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Disciplined Detoxification targeting all cells and tissues

(C) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC


The primary cause and sources to +90% of all U.S. diseases are lack of vital nutrients in our food chain, plus toxins in our air, water, food and medicines, including vaccines.

Dr. John Apsley


First steps for the way out

RE Thermotherapy (RET):


DIY (Only for adults): Under supervision while consuming appropriate hydration throughout treatment as instructed by your doctor, prepare your own in-home hot bath. Using your bathtub, begin with a temperature of 104o F ( 40oC) at outset, and over 10 minutes slowly increase by adding in more hot water according to tolerance (stirring water constantly to avoid burning) to 108o F (42.2oC). Do not exceed 15 minutes of treatment above 105oF (40.5oC) without direct supervision. Be sure to add in & stir 1/4 teaspoon of ascorbic acid per tub-full to dechlorinate water prior to entering bathwater.



Far Infrared Therapy Units:


High-End, see: (HERE)

Good Quality Low-End, see: [HERE]

For a suitable hot tub temperature gauge, see: {Here}



Directories of Colonic Therapists: 

[FIRST] And [Second]





[Review HERE] And [Then HERE]



Select Intestinal Cleansers:


[See HERE]



Healing Bath Mixes:

{Click HERE}



Also, for water detoxification resources, see SAW Tab below.