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Purity of Mind
by Dr. John Apsley email:
(Coming soon: Dr. Apsley will shortly provide an audio link to this sight for an easy way to mindfully, silently contemplate the words below, if you so desire.)

"Physician heal thyself" -- Luke 4:23

"Physician heal thyself, and then you will be able to heal the sick" -- ancient Greek proverb

"We are all slaves of our own actions. Why be angry with anyone else?" -- Shantideva

Purity of mind is the foundation to all self-healing. If we harbor harmful thoughts about ourselves or others, we can never expect our self-healing power within to properly arise. In addition to mind work that can be accomplished in a variety of ways, especially where there are great difficulties affecting an entire family, constellation work may be one key to restoring an entire family back to health and well being (see "Essential Links" tab, then under the "BioEnergetics" sub-tab, and then look for the Mind/Body work section, for more resources).
But for now, we can help liberate our own inhibitions to self-healing with the following short exercise. Feel free to repeat this to yourself, morning and evening, first before getting out of bed, then just after retiring and before falling asleep. Mental discipline, that is, doing a good thing for yourself and others on a regular, committed basis, is the key to all successful healings. I have found this to produce wonderful results, and it can for you as well.
Sitting with your back resting against a wall or support of any kind, with your eyes closed, mouth closed, repeat slowly in your mind silently:
I wish only good to myself and all others
I wish no harm to myself or any other
May I only do good to myself and all others
May I do no harm to myself or any other
May I be free from all my burdens here and now, from this day forward, without end
May all others also be free from their burdens here and now, from this day forward, without end
May I be liberated from all my tensions, all my stresses, all my infirmaties, all my inadequacies, my frailties, and my unwholesome qualities
May all others be liberated from all their tensions, all their stresses, all their infirmaties, all their inadequacies, all their fralities, all their unwholesome qualities
May I be happy now, from this day forward, without end
May all others be happy now, from this day forward, without end
May I experience a great peace within myself, my total self, my whole self
May all others experience a great peace within themselves, within their total selves, their whole selves
May I serve myself in this manner day and night so I may serve the greater good
May all others serve themselves in this manner day and night so they too can serve the greater good
I, moving forward now, never looking back, living today as the first day of the rest of my life, expecting nothing in return for my efforts to purify my mind, save only a great peace of mind, a great happiness and complete purity of mind - till the end of my days here on earth