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March 25 2011 Power Point
June 6 2010 Power Point
Podcast Sept 9th 2010
Past Special Events
Chicago, IL USA - Health Freedom Expo
(C) 2010 by Dr. John Apsley
"Overcoming Advanced Cancer: Curing (VS. Controlling) Terminal
Cancer with The Regeneration Effect."
June, 2010. Dr. Apsley presented to several hundred attendees on why the incorrect chemistry to cell physiology has led to a complete failure to cure the chronic degenerative disorders, including cancer. Highlights included cell tissue studies, animal studies and human studies over the past 100 years which revealed the actual cell chemistry and physiology that is designed to keep us disease-free and longliving. A follow-on workshop addressed questions for nearly two more hours the real insights into how and why sickness originates, and the evidence supporting that healthy young adult humans are innately designed to:
(1) Live out their years disease-free, and also
(2) Not even supposed to start their aging process until they reach 100 years of
Attendees were all invited to particate with us in methods known to regenerate the human being by joining our International Lecture Tour series, with the first tour scheduled for May 2011, to be held at Lourdes, France.
First Paris Symposium On Overcoming Advanced Cancer
"First – Restore the Gel State (Intracellular Milieu) for Cancer and Immunocompetence: The Keys to Successful Advanced Cancer Recovery"
Paris, France, October 2007. Dr. Apsley and a group of specialists in cancer research, including Dr. Flavin and David Berg, presented an oncology symposium focusing on the use of effective, non-toxic, all natural therapeutics.
Attendees included physicians from throughout the EU who were dedicated to treating cancer with effective natural methods. Turn out was high, and the subject matter included applications for:
(1)Sodium bicarbonate,
(2)Select nutriceutical protocols, and
(3)Restoring optimal oxygenation levels to the cancer patient.


First Symposium on Lyme Induced Autism


"Fundamental Causations to Autism, Mercury Intoxication and Lyme Disease."


Irving, CA, June 2007. Dr. Apsley presented how nanotechnology advancements are leading to more effective treatments for chronic infections, such as Lyme Disease. A unique strategy was discussed to activate the patient's own immune system through a pulsed therapeutic protocol. Compelling documentation was presented that suggested pulsed treatment with picoscalar silver hydrosol would facilitate staggered pathogen breakdown and immune system sensitization. Inflammatory control (Jarisch-Herxheimer Events) was also highlighted.


The lecture focused on:


(A) Detoxification procedures as it relates to immune inflammatory responses

(B) Staggered Pathogen load reduction to safely mature acquired immunity

(C) Safe Heavy Metal elimination










5th China International Silver Conference
"Nanotechnology Discovers Universal Pathogen Solution – Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol(UPOSH)"
Guangzhou Province, Panyu, China. Dr. Apsley delivered the keynote address for medical breakthroughs in September 2006.
His topic covered advancements in nanotechnology using low Angstrom size oligodynamic (free-ion) metal particles in medicine. Highlights included how non-toxic nanometals in medicine achieve:
(1) Infectious disease control of highly resistant pathogens (MRSA,
       HIV and multi-drug resistant fungi), and
(2) Induce sustained cancer remissions.