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Regenerative Tools, Tips and Methods to Survive & Thrive when facing Long Term Severe Social or Environmental Challenges

(c) 2012 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC



Regenerative LivingTM in times of crises is the means to thrive instead of just getting by and stressing out...


Recent surveys suggest that only about 15% of Americans feel they are prepared for some kind of long term crises that might impact them. But to what extent are these forward thinkers really prepared? For those looking to have their kids thrive under the most difficult social and environmental challenges, this new section is for you.

  1. As a family man, I have raised seven kids and I am worried about a financial collapse as the contagion is soon likely to spread from Europe to America (see HERE).
  2. As a researcher, I am just as concerned about the limitations of our global energy natural resources as well as our environment's ability to properly feed us and keep us optimally hydrated (see more [HERE]).
  3. As a physician, I am deeply disturbed about mega-factory agricultural businesses corrupting our food supply which must necessarily cause massive sickness (see [HERE]).
  4. Furthermore, our medical system just isn't keeping us healthy either, despite what is widely believe by the general public (see [HERE]).
  5. As a voter, I am fearful that all major media outlets in the U.S. are control by just 6 corporations under their respective ideologies! This is not a free press we can trust.
  6. Finally, I live in the NW, a zone highly prone to earthquakes. And we are told by the experts there is at least a 40% chance of an 8.2 to 9.0+ earthquake within the next 50 years (see HERE)!


Fortunately and most gratefully, there are solutions; solutions that are ready for us to adopt right now. Each sub-tab to the left will provide:

(A) Highly regenerative facilitating alternatives for thriving during times of crises, where available, and

(B) The standard chows or usual and customary tools that enable survival over long time frames.


The (A) regenerative facilitating alternatives will be those choices offering tools and methods in which the human body may thrive, instead of just maintain or survive. Americans are typically sick and over stressed nowadays. Being so depleted and going into severe crises is a great disadvantage. Nature favors the fit and prepared who can adapt, not the weak and those ill-prepared. Few if any live a regenerative lifestyle. So, we will endeavor to provide two tiers of choices for each group of folks who wish to know how to thrive under catastrophic circumstances, plus stay healthier and stronger as time rolls along. In this way, each individual may meet the challenges of such emergencies with vigor, energy and leadership they may use for the benefit of the less fortunate. 



NOW: Planning to come up with a great plan for the family is the key to success. This plan, written up and rehearsed may mean life or death to you & your family members. See: [HERE]



Top Priorities. Secure the following ASAP in close approximate order 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc... :


Shelter & Fire


Foods Medicines


Power & Lighting Systems

Survival Tools


Safe Banking - Cash, Coins & Bartering