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Lyme Disease - Requires expert blood testing as well as expert Thyroid Management
(C) 2010 by John W. Apsley, MD(E), ND, DC email:
A comprehensive eclectic strategy typically resolves many cases of chronic Lyme disease in a month or two. But the important thing to accomplish is reduction of the infection's hold on the body cells laying deep in the body, such as the nervous system. Different select tools are used to accomplish this (nanosilver for one), all backed up by endocrine fortification, especially of the thyroid, thymus, spleen and detoxification channels (bowels, liver and intracellular glutathione levels). Recently, the best testing method for Lyme Disease (in my opinion) has finally been perfected. Spiro Stat Technology out of Lubbock, Texas. See: [Lab Here]
For causation or co-factor complications (which wipe out intracellular glutathione reserves), see: [Here]
For further information, see the Getting Started tab above. Plus read Dr. Starr's book - Hypothyroidism Type 2. Low thyroid function makes eradicating Lyme diseases very difficult. However, with optimal thyroid care and by understanding how to target Lyme at the intracellular level, plus with proper tracking of results (via Spiro Stat Technology), astounding results are now possible within time frames we could not previously achieve. For lasting results, it is essential to induce the Regeneration Effect throughout the immune system. In this fashion, many chronic Lyme cases permanently resolve within 30 to 60 days.
Also see Immune Issues tab to the left.
Recommended Clinics: [Clinic Here]
Dr. Apsley is scheduled to release his new book on the subject soon. See E-Books for further details.