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All information contained herein is for educational purposes only. Always consult with a physician trained in your area of interest before starting any type of health program.  No health claims or representations of any kind, implied or otherwise, are intended by Dr. Apsley to those wishing to incorporate into their daily program said educational intended recommendations.

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Iodine or iodide plays a key role in immunity. At the point where the body makes first contact with the outside enviroment, iodine plays a huge role in the mucus membranes barrier effect that wards off all invaders.
Even more crucial an immune function is iodine's essential role within thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are the commander-in-chief to managing and enhancing all immune defences and competency. So, without iodine we would rapidly die from even the least noxious kinds of immune attack.
Iodine is an essential mineral and a diet rich in iodine has been shown to reduce risks from many forms of chronic degenerative conditions.* In certain situations, it is a crucial radioprotecitve element.* Most folks simply do not get enough. In addition to the thyroid gland, iodine concentrates and performs critical roles in breast tissue, ovaries and the prostate, in addition to the liver.* Iodine performs crucial roles in innate immunity by lining surfaces of the body making contact with the environment (i.e., the musus membranes protecting the lungs, intestines, sinuses, and vaginal cavity. Iodine also aids the burning of body fat and detoxification.*
Up to 80% of our iodine body stores are involved with the synthesis of essential thyroid hormones, such as Thyroxin or T4 and Triiodothyronine or T3. The only active form of thyroid hormone in the body is T3. T3 is composed of three iodine atoms attached to one amino acid - tyrosine.
The hypothalamus commands thyroid hormone production in the body via thyrotropin produced by the anterior pituitary. The rate of production and secretion commands our efficiency of our metabolism. Thyroid hormones determine energy metabolism, protein synthesis, growth, skin health, hair growth, nail growth, blood flow, respirations, heart rate, gastric motility, digestive fluid secretion and cholesterol secretion from the liver. Perhaps the most vital function is thyroid hormone's influence over our immune system, aging process and life span.
Allergies to iodine are not infrequent. But in many times, toxic skin reactions are confused with iodine allergy.* Iodine may influence skin excretion of toxins, such as bromide and flouride.* After the skin discharge is complete, the sensitivity to iodine often completely abates.* Vitamin C has been shown to augment this process and reduce sensitivity to iodine in folks initially sensitive to this supplement.* Also, folks who have undergone dye injections (contrast media) to enhance medical diagnostic imaging, may sometime become allergic or highly sensitive to iodine, shellfish and seaweeds.* Vitamin C may or may not help reverse this state.* For adults, 1,000mg of Vitamin C is taken three times daily may help lessen iodine sensitivity.*



Folks with known allergy to iodine or shellfish should first consult with their holistic doctor before consuming iodine containing products. Women who are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy should consult with their health care provider before taking iodine supplementation. Keep out of reach of children.


North Atlantic Kelp

Kelp 100mg 100c derived from Atlantic sea kelp.

Kelp is a good source of B vitamins, iodine and many minerals and trace elements.


1 capsule contains: Iodine (from kelp) 500mcg, Atlantic Sea Kelp 100mg.


Dosage & Suggested Use:
One capsule daily or as directed by your holistic doctor. 



* * * * * *

High Potency Iodine Tablets
Due to potency - Only available by special request (contact

90 Capsules.




Serving Size 1 Vegetable Capsule


Amount Per Capsule
Iodide ...7.5 mg / 5000% DV
(from Potassium Iodide USP)
Iodine USP ...5 mg / 3333% DV
(from Free Iodine)
Potassium ...2.4 mg / <1% DV
(from Potassium Iodide USP)


OTHER INGREDIENTS: Microcrystalline Cellulose and Silica in Clear NPcaps™


Does not contain any soy, corn, dairy, egg, sugar, yeast, rice, glutens, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Dosage & Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, 1 capsule daily or as directed by a health professional.



* * * * * *
Iodine Liquid