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Mission Statement


Our mission is to educate the public about how to regenerate our Human Constitution to equal that of our healthiest, most spirited and honorable ancestors - the longest-living.


Our Human Constitution arises out of the totality of our mind and body.


Our healthiest, most spirited and honorable ancestors all had the identical core reasons why they excelled in life. Their exuberant physical and psychological well-being derived from extremely rich soils that could fill their bodies with an abundance of high energy mineral colloids, structured self-organizing water and select proteins.


These three essential factors endowed such ancestors with self-organizing high energy states within each of their body cells, tissues and organs. Simply stated, this placed their entire human Constitution into "high gain" to the extent that no disease dared exist – only exuberant health and well-being.


To maintain their high gain, resilient Human Constitution, the long-living instituted regular practices of detoxification methods, daily rigorous exercise, ate select superfoods and focused, wholesome mental activities. These traditions were passed down through generations of time-tested and proven techniques, practices and cultural values.


This long-living, high gain, resilient state of being is our birth right too (it's in our genes). It was originally endowed into all of us. We just need to adhere to the abundance nature offers us and perform as honorable stewards to nature's bounty.


Specifically, our Human Constitution determines our anatomy, our physiology, our mental faculties, our personalities, and our thinking patterns that generate either psychological health and well-being, or psychological inadequacies (i.e., our psychological predispositions).


Anatomically, our Human Constitution determines the density, circumference and length of our bones and sizes of our organs.


Physiologically, our Human Constitution determines the metabolic performance of our bodies, such as slow or fast or balanced oxidizing states, or balanced or imbalanced neurological performances that control our organ systems.


Our Human Constitution determines whether our mental faculties, such as eyesight, hearing and other sense doors operate poorly or with excellence.


Our Human Constitution determines our personality, whether we favor being extroverts or introverts.


Our Human Constitution determines how we think; do we form our thoughts in linear, step by step, logical patterns or in circular patterns that scan important psychological issues as a continuous whole. This derives from ancient days when the hunter-gatherer was out tracking down food. Logical patterns to the prey or the landscape would lead to the eventual nourishment. At home, with all the kids roaming about, the various home preparations required both:

(1) A focus on the immediate chore while at the same time,

(2) tracking to kids' safety in circular patterns as the kids roamed about the parameters in ever moving, ever changing fashion (no logical patterns there folks!).


But due to neglect of our stewardship responsibilities coupled to our predisposition to unhealthy lifestyle choices (now well over several generations), we now find our minds, bodies, and spirits in the low cell energy state. Our minds are now shifted in to low gain, our bodies are now shifted into low gain, and our spirits are broken or split apart from a harmonious life. This is not just disease; it is Constitutional Degeneration that we pass down to our kids.




"It is not normal or natural or physiological for us to enter into the aging process until we reach the age of 100 years of age."

--Professor Georgi Z. Pitskhelauri, MD


"The physical and chemical peculiarities of the climate, the soil, and the food can be used as instruments for modeling the individual. Endurance and strength generally develop in the mountains, in the countries where seasons are extreme, where mists are frequent and sunlight rare, where hurricanes blow furiously, where the land is poor and sown with rocks."

--Alexis Carrel in: Man the Unknown




The goal now is simple: we must restore the high gain state to our mind, body and spirit. This is the only means for us to regenerate a thriving and exuberant human constitution once again.


Just as we unwittingly invite disease in by our own doing, we can intentionally throw disease out by proper understanding, unwavering determination and continuous effort.


And what exactly are we to gather proper understanding about, to apply unwavering determination with and continuous effort for?


We simply need to understand The Four Pillars and then apply its principles until we experience a continuous Regeneration Effect within.


For more information of Constitutional Medicine see [Here]




May you all experience real health for the rest of your lives.