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Judith Johnson - Director of Education

Founder of Energetic Clearing Process - ECP

Co-Founder of Regenerative Lifestyles, LLC


Integrative Lifestyle Center


329 Eden Drive

Hillsboro NC 27278



Executive Bio


Judith Johnson's greatest passion has always been in the development of methodologies and programs that transform hearts and optimize wellness. Before the ECP, she was a maverick in the early movement for body-oriented therapies, participating in the development of state certification standards for massage therapists. She founded an organization called the American Wellness Foundation, through which many conferences, seminars, and speakers were sponsored in the Chapel Hill area.


She also engaged in an intensive period of personal psychotherapy and study of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt therapies, and body-oriented psychotherapies such as neo-Reichian and Radix. After years of psychotherapy, she was still looking for the kind of breakthrough that would transform her life.


She finally found Dr. John Ray, the brilliant founder of Body Electronics, and the level of transformation she was looking for. Eventually, Dr. Ray asked her to take the Body Electronics work to an international arena. After deep soul-searching, she decided to strike out on her own, further developing Dr. Ray's point-holding methods and incorporating her own psychological strategies and facilitation skills. In time, she also changed certain aspects of her practice to reflect the new knowledge of the nervous system that was coming out of neurosomatic research, such as that of Dr. Peter Levine.


Judith was first asked to teach in Los Angeles by a group of psychotherapists. It was within this milieu that she began to create the synthesis of her work that became known as the Energetic Clearing Process. She has since taught the ECP to health and wellness professionals and students from all walks of life for over thirty years.


At this time, she is primarily engaged in training ECP practitioners and now instructors. She is working with the new model of Integrative Lifestyles for the collaboration and teaching of holistic means of living and healing.


The physical body is the doorway to spirituality and unconditional love. Through the physical body the emotional body is accessed. When one transmutes the pain locked in the emotional field, the mind is then freed to encompass the dualities of life and to transmute all resistance created by fear, judgment and criticism. Herein lies the rediscovery of true spirituality: for now the door is open to the innocence of the heart and the purity of spontaneous expressions of forgiveness and unconditional love.


Education & Career Focus


Judith Johnson is a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Cullowhee, NC, with a focus in Nutrition and Counseling. She began her expanded training in Education at Elon College in Elon, NC.



Her life's work in alternative body-mind therapy began during the four years she attended Southeast Institute in Chapel Hill, NC. While there, she was trained by Dr. Martin Groder and Van Joines in Transactional and Gestalt therapies. Her interest in body-oriented psychotherapy began when she studied Neo-Reichian and Radix work while working at a program in New Port News, VA. Further educational experience with Dr. John Ray and Dr. Peter Levine expanded her knowledge of body-oriented psychotherapy.



Judith sees herself as a maverick in the field of change and development. Her basic philosophy of life is "if it doesn't exist, I will develop it." During the past thirty-five years, she has developed numerous programs, trainings, conferences, workshops, and seminars. These include:


1.Developer of an alternative youth organization and facility for socially abused kids.

2.Co-developer for the North Carolina Association for Massage and Body Therapy.

3.Organizer and sponsor of many educational trainings, including Dr. John Ray's "Body Electronics" and Dr. Peter Levine's "Somatic Experiencing."

4.Developer of "Creative Wellness Systems" which sponsored international wellness programs

5.Activist in bringing wellness activists into hospitals and industries in North Carolina

6.Developer of nutritional programs for North Carolina colleges and hospitals

7.Developer of interfacing programs in fitness centers for bodywork therapy

8.Consultant for program development of international trauma specialists, including Dr. Peter Levine's body-mind psychotherapy

9.Developer and consultant of many training manuals; her marketing skills include videography, layout and design, and photography



For the past eighteen years, she has developed the Energetic Clearing Process (ECP). She teaches the ECP to professional body workers, chiropractors, physicians, and other wellness-oriented individuals. She also supervises and teaches numerous ECP practitioners who practice internationally. She is currently writing a book on Beliefs that Limit the Expression of the Soul.