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RE Smart Home Designs - Coming Early First Quarter 2013. Three Expandible Self-Sufficient, Self-Powering, Fortress Strength Residential Designs. Living areas begin with 2150 sq.ft. and start @ $150,000 or less, F.O.B. Florida.

Designed for easy transport and immediate assembly. Tax-credit worthy.

John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC



Two Bedroom Expandible Design Front & Back.




































































































































  • Polar Steam Engine Power Plant


  • Quick Charge Super Nano-Batteries with Plastic Alkaline Hydrogen Storage Wells


  • Multi-Fuel Generator System


  • Magnetic Super Wind Turbines using VAWT


  • Rain Water Roof Collection System


  • Air-To-Water Indoor Manufacturing System


  • Super Solar Ozone Water Purifier


  • Low Cost Solar Steam


  • Strong Storm Resistant, Fire Resistant & Extreme Hot or Freezing Temperature Resistant


  • Supports Hypoallergenic/Toxin-Free Living (i.e., deters mold & outgasing).