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The Mills of the Heavens grind very slowly, but they grind very fine.
(c) 2010-2014 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC  email:
A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
"The laws of God and nature are immutable. They cannot long be broken without retribution.... Life in all its fullness is mother nature obeyed." 
--Weston Price and Granville Knight in:
Preface to Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
* * * * *


The chemistry of life occurs at room temperatures or slightly above. Only colloidal chemistry can meet this need. Colloidal chemistry requires an abundance of tiniest minerals, in a wide spectrum, to be constantly available. Consider enzyme systems. Without the required mineral present in the folds of the enzyme, that enzymes works a billion times SLOWER, and cannot sustain health. With this understanding, we must view the food chain has no other more important driving force than the availability of abundant minerals. Put another way, all living organism require minerals to not only survive, but also to thrive. Therefore, the most essential and fundamental natural resource to any land or body of water which supports life is its abundance or non-abundance of mineral availability.


Nature provides minerals in their most abundant form as tiniest particles. These tiniest particles have been most properly referred to as rock dust since it has the consistency of flour.


Where does rock dust come from? Rock dust only arises from three sources:

1. During violent volcanic eruptions as plumes which reseed these tiniest minerals across large swatches of land and see.

2. From glaciers as they grind larger rocks into dust from their sheer mammoth weight.

3. From slow weathering processes and biological (i.e., lichen) breakdown of larger mineral-rich rocks.


Because we have now completely exhausted the natural stores of rock dust in our top soils (see below), we see chronic degenerative diseases on the rise. Until we or Mother Nature replaces rock dust back into our top soils, the human race will suffer ever increasing degenerative assaults. Inevitably, these assaults, biologically speaking, doom us to spiral head-long into our civilization's next collapse. If we do not replace rock dust back into our top soils across the globe with sound horticultural practices, mother nature will do it for us, via glaciation! But by then, civilization will have paid a most catastrophic price because of not heeding and managing this most critical driving force to all life. The saying that ignorance is bliss does not apply. Rather, Life In All Its Fullness Is Mother Nature Obeyed.



Rock dust represents the fullest spectrum of smallest sized mineral particles available to the entry level food chain. Since the food chain's starter organisms require minerals to be in their smallest size ranges so they can be ingested, the optimal replication rates of these single celled organisms is controlled by the amount of available rock dust. Only when there is an abundance of rock dust in the soil do soil organisms optimally replicate. With optimal replication rates, more carbon is hoarded into these entry level organisms. This is what fundamentally controls carbon levels in the global atmosphere. Low rock dust availability causes the numbers of entry level food chain starter organisms to dwindle downward, releasing more and more carbon into the atmosphere.


So, what we should clearly understand at this moment is that life forms retain carbon, the most common element to living life forms. When life forms are multiplying and thriving, carbon will stay where it belongs, in the life force of planet Earth. When minerals are lacking, life forms slow down due to their enzyme systems. They do not replicate as easily. Carbon is no longer stored inside living organisms, rather it is released into the soil then atmosphere as death occurs. Death occurs "en mass" when top soils become low in the full spectrum of tiniest minerals. Rains normally carry minerals from the top soil down the river beds and finally into the ocean. The top 3 feet of ocean is full of life which produces our planets supply of oxygen. As top soils become depleted from tiniest minerals, the rains emptying into the oceans become depleted of minerals too. When these ocean algae are deprived of minerals, they die off, also releasing huge loads of carbon into the atmosphere. These organisms start the chain of cause and effect to longer term carbon distribution, none other!


So, what fundamentally controls carbon levels in the atmosphere? Answer - The Earth's entire food chain, which contains fantastic amounts of carbon. It is the 900 pound Gorilla in the room, far overpowering any man-made generation of carbon pollution.


If you do not fundamentally understand what is the primary fertilizer of planet Earth's food chain, which controls carbon levels in our atmosphere, I humbly submit that the blind will continue to lead the blind as to what is happing to our long-term trends in both human degeneration as well as global weather patterns. By understanding below, it will become readily apparent that our human race's health is intimately tied to weather patterns, as well as to global unrest. When top soil is exhausted, civilizations are known to seek out and conquer new lands, richer in natural resources. Consider the Mekong River Delta region of Vietnam, the rice bowl of SE Asia. The Mekong River constantly delivers Nature's original fertilizer to the region in vast amounts, which are a full spectrum of the tiniest mineral particles necessary to sustain thriving/healthy civilizations.


Global Warming Causes Global Cooling! Global Warming is the motor, the hot engine, required to freeze Earth's atmosphere at the lower altitudes!!! And carbon is the key mechanism to this heat exchange process.


Consider this - When you have a freezer, it requires a motor to stay frozen. If you place your hand on any freezer's motor, you will burn your hand in short order. If you liken global warming to the burning hot motor of a freezer, and you begin to understand what controls climate weather changes at its most causal level.


Hamaker and Weaver show that rock dust is the only solution to human civilization's survival. Rock dust is the causal element to thriving human health, to weather stabilization and to global unrest. No other solution can possibly take on this 900 pound Gorilla in the room - WE MUST RESEED ROCK DUST ON ALL TOP SOILS ACROSS THE GLOBE ASAP! If we must enforce a Carbon Tax across the globe, it must be used to grind natural rock into tiniest particles to be spread about the globe. Any thing less simply enriches the controlling class, and our human civilization will by default crumble into dust. How ironic! Please take heed...




"The laws of God and nature are immutable. They cannot long be broken without retribution.... Life in all its fullness is mother nature obeyed." 


Hamaker's and Weaver's book, The Survival of Civilization, is a must read! Just click on it, pull up a comfortable chair with a glass full of mineral water, and read, read, read!


Dr. John W. Apsley, January 2014


* * * * *


"Chemical fertilizers, by increasing the abundance of the crops without replacing all the exhausted elements of the soil, have indirectly contributed to change the nutritive value of cereal grains and of vegetables. Hens have been compelled, by artificial diet and mode of living, to enter the ranks of mass producers. Has not the quality of their eggs been modified? The same question may be asked about milk, because cows are now confined to the stable all the year round, and are fed on manufactured provender. Hygienists have not paid sufficient attention to the genesis of diseases. Their studies of conditions of life and diet, and of their effects on the physiological and mental state of modern man, are superficial, incomplete, and of too short duration. They have, thus, contributed to the weakening of our body and our soul. And they leave us without protection against the degenerative diseases, the diseases resulting from civilization."



--Alexis Carrel in: Man the Unknown


The God-Almighty profit motive has been our bane in the commercial agricultural industry. This profit motive generates resistance for grasp the common sense of settling for nothing less than superfoods grown organically in mineral rich soils by our agribusiness as a whole. Instead, farmers are not taught how to maximize the quality of their produce so much as the quantity. Then, to back up these same methods for profit over quality, grants are again incorporated to offer token studies that fool the public into thinking that our food supply is just as nutritious as ever. [Click Here]


We consumers go along with this, thinking our food bills should be kept as low as possible. We don't realize this just raises our medical bills in a devastating cause and effect manner. Commercial agriculture does nothing other than feed the conventional medical industry. The commercial medical industry does a great deal of feeding the pharmaceutical industry. And the pharmaceutical industry loves to buy up the suppliers of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and gene modified seed producers. All three then buy political favors to make sure their profiting scheme stays on top. What a perfect deal for everyone but the consumer and struggling small farmer!


If everything were so much better today in how we grow our foods, then why is the average wheat berry only 6% to 9% protein today as compared to 14% to 24% protein forty to fifty-five years ago?[1], [2], [3], [4]


Through personal correspondence, Dr. Erwin Gemmer stated that there are even reports that at the turn of the last century, America was growing wheat containing up to 40% protein. This same extraordinary down-trend has extended to other grains as well, such as corn.[5], [6]


For a further extraordinary example, in the late 1940's, a typical bowl of spinach contained 158 mg of iron.[5] Today, that same amount of spinach will frequently contain less than 2.2 mg of iron![6]


We have been made unhealthy by our depleted soils


Is America's food supply nutritionally bankrupt? Bear in mind that there is a direct correlation between the nutrient content of food and the mineral content of the soil (see Chapter Two). In other words, foods acquire their nutrient value from the mineral wealth of the soil (or water) in which they are grown. In 1936, the U.S. Senate published document No. 264 which stated the following:



"The alarming fact is that foods (fruits, vegetables and grains) now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us no matter how much of them we eat. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn't big enough to hold them... The truth is that our foods vary enormously in value, and some of them aren't worth eating as food....Our physical well being is more directly depen­dent upon the minerals we take into our systems than upon calories or vitamins or upon the precise proportions of starch, protein or carbohydrates we consume."[7]


As long ago as 1945 Sir Albert Howard recognized this most critical threat to the human civilization:


"It has often been claimed by the manufacturers of artificial fertilizers that their factory-made products are in every respect equal to the mineral elements that are found in natural manures and in the soil itself. That they should believe in their own products is to be expected...


If this were not so, then they could only be regarded as profit grabbing hypocrites carrying, on criminal activities. And yet is it not reasonable to suppose that man, by his very nature, is incapable of producing with exactitude the natural elements of the earth? If he could in this true sense of the word `create', then he would cease to be man and be on an equality with the Creator of the universe...

Modern science has progressed so far in determining the composition of material things that man has almost imperceptibly drifted into the belief that he has only to combine certain chemicals in certain ways to reproduce exactly the natural materials needed in daily life. But, on the other hand, does not the man-in-the-street instinctively distrust the concoctions of science? It is doubtful whether the average man will ever believe that synthetic rubber, for instance, can be in every respect as good as real rubber from the forest. Such skepticism is inherent, and it is well that it should put us on our guard against the too easy acceptance of the results achieved by scientific skill...


The New English Weekly of March 29th 1945 supports this view, quoting the case of natural as compared with artificial nitrates:


`It is always good to see the difference between natural and laboratory products emphasized, in recognition of the imponderable elements with which Nature endows substances, which can by no scientific skill be added to the synthetic product. The case in point is that of nitrates, and the Report emanates from one of the U.S.A. universities...'


It states:— 'natural nitrates have something that the artificial lacks, and there is no completely adequate substitute for it in the field of agricultural fertilizers. Chilean nitrate contains small amounts of vital impurities such as magnesium, iodine, boron; calcium, potassium, lithium, and strontium, which are to plants what the vitamins in fresh foods are to human beings. It has been found that natural nitrate does something that makes apples stay on trees; that it does something to corn that results in better live stock fattened on it; that chickens raised on nitrated feed lay better eggs of greater fertility. It is just as impossible to make artificial nitrates that duplicate natural nitrates as it is to make synthetic sea water that contains all the elements of natural sea water...'


It is just here that the danger of scientific research lies. No scientist has ever produced, or is ever likely to produce, life and the natural universe holds mysteries that will never be reduced to a formula or manufactured in the laboratory...


The crucial test of real scientific achievement is whether it recognizes and respects the supremacy of Mother Earth, or ignorantly attempts to substitute the false for the true."[8]



This leads us to wonder about our current scientific way of doing things. Another example of our need for The Regeneration Effect was illustrated by perhaps America's greatest agricultural scientist, Dr. William Albrecht.[9]


He found fatter and less muscular animals eating off lands whose soils were depleted by heavy farming and pesticides because the farmers were growing less and less pro­tein­aceous (protein-containing) grains. These same animals had more diseases, and in many cases, failed to reproduce normally.


Many men who were raised on meat from these animals flunked the Army's physical examination for induction into the service at higher rates than normal. They also showed increases in dental diseases and other bone deformities.[3], [10] I can't help wondering if this is also related to why there has been such an increase in obesity in people as well. Today, our population is replete with people who crave salt, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, greasy foods, caffeine and drugs of all types. These cravings have a cause and a cure. Albrecht called this the hidden hunger phenomenon.


As far back as the 1930's and 1940's, Professor William Albrecht, demonstrated the differences between optimal versus standard soils.[1], [3], [9] Unfortunately, Albrecht did not take his research a step further by making comparisons with the best-fertilized soils of his day to organic/ bio-dynamic-raised soils complete with a plentiful supply of rock dust. These techniques were not really known in his day like they are today.


I quote from a forward written in 1970 by Granville F. Knight, M.D., for perhaps the most important book ever printed on regeneration and degeneration:


"More recently, the increasing availability of artificial fertilizers of high nitrogen content has enabled the grower to harvest one crop after another without allowing the land to lie fallow—a custom which encouraged the multiplication of soil organisms that, in turn, would release soil nutrients as needed by plants.


Often against his better judgment, the modern farmer has been forced to use monoculture, artificial fertiliza­tion, pesticides, herbicides and mechanization in order to keep ahead of ruinous taxation, inflation and ever-increasing costs of production.



The result has been production for 'quantity' rather than 'quality,' and the gradual destruction of our precious top soil and mineral reserves, in or beneath the soil.


This has been well documented by Dr. William Albrecht of the University of Missouri.


Our markets are flooded with attractive, but relatively tasteless, vegetables and fruits.


The protein content of wheat and other grains has steadily declined; this being a reliable index of soil fertility.


Animal foods such as fowl and meat reflect similar changes. Fowl are usually raised in cramped quarters and their food limited to that prescribed by man.


As a result, cirrhotic livers are common and egg quality is inferior.


Both groups are frequently treated with antibiotics, anti-thyroid drugs and hormones which produce castration, myxedema and waterlogged tissues.


These practices are designed to stimulate more weight gain on less feed. The advantages to the producer are obvious; to the consumer, they are indeed questionable."[11]


Albrecht created many experiments to demonstrate that soil quality was the key to preventing degeneration. He took two different soils, one that was fertilized with synthetics and one that was fertilized by his more complete methods, and placed them in trays, side by side.[3], [9]


He next placed a vine-growing seed in each and let them grow. As the plants grew, their respective vines intertwined with each other. Eventually, an infestation occurred on the plant growing on the chemically-treated soil, but not on the naturally-treated soil. It was most interesting to follow the infestation on the infected plant, because the healthy plant's vine encircled the infected plant with many a twist, yet its resistance was too high to get the infestation.


If the immune systems of the plants were so different, which soil would you rather have as the source for your food?


Albrecht also did similar experiments with soybeans and spinach, with the same results. He attributed his findings to the higher trace mineral content of the soils that were not replaced by the chemical fertilizers of his day. But, he also said that the soil itself released these nutrients as the organisms present in the soils freed up these trace minerals for the plants.[9]


Albrecht's Hidden Hunger Phenomenon 


In the fall of 1978, I travelled to Forres, Scotland. While there, I visited a very special place called Findhorn where some remarkable things were happening. When I arrived, I met people who had lived there for some time. An older couple caught my attention, and I dined with them on several occasions. They looked like they were in their late sixties; however, they were quite active and full of spirit. I eventually started asking them about their life, and they told me they had lived in the Findhorn community for only five years. Before that, they had lived in the adjoining trailer park.


They showed me a picture of the two of them from the days before they joined the community. They looked like they were much older than the robust people I saw. Their wrinkles were clearly evident in the photograph. Yet, their skin was now soft and smooth. And the rosy tint in their cheeks was too much. They looked like the perfect "postcard couple!"


Then, they told me exactly how old they were. They were both over 95! I didn't believe it. Finally, they had their friends come over and swear to it, plus they confirmed it with their British drivers' licenses. I was astounded. What had turned these two around?


A few days later, I was working hard in one of the many organic/bio-dynamic/remineralized gardens that abounded in the community. One of the tomatoes was ripe, so I picked and ate it. To my astonishment, my whole mouth lit up with its over­whelming sweetness! Never in all of my life had I tasted such a delicious tomato! I was picking these tomatoes for transport by way of a truck nearby. In this truck were the weekly supplies for the meals, and some of the produce came from local farmers who also grew their produce naturally.


I slipped into the truck and relieved it of one of the tomatoes so I could eat it. I had no plan in mind, I was simply still a little hungry. When I bit into it, it tasted like pure water! The taste from the first tomato was still fresh in my mouth; not more than two minutes had passed. And so, even when I again tasted this second tomato, the difference was once more astounding.


Many people familiar with the startling taste differences that can occur between commercially-raised versus organically-raised vegetables have speculated that the more bio-available the minerals are for the plants, the sweeter the vegetables will be. In my opinion, this is where Regeneration Factors are found.


What happened to the flavor or our vegetables? We should always be eating these sweet vegetables. From my personal experience, the second tomato is a great example of what causes the hidden hunger described by Albrecht, even though it had been organically raised.


I knew instinctively that eating anything less than the first tomato was inadequate to maintain total health. The satisfaction in both its mental as well as physical rewards was indescribable. In a sense, I had always been "craving" such produce, only I didn't know it until I stumbled across it for the first time in my life in Findhorn! This was my first experience with a true super food.


The older couple I met had been eating inferior produce for years, leading them to suffer from hidden hunger. They aged just like most people do today, never realizing that this need not be the case. Then, when they got into the Findhorn community, they ate almost exclusively from the specially-grown super produce of community gardens.


It has become very clear to me, based on my own experience with this hidden hunger phenomenon, that properly-processed raw superfoods rich in cRegeneration Factors satisfies the hidden hunger plaguing many people today. By first starting with our own backyard, then helping our extended family members and neighbors do the same, we can renew our communities all across our nation, step by step, part by part and piece by piece.




The more the food industry is motivated by profits, to that same degree, our foods will proportionately produce the hidden hunger phenomenon. No amount of money in the world can replace the health lost through eating foods that cannot bring forth The Regeneration Effect.


There is no justification or excuse for the motivation operating our food industry. For example, when flour is bleached, over 40 nutrients and Associated Food Sub­stances (AFS) are heavily compromised, adulterated and/or removed. Additionally, other grains so purified into chows, reflect a lack of unidentified growth factors.[12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17]. [18], [19], [20]


In response to this situation, the highly respected nutritionist Roger Williams stated, "... ordinary white bread is so deficient that it is intolerable."[21]


However, only four synthetic nutrients are added back into white bread, and they are expected to make up for this loss. In fact, both the synthetic qualities, coupled with their disproportionate quantities, make these four nutrients into nothing less than imposters. It has been long suspected that such slapping together of the synthetic B vitamins will induce additional vitamin losses.[22]


"It appears that our daily bread and 'Staff of Life' has fulfilled the prophetic Biblical reference of Isaiah (55:2) 'Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy?' All synthetic vitamins, whether they are found in supplements or in 'enriched' foods are inherently incapable of eliminating, in part or in whole, the hidden hunger phenomenon."


One more thing can be said about The Regeneration Effect. Whenever man tries to copycat Mother Nature for purposes of greater monetary profit at the expense of quality, the cost will be in a proportional loss of The Regeneration Effect within human beings. The only possibility that man has of returning to pristine health is through The Regeneration Effect incorporating organic foods raised on soils fertilized with rock dust and nature organic/biodynamic methods. We have only to obey Mother Nature by adhering to her laws.


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