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(C) 2011-2016 by John W. Apsley, MD(E), ND, DC, CTTP, Executive Director

"As a matter of fact, modern society--that society produced by science and technology--is committing the same mistake as have all the civilizations of antiquity. It has created conditions of life wherein life itself becomes impossible. It justifies the sally of Dean Inge: 'Civilization is a disease which is almost invariably fatal'....  The environment which has molded the body and the soul of our ancestors during many millenniums has now been replaced by another. This silent revolution has taken place almost without our noticing it. We have not realized its importance. Nevertheless, it is one of the most dramatic events in the history of humanity. For any modification in their surroundings inevitably and profoundly disturbs all living beings. We must, therefore, ascertain the extent of the transformations imposed by science upon the ancestral mode of life, and consequently upon ourselves."

--Alexis Carrel in Man The Unknown


Just how healthy are Americans and to what extent are Americans being served by conventional medicine? We can start to get a real understanding of American health by looking at our young and then continue our assessment by looking at adult and senior populations.

As of 1970, autism in the U.S. had an occurrence of 1 out of 2500. Yet as of 2016, the rate of U.S. autism occurrence has leaped to 1 out of only 45.

The second fact attesting to our race's decline also concerns the 54% of American kids now suffering from one form or another of chronic degenerative disease.

Thirdly, we look to the health of our young adult males, the cornerstone to our national defense. In 1941, 30% of volunteers wishing to enter military service were disqualified due to medically verified physical inadequacy. That rate as of 2010 has jumped to 75%!

Finally, we look at the U.S. population as a whole. As of 2012, the vast majority of American seniors are extremely sick. From the year 2000 to 2012, Americans more than doubled their health care expenditures, yet Americans lost over 9 full years of health to disability and chronic illness over the course of their expected life span (United States of America: WHO Statistical Profile).

In other words, from the year 2000 to 2012 Americans of all age groups became much sicker. Specifically, as of 2014 (% taken from CDC: Health, United States, 2014: At a Glance):

  • 27,961,172 Americans 18 years and older (CDC % applied to Table 1) suffer heart disease, a 1.3% increase since the year  2000;

  • 15,697,500 Americans 18 years and older (CDC % applied to Table 1) suffer from cancer, an astounding 1.4% increase since 2000;

  • 76,223,840 Americans 20 years and older (CDC % calculated from 236,720,000 total) suffer from hypertension, an astounding 2% increase since 2000;

  • 29,116,560 Americans 20 years and older (CDC % calculated from 236,720,000 total) suffer from diabetes, an astounding 2.5% increase since 2000;

  • 84,035,6000 Americans 20 years and older (CDC % calculated from 236,720,000 total) suffer from obesity, an astounding 5% increase since 2000.


The International College of Regenerative Medicine (ICRM) addresses these issues and more by educating all healthcare disciplines in the Art & Science of Integrative Regenerative Medicine.



ICRM Vision

The Vision of the College is to eliminate all chronic degenerative disease and regenerate the human constitution.



ICRM Mission

The Mission of the College is to research and educate the healthcare professions on the practical methods to eliminate all chronic degenerative disease and premature aging, specifically by instructing how to initiate and sustain The Regeneration Effect within.

This Mission is divided into two parts: 

1. First, our mission is to enable every household to enjoy a life equal to that of our healthiest, most long-living spirited ancestors.

2. Second, our mission is to become the premier international research and educational authority in Integrative Regenerative Medicine.


ICRM Healing Paradigm


The healing paradigm to all studies will concern our human constitution from the cell level on up, what regenerates the entire human constitution from the cell level on up. The standards concerning this healing paradigm are the long-living traditions that generationally express optimal human constitutions from the cell level on up via their daily practice of Four Pillars.

Nothing is more central or core to our health than our human constitution.[1] The science of human constitution was once featured in our top medical schools up till the 1950's when it fell into disuse. However, the American lifestyle, and indeed civilization's lifestyle, became corrupted by value systems inherently flawed. These value systems focused on material gains which neglected values intrinsic to harmonious living. No respectful stewardship was incorporated into these materialistic value systems to insure our food chain was maintained in optimal ways. Material desires for wealth over health pervades our human civilization.


Additionally, these material value systems intrinsic to modern civilization have become destructive or negligent and all too often destructive to spiritual values, that is, take no unwholesome action against oneself or others; only do good wholesome actions to ourselves and others, and to the extent possible, serve the greater good without expecting anything in return, since the spiritual rewards will be self-evident as harmonious living.



ICRM Objectives & Educational Offerings


For the general public, The International College of Regenerative MedicineTM will be offering degree programs that focus on self-reliant family health care practices as perfected by all long-living cultures. These practices have virtually assured cultures who practice them extraordinary long and essentially disease-free lives, from cradle to grave.


For both the general public as well as the healthcare professional, ICRMTM will serve as your educational source on the how and why of the Four Pillars, The Regenerative EffectTM, and Applied Colloidal TherapeuticsTM. ICRMTM certification and degree offering programs are designed for Undergraduate studies, Post-graduate studies and advanced certification Post-graduate studies.


With such a focus, ICRMTM hopes to achieve it vision while making the practice of medicine once again sustainable for all societies.


For general public members with or without complete formal college education, two year certification courses will be offered. As certification courses are accrued by the student, they will become a direct pathway to acquire the degree - Bachelors of Science in Regenerative Health - B.S.(RH) from the School. A minimum of eight (8) certifications will be necessary to fulfill graduation requirements, inclusive of four mandatory certifications pertaining to the Four Pillars.

For the healthcare professional, The International College of Regenerative MedicineTM (ICRMTM) offers certifications and degrees in the Art & Science of Integrative Regenerative Medicine. ICRMTM teaches these courses exclusively to those demonstrating both the ethics and aptitude required to achieve this most noble system of healing.


The ICRMTM is offering curriculums under three differing modules. The sequence of modules fulfills pre-requisites for further certification and degrees:

  1. Module One will feature concurrent 2 and 5 Day Intensive workshops at select on-site locations that facilitate regenerative healing of the mind & body. Pre-requisite reading is required;
  2. Module Two will offer extended workshops so students will thoroughly experience the regenerative effects (practice must go with the theory);
  3. Module Three will offer instructorship level course work, including Clinical Practicums (Grand-Rounds) at various certified integrative regenerative medical facilities, both here and abroad.



Examples of certifications and degrees in Undergraduate studies for both the general public and healthcare professional will include:

Certification in How To Establish a Regenerative Lifestyle, and degrees in the Theory & Practice of Integrative Regenerative Medicine


Examples of post-graduate degrees will be Master of Science and PhD degrees specialty fields within the Practice of Integrative Regenerative Medicine. Examples of such specialties in the Practice of Integrative Regenerative Medicine are:

1. Regenerative Meridian TherapeuticsTM

2. Regenerative Substance Abuse TherapeuticsTM

3. Regenerative Immune TherapeuticsTM

4. Regenerative Sports Injury TherapeuticsTM

5. Regenerative Physical Medicine TherapeuticsTM, and

6. Regenerative Psychoneurosomatic TherapeuticsTM.


Examples of advanced post-graduate studies are instructor certification in:

1. Regenerative Nutritional TherapeuticsTM

2. Regenerative Applied BioenergeticsTM, and

3. Regenerative AgricultureTM


Regenerative Constitutional Medicine Introduction


There are fascinating tales scattered across history that give rich testimony about vastly superior, long-living and highly remote cultures. For example, in The Golden Age, the Greeks produced some of the greatest minds and skills extant, such as Alexander the Great ( a genius military strategist), Aristotle (the founder of our modern scientific method), Plato (one of the greatest philosophers of all time) and Hippocrates (the founder of modern medicine, which focused on physicians experiencing their healing methods directly within their own bodies). And thousands of years later, at least two remote regions of Greeks have achieved the legendary longevity and health noted, namely the Ikarians and Hunzakuts.


Meticulous anthropological studies have recorded many isolated races living under pristine conditions. These pristine conditions exhibited extraordinary attributes in the regions' food chain. These isolated and autochthonous people perfected traditions which enabled them to take full advantage of their ideal regional food chain. Such primary traditional adhering peoples (pta -peoples) were long-living and experienced essentially no chronic degenerative diseases.


The pta-Hunzakuts, the pta-Abkhasians, the pta-Okinawians, the pta-Ikarians, the pta-Sardinians, the pta-Nicoyans of Central America, the pta-Inuits of North America, the pta-Vilcabambans of South America, and over fourteen other isolated human races located across the globe, etc... all lived or live essentially free of chronic degenerative diseases. And many were long-living or even extremely long-living as well.(A) 


Clearly, many of these most outstanding examples of our human race are recorded to have possessed unmatched physiques and great mental prowess. We can say in general that their "constitution" derived from a great people, in a special remote location, during a very special time in history.[1], [2], [3]


Our human constitution is a colloidal phenomenon starting at the cell and sub-cellular levels that determines our: anatomy, physiology, mental faculties, personality and psychological predispositions (see our mission statement). It's our constitution that is either regenerating or degenerating, not just our body or mind alone.



The Four Pillars Introduction


Our human constitution adapts and is driven by exactly how we manage The Four Pillars in our lives, generation after generation. In other words, our human constitution is a culmination of how our family tree has:

(A) Played out in the past,

(B) Is playing out now, and

(C) Will play out in the future generations, generation after generation under the "determinant" factors of The Four Pillars.


"The life of the cell is immortal; it is the fluid in which it floats that degenerates."

Alexis Carrel


Most specifically, all students will learn the discipline that is comprised of the theory and practice of how the life-giving and sustaining bodily fluids are regenerated in the human body and throughout the entire food chain.


Modern civilization has yet to prove it will lead us to anything but detrimental influences upon our human constitutions. Therefore, mastering and managing the determinant factors to The Four Pillars is the key to regenerating our human constitution and modern civilization. In this way, and in this way only, we may restore ourselves to that of our healthiest forefathers, and prevent our future generations from unwittingly making the same poor choices we made as a race. Once enough of us start practicing this, we can go from a degenerating race to a thriving race of human beings.



The Regeneration Effect withinTM Introduction

Despite what our patients may be told by others, there is no such thing as an incurable illness. We know that at least one human being or more has survived each of the plethora of naturally arising 'so called' incurable diseases. But to date, no one has elaborated on how humans are able to accomplish such cures. This website provides education on how to reawaken the body's self-healing capacity.  
Each day in every one of your 75 trillion body cells,[4] you will suffer over 100,000 mutations in your gene center. That equals 7.5 quintillion mutations or injuries (75 with 17 zeros after it) that occur daily, and directly where your cells operate the most essential mechanisms for life. Yet remarkably, any healthy 25 year old will repair - in each and every single cell of his or her body collectively - a total of 7,500,000,000,000,000,000 damages to our gene pool - daily. This translates into 868,055,555,555,556 corrections each second.[5], [6], [7]
And incredibly, this number does not even include similar injuries in similar numbers that arise in the cell's other essential compartments (i.e., the other organelles and membranes). On a daily basis, this system of self-repair within us vastly exceeds the capacity and healing outcome of any currently known therapeutic method or system by light-years. It is this system of repair that is the exclusive domain of The Regeneration EffectTM within. And The Regeneration EffectTM within has the potential to cure any known natural disease. Indeed, the body's self-healing ability is the only real cure for all manner of natural diseases. The other contenders we use in medicine to directly treat any disease are at best, second class methods. These second class methods do indeed save lives, but are also fraught with side reactions, incomplete results or non-lasting results. And for chronic conditions, such external means to treat disease are hard pressed to actually bring about any kind of real healing at all. 
With such second class, external methods of treating our illnesses, the question before us proposed by the ICRMTM is, was the cell physiology restored to optimal expression or not in the outcome? Just because there appears to be the absence of the symptoms of disease when treated conventionally, the underlying factors and genesis to disease commonly still smolder away.
The ICRMTM proposes that the answer to this question is found in The Regeneration Effect within specifically because this innate self-healing systems provides the:

(I) Perfect intelligence, plus 
(II) Full empowerment to this self-healing system in your body, while perfectly operating at
(III) Astronomical numbers of repairs each micro-second in every 24 hours of every day, month and year so long as we maintain a regenerative lifestyle. 


Integrative Regenerative Medicine Introduction


Integrative Regenerative MedicineTM (IRMTM) is dedicated to two duties: Teach and show how to implement precise healing methods that induce regeneration in the human body, and (2) Assure patient compliance and support to maintain a regenerative lifestyle.


IRMTM accomplishes this mission by understanding first and foremost how the regenerative mechanisms within cells operate. Hydrogen is the original source of all other matter in the universe, everything, including all building blocks of life, was begotten out of hydrogen.


At birth, humans are composed of ~73% water. In our peak years as adults, we are composed of ~65% water.[8] As we age, our body water content plummets.


All throughout our life span, water plays the major roll in health and disease, and water is composed of 67% hydrogen.[9] Therefore, by sheer number count, humans are mostly composed of hydrogen atoms, and the chemistry of life is primarily about hydrogen atoms interfacing with hydrogen atoms in fluids.


Therefore, the paradigm of Integrative Regenerative Medicine is to master the dynamics and organizational aspects of hydrogen throughout the body, but with special attention being paid to bodily water. And most atoms in bodily water form suspensions, making life's chemical reactions in bodily water all about colloidal chemistry,[10] and not very much about the chemistry all healthcare professionals were taught in college.


So, IRMTM further understands that 97% of the chemistry of life is colloidal chemistry, better called "gel" chemistry after Ling,[11], [12] not any other form of chemistry.


Colloidal Chemistry is disseminated throughout the body as microcosmic liquid streams, lakes and ponds, just as Carrel metaphorically stated.


IRMTM emphasizes that colloidal chemistry bathes the interior body, and all cells, tissues and organs float and are housed in colloidal streams, lakes and ponds, just as Alexis Carrel pointed out.


And IRMTM grasps that the behavior of Hydrogen is omnipresent and predominant as the causal force behind the colloidal chemistry in living things. First, hydrogen electrical charges guide most chemical processes in the body, directly or indirectly. The key to understanding cell chemistry starts with the movement of sodium and potassium into and out of cells. Hydrogen as water is electrically attracted to the minerals sodium and potassium forming hydrated sodium and hydrated potassium. The way in which hydrogen as water coalesce to sodium and potassium atoms (rendering them as suspensions) initiates the primary organizational thrust behind the chemistry of life. This starts the so-called sodium-potassium pump action, although the real mechanisms involved remain unknown to our conventional medical practices. This creates untold peril for our patients.


In effect, IRMTM sees the behavior of Hydrogen as the causal agent to how life-giving or disease causing chemical reactions unravel.


By understanding and controlling the behavior of hydrogen, the physician impacts the causal chemistry of life and causal elements of disease.


And when the physician commands the behavior of hydrogen, the physician can facilitate the rebuilding, restoration and regeneration of those body parts, step by step, part by part, until the entire constitution of a patient is regenerated. This regeneration arises because of the patient's nearly limitless ability to self-heal.


The paradigm to Integrative Regenerative Medicine is the specific knowledge that all cells in our body, being constructed of mostly of the element hydrogen, also float in hydrogen, that is, hydrogen in the form of water. The biology of hydrogen interfacing with more hydrogen is central to this paradigm. Our body water composes from ~60% to ~73% of us, our entire human body. And this internal system of streams, lakes, ponds is collectively an ocean, one massive body of water in which the chemistry of life floats. It is composed of but a few dissolved molecules. The vast majority of our body simply floats or is suspended in our cellular, tissue and organ fluids. This amounts to 50 trillion or more separate, yet united pools all bathing together in a huge organized system, a huge, highly organized and energized colloid.


And these pools unite themselves together in what can be understood at the macro-level with streams, lakes and ponds, just as Alexis Carrel envisioned. And when these streams, lakes, ponds are all highly structured and super-organized fluids, the result is resilient, super states of health.


  1. IRMTM desires for the healing arts to understood from this causal point of view. Indeed this was the rational medical approach taught by Hippocrates himself, wherein he dedicated so much supreme attention to the four humors (bodily fluids). Specifically, before disease can arise, our body water becomes a polluted chaotic mess, which then leads to all disease. Disease cannot exist in highly structured, super-organized body fluids (body water).

  2. Change out the chaotic, polluted body water through precise detoxification,

  3. Re-structure the water inside the body's cells, tissues and organs through regenerative nourishment, prayer, meditation and select applied bioenergetics, then

  4. Complete the process by super-organizing this water with precise high energy states procured through ATP Inducing RegenaerobicsTM and Bioenergetic technologies ...

.. and our cells, tissues and organs regenerate and stay regenerated.



The Four Pillars have an indispensable ally in this mission to regenerate human beings. This ally without equal are select applied Bioenergetics. Put most succinctly, select applied Bioenergetics greatly facilitate and enhance all four pillars.


And what is meant by the term "select applied" bioenergetics? It means specific applications of bioenergetic energies that organize and enhance the behavior of hydrogen in the body, most importantly, the behavior of hydrogen as the predominant member of body water.


When all Four Pillars are used properly in unison, this in turn induces The Regeneration EffectTM  within.


The Regeneration EffectTM is the expression of accelerated healing, or unscheduled healing, or healing beyond the ordinary - such as the curing of so called incurable diseases. Because The Regeneration Effect is composed of Four Pillars, it is an integrative and regenerative art & science of healing. It is what we call The Regeneration EffectTM within. 


In this light, the International College of Regenerative MedicineTM proposes the solutions by way of the Art & Science of Integrative Regenerative MedicineTM.






(A) By "long-living" we mean those isolated cultures that achieved larger than expected proportions of their members achieving ages over 90 years of age, as well asmany of those members exceeding ages well past 100 years of age while maintaining a remarkable fitness and activity level. By "extremely" long-living, we mean isolated pta-peoples that achieved ages well above 110 years of age, and even beyond 120 years of age, who exhibited minimal chronic degenerative disease.




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