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(C) 2012 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC




Special Note: Your Dietary Supplements should be GMO-free, environmental toxin-free, and be harvested from lowest risk radiation zones. 

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This section provides sub-tabs documenting educational insights with vital resources associated with activating The Regeneration Effect (RE) within. These programs are easy to use & simple "once-a-day" or "twice-a-day" programs. These RE Programs found to your left under the various sub-tabs are also linked directly to sources of these top quality, cost conscious tools & supplies.



Regenerative Properties of Natural Substances 


In order to understand the power of any natural substance to regenerate tissues, we must first define what is regeneration? I have often stated that human tissue regeneration is fundamentally about either:


(A) Accelerated repair; or

(B) Unscheduled repair.


In both cases such repair is not expected to arise from the normal day-to-day operation of the intrinsic (inner) healing ability of the specific cell, tissue or organ.


By definition, Regenerative NourishmentTM excites: (1) stem cells, and/or (2) progenitor cells (inclusive of multipotent or totipotent cells), and/or (3) telomerase enzyme. All three are key determinants to tissue health and longevity. Taken collectively, we must add in a third fundamental regarding natural substances' ability to regenerate, namely:


(C) Extension or elongation of normal, healthy cellular (and whole person) life span.


If we suffer from some form of chronic degeneration and/or advanced aging how should we personally gauge the regenerative power of a natural substance? After all, if we could do this, we could determine the value of putting together an individualized program and going through with the expense of taking a natural regenerative substance consistently couldn't we?


Human tissues will differ in how fast they normally replicate or in how long they normally live before requiring replacement. Natural substances which bring about a supra-normal healthy repair rate or a supra-normal healthy extension of the cell's or tissue's or organ's life span can likewise be said to induce regeneration effects in the body.


For example, if a certain kind of cell is only expected to live 10 days, but in fact lives in health for 20 days when provided a natural regenerative substance (i.e., regeneration factors), a regenerative event has likely occurred. 


A really good example concerns brain and nerve tissues. Certain nerves that travel from the spinal cord to the individual body parts (called peripheral nerves), have the ability to repair at a certain speed (slow!). But nerve cells in the spinal cord do not repair at all. Therefore, any regeneration factor that demonstrates spinal cord nerve repair is by definition regenerative in nature. To maximize regeneration factors, Four Pillars must be simultaneously implemented into a regenerative lifestyle. Recall that the Four Pillars which ignites The Regeneration Effect within consists of daily detoxification, maximum oxygenation, regenerative nourishment and optimal cell to cell, cell to tissue, tissue to organ and organ to body communication.


Interestingly, there are natural substances which by themselves trigger one or more of the Four Pillars. So, for folks to determine the real value of taking known regenerative factors or in implementing integrative and regenerative healing methods, they must consider:


(I) The above power of a natural substance to trigger the Four Pillars, and then

(II) Match their own body areas being affected by chronic degeneration or advanced aging states to the precise protocol of regeneration factors that best matches their individual situation.


For precisely these two reasons, the well documented sub-tabs to the left were created. Now anyone can best match their individual situation to the right set of regeneration factors to ignite their own Regeneration Effect within.