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Andras Konya MD PhD
Dana Flavin MD MS
Mitch Fleisher MD DHt
Mark Starr MD
MA Richardson DrPH
Merle Morgan MS OMD
Sharry Edwards MEd
Virginia Osborne ND RN
Steve Hines ND NE
Robert Ranger MA CCH
Dr John Apsley Exec Dir
Mary Ann Richardson, DrPH, MPH - Co-Founding Member







Angelo State University




UT Health Science Center School of Public Health



Health Education/Promotion

UTMD Anderson Cancer Center

NCI Fellowship


Cancer Prevention

UT Health Science Center, School of Public Health



Health Promotion/Disease Prevention




1986-1987 Project Coordinator, Energy Expenditure Among 5 and 6 year olds, Family Health Project, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas


1987-1988 Research Asst, Effects of Acculturation on Incidence of Breastfeeding Among Border Population, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas.


1988-1989 Research Asst, Effects of Mother-Child Joint Attention in Preterms, U Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas.


1989-1993 Project Coordinator, Research Associate, Smoking Disclosure Project, Sustaining Women's Smoking Cessation Postpartum, The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas.

1995: Co-Principal Investigator, Support/Imagery and Immune Function in Breast Cancer, The University of Texas Houston Health Science Center.


1994- 1996 Pre-doctoral Fellow, Cancer Prevention, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston


1995- 2000 Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences, Principal Investigator and Director, U.T. Center for Alternative Medicine Research in Cancer, The University of Texas- Houston Health Science Center, Houston, Texas.


2000-2003 Health Sciences Administrator/Program Officer, National Center for Complementary/Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC


003-2007Vice President Investigations/Director of Research, National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, Washington DC


2007- current Consultant




Co-Principal Investigator, Support/Imagery and Immune Function in Breast Cancer, NIH OAM, l993- 1995.


NCI Predoctoral Fellowship, Cancer Prevention and Control Education Program, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, l993-1995

Principal Investigator, U.T. Center for Alternative Medicine Research in Cancer, NCI and NIH OAM, l995-2000.


Co-Investigator, Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the Military (MIL-CAM): Epidemiological Documentation Service (EDS), Department of Defense, 2004-2006


Principal Investigator, Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the Military (MIL-CAM): Epidemiological Documentation Service (EDS), Department of Defense, 2005-2007



PUBLICATIONS (selected):

Moye, L.A., Richardson, M.A., Post-White,J, Justice, B. Research methodology in psychoneuroimmunology: Rationale and design of the IMAGES-P (Imagery and group emotional support study-pilot) clinical trial; Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 1(2), 34-37, l995.


Richardson, M.A., Post-White, J., Grimm, E.A., Moye, L., Singletary, S.E., Justice, B., Coping, Life Attitudes, and Immune Response to Imagery/Group Support after Breast Cancer, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, 3(5), 62-70, 1997.


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Management and Research, Seminars in Oncology, 2002, 29(6):531-545.


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Conferences Committees/Special Activities:


Planning Committee, Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches for Integrated Complementary and Alternative Medicine Cancer Practices, Sponsored by National Cancer Institute/Office of Alternative Therapies, Washington, DC, August, l997.


Co-Chair, UT-CAM and McGill University Conference: Evaluating the Evidence of Vitamin C in Cancer Treatment, Montreal, Canada, June, 1999.

Advisory Committee: Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Modern Science- Ancient Wisdom, Houston, Texas, June, 1999.

Cancer Technical Expert Panel Chair, Evidence Based Practice Center- San Antonio Cochrane Collaborating Center, Systematic review: garlic and sylibum, October, 1999.


Advisory Committee, Conference Advisory Council, Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrating Complementary & Alternative Therapies, Washington, June, 1998, 1999, 2000.


Moderator and Organizing Committee, National Brain Tumor Foundation Workshop: Setting a Research Agenda for CAM, Comprehensive Cancer Care 2000, Washington, DC, June 7, 2000.


Speaker/Participant- Invitational Workshop: York University Center for Health Studies: "Complementary & Alternative Medicine: The Question of Appropriate Evidence Bases" , Toronto, Canada, September 23-24, 2000.


Conference Organizer: "IV Magnesium and Asthma: Assessment of the State of the Science" , Washington, DC, September 27-28, 2000.


Advisory Committee: From Tradition to Modernity: Asian Therapies for Cancer: A 1st International Conference, February 28-March 3, 2001.

NIH Listening Panel: Review of Ephedra, sponsored by Office of Women's Health, Washington, DC, August 8-9, 2000.


Panel Member, Special Panel on CAM, American Institute for Cancer Research, Washington, DC, February 21, 2000.


Planning Committee, Planning meeting for State-of-Science Conference on Symptom Management in Cancer: Pain, Depression, and Fatigue Sponsors: NCI, NCCAM, NIA, NIMH, NIHR, NINDS, FDA, July 15-16, 2001


Co-organizer, Planning Meeting for Antioxidants with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Workshop, Sponsors: NCCAM, ODS, CF-SAN , July 30, 2001


NCCAM representative, PCSPES Roundtable, Urological Sciences Research Foundation, Santa Monica, CA October 15,2001.

Planning Committee, Integrative Workshop on End-of-Life Research: Focus on Older Populations, Sponsors: Fetzer, NINR, NIA, HRSA, AHRQ, NCI, NCCAM, , Rockville MD, October 22-23, 2001.


NCCAM representative, Biological Mechanisms of Psychosocial Effects on Disease, Sponsors: NIAMS, NIMH, NCI (BBRB; DCB; OCCAM), NIAIDS, NIA, CCAM, NIGMS, OBSSR, , Bethesda, MD, February 28-March 1, 2002.


NCCAM representative, NIH End of Life Special Interest Group, June, 2000 - Current.


NCCAM Roundtable representative , Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, Washington, DC, April, 6, 2002.


NCCAM Roundtable representative, International Scientific Conference on CAM, Boston, MA, April 12-14, 2002.



Journals/Advisory Boards:

Associate Editor, Cancer Prevention & Control, Area of Complementary/Unconventional Therapies, Published by Canadian Medical Association. 1997-1999.


Editorial Board, Cancer Practice, published by the American Cancer Society, New York, 1999-2002.


Editorial Board,Physicians Data Query (PDQ) Adult Treatment Editorial Board, NIH, National Cancer Institute, 2000-2003.


Editorial Board, Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy, Haworth Herbal Press, The Haworth Press, Inc. New York, Current.


Editorial Board, Alternative Health Practitioner: A Journal of Complementary and Integrative Health Care, Springer Publishing Company, New York. Current.


Advisory Board, Alternative Medicine Research Foundation of Texas, 1998- 2000.


Steering Committee and Program Committee, Place of Wellness, MD Anderson Cancer Center, 1998- 2000


Executive Secretary, Cancer Advisory Panel for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAP-CAM), 2002.


National Society Operations Committee: Alternative Medicine, American Cancer Society, 1999-2002.


External Advisory Board, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Integrative Medicine Center, 2003-2004.

Editorial Board, Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine (JICM)- An international forum for evidence-based practices, Toronto, Canada 2003-2005

Advisory Board, Complementary Medicine Field Group, The Cochrane Collaboration


Advisory Board Member, National Cancer Coalition, 2003-2006


Expert Advisory Committee, National Health Products Directorate, Health Canada, 2004- 2007


Juror, Roger's Award for Excellence CAM, Lotte and John Hech Foundation, Canada, 2007-current


Integrative Cancer Advisory Board Member, Embodi Works, 2010.


Scientific Committee,The Journal of Integrative Medicine, Peru, 2011