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I wish to welcome you to a most profound personal journey to master regeneration via a structured educational series featuring The Regeneration Effect.
"Disease [is] not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient's body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body."
--Hippocrates circa 400B.C.


Finally our highly acclaimed and rejuvenating workshops are soon to begin! Contact us at: today to lock-in your early bird discounts.


All of our offerings, services and accommodations are 100% IRS tax deductible. We are an IRC 7871 registered non-profit healthcare educational institution.


Four star accommodations will be featured. Other key qualifiers for seminar location were proximity to a major airport, the offering of pristine healthy accommodations, health sovereignty welcoming locales and ability to scale the seminars to any size according to demand, supported by the latest media technologies.



This 3 day workshop is for both the general public and health care professionals. Attendees are to arrive Thursday evening or early Friday morning for check-in. Classes end after lunch early on Sunday afternoon for convenient travel planning. The daily schedule is specifically structured so all attendees can enjoy our wonderful facility with friends and family throughout most of the afternoon.


Our facilities are fully outfitted for the handicapped and for those with special needs.


Our affordable Resort / Convention Centers feature: 


  1. Swimming pools, including lap pools, kiddie pools and multiple hot tubs,
  2. 18-hole golf course with full facilities,
  3. Dozens of world-class tennis courts with full facilities,
  4. Executive Fitness center,
    1. Executive Challenge Ropes Course,
    2. Volley ball courts,
    3. Basketball courts,
    4. Bass and catfish fishing,
    5. Gorgeous nature walks,
    6. Theater,
    7. Full service spa and beauty shop,
    8. Multi-style professional massage services,
    9. Oxygen spa treatments,
    10. Complete business center,
    11. Gourmet organic meals, juicing and snacks,
    12. One, two and three bedroom accommodations with full kitchens and private rooms;
    13. TV's in each bedroom and living area;
    14. WiFi (we will offer an array of WiFi EMF protecting products for those so wishing),
    15. Concierge services to ensure easy travel to and from Tampa International Airport and/or Albuquerque International Airport.


Contact us at: 

Something truly wonderful is about to unfold this Spring, something unprecedented. We have discovered a triggering technology that profoundly and rapidly initiates The Regeneration Effect within as has never before been realized. 
Regenerative LifestylesTM  is currently co-sponsoring national & international intensive workshops with the ICRMTM to bring this new technology to both the general public as well as to the professions at large. Join us to learn how you can learn and implement the rejuvenation process with your own daily program designed to improve your health starting at the cellular level.

This is the time required to train folks in this new technology as well as to bring about noticeable, if not profound health changes. 
Both lay and professional students alike will not only understand their experience from a scientific perspective, but from direct personal experiences and insights. All intensive workshops are gauged to enable students to return home with clarity about regenerative healing as well as all the know-how they need to establish their own daily Regenerative Lifestyle, according to their means and usual daily routines.
The duration of these ICRMTM regenerative workshops will cover durations of:
  1. 5 Day hands-on Workshops offered to the general public; and
  2. 2-3 Day Intensive Workshops offered to healthcare professionals simultaneously held toward the end of the general public workshops.

Later, our offerings will expand to include:

  1. 12 Day Advanced Intensive Workshops; and
  2. 19 Day Instructor Certification Workshops. 
Each workshop will include powerful hands-on workshops for either the new student or the returning student. Specifically, class work will include exercises that:
  • Apply new triggering device technologies that rapidly ignite all Four Pillars of the Regeneration Effect within.
  • A 50-60 minute daily program that will jump start your regenerative processes
  • Applications of ancient wisdom within the cutting-edge science of the Regeneration EffectTM
  • A powerful and simple method of clearing the traumas of the body, mind and soul.
  • Introduction to documented miraculous healing events.
  • Course curriculum credit for ICRM's certification/degree offering programs.
For a description of the curriculum, see: Here

Location & Accommodations: Current locations scheduled for Regenerative Lifestyles Workshops are in Florida state.

All RL/ICRM Workshops feature comfortable accommodations near beautiful surroundings, excellent organic meals, fresh organic juices, physical yoga, restive meditation, private time, walking areas, intensive hands-on class work, group discussions and PsychoneurosomaticsTM, all designed to facilitate a mind and body process which triggers The Regeneration EffectTM within.


What graduates are saying:
"I was fortunate enough to attend a recent 2-day RL basic training with Dr. Apsley. It was a great experience. I left with a solid understanding of the four principles obligatory to a proper RL. These principles were not explored in detail (one would probably need years of study), but were synthesized in such a way that I could get a flavor of the foundation of RL, and I love it. Dr. Apsley is a wonderful teacher. His knowledge and personal investment in this vast field is obvious... My internal experience, which revealed itself 4 days later, was triggered at that time. I know that. To say it was liberating is an understatement." Ioana
"I am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended the Regenerative Lifestyle Basic training. Dr. Apsley lectured on the Four Pillars and how regeneration effect occurs. I learned how to apply each pillar in my daily routine. Pillar I was to detox by drinking structured alkaline water. Pillar II involved deep belly breathing to increase our oxygen. Pillar III was to nourish our body with super foods. Pillar IV was to be mindfully in a state of gratitude to our Maker. By doing so, the structured water would stay in its organized crystalline structure. With these simple steps, I was able to start on my regenerative lifestyle journey. On Psychoneurosomatics, I witnessed the dynamic release of deep cellular blockages from a participant. Dr. Apsley's ... coaching in this segment was superb. Many thanks for their skill and abilities. A few days later, some of my own issues surfaced. I recognized them as deep hidden blockages which should be cleared." Kathy


The Regeneration Effect program and protocol teach you how to to revitalize your body from the cellular level up. This is living the Regenerative Lifestyle in a nutshell. The technique is quite simple in approach and theme: Change Out Your Body's Water at the cell and below cell level. Over the first 3 to 4 weeks, with consistent practice, the surge in energy and a sense of well being is often astounding.
By continuing on for a period of 3 to 4 months, true signs of structural and functional regeneration arise in many who find the time to simply implement a daily 55 minute program. The program can then accelerate and penetrate much deeper when students understand that their mind matters most.
After consistent practice over a full year, many of your friends will notice a striking youthfulness in you remarking that you look better than they have seen you in years. But after having practiced consistently for a full two years, maximum results will have taken from within the cell to tissue to organ levels on up.
By identifying and liberating these long held traumas we begin to access and experience higher states of well being. Originally such eingrained, long held traumas were known to the ancient Greek Hippocratic Method and were eradicated by a technique they discovered called enkoimisis.
Further application of enkoimisis sooner or later develops into penetrating "insights," a unique understanding into one's most inner core the Greeks called endoscopesis. As the sense of extraordinary well being and greater and greater physical strength arise, one's life irrevocably changes. The first most inner and personal achievement is to enter into a state of deepest gratitude. Sympathetic joy then arises in simply being alive, having existence. Then a natural desire to help others attain the same experience and insight arises. By having earned back this vital aliveness, one cannot help to want to serve the greater good. For the first time in many students' lives, they immerse into a true compassion state called sympathetic joy for one's fellow human beings. Sympathetic joy is one key experience for disciplined students of the Regenerative Lifestyle.
Finally, by way of continued practice, inner peace replaces our inner fountain of tensions and worries. The mind fills and fills with such a peace, pervading all four corners of the body, day in and day out. At last, the regenerative lifestyle becomes a way of life bristling with energy, wisdom and lasting purpose.
For further reading on the most advanced practices in regeneration, see: [HERE]
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