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Coming Soon - Best Water Systems when facing Long Term Severe Social or Environmental Challenges

(c) 2012 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC



The best pollution-free water sources are from mountainous above or underground springs. All the longest lived & healthiest peoples have access to such mineral rich, health enhancing waters. These commonly have unique properties if they are associated with mountainous regions. The key to these special waters is their mineral-rich qualities and "wetness". Yes, wetness. Water can dissolve substances, like nutirents and toxins, either normally, or especially well, depending upon its wetness. The water that runs down from mountainous regions may become highly structured, meaning the water molecular align and lock in orderly fashion to each other, giving such waters unique healing and nourishing qualities.


By simply mixing mineral rich spring waters with inexpensive water conditioning devices such as the PursaNova PursaFusion device, such water gains more wetness and optimizes healthy biological effects (such as better detoxification and hydration).


For those lucky enough to have high-quality spring water available, simply placing a PursaNova device into a tumbler full of such water does the trick in about 20 minutes. For those who do not have access to such mineral-rich spring waters, stocking Fiji water or filtered water through an alkalinizing water treatment system can accomplish much of the same end-result. Drinking at least 1/2 ounce of such water daily per pound of body weight is the minimum to improve health and to thrive.



For locations around America, see: [HERE]



See PursaNova: [Click HERE].

DIY: See SAW Do It Yourself Instructions[HERE]



HOME WATER SOURCES:Tap (boil and/or filter - see below)

Rain catch water Systems: [See HERE]

Well water.




Bath Tub Liners,

5 Gallon jugs (WallMart),

55 Gallon drums with pump,

Hot Tubs,

Swimming Pools.




Boiling for 10 minutes,


Filtering ("Zero" Filters from Target + extra filter replacements), and see: [HERE]


MMS (chlorine) sterilizing drops;


H2O2 drops.