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In 2016 the devastating radiation sickness that impacted the crew of USS Ronald Reagan expands. Read more here.

61 Million deaths due to man-made radiation releases (all sources) into our global environment since 1945. 123 Million new cancer cases, 1.6 Million infant deaths, 1.8 Million fetus deaths. Read more here.
Horrific catastrophe now ongoing at Hanford Nuclear Research facility in eastern Washington State. Radiation seepage not containable, and the entire Columbia river soon to become lethally contaminated. Read more here.
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2015 Update on devastation to entire U.S. west coastline [Here].
We Are All At Great Risk - NOW 
August 30th, 2014: Massive daily radiation releases admitted by TEPCO - extinction level releases killing Pacific ocean food chain.
My newsletters have been meticulously documenting this ongoing destruction of the Pacific ocean's biomass. All daily releases since March 2011 are CUMULATIVE. Each radioactive particle concentrates in each succeeding life form up to 300X as it passes up the food chain, until it hits your dinner table or local restaurant in glowing fashion. Due to the half-life of these toxins, the injurious effects will go on for centuries. Unfortunately, there is no technology in place at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant to stem these lethal releases. Please review another earth-shaking 22 minute video I brought to the attention of all my newsletter members in mid-August 2014. Don't let fear set in, simply know how to protect yourself. That's what this site is dedicated to.
TEPCO has just released radiation release charts that show 157 Bq/day are spewing into the Pacific ocean. It is also known it is not possible, with present technology being used at the facility, to stop or reverse this lethal level of release. The reason why no one was alerted before this are the Japanese secrecy laws.
The Japanese Government has ratified secrecy rules to bar journalists reporting the latest coming out of Fukushima. See [Here]. Evidently, there is much they feel they need to hide going forward. Please listen to the short video presentation by Arnie Gundersen which outlines the extent to which the Japanese government is now foisting radioactive risk upon its citizens utilizing these secrecy laws. He also covers with newly released FOIA documents the egregious under-reporting of fallout which hit the west coast of North America shortly after the Fukushima earthquake of March 2011.[Here]
20% of America's electrical power comes from its fleet of aging, defective and obsolete Nuclear Power Plants. In 1979 the "fast" shut-down switch at Three Mile Island was activated at the first sign of trouble, yet a meltdown quickly ensued. Likewise at Fukushima in 2011, all three operating reactors quickly activated their "fast" shut-down switches, yet within hours multiple fires, explosions and meltdowns were inescapable. Gregory Jaczko, PhD, Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at the time of the Fukushima catastrophe, consequently stated that every potentially dangerous machine should have an emergency "off" switch that works fast... Common sense defines "fast" as immediate or instantaneous, but not in the nuclear power industry. In fact, "fast" shut-down switches are technologically impossible for nuclear reactors. For this reason Dr. Jaczko now concludes that all nuclear power reactors should be phased out. (Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed. NYT. April 9, 2013, page A16.)
November 2013 - New, Big Troubles Ahead
Those of you who have heard me speak on the national forum know I am a serious student of the Fukushima crisis, and that I first check and double check my facts with top experts before making any new announcements regarding this ongoing disaster. With this in mind, it is now my duty to issue the highest level alert regarding the Fukushima catastrophe.
¨¨¨ An unprecedented threat will unfold over the next 18 months starting this coming November. This threat has all the makings of a perfect storm, potentially leading to catastrophic mayhem across the entire northern hemisphere. This threat concerns the precarious moving of vast amounts of damaged radioactive material from the nuclear power plant at Fukushima. See: [Here]
This update was written so you could learn and plan accordingly. Do not expect government to step in to either solve or provide the necessary resources for your family. In fact, our government is extremely adept at covering up radioactive threats of great import. See ¨ [Here] and [Here] It will be squarely all about what you do now to take the right precautions and preparations to survive, should this coming threat materialize.
Let's start with what you may think you know about the Fukushima catastrophe of March 2011, verses what you don't know. If you learned all about the Fukushima catastrophe through what the main stream media taught you, now is the time to read my book. If you know little about the Fukushima catastrophe, catch up now to understand this critical update by first reading my book. And if you have already read my book, but are not practicing preventive or radioprotective or "decorporation" measures, this entire section (including the sub-tabs to the upper left) will bring you up to date.
To properly gauge and understand the March 2011 Fukushima catastrophe, and the new threats looming ahead, we should reflect upon the historical cover-up, massive propaganda and inept science downplaying the April 1986 catastrophe at Chernobyl which is clearly repeating itself in present-day Fukushima, Japan.
In fact, the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe has proven itself to be one of the greatest lethal events of the modern era:

¨  This single event laid waste to huge segments of the eastern European population.

¨  Most of Belarus, northern Ukraine and SW Russia will continue to suffer for hundreds of years to come despite myopic reports to the contrary.

¨  The complexity of remediating the environment and restoring a thriving ecosystem is staggering.

¨  The European biosphere is continually re-assimilating multiple species of lethal radioactive particles into its massive food chain which will continue crippling human generations for decades to come.

¨  27 years later, radioactively contaminated foods exported from regions tainted by Chernobyl fallout continue to threaten unsuspecting consumers world-wide.

¨  The devastating plunge in regional health surrounding Chernobyl is irrefutable and well documented in my book, especially on page 14. Over the next 20 years and beyond, expect even more crippling results to rain down onto the children of northern Japan and North America.



In my 2011 book, I cited the medical epidemiologists Yablokov et al. who documented that Chernobyl's total radioactive release over 20 years (1986-2006) killed just under one million folks and crippled eight million more. Knowing how history tends to repeat itself, I made the forecast that the March, 2011 Fukushima catastrophe released six times more radioactivity into the biosphere than the Chernobyl catastrophe. As a result, it has the potential to kill and cripple over six times the number of folks over the same time frame. Few at the time acknowledged my math, but few argued against it either! 
We now have confirming data showing the Fukushima catastrophe unleashed ~6 times the radiation released during the entire Chernobyl catastrophe. This total amount of radiation has been released into: (1) the east-Asian aquifer (Japanese water table and the northern Pacific Ocean), as well as (2) the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere.
Biosphere - Aquifer & Oceanic Releases
Nuclear engineers Mycel Schneider and Antony Froggatt published their findings in The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013 in July 2013. They conclude that for one of the key radioactive elements (Cesium 137 or Cs-137), the Fukushima catastrophe released into the ground water, water table and eventually into the Pacific Ocean three times the grand total release at Chernobyl. See ¨ [Here]... This single type of radioactive hot particle will lethally contaminate both the ground water of northern Japan as well as the northern Pacific Ocean for hundreds of years to come. And if you have read my book, you will have read on pages 62-64 that there were dozens of other lethal radioactive elements which greatly add to the carnage (such as Strontium-90). In fact, huge releases of Strontium-90 continue to leak from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant all through 2013 (see [Here]).
This World Nuclear Industry Status Report of 2013 did not fully address the likelihood of a China Syndrome in progress at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. We must learn how to protect ourselves from such China Syndromes, which is discussed at the end of this section below. This unprecedented catastrophe means that the spillage of radioactive coolant into the Pacific Ocean will continue for years to come, rendering north Pacific seafood unfit for human beings for centuries. See my Chapter Seven, pages 149-168 for details and how to plan healthy uncontaminated meals your family can enjoy. 
Nuclear energy proponents love to interject that radiation becomes diluted over time, distance, land, air and water so no one ever has anything to worry about when nuclear accidents occur. All you need do is to assign a 25 mile exclusion zone for about 30 years and then claim all's well. (Warning for mature adults only...) ¨ Such proponents never seek out and contact the victims of Chernobyl who were born and live hundreds of miles from the epicenter to glean even a thread of the actual reality playing out. And if the infant death rates linked to the Fukushima catastrophe sky-rocket thousands of miles away as documented on page 71 of my softcover, ignore it of course, or call any reporting of the CDC data fear mongering or inconclusive.
And what do these nay-sayers opine about the tiny by comparison nuclear dirty bomb threats that keeps our ever-watchful Homeland Security officials alert 24/7? I mean in comparison to Fukushima's detonation, melting and ongoing burning of over 954 tons of radioactive fuel and 30 million tons of resulting radioactive debris, what is all the fuss over Homeland Security's hyper vigilance concerning mere ounces of radioactive materials anyway, right? 
In the real world devoid of such propaganda riddled rationalizations, serious scientists know that there is no such thing as tiny safe amounts of radioactive fallout. And these same scientists also know that air, ground water and ocean waters do not dilute radioactivity so much as they bring about the bioaccumulation of that radioactivity up the global food chain given enough time (by up to 300 fold!). See page 73 of my softcover. And guess who sits atop the global food chain? Well, if you are asking, all the proponents of nuclear energy do. And the bitch of it is that they sit right next to our kids and our grandkids chanting the same "it's all in harmless amounts" mantra. (Research my book's index for the words 'bioaccumulation' and 'biomagnification' for supporting documentation.)
Biosphere - Atmospheric Releases & Fallout
On page 40 of my 2011 softcover, I cite the separate estimations from both the renown French Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire (IRSN) and the Austrian Zentralanstalt fur Meteorolgie and Geodynamik (ZAMG). In summary, they both based their independent calculations according to The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (or INES), and determined that during the subsequent four to eleven days immediately following the fatal March 12th event at Fukushima, up to three times the total atmospheric release of Cs-137 had already occurred in comparison to the grand total at Chernobyl. But the Fukushima releases didn't stop there. Subsequently, over the following months more staggering atmospheric releases were documented.
Soon after my book was published lower estimates started appearing in the authoritative press. For example, several studies under-calculated the Fukushima radiation releases from March 12th through March 15th by huge margins. To me that makes sense because they used math based on tons of assumptions rather than actual "real" data. This frequently used math based upon assumptions has never, ever actually panned out historically speaking when predicting death and injury from radioactive fallout. See page 75 of my book for the documentation. But I digress. Specifically, these authoritative studies predicted only about 42%-43% of the total Chernobyl release for Cs-137 occurred over these critical four days. But they were dead wrong. 
For instance, a more recent study using better common sense science (they used real data collections instead of assumptions) has now calculated that the Cs-137 atmospheric release over just one day (March 15, 2011) at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant equaled the grand total release at the Chernobyl catastrophe! See ¨ Arutyunyan RV, et al. Estimation of Radionuclide Emission During the March 15, 2011 Accident at the Fukushima-1 NPP (Japan). Atomic Energy. 2012 Jul;112(3):188-93.
Inescapably, my 2011 forecast that six times the total radiation was released into our biosphere during the Fukushima catastrophe as compared to the grand total release at the Chernobyl catastrophe (3x atmospheric + 3x aquifer & oceanic spillage) has proven true.
The only other chilling variable we must now contend with is that more than seven times the population inhabited the fallout zones impacted by the Fukushima catastrophe in comparison to the Chernobyl catastrophe. What this larger population variable suggests is that we have all the makings of the greatest humanitarian crisis of all time underway. But this will play out over 20 to 100 years in all. Our greatest enemy at this point are not the propagandists - they can be easily refuted. It is all about the average citizen's psychological need for normalcy -- that is -- the fatigue experienced in a long-term crisis tied to the strong desire to just return to what was normal before the crisis. After all, with so many citizens struggling hard every day just to make ends meet, how can the tiny plot of land that the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant sits on remain on anyone's radar living many thousands of miles away? Well, we must be made to see that normalcy in this case is bad, real bad. It will take real leadership to get folks to recalibrate what's front and center on their radar screen, before November 2013 arrives...
That's why I am writing this update - to shake folks back awake and free them from the seduction of normalcy. Things will not become normal again, at best, for hundreds of years, and we must be made to see that an even bigger threat is now upon us. And how big is bigger here? What context is in play?
Well, to really see the bigger threat ahead, we must first keep in mind that human beings sit atop the food chain. This means that over the long run it does not matter where or over what time frame radiation is released into our biosphere since it all eventually leads right back to our door step.
Despite what other experts may want you to think, it is a falsity to insist that radioactive particles may be safely diluted over great spans of water or atmosphere. Biologically, the harmful impact will be the same over time. Regardless of where radiation enters into our biosphere, the esteemed epidemiologist radiation expert Dr. Steven Wing warns us that there are constants for how many cases of cancer or permanent injury any given radiation load will bring about. It matters little if the entire amount had been released all at once into the atmosphere, or all at once into the Pacific Ocean, or all at once into a specific region's ground water system. It matters little if the total amount was equally divided into these three different components to our biosphere over a period of many months. The end-result, over time, will result in the same number of crippling injuries and death. After all, among the more toxic of these radioactive hot particles are Cs-137 and Strontium-90, which have enduring 300 year toxic biological impacts. These chickens will come home to roost. But this does not mean we must become victims of such biological impacts. They key is to understand what has, is and will be going on, and what you can do about it now to protect yourself and your family.
Worst Threat Has Yet To Come...
This is a special alert. Please help me to get the word out to everyone you know. I consider that the gravest threat arising out of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant starts this November (2013). The moving process will continue for at least 18 months thereafter (click on the picture to the right for more chilling details). This threat is unprecedented for the human race. And the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) well-knows their planning and future actions starting this November will seal the fate of billions.
To date, no government official has sent out special advisories of how the public in northern Japan may protect themselves by eating certain common foods highly radioprotective when grown in non-contaminated areas. Fortunately Part II of my book covers this at length for you.
I have long held that Tepco is incompetent for the remaining cleanup and containment measures looming ahead. And the Japanese government finally agrees because it is stepping in to take charge of all future operations. What remains to be seen if this turns out to be just one fox replacing another fox in the hen house.
At the forefront of this Herculean task is the moving of a huge stock-pile of damaged radioactive fuel rods. And the damage to these bundles of fuel rods (called assemblies) is already enormous. Any lifting and moving of these damaged assemblies risks significant additive damage, making them prone to breaking apart during transport (see ¨ [Here]).
However, the greatest threat of a massive disaster still remains with follow-on earthquakes measuring 7.0 or above on the Richter Scale.
So now we learn that the French are coming to offer their help and expertise at the bequest of the Japanese government officials. Finally, a smart move made by the government. But the French will have three separate dangers to successfully traverse. First, they must get the job done at hand before the next higher order earthquake occurs. Second, they must get the job done safely. And third, they must safely contain the ongoing melt-throughs at Units 1, 2 & 3 from crippling the Pacific Ocean's food chain for centuries down the road. And finally, they should not expect much help from either the Japanese government or Tepco itself.
The government's last decision was to allow (through October of 2014) the burning of over 20 million tons of radioactive waste in Fukushima Prefecture, Tokyo Bay as well as in uncontaminated areas south of Tokyo. Now that both northern and southern Japan have been made more radioactively equitable, perhaps Japanese officials can regain some common sense. This move to bring in French experts could pan out. Consider this: If a nuclear accident should ever hit France, what French official in their right mind would take the resulting radioactive debris and start incinerating it up-wind of Paris, just to make sure the radioactivity was spread out evenly over the nation? Unthinkable, right? But this is exactly what Japanese officials are doing with their population as of this writing.
We here on the west coast of North America, as well as Hawaii, are inescapably left with the fact that we must place ourselves in charge of taking both preventive as well as radioprotective measures. We must learn the art of removing radioactive hot particles from our bodies and our children's, a process known as decorporation. This radioactive smoke migrates in significant plumes right over our heads, and with the cooperation of rain storms, drops down as cancer-causing fallout directly upon us. So, what exactly do we need to know right now about prevention, radioprotection and decorporation? We must start with the size and nature of the looming threat ahead; we must know the important details in order to develop countermeasures that will really work.
Specifically, let's decipher the French-Japanese Herculean task ahead. It involves moving damaged radioactive assemblies at the plant's crumbling Unit 4 storage pool. And no less than the former Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, is now sounding the alarm. To listen to his September 24th, 2013 critical advisory, click ¨ [Here].
Despite official denials to the contrary, the entire Unit 4 building is tilting off to one side due to explosions, cracks in the foundation and super-saturated water-logged ground conditions. The ground upon which Unit 4 sits is (A) constantly awash in natural ground water run-off; (B) water-logged from both the original tsunami back in March of 2011, and (C) further super-saturated with more water pumped into the storage pool from spill-over over the past 30 months, that it's surprising Unit 4 remains standing at all. See ¨[Here] Plus, the nuclear engineer and nuclear accident expert Arnie Gundersen has repeatedly reported on huge cracks in multiple building foundations at Fukushima, powering up the destructive force of inevitable future earthquakes. See ¨[Here]
Arnie Gundersen from gives an excellent 10 minute computerized movie review of the extensive damage, and ongoing radioactive releases presented by Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, and how design flaws way back in the 1960's created much of the current mess. See ¨ [Here] Please donate to the not-for-profit if you can. They can only continue their invaluable work with your help.
The fuel rods at Fukushima are approximately 15 feet long and are stored together in bundles of giant assemblies weighing approximately one-third to one-half ton EACH. There are 1,551 such 700 - 1,000 pound assemblies stored at Unit 4. There are well over 6,000 more assemblies being stored in a common storage pool approximately 200 feet away. Fortunately, this massive number of fuel rods are much cooler because they are older. But a catastrophe at Unit 4 could still threaten this enormous common storage facility over the following weeks or months. Specifically, if Unit 4 topples over (such as during a direct-strike earthquake), the resulting gamma rays would kill any creature hundreds of feet away for week after week. Power systems on the property would then likely go into crisis or failure. And without power, the common fuel pool 200 feet away would likely experience water loss at some point. Once water loss exposed the older fuel rods - game over for the atmosphere over the northern Hemisphere...
And there would then also be "game-over" for the northern Pacific Ocean. You see, Units 1, 2 and 3 are either in full China Syndrome (see pages 29-30 of my book), or knocking at the door. If Unit 4 breaks apart, the resulting gamma radiation would make all containment measures ongoing at Units 1, 2 & 3 impossible to continue. At that point it is only a matter of time for the molten radioactive blobs seeping out from under Units 1, 2 & 3 to destroy what remains of the entire Northern Pacific ecosystem. So, we must turn all eyes now onto the Unit 4 storage fuel pool and understand its precarious circumstances...
The distance between each fuel rod and each respective assembly laying underwater at Unit 4 storage pool is critical. If any fuel rod or assembly gets too close to each other despite multiple countermeasures, in a matter of only a few minutes a modified criticality (chain reaction) could cause a 'criticality' fire or explosion in the storage pool at Unit 4. Water in the pool would boil off, gamma radiation would require complete evacuation of the entire facility, and the stored fuel rods would become fully exposed to air. Within a hour or two, most of the remaining cesium-134/137 would vaporize into the air, generating extraordinary lethal fallout.
Under normal circumstances, the multiple safety controls preventing such a catastrophic event involve:
  1. Proper "structured" spacing between assemblies (many assemblies have already precariously shifted),
  2. Intact 'control rods' which absorb stray (decaying) radioactivity (these have likely all failed),
  3. The ceramic/zirconium outer coating to each individual fuel rod (which has also likely failed), and
  4. A properly functioning water cooling system (which is presently on a 'make-shift' life-support system).
Due to Unit 4's crippled state-of-affairs, the water cooling system is the last, and perhaps only line of defense. Anyone can see that the normal safety controls described in 1-4 above have all been severely compromised. More specifically, emergency measures to fortify the make-shift water cooling system with huge amounts of boron, a radioactive absorber, is for all intents and purposes the sole agent preventing another modified criticality event (fires and/or explosions).
Now consider the following: these assemblies can not properly be lifted out manually. Computers must be used so that the machinery doing the lifting will make sure to lift the assemblies out so as not to get too close to the other surrounding assemblies. We are talking about a built-in computer-driven system with a perfect accuracy to move 700 pound 15 foot long assemblies precisely about.
The perfect accuracy required in such a high-tech moving process is all about movements one way or the other within millimeters (~0.05 inches), not centimeters (~1/2 inch). So the margin of safety is virtually non-existent and requires perfectly operating equipment and state-of-the-art computers to control the moving process. Specifically, a sort of GPS computerized, automatic system is always used to conduct such a precise lifting and moving process.
With the new building going operational this November, its high-tech computerized moving system will be facing unprecedented challenges no engineer could foresee. For example, each assembly will present its own unique difficulties for perfect extraction. Combinations of assemblies that have all shifted or twisted in their resting place, will present nightmare scenarios even for the most high-tech computerized system ever built. Due to the unprecedented nature of the situation, practice simulations would not be programmed by hard science, but rather by best assumptions. The inherent blind-spots to such simulations would necessarily lead to errors. Cumulative errors (since such errors would likely only be determined after-the-fact), might easily exponentially grow to over-take the high-tech system by storm. No one would likely see the catastrophe in progress until the modified criticality was actually underway. And this would be unstoppable because the gamma radiation releases would require an immediate evacuation.
Once a criticality fire ignited, it would not take long for all the water in the pool to boil off. And that would in turn set off a lethal level extinction event for Northern Japan depending upon which way the wind was blowing. Likewise, this resulting plume of lethal fallout would have far reaching effects across the Pacific Ocean, and entire Northern Hemisphere. The U.S. would get hit hard, especially in areas receiving heavy rainfall over the ensuing weeks.
We already saw lesser versions of this happen at Fukushima month after month after the March, 2011 event. In fact, over several weeks it was hard to determine if any of the multitude of high-tech devices were working at all. During those periods, radioactive release spikes were often common. But again, even though the chances of such a doomsday scenario are significant, the probability of it actually occurring is secondary to the ongoing threat of a follow-on, direct strike +7.0 earthquake at Fukushima.
Prior Releases at Fukushima - How Much is Left? 
As far as I could tell, the majority of press releases describing the run-away 2011 releases of radioactivity were snippets of misinformation and disinformation by Tepco spokespersons, offset by occasional truthful admissions just to appease the peanut gallery of "yes men." Funny how high-tech devices never only seem to work when you most want them to... I think that observation may reflect the artificial intelligence of many well-meaning, but ill-informed government officials (with the exception of Gregory Jaczko of course, perhaps the only honest former government official who ran the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission).
Once fuel rods heat up to 1500oF, it only take about one hour for the total load of radioactive cesium to go airborne. A vast amount of fuel rods at Units 1, 2 & 3 far exceeded this temperature. The evidence suggests that the vast majority of fuel rods at Units 1, 2 & 3 have likely released their entire loads of cesium 134 & 137 as of this writing (November, 2013). 
In my book I make a forecast that just under 1,000 metric tons of radioactive fuel would vaporize or melt into our Biosphere after everything is said and done. But I can now say that if Unit 4 suffers a chain reaction in its fuel pool, the world will be exposed to 1611 tons of radioactive materials over time. What radiation is actually left now at Units 1, 2, 3 & 4 is anybody's guess. But what many experts believe is that the majority of the radiation contained in Unit 4's fuel rods are still largely intact. With this in mind, Arnie Gundersen and I briefly chatted about this just prior to our Coast-To-CoastAM show on November 9th, 2013. He and I agree that there is reason to believe that a catastrophe at Unit 4 now would likely render the worst possible result to date for the Japanese people. Likewise, I see this as true for everyone living in North America as well.
To be perfectly clear about the coming high-risk, high-tech driven moving process - any minuscule mis-step in any direction means fuel rods will simply get too close to another, risking more structural damage and igniting a modified criticality reaction. A modified criticality reaction at Unit 4 would set off the makings of the greatest threat ever faced by humanity, especially those souls living along the North American western coastline.
The plan to be used by the experts at Fukushima will consist of two stages. First stage will be to transfer each assembly while it remains underwater into heavy steel caskets. At least this will lower the shearing effects of gravity by keeping the assemblies underwater. Second stage will be to lift the caskets out of the damaged pool and move them single-file to a nearby common storage facility. But, this method involving damaged assemblies has never been accomplished before.
So one can only pray they have one or more back-up plans in place - ready to launch - if their primary plan experiences an accident. To my knowledge, no dress rehearsals, no practice runs have proven their primary method will work flawlessly, let alone for moving over 1,550 damaged assemblies!
However, the looming crisis throws something more sinister into the mix, something never before encountered, something highly alarming, and something that no known technology can counteract or secure before the moving begins... the tilting of Unit 4 building!
Despite the new and fancy structure designed to off-load the damaged Unit 4 assemblies, there is no known technology that can lift these half-ton assemblies at the same precise angle as the tilt of the building. Instead, the assemblies must be lifted straight up into the water above due to gravity. Because the integrity of each assembly was likely damaged, the lifting process, even if executed perfectly is apt to cause one or more of these 15 foot long assemblies to crack or possibly even break in half. This would be termed a "snapped bundle" accident, the worst kind of accident imaginable because it will likely lead to a criticality fire.
In summary if a snapped bundle breaks loose and crashes back down into the others below, I am told that a criticality fire becomes highly probable. Likewise, a direct-strike 7.0 earthquake would easily smash Unit 4 assemblies together resulting in a criticality fire as well.
I have been in contact with other international authorities far more expert than I, and all feel the same way. If a criticality fire does break out there is no known means - no current technology - to put out the self-sustaining radioactive (neutron)-regenerating fire.
Chillingly as mentioned above, there is no telling how a criticality fire at Unit 4 would impact the ongoing China Syndromes at Units 1, 2 & 3 not far away. With such a combined powderkeg, there is the likelihood over sufficient time that one of the world's largest depots of spent fuel rod assemblies located only 200 feet due west of Unit 4 would add to the carnage. The common storage fuel pool contains cooler, less reactive fuel rods. But the combined storage pools of just Units 4 & the common storage pool involve over 7,550 assemblies! Since cesium and strontium - two of the most deadly radioactive 
materials - comprise about 90% of old, cooler fuel rods, there is still a chance these cooler fuels could vaporize in domino fashion if a criticality fire broke out at Unit 4. This would result if the water in the common fuel pool were to boil off, or leak out in the case of a follow-on direct-strike earthquake. If this happens, the entire Northern Hemisphere food chain would shortly thereafter become uneatable for centuries. It would mean that ~3,800 tons of radioactive material or "hot particles" would eventually invade the food chain of the Northern Hemisphere, rendering it uneatable.
Specifically, such a radioactive debris field would burn without end for decades. Plumes of radioactive fallout would be continually tossed into the air. It would be lethal for any human being to enter the area in any effort to put out the fire. Remote control robots are not an option either due to the limitations of present day technology.
This scenario, should it unfold, would become an extinction event over large territories of the Northern Hemisphere. First and foremost it would likely hit northern Japan, depending upon which way the wind was blowing. I covered this risk in my 2011 book on pages 69-70, as now more and more nuclear experts confirm.
The reason why Tepco must make this move now is three-fold:
  1. The risk of future +7.0 earthquakes directly striking Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is too great to not take proper action now; 
  2. The new and undamaged storage fuel pool will be ready to receive the spent fuel assemblies in November. It was built adjacent to the damaged building;
  3. The continuing tilting process of the damaged building makes it urgent to move the assemblies sooner than later. The longer Tepco waits to move the assemblies, the ongoing tilting process affecting the damaged Unit 4 building grows and grows;
  4. The greater the angle of the tilt means the greater chances for a snapped bundle to result (an assembly breaks apart and falls back into the pool).
    Due to the technical difficulty of this lifting and moving process, I will bet that Tepco will wait until the wind is blowing out to sea (northeasterly) before lifting any single assembly out of Unit 4 storage pool. Such northeasterly winds are common, but intermittent. For this reason, it may take the better part of a year or more to move all 1,551 assemblies. Because  of the enduring time frame and already damaged assemblies, it means that the entire population on the west coast of North America should be warned as to what to do if another accident occurs again.
    In Review
    Japan and North America have already absorbed vast loads of radioactive fallout, with more to come. At a minimum, Japan is incinerating 30 tons of radioactive debris over the next 18 months. This requires serious protective measures, including taking on a daily basis radioprotective dietary supplements. I have placed my family on the Advanced RadQuench Daily Program which is described in detail by clicking the upper left sub-tab ARQP.
    Going forward, the U.S. will be hit by huge Oceanic radioactive debris fields three times of the size of Great Britain. Beyond this, there is the likelihood that the damaged assemblies will bump and scrape into each other (and therefore potentially crack and facture in half) during this process due to the tilt of the Unit 4 building off to one side is great... but the threat from a direct-strike +7.0 magnitude earthquake at Fukushima is much, much greater for those living in the Northern Hemisphere.
    Should Unit 4 blow over the coming 18 months, this would mean vast populations would suffer combined radiation exposures requiring doubling daily radioprotective dietary supplement intake. I would then place my entire family on the OQRP dietary supplement regimen as described in the next upper left sub-tab.
    So, what are the chances either an earthquake or a Unit 4 accident might await us over the next 18 months? Well, no one can predict the next earthquake. We can only attentively wait and watch. So we are left with the other threat, that being man-made in nature.
    Prepare & Formulate Your Protection Plan NOW!
    Putting it all as clearly as I possibly can - you should plan for three possible scenarios.

    The first potential scenario is:

    Moving the radioactive assemblies from the crippled Unit 4 building proceeds flawlessly. The Japanese government continues to contaminate both their nation and the entire west coastline of northern America through April 2015 by sticking to their remediation policy of incinerating 30 million tons of radioactive debris (i.e., their method for the tsunami cleanup). Tepco continues to spill highly lethal radioactive coolant into the Pacific Ocean for several more years, due to China Syndrome meltdown conditions at Units 1, 2 & 3.


    I have developed the BRQP Daily Program precisely for this scenario. North Americans living in fallout regions may wish to consider implementing the BRQP into their daily program for at least a year.


    Assume every rain storm will be delivering fresh fallout. Never bring your shoes into your living space. Take them off before entering your home. Use only charcoal filtered water. And for God's sake turn on a clean HEPA air filter and keep it on 24/7. Lastly, do not buy food from the west coast and avoid GMO food like the plague. 


    The second potential scenario is:

    Moving the radioactive assemblies from the crippled Unit 4 building results in a snapped bundle accident, with or without a fire and/or explosion. The modified criticality event is brought back under control within 48 hours. The Japanese government continues to contaminate both their nation and the entire west coastline of northern America through October 2014 by sticking to their remediation policy of incinerating 30 million tons of radioactive debris. Due to China Syndrome meltdown conditions at Units 1, 2 & 3, Tepco continues to spill highly lethal radioactive coolant into the Pacific Ocean for several more years.


    I have developed the ARQP Daily Program precisely for this scenario. North Americans living in fallout regions may wish to consider implementing the ARQP into their daily program for at least a year. Retreating to a safe bug-out location for at least two weeks would be the wise thing to do, then re-evaluate your next steps before returning to your contaminated primary location.


    Assume every rain storm will be delivering fresh fallout. Never bring your shoes into your living space. Take them off before entering your home. Use only charcoal filtered water. And for God's sake turn on a clean HEPA air filter and keep it on 24/7. Lastly, do not buy food grown from the west coast, and avoid GMO food like the plague. 


    The third potential scenario is:

    Moving the radioactive assemblies from the crippled Unit 4 building results in an uncontrollable fire and/or explosion. We will know this is the case should the Japanese government announce they have ordered the evacuation of all clean-up crews from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. That's code for β€˜we're all screwed.'


    I have developed the ORQP Daily Program precisely for this scenario. North Americans living in fallout regions may wish to consider implementing the ORQP into their daily program for at least a year as you make provisions to permanently relocate to no-fallout regions to the far south. Until you make your move, anticipate invisible fallout will be continually threatening you and your family, especially during rainfall.


    Consider every rain storm your worst enemy. Never bring your shoes into your living space. Use only charcoal filtered water. And for God's sake turn on a clean HEPA air filter and keep it on 24/7. Lastly, do not buy food from the west coast and avoid GMO food like the plague.



In Summary...
Studying up on radiation protection measures could never be more important for folks living on the Alaska coast-line, Hawaii, as well as on the North American west coast as it is now. Should fallout arrive, staying out of the rain, removing shoes before entry into one's home and using water and air filtration are the first things to consider in addition to supplementing with all-natural radiation antidotes.
* * *
To listen to one of my earlier, but still relevant YouTube lecture series on Fukushima with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM radio, click ¨ [Here]
* * *
The latest peer-reviewed article [derived from Center for Disease Control (CDC) data] authored by Sherman & Mangano of the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), reveals over 22,000 suspicious and excessive North American deaths occurred over the immediate 14 week period following the March 11th, 2011 Fukushima Catastrophe [see Here] and [Here]. And this is just the first wave of serious consequences in a long time-line of more serious consequences. For example, out of this same load of radiation, cancers are expected to rise dramatically in the coming months and years. Mangano also offered a follow-up article in March of this year. See: [Here]
Most chillingly, this emerging lethal trend is in line with historical data established after the 1986 Chernobyl Catastrophe, except that the U.S. now has a lot more to lose. The odds that Chernobyl's lethal rain upon North American soils can be assigned simply to 'random chance' was calculated at less than 1 in 1 billion. So it is prudent - here and now - to ask 'what if' this latest threat of fallout arriving from Fukushima follows in the footsteps of Chernobyl's carnage? The finalized CDC data tabulations may take until 2014 for this first surge in deaths to be fully accounted for, but is already stunning. This begs the question: How long can we afford to delay learning how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this emerging trend?


One of radiation's first health impacts is to drastically lower immunity. So it comes as no big surprise that most initial deaths occurred due to infections from compromised immuntiy, i.e., influenza and pneumonia, especially in the very young, very old and immune compromised. Note, these escalations in influenza and pneumonia would normally be on the decline at this time of the year (Late March, April, May & early June 2011), verses during the normal winter flu season (December - February). The initial full report is [Here].


Beyond this, we must keep in mind that all additional radiation exposures multiply health risks 9 to 12 fold from our ongoing toxic chemical and non-ionizing radiation exposures! This may partly explain the alarmingly greater cancer risks associated with cell phones and "smart meters." [Learn More Here]


So, what reliable authority can help us properly gauge what is to follow in the aftermath of harmful radiation exposures? The National Academy of Sciences has published the Biological Effects of Ionzing Radiation (BEIR) VII - Phase 2 which provides us this answer. These authoritative projections foresee: (A) unanticipated infant deaths, (B) escalations in breast cancer, (C) excessive thyroid cancers and (D) elevations of child & adult leukemia that necessarily go hand in hand with accidental releases of radioactive materials over given populations. In summary, over the next 20 years, North Americans can expect alarming but largely preventable rates of these above diseases to follow... See: [Here] and {Here}


"In this rigorously researched and well documented book Dr. Apsley has issued a wake up call on the implications of the recent Fukushima incident for our health. To understand the health risks associated with continued reliance on nuclear power and ways to protect against and detoxify the ionizing radiation from nuclear power plants that is polluting our bodies, please read this important book and get informed."


Mary Ann Richardson, MPH, DrPH

Former Director/Principal Investigator of Research on Cancer at the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM),

{now renamed the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)},

under the National Institutes of Health (NIH) & National Cancer Institute (NCI).


John Apsley did a great job in describing the dangers to healthcare due to the Fukushima meltdown. He had the guts in telling us what is really going on, because, as he self quotes Einstein: "A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."


I remember directly after the Chernobyl catastrophe that a journalist did ask a Dutch scientist how much radiation we could handle. With other words: "Are we in danger?" The answer of this scientist was amazing: "That is not on me but on the politicians to decide."

I thank John Apsley for his wonderful job and the advises he gives to protect ourselves and our beloved ones against the environmental damage and radiation we have to deal with.


As an MD in the Netherlands I can tell you there are also a lot of bad supplements on the market. So know what you take! I hope this book is a wakeup call for everyone to say NO to all the companies and politicians who wants to continue loading our planet with all kinds of waste…


Hans van Montfort, MD

Medical Director - Centrum voor Integrale Gezondheidszorg Biopartner 3 Center,

in association with the University of Maastricht and Maastricht University Hospital.



Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations (EBook version pictured at right) is now available for instant download on Amazon: [Click Here]


Don't have a Kindle to instantly download Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation? Now you can easily download the free Kindle app directly onto your PC or MAC in seconds by (Clicking Here)


Book Overview


Not long ago, the U.S. Public Health Service revealed that only one point five percent (1.5%) of all Americans were healthy.[1] So it is no wonder Americans rank 31st in the world for life expectancy,[2] suffer the 7th highest cancer rate among all countries,[3] and rank behind no less than 40 countries which have lower infant mortality rates.[4] This begs the question as to why? Prior to 1952, the mortality rate from all sources was dramatically declining. Then after 1952, this dramatic decline lost its steam.[5] In fact, in some years, startling mortality escalations (especially for the 25 to 44 age group) occurred despite unprecedented advances in U.S. healthcare.[6]


So, what happened? Well, to be pithy, above all other key contributing factors, in 1952 radioactive fallout was unleashed in earnest. In essence, these radioactive toxins with their enormously long half-lives, simply saturated our air, water and food chain for decades to come.


We now know that deficiencies and toxins in our food supply and environment are at fault. The National Cancer Institute has determined that 80% to 90% of our cancers arise from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.[7] Regardless of the toxin or disease, tiny amounts of absorbed radioactive particles greatly amplify their toll on the human body.[8] As far back as the 1960's, no less than three Nobel Laureates warned us as to the unforeseen consequences of man-made radiation.[9] But we did not listen. The National Research Council's 2006 BEIR VII Report tells us point blank that there is no safe level of radiation exposure.[10] Instead we keep buying into the hype and promise of cheap, clean, limitless electrical nuclear power. But the reality has always been net higher costs well hidden from the public view.[11] The nuclear power conversation rarely includes the lost quality of life and healthcare costs associated with radioactive exposures inherent to the technology.


Radioactive fallout now abounds in the food chain of the Northern Hemisphere. The health threat is greatest to those living near nuclear power plants as well as those exposed to fallout from distant nuclear accidents.[12], [13], [14] No one who lives in the path of radioactive fallout is spared the diresttransgenerational health consequences.[15] In stark contrast to this picture are the typically lower mortality rates in developed countries which decided to forego nuclear power entirely.[16]


In Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Our Future Generations, Dr. Apsley provides an easy and clear synopsis covering the most critical historical issues arising from man-made radiation crises. In a nut shell, ionizing radiation rapidly melts away our immunity and genetic integrity. As if an insatiable immortal fox forever positioned to pounce, such toxic radioactive particles linger in the environment for centuries and even millennia to come. Obviously normal healing mechanisms will not spare the human race from such a perennial scourge. Prevention from future exposure is essential, but by itself will also not be enough. What we need most are cutting edge techniques that effectively and rapidly regenerate our tissues.


From his over 30 years of experience in the field of regenerative medicine, Dr. Apsley lays out precise step-by-step individualized nutritional methods to accomplish this end. For example, his method incorporates fast and easy-to-make delicious smoothies plus many other enjoyable menu selections designed to induce regenerative healing that the whole family will enjoy. Both Dr. Apsley's insights on the nature of the radiation threat and his approach to solving these threats are supported with the book's approximately 460 peer-reviewed citations, and approximately 85 authoritative references.


Book Outline:


Chapter 1: Radiation and Cellular Health

How Radiation Devastates Our Cellular Health

  • Radioactive Elements and Chronic Degenerative Diseases
  • A Brief History of Radiation and its Impact upon Health
  • Fallout Spurs Sub-Par Thyroid Function in Our Children
  • Fallout Spurs Contagion

Uses of Radioactive Waste

Fallout Arriving in Our Imports

High Dose Versus Low Dose Radiation Exposure

  • The Petkau Effect
  • The Bystander Effect

The Transgenerational Threat to Humankind & All Life on Earth


Chapter 2: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

The Fuel Rod

  • Partial Meltdown
  • Complete Meltdown
  • Reactor Vessel Melt-Through
  • The China Syndrome

Explosive Potential of Melting Fuel Rods

  • Deflagrations
  • Detonations
  • Nuclear Detonations

Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima

Confirmation Has Already Begun

Bending Science in Radioactive Fallout Reporting

  • Suspect from the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Suspect from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Suspect from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

North American Radioactive Fallout Migration

  • Time Tables
  • Radiation in the Oceans
  • Potential Radiation Doses Post Fukushima
  • Radiation in Drinking Water
  • U.S. Milk Supply Contamination

Radioactivity Released by Fukushima Compared to Chernobyl and All Atmospheric Nuclear Bomb Testing (1950's to present)

The Nature and Dangers of Radioactive Elements

Measuring the Spread of Radioactive Fallout

The Human Impact of the Fukushima Catastrophe

Some Chilling Conclusions


Chapter 3: Preventive Measures

Lessons Learned: Diet, Water and Air

  • Food Selections are Critical
  • Water Filtration is Critical
  • Air Filtration is Critical
  • Mineral Supplements May Block Entry of Radionuclides
    1. Iodine for Thyroid Protection
    2. Potassium and Calcium Supplements
    3. Selenium, Copper, Zinc and Manganese Supplements


Chapter 4: Antioxidants and Other Select Antidotes (Hot Particle Quenchers)

Antidoting the Petkau Effect

Antidoting the Genetic Damage via HRR & NHEJ

Preventing Ionizing Radiation from Inducing Chronic Degenerative Diseases

Enhancing Nrf2 to Rapidly Amplify Core Antioxidant Enzyme Systems


Chapter 5: Radiation Elimination (Cell ¨¨ Tissue ¨¨ Organ ¨¨ Whole Body Decorporation)

Diet ¨ Bowel Elimination of Radioactive Metals

  • Edible Clays

Blood ¨ Urine elimination of Toxic Metals

  • Baking Soda

Cell ¨ Blood ¨ Urine/Bile ¨ Bowel Elimination of Radioactive Metals

  • Intracellular Chelation ¨ Excretion Transport


Chapter 6: The Regeneration Effect and Strict Determinism (Plus The Misnomer Radiation Hormesis)

The Regeneration Effect Has No Known Rival

  • Disciplined Detoxification
  • Maximum Oxygenation
  • Super-Nourishment
  • Select Bioenergetics

Double-Stranded DNA Repair ¨ Putting Autophagy & Vitagenes To Work

Unscheduled Repair ¨ Upregulating Normal Cell Replication via Insuring Optimal Apoptosis & Precise Growth Factor Management

Accelerated Healing ¨ Regenerating Cellular Mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis via PGC-1Ξ±)

Misconceptions About Radiation Hormesis ¨ Russian Roulette or Regenerative Aikido?


Chapter 7: Where to Start? Regenerative Protocols for Optimal Recovery & Protection

Straightforward Individualized Basic Protocols (for Adults, Children and the Very Young) According to Budget

Straightforward Individualized Advanced Protocols According to Budget

Straightforward Individualized Optimum Protocols According to Budget

Anti-Inflammatory Quenching Protocols

Educational Information for Women Who are Pregnant

A Discussion about Comprehensive Regenerative Protocols

Acute Radiation Sickness Protocol ¨ For Populations Most at Risk (Japanese, Hawaiians, North Americans)



Learn more about why you must protect yourself and your family now....

  • For ongoing video updates by Chief Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen, [CLICK HERE]
  • Why the terms "natural or normal or usual background radiation" are really dangerous propaganda: [CLICK HERE]
  • 2013 Emerging Evidence supports my book's 2011 prediction that dramatic rises in future thyroid cancers will hit the U.S. west coast: Mangano-Sherman Thyroid newborn cancer increase.pdf 
  • Latest web-audio interview with Helen Caldicott and Arnie Gundersen - How Fukushima will change the Japanese gene pool for the worse: {CLICK HERE}
  • Classic cover-ups and improper rationales at the State level (KHOU-TV, Channel 11, Houston, TX, May 2011): [SEE HERE]
  • Tritium, a form of radioactive hydrogen with a half-life of over 12 years, which produces a deadly biological impact ranging over 120 years, is a waste product of all Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). Alarmingly, Tritium contaminates regions surrounding 75% of all U.S. NPPs. [SEE MORE] Emerging evidence suggests Tritium is partly responsible for the 14% to 220% increase over otherwise anticipated cases of childhood leukemia that persistently occur in and around NPPs worldwide [see: International Journal of Cancer (Vol. 122;2008), the European Journal of Cancer(Vol. 44;2008), and International Journal of Cancer;Jan 2012]. Although exceedingly difficult to track, Tritium (as well as radioactive Krypton and Xenon) easily escapes in steam vapors and then rides wind gusts as well as penetrates into local groundwater. Due to its lengthy half-life, Tritium may then bioaccumulate and magnify up the local food chain. Recently, several NPP accidents occurred at the Byron NPP near Chicago (2011 & February 7th, 2012 see: and at San Onofre NPP near Los Angeles (2012) releasing dangerous amounts of Tritium into regional air, water and soils destined for plants, animals and our kids. It is official policy not to release the total amount of Tritium related radiation that escaped into the local environment, only to simply state "the release causes no harm to the public." But not so fast - the National Academy of Sciences would beg to differ - see more below.
  • Erin Brockovich exposes alarming rise of U.S. childhood cancers around nuclear power plants as well as dramatic escalations of chronic degenerative disease rates:(CLICK HERE)
  • Chain reactions were likely ongoing at Fukushima Daiichi NPP well into this year. Temperatures at Unit 2 Reactor exceeded 400 degree Celsius (752oF) in mid February, 2012. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), well known for habitual "white washing" any alarming but factual reports, claims their high-tech thermometer must have broken - yet offers no proof of instrument failure:[Report Here]
  • To see ongoing dangerous U.S. and Global radiation readings (greater than 100 counts per minute or >100 CPM) as of January, 2012 see:<Here>
  • Listen to my January 12th, 2012 Coast to Coast AM Radio show on how radiation deaths likely occur over the U.S. due to ongoing radioactive plumes originating from Fukushima:[Listen Here]
  • Breaking News: Southern California among hardest hit along entire west coast. [See Citing Here]
  • Full report on the awaiting catastrophe at southern California San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. [Read Here]
  •  Fukushima declared a "Man-Made" disaster. [HERE]
  • Fukushima catastrophe now known (as of May 2012) to have released 4 times as much radioactive cesium as did Chernobyl catastrophe. This estimate will likely continue to climb as honesty overcomes cover-up: [HERE]
  •  Estimates of future Japanese deaths rise from ~100,000 to over 1 million now. This estimate will continue to climb as honesty overcomes cover-up: [HERE]
  •  A clear and present danger looms in Fukushima Storage Fuel Pool Unit 4. If it topples, several large regions in the Northern Hemisphere enter into extinction risk: [Here] 
  •  Northern Japanese households accumulating cancer inducing levels of radionuclides. See: [HERE]



Good News - The United States is in the process of shuttering all of its aging nuclear power plants. Several have recently been shut down permanently , with many more to follow. See: [Here]  Keep the pressure up folks, you are making all the difference!




1.In 1974, the U.S. Public Health Services noted that only 3,000,000 out of 210,000,000 Americans could be considered healthy (i.e., living disease-free).

Current trends as of 2007 reveal that over:

˜ 18 million Americans have cancer

˜ 165 million never engage in physical activity lasting more than 10 minutes, 99 million are physically inactive, approximately 45 million are functionally impaired or suffer at least one physical difficulty

˜ 105 million are overweight

˜ 81 million were obese

˜ Making a grand total of 186 million unfit Americans most at risk for premature death,

˜ 81% or 243 million folks saw a physician, which in turn contributed to…

˜ 571 million work-loss days

˜ 84 million suffer lower back pain

˜ 84 million suffer chronic joint pains

˜ 72 million have hypertension

˜ 66 million have arthritis

˜ 62 million are smokers

˜ 50 million experience nervousness or anxiety

˜ 48 million suffer migraines

˜ 45 million have hearing problems

˜ 30 million suffer heart disease

˜ 30 million have symptoms of depression (sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, or that everything is an effort)

˜ 28 million have vision problems

˜ 27 million have diabetes

˜ 24 million have lost their teeth

˜ 24 million have ulcers

˜ 24 million have asthma 

˜ 6 million have emphysema

˜ 6 million have kidney disease

˜ 3 million have liver disease.

See: series 10, No. 249:5-13.


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