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Medicines & Hygiene Items for Most Occassions when Facing Long Term Severe Social or Environmental Challenges

(c) 2012 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC



As Ivan Illich pointed out in his famous book, Medical Nemesis, that modern medicine has not been successful in achieving lasting, meaningful successes over disease as a whole, as is popularly believed. With exceptions provided for acute traumatic injuries, at best modern medicine has simply transferred eminent death from acute infectious disease into crippling chronic disease while igniting wide-spread antibiotic resistant super germs. Indeed, few Americans, if any, are actually healthy at all.(1, 2, 3, 4) This is certainly not the case for people living in the so called Blue Zones around the world, who have few doctors and typically no hospitals. For more details see [HERE] and [HERE].


The real success stories to thwarting disease have been all about:

  1. Prevention (stop smoking; stay trim; move away from polluted areas, etc...)
  2. Proper Hygiene (washing hands and bathing daily, plus coughing and sneezing properly into the crease of your elbow to help prevent spread of contagion)
  3. Adequate fresh air, sunlight (for natural Vitamin D) and exercise
  4. Access to healthy water supplies
  5. Non-toxic preservation of food (i.e., refrigeration, freezing, CO2 vacuum packaging, etc...)
  6. Eating highly nutritious foods low in calories and high in raw food regeneration factors (cRFsTM), minerals, vitamins, proteins, complex carbohydrates and select fats.
  7. The diet is actually best when based on eating about 50% of such foods in their raw state, such as making delicious tasting smoothies at one or more meals per day.
  8.  (More details [HERE])

As it turns out, the "Smart Home" mention under the Shelter-Fire tab to the upper left, is perfect for facilitating these 7 items directly above. [Link HERE]



The best way to insure you and your family will continually get sick and stay sick (especially during cold & flu seasons) are to center your long term storage around:

  • Refined sugar
  • Refined bleached flour
  • Hydrogenated oils (Trans Fats)
  • GMO foods (commercial soy, corn, canola oil, cottonseed meal and oil, dairy products, and most meats from animals fed such GMO grains.)
  • Foods generated in big agricultural conglomerates
  • Preservative-laden foods
  • Additive-laden foods (artificial dye coloring, flavoring, texturing, etc....). Rule of Thumb - If you can't pronounce it, don't buy it!
  • Common canned foods (these were super heated, and likely from low grade commercial sources, low in mineral content)
  • Practice a sedentary lifestyle and harbor...
  • A piss-poor attitude about one's self, one's family, and one's existence.
  •  See why [HERE]


Protect yourselfby living a regenerative lifestyle all the time, but especially during times of social and environmental crises. It only takes 55 minutes per day. See overview of a regenerative lifestyle here: [HERE]




Sterile Bandages & Dressings

Sterilizing rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol & wipes

Hydrogen peroxide

Super Glue (for sealing deeper cuts after thorough cleaning & sterilizing)Colds & Flu: Iodine, silver hydrosol, MMS, ozonated olive oil.Emergency Medical Kits - Aloe plants for burns and wounds, tourniquets, 9 volt batteries (for bee stings, spider bikes, mosquito bites), .

Aspirin (willow bark concentrate for long term use), other pain killers


Chronic Care Tools - Anti-inflammatories, chronic infections, parasites, endocrine support during high stress (coming), olive extracts, berberine.


Complete natural source One-Per-Day vitamins, minerals


Baking soda - Indigestion, heartburn, mouthwash, eye wash.

Lice Shampoo

Destin (Zinc oxide ointment)

Food Poisoning - Calcium bentonite or Charcoal capsules, sea salt flushes, castor oil purges, probiotics (living culture pickles, saurekraut, etc...)

Homeopathic Home Kit (for bee stings, spider bites, poison ivy, colic, teething, nausea, etc...)


Natural Hygiene:

All-Natural/Effective Sunscreen
All-Natural Bug Spray (wearing kind)
All-Natural Bug Spray (killing kind)Non-Fluoride Toothpaste and Toothbrushes made with baking soda, xylitol, neem and/or tea tree oil.

Deodorant - Aluminum-free.

Baby Supplies – diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, etc...
Razor blades



Toilet paper

Contact lens solution

Extra tooth brushes

Hair Cutting equipment (razor/vacuum device), etc...



Glasses, duplicates and extra reading glasses, magnifying glasses




1.In 1974, the U.S. Public Health Services noted that only 3,000,000 out of 210,000,000 Americans could be considered healthy (i.e., living disease-free).

Current trends as of 2007 reveal that over:

˜ 18 million Americans have cancer

˜ 165 million never engage in physical activity lasting more than 10 minutes, 99 million are physically inactive, approximately 45 million are functionally impaired or suffer at least one physical difficulty

˜ 105 million are overweight

˜ 81 million were obese

˜ Making a grand total of 186 million unfit Americans most at risk for premature death,

˜ 81% or 243 million folks saw a physician, which in turn contributed to…

˜ 571 million work-loss days

˜ 84 million suffer lower back pain

˜ 84 million suffer chronic joint pains

˜ 72 million have hypertension

˜ 66 million have arthritis

˜ 62 million are smokers

˜ 50 million experience nervousness or anxiety

˜ 48 million suffer migraines

˜ 45 million have hearing problems

˜ 30 million suffer heart disease

˜ 30 million have symptoms of depression (sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, or that everything is an effort)

˜ 28 million have vision problems

˜ 27 million have diabetes

˜ 24 million have lost their teeth

˜ 24 million have ulcers

˜ 24 million have asthma

˜ 6 million have emphysema

˜ 6 million have kidney disease

˜ 3 million have liver disease.

See: series 10, No. 249:5-13.

2. See:

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4. See data on table -List by the United Nations Population Division Infant mortality (deaths/1,000 live births) - Longitudinal Data,right column pertaining to 2005-2010: