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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in the seeking of new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
--Marcel Proust


 By rendering the cancer patient's metabolic profile into a system-wide "high gain" cell energy state via the principles of ACTTM, the patient's metabolism assumes the high ground position. Put most simply, by changing your body's water out daily, you restore The Regeneration EffectTM within!


The Regeneration EffectTM creates a vital and strategic advantage when facing serious illness. By this inner self-healing mechanism now undergoing profound restoration and enhancement this can only synergistically support any other kind of therapy.


Regeneration EffectTM Resources & Professional-Grade Supplies:



See: [HERE] and [And HERE] and finally see: [HERE]


Life Extension Coupon discounts, see: [HERE] 

Over-The-Counter Supplements:


  • Least expensive - Costco
  • For next higher quality brands visit your local health food Co-ops
  • For more expensive, high quality, visit your local health food stores


Constitutional Related Resources to All Chronic Illnesses


The Price-Pottenger Foundation (PPNF):


See: [HERE]


The Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute (CERI):


See: [HERE]



Regenerative Lifestyles in Community


In Scotland: [See HERE]



Findhorn Community: [See HERE]




Remineralizing Resources for Gardens & Farming


See: [HERE]


And: [HERE]

Healing Springs: [See HERE]




Other Tools of Critical Interest

Aluminum-Free Baking Soda: [See HERE]

High Quality DMSO sources: [See HERE]
Iodine/Iodide Info: See: [HERE]





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