senile cataract, plastic operations for granular eyelids, or the treatment of maladies wholly unconnected with food supply. Appendicitis, so common in Europe, was unknown. When the severe nature of the winter in that part of the Himalayas is considered, and the fact that their housing accommodation and conservancy arrangements are of the most primitive, it becomes obvious that the enforced restriction to the unsophisticated foodstuffs of nature is compatible with long life, continued vigour, and perfect physique."


--Major General Sir Robert McCarrison (1930)

Future Planned Lecture Tours: 2012 - 2018


Our Out Reach Distance Learning series is being co-sponsored by Regenerative LifestylesTM, LLC and the ICRMTM.

The RL Workshop Intensives will be conducted seasonally in both Florida and North Carolina, over 2 Day, 5 Day and 12 Day Classes. The longer duration sessions will greatly facilitate mind and body self-healing (i.e., affliction resolution) by disciplined investigations and practices designed to ignite The Regeneration Effect within. Specifically, our 2 Day, 5 Day and 12 Day RL Intensives will incorporate levels of facilitation and supports most suitable to the time committed to the programs by the students. Additionally, international locations will be selected for their well documented healing experiences, long known to their local residents (members of the long-living) who enjoy freedom from chronic degenerative diseases.


Furthermore, our selection process will identify unique locations that also offer residents greater longevity and expected life spans than what is experienced by the rest of the world.


These locations include:


1. Abadiania (The Casa), Brazil (early April 2017);

2. Lourdes (the Grotto), France (late May 2017);

3. Ikaria (Hot Springs) & Kos, Greece, according to geopolitical stability and circumstances;

4. Findhorn, Scotland;

5. Hunzaland, far NW-Pakistan (TBA according to geopolitical stability and circumstances).


We have identified key reasons and factors why these regions enjoy such well-being, and these extend well beyond what current researchers are focusing upon and reporting. This relates to their lack of understanding the:


(1) Essential factors required for cellular, tissue and organ regeneration, as well as...

(2) Proper assessment of a regions food chain (soil fertility factors, nutrient density of local produce and most importantly availability of colloidal regeneration factors in the dietary). Additionally, these long-living peoples typically manifest highly evolved cultural systems for thriving, including...

(3) Constellation family systems for inter and intra-personal healings, as well as...

(4) Traditional medical systems that utilize herbal medications and fasting coupled to prayer and meditation practices.


In light of this our senior instructors take the greatest advantages of this understanding and place special emphasis upon:


(A) Dr. Gilbert N. Ling's work relating to proper understanding of human cell physiology, the  core constitution of the cell and below cell level, the foods that help replenish this cellular constitution, and the nature of the near and long communication system of the cell to tissue to organ systems;

(B) Telomere modulation via Telomerase upregulation;

(C) Genomic modulation including HRR, NHEJ, PGC-1 alpha and Nrf2 upregulation;

(D) Bio-identical hormone assessment and management;

(E) Human Growth Hormone upregulation;

(F) In vivo Adult Stem Cell activation; and

(G) Emotional, physical and chemical trauma release via PsychoneurosomaticsTM and PsychoneurosomaticsTM II.


Our expert instructors address the deepest recesses and finer nuances to the process and experience of mind/body healing. As healing proceeds within individuals, the process proceeds through the entire group, and then typically extends directly into healing one's own family tree.


Each of these unique healing locations offers the student an excellent environment to study the Four Pillars up close and in real time. In this manner we can then all as a group apply the methods of regenerative lifestyles (and regenerative medicine) just as these traditional cultures practice every day. It doesn't get any better than that folks!

For additional general information please see:











Findhorn, Scotland. Details coming soon.


Just as are often experienced or visually attested photographically at The Casa, multiple sightings of Elementals in Findhorn's many gardens made the Center renowned in the 1970's.


Such magical bioenergetics contributed greatly to the locally grown foods' nutrient content, color, growth and yield.





Hunzaland Research Project, far NW Pakistan.


As geopolitical stability returns to the region, an historic ICRMTM Healing/Lecture tour will be conducted into the farthest reaches of NW Pakistan. Its primary purpose will be a scientific expedition when the political climate calms. Professional researchers and physicians as well as all other healthcare professionals are cordially invited to this historic event.


Required reading will be:


A. Weston Price's priceless work: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, plus Price's...

B. Race Decline and Race Regeneration;

C. Georgi Pitskhelauri's work: The Longliving of Soviet Georgia; plus

D. The Regeneration Effect: Professional version.


Studies will focus on four key areas critical to The Regeneration Effect:


1. The physical nature of the waters;

2. The nutritional content of the produce, such as the apricots compared to commercially grown apricots;

3. The proteinaceous (colloidal humus) content of soils;

4. Colloidal and constitutional analysis of pta-Hunzakut dietary and physiques;

5. Constitutional analysis of both the long-living as well as the young pta-Hunzakuts;

6. The BioEnergetics associated to the region and its pta-people.


Detail will be paid to documenting actual ages, according to the Pitskhelauri protocol.


Lectures will be in real-time and onsite field studies. Our preliminary findings, including details of physical properties of the water, will be included toward the end of each 2 week session. We are planning for two sessions, both 2 weeks long each. Some may elect to stay the entire 4 weeks of the trip. This way, critical anthropomorphic and medical data can be properly collected over a wide-range of the Hunzakuts, located in remote villages such as Zarabad and Hussaini. The event will be recorded and photographed for future publication.






Depending upon the political climate, we may need to enter from China's border, as opposed to flying into Pakistan. We will have the help of several American Pakistani's very familiar with Pakistan in general, but also a noted expert who has spent extensive time studying in the region, Mr. Ali Rehmat Musofer, MS. If the political climate is unstable according to the US State department, we may delay for a year the journey to Hunzaland. If for any reason the trip becomes canceled, refunds will be granted, minus any expenses already incurred. However, such deductions would not exceed $50 per refund, and would likely be $25 or less. This would simply depend upon medical equipment purchased and or deposits for our agents, local traveling arrangements, and lodging facilities in Hunzaland.


All prices are subject to change, due to changes in tour guide expenses and medical equipment required. Depending upon the numbers traveling with us, costs may stay contained within the above projections. Otherwise, costs may slightly increase if we do not have full classes pre-registering with us. A limited number of partial scholarships may be made available, depending upon sponsorship funding.

There was a massive landslide that affected several regions of Hunza. Mr. Musofer has kindly sent me a full .pdf report that presents the complete and current undertakings to thwart the looming threat the Hunza people still face.

See: {Here}


If the geopolitical issues are still ongoing in NW Pakistan, we will change our venue and look at either several other new healing/long-lived culture locations such as South Ecuador or elsewhere. More on this later. We can always re-plan to go to Hunzaland once things are calm again.



Past International Lectures of Interest

Chicago, IL - Health Freedom Expo

(C) 2010 by Dr. John Apsley


"Overcoming Advanced Cancer: Curing (vs. Controlling) Terminal Cancer with The Regeneration Effect."


Dr. Apsley presented to several hundred attendees on why the incorrect chemistry to cell physiology has led to a complete failure to cure the chronic degenerative disorders, including cancer. Highlights included cell tissue studies, animal studies and human studies over the past 100 years which revealed the actual cell chemistry and physiology that is designed to keep us disease-free and long-living. A follow-on workshop addressed questions for nearly two more hours providing the real insights into how and why sickness originates, and the evidence supporting that healthy young adult humans are innately designed to:


(1) Live out their years disease-free, and also...

(2) Not even supposed to start their aging process until they reach 100 years of age.



Attendees were all invited to participate with us in methods known to regenerate the human being by joining our International Lecture Tour series, with the first tour scheduled for May 2011, to be held at Lourdes, France.



First Paris International Symposium On Overcoming Advanced Cancer


"First – Restore the Gel State (Intracellular Milieu) for Cancer and Immunocompetence: The Keys to Successful Advanced Cancer Recovery"


In the Fall of 2007, Dr. Apsley and a group of specialists in cancer research, including Dr. Flavin, Dr. Thomas Lodi, and David Berg, presented an oncology symposium in Paris. Turnout was high, and the subject matter included applications for:


(1) Sodium bicarbonate,


(2) Select nutraceutical protocols, and


(3) Restoring optimal oxygenation levels to the cancer patient.



5th China International Silver Conference


"Nanotechnology Discovers Universal Pathogen Solution – Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol(UPOSH)"


Dr. Apsley delivered the keynote address for medical breakthroughs in the Fall of 2006. His topic covered advancements in nanotechnology using low Angstrom size oligodynamic (free-ion) metal particles in medicine. Highlights included how non-toxic nanometals in medicine achieve:


(1) Infectious disease control of highly resistant pathogens (MRSA, HIV and multi-drug resistant fungi), and...

(2) Induce sustained cancer remissions.




* Energy fields essential to life may be called Bioenergies. Bioenergetics concerns itself with these forces vital to life. Bioenergetics can be divided into two natural orders or "fields." Like two sides of the same golden coin, they must remain well connected and functional. On the one side are the bioenergies which run through biological life, which are innate to the life-form. We understand a great deal about these energy fields since they conform to current understandings within physics.


On the other side run the divine healing forces universally present around us. These energy fields do not appear at present to conform to present understanding within physics.


There should be constant seamless communications between each respective field, but often this stream of communication has been disrupted. Healing methods over thousands of years have recognized, valued and utilized this understanding, and developed the means to re-unite the innate healing forces within to the divine healing forces from above.


All pta- peoples studied to date attest to this understanding of our mind/body nature and make great use of it in their healing practices. Spiritual healing is likewise a common feature to faith based institutions, includingSeventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, Latter Day Saints and many other Christian and non-Christian religious groups. The Chinese long

ago perfected their Meridian Therapy. In America Bioenergetics has gained a foothold within modern medical practices.For example, the practice of both Osteopathy and Chiropractic were developed to re-unite the mind/body continuum with the energy flow arising from universal fields bathing us at all times during life. Indeed, spiritual healing has always played a major role in helping to heal the sick.


Pillar Four concerns itself with bioenergetics from both sides of the coin. There is an interface between these two orders of bioenergetics. I see this interface best represented by the medium of water. Water very much appears to be the substance within us that undergoes continuous near and distant receptions and transmissions of healing communications. Water, in effect, may be the Rosetta Stone to regenerative healing. As such, it also appears to serve as the physical substance uniting the universal and innate energy fields. For further information, see the Four Pillars tab under the Home page above.


** A healing crisis (Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction) is an immunological event typically involving a physiologically deep, spiritually challenging, natural cleansing and healing of the mind & body. Lasting from hours to days, such experiences often involve trusting the natural healing forces to the extent of a complete surrender into the process. Symptoms commonly proceed (retrace) from above down, from the inside to the outside, in reverse order from which it progressed, and usually purges out - in order - the most intense to the least intense symptoms. This surrendering opens many opportunities to 'attune' to divine Providence, especially for those healing from so called terminal illnesses or devastating traumas.




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