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PursaFusionTM Water-Bottle Conditioner


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During the first 3 minutes of exposure to the PursaFusion Stick, water becomes conditioned to start splitting itself into free H+ and OH-. The H+ fills the water and actually starts to bleed off into the surrounding air, while the OH- forms alkaline complexes with available minerals, such as Calcium (CaOH2), Magnesium (MgOH2), Potassium (KOH), etc... For this reason, PursaFusion conditioned water can become wonderfully structured alkaline water via remaining water molecules becoming realigned & locked to these newly created mineral hydroxides. The graphic below illustrates the basic starting point to this process.




Each PursaFusion Stick contains polished natural mineral ores from a remote mountain, an ore discovered to have remarkable properties. The ore is extremely mineral rich and displays the ability to emit far-infrared rays. Once water flows over these polished beads of ore, the magic begins. It's that simple! This is how PursaFusion activates and realigns the molecules of most liquids, especially water.