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Critics of Tullio Simoncini, MD (i.e., who has shown that common baking soda can and does cure advanced cancer), remain in the dark regarding the pharmacology of baking soda as it applies to cancer and immunity.
(C) 2010 by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC email:
Key mechanisms essential to the cancer process are modulated by sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or common aluminum-free baking soda. Our bodies constantly produce significant amounts of sodium bicarbonate, continuously by our kidneys, but arguably more importantly during mealtimes. Sodium bicarbonate is generated in conjunction with our production of hydrochloric acid (HCl) - an essential digestive aid. Together they form the "alkaline tide."
In view of Simoncini's discovery, I undertook a thorough review of the alkaline tide. I am now convinced that the Alkaline Tide serves dual purposes. Its first purpose is well known - to enhance digestion. But its second critical role is to serve as a fourth immune system. It appears this fourth immune system "primes" our third immune system (which concerns acquired immunity). Acquired immunity involves our ability to convert niave immune cells into sensitized immune cells. This empowers the immune cells to target the enemy. Without this kind of immune mechanism, we would never develop long term immunity to infections we had already experienced.
In brief, the alkaline tide's dual function appears to play a centerpiece role containing rogue cell populations, including microbes associated with cancer, and cancer cells themselves.
For a review of the Simoncini technique utilizing sodium bicarbonate in the hospital setting, see:
With a proper understanding of the alkaline tide, enzyme and oral bicarbonate therapy, under the supervision of a trained physician it becomes possible to utilize sodium bicarbonate in the home setting.
The compelling evidence that our innate Alkaline Tide plays a significant central role in cancer and in the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases will be comprehensively presented in:
The Regeneration Effect: Curing (vs. Controlling) Terminal Cancer. Availability due date - late 2010.